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alex x lena ship name should be agentcorp

………I like it.


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“When I see you, I get angry. But that won’t do. Because when I couldn’t see you, I got even more angry. To the point of going crazy. So, stay by my side.” 

― Jeonha Hyomyeong 


I fell in love, in love with you suddenly
Now there’s no place else I could be, but here in your arms

Please enjoy my commission by the wonderful @aileine!

I wish there was an easy way to explain myself, but the truth is it’s 2016 and I’m still obsessed with Hellogoodbye’s music video for ‘Here (In Your Arms)’. One time when I was watching it, I got the idea into my head that the Reiberts should be the couple at 02:36, who make out excessively on the snack table. I knew I needed to see it become a reality. Thank you Aileine for making my dream come true! ♥ ♥

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Ragnar showing mercy to Floki, with no hesitation, because Athelstan asked him to is the ultimate proof that Ragnar’s baptism was not simply for show. Because that baptism was never about Christ or choosing one faith over another for Ragnar. It was always about choosing Athelstan. Ragnar’s love for Athelstan is tantamount to faith, it is a religion in and of itself, and when your God walks into your home in the middle of the night and washes your feet, as his disciple, the one who swore to follow him whenever he goes, you have no choice but to do as he commands.

You may reach out to touch him, and like that he will be gone, but his words will still echo in your mind for years to come. Mercy. You will show mercy because he asked you to. You will show mercy because your love for him is the purest thing in you have ever known. His presence in life was always a blessing, it only seems right he should continue to bless you from beyond the grave.


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sara x ray’s kids || ( headcanon )


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  • do the parents have one child or are there twins, triplets, etc.? triplets ( three boys) + 1 smol girl 4 years later who was a total surprise
  • what do the parents name the baby(ies)? the triplets: michael “rip” ; leonard “len” ; and daniel “danny” ( after his brother )   the smol girl: laurel 
  • did the parents discuss other names, too? yep family names were tossed around, but they ended up picking names of the people closest to them
  • how do they decide on the name(s)? *points at above* 
  • what would the child have been named if they had been the opposite sex? ugh, the triplets would be laurel, kara, and anna; the boy daniel 
  • did the parents find out the sex during pregnancy or is it a surprise? found out ( ray had an army of nurses and doctors run an entire genetic panel on all of the kids )
  • were there any complications in the pregnancy? no, blessedly
  • which parent carried the baby? sara lol
  • how easy was it for them to conceive? sara became pregnant as soon as she removed her iud and then accidentally despite them using protection
  • was the child carried to term? the triplets came two weeks early; laurel was two weeks late
  • did the parents deliver in a hospital, at home, or somewhere else? on the waverider for the triplets and laurel in a ‘palmer’ wing of the star city general
  • did the delivery go according to plan? triplets went perfectly; laurel came without an epidural 
  • did the parents have any daily rituals (reading to their belly, etc.)? raymond reads scientific journals to the kids and sara ( particularly in the tub ), going out in the middle of the night to buy her whatever she’s craving ( and never judging her about those cravings ), foot rubs back rubs all the rubs, singing to her belly in bed, and raymond making her still somehow feel sexy as hell even when carrying triplets
  • do the parents have a baby shower? sara didn’t want one, but it happened 
  • what about a babymoon? raymond and sara spent a lot of time off from ‘work’ after the triplets, but they still occasionally go running about through time when they’re needed or show up for team arrow/flash, but raymond goes back to tinkering and making tech marvels to support his family with billions 
  • how supportive was the other parent during the pregnancy? IM LAUGHING. ITS RAYMOND PALMER. THE MOST SUPPORTIVE AND NURTURING AND GREAT.
  • which parent worried the most and which one was chill? raymond is more worried about any physical complications, but sara is more worried about the actual issue of perhaps ruining their future children 
  • which parent left pregnancy books all over the house and which didn’t touch them? sara had been a badass baby sitter so sara doesn’t worry about it; ray reads everything he can get his hands on 


  • is the child a good sleeper? the triplets always slept perfectly, laurel never
  • how often does the child cry? the boys soothed one another and laurel (( especially rip who was tracing around her sister like a mother hen )) 
  • which parent finds it easier to get them to stop? raymond is amazing with them
  • how does the child behave at bath time? so they love it and they don’t want to get out of the tub ever, except for danny who is a butt about baths and run ou the house naked if their parents look away for a moment 
  • what is the child’s first word? laurel – poop; rip – firefuck; len – all gone; danny – shoes
  • how bad do the child’s diapers smell and which parent has the misfortune of changing them? the worst because of crazy healthy diet parents going wild; and they share duties tho like 50/50 but ray will always jump on it willingly if sara eyerolls 
  • which parent has a harder time adapting to their new role? sara
  • just how terrible are the terrible twos? the twins weren’t so bad, but laurel was a TERROR which nothing could pascify ( except her brothers, occasionally )
  • does the child go to day care? if they do, how old are they when they start? despite everyone’s expectations, Sara stays home with the kids and is a devoted home-mom the majority of the time
  • if the child doesn’t go to day care, who says home to look after them? raymond also spends a lot of time working from home so that they can both be with their kids
  • which parent babyproofs the house? raymond
  • which parents designs the baby room? also raymond
  • which parent is more likely to give in to tantrums? also also raymond
  • is the child spoiled with toys? spoiled with everything when you’re a palmer kid
  • which parent does the potty training? sara 
  • which parent has to take them outside to hose them down after a particularly nasty diaper? sara and raymond are both necessary– i mean, triplets
  • which parent do they take after more? laurel and leonard – sara; michael and danny – raymond
  • what habits do they pick up from their parents? mischief, fighting, affection for science, always having to be right, dopey smiles, fearless loyalty, stubborn af, tinking with electronics af, geek af, badass af, 
  • how often is the parents’ date night now? they generally manage once a week even if its only them having private sex marathon time together 
  • who babysits when the parents go out? the lances, the legends, pretty much anyone they can find who they are sure won’t combust at their little pack of wolves


  • how did the parents decide what school to send the child to? or was the child home-schooled? raymond had an extensive spread-sheet 
  • who packs the lunches? they switch off, but mostly raymond
  • are the lunches eaten by the child, or thrown away? “why did dad put sprouts on my sandwich?” “I don’t know, Rip– he just doesn’t like you I guess” “Shut up, Len”
  • which parent helps with homework? raymond does the science and math; sara does the humanities; raymond takes over any project and makes it ridiulously extravagant always 
  • what does the report card look like? flawless though danny and rip do best in science, leonard in math, and laurel in getting away with whatever she wants
  • is the child/ren popular, or only have a few friends? they’re a pack of wolves but a popular pack of wolves
  • does the child play a sport? lacrosse for the boys, soccer for laurel
  • does the child play an instrument? rip plays the guitar; len the piano
  • do both parents turn up to the matches/recitals? always and you better not say a bad word about any of their talented kickass children
  • which parent buys their clothes? or does the child pick out their own clothes? dual effort, but laurel is the most emphatic about only shopping with sara
  • what’s the child’s style? leonard– clean and organized; rip– geek chic; danny– tshirt and jeans; laurel– *ray running his hand down his face* “no, you’re not wearing that to school, laurel” 
  • is the child more interested in playing inside or outside? both, though rip is a bit of a gamer fiend and has to be coaxed by siblings 
  • how often does the child get in trouble? what do they get in trouble for? Laurel (everything) > Leonard (sassy af) > Danny (jock af) > Rip (mediator af)
  • does the child have any siblings/cousins? how well do they get along? pack of wolves, dont mess with any of the palmer kids or you will face the wrath of the clan
  • what pet does the child beg for? do they get it? a dog which laurel names ‘jax’ as a kid and jax resents it  ( a lot )  until laurel explains she wants him with her always
  • is the child shy and reserved, or outgoing and gregarious? Laurel > Danny > Leonard > Rip
  • does the child still take after the same parent they did as a toddler? they are a rather equal split– but if you had to choose laurel and leonard taking a bit more after sara; rip and danny taking a bit more after raymond; but they literally a straight up mix 


  • what does the child want to be/do when they finish school? laurel: conartist; danny: astronaut; leonard: musician; rip: physician/physicist/hedontknow 
  • which parent does the child get along with better? literally they a wolf pack family
  • is the child out all night partying and drinking with their friends, or staying in studiously doing homework? or both? both– though party scale: Laur > Danny > Len > Rip
  • how does the child go on their SATs? do they make it to the SATs? they all kill them
  • does the child go to prom with their friends, or a partner? they all manage dates, even though Rip was a bit shaky for a second, the other triplets set him up
  • how do the parents feel about their first boyfriend/girlfriend? sara *flipping knives* and raymond being a cute cinnamon roll with a half-joke / half-serious shovel talk
  • what are the child’s friends like? do they get along with the parents? theres a whole gamut of children always at the palmer house, because ray buys the kids all the awesome stuff and put in a pool when laurel asked, and all the boy’s friends think that sara’s the hottest mom around 
  • what kind of music is the child into? all sorts like all sorts, and they all end up sharing their music with one another in some melting pot of sound 
  • how do the parents and child/ren go learning to drive? is it a disaster, or does it go fairly smoothly? laurel and danny handle it very well; leonard doesn’t take corrections and nearly kills everyone; rip lets the others drive and pretend its not cuz he’s worried about it
  • does the child have a casual/part time job? what is it? sara is a big proponent about them working, but raymond is more than willing to pad their pockets with extra allounace; laurel babysits; danny works at the local movie theater; leonard tutors; and rip does webdesign for local businesses 
  • does the child hang out with their family, or are they too ‘cool’ now? wolf pack again
  • what’s the child’s personality like? laurel is the trouble maker and wild card; danny is the jock who still makes good grades and is really a softy at heart despite reputation; leonard is the aloof, musical, dreamy one; and rip is the wiz kid genius
  • who does the child take after now? they’re a mix of both parents, though laurel is most similiar to sara. 


  • does the child make it to adulthood? all of them do don’t make me think sad thoughts, question. that’s rude af
  • does the child end up in the job/lifestyle they dreamed about? why? yep they all do, including laurel, who despite her parents urgings is a bit of a criminal legend
  • are their any hiccups in the road? tons, but sara and ray are always there
  • does the child move far away from their family, or stay close? rip and danny stay close; leonard moves to persue his career; no one is. ever sure where laurel is until she shows up, but she stays in communication with her brothers 
  • what would the parents prefer? they just want them to be happy  ( and they take bi-yearly family trips together always )
  • does the child have any significant others? any children of their own? danny is married and has two children; leonard and rip both in serious relationships; laurel is a mystery and much like her mother, rather illusive 
  • how do the parents feel about being or not being grandparents? there could be no happier parents in the world. they are infinitely proud.