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“Why Did Bellamy Fall in Love with Clarke?”

So I recently got an anonymous message asking me this question and I was preparing myself to answer with the typical “because she’s supportive and he respects her and trusts her and blah blah blah” response which definitely isn’t WRONG, and are definitely reasons why I ship Bellarke, but I also feel like it goes a lot deeper than that. 

I haven’t written a good, solid meta in awhile, I feel like, and this question hit me really hard for some reason, so I am going to answer it separate from the ask in more depth. And, since I’m feeling extra, I’m probably going to make another post answering why Clarke fell in love with Bellamy because - yes - this ship goes both ways and I am sure as hell going to take every opportunity I get to prove that.

To start off, I don’t really think that there is one particular reason why Bellamy fell in love with Clarke. You can’t really go about it by saying “well, Bellamy really likes this trait and this trait and this trait - therefore, he loves Clarke because she encompasses all three” because I don’t think that’s really how love works. I do think that she has traits that Bellamy really likes and respects, and I think that’s how they became friends. But then he fell in love with her and it wasn’t just about those traits anymore. Because love isn’t selective. He doesn’t just love some parts of her and not the others. He loves Clarke as a whole, as a person. He loves all of her pieces and parts and fragments. He just loves her.

But why?

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I finally watched the Starmyu episode… and I’m just??? very emotional right now??? I love them so much, guys. I love them THE MOST. I have not been this attached to a series for so long, that this anime definitely earns a special place in my heart.

boy, can we please suspend the guy who bumped on the thing that fell and blame him for everything??? Ageha did not do anything wrong!!! He’s a good boy!!!

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Beddy-Bye Wolfy  Prince

So I had the best, due know that I use best sarcastically, idea by sending my good friend @tvtrashnoodle​ a otp fanfiction prompt and we had to pick each other a prompt. And as you guys may know I love fluffy, cute fanfictions. Well, today were having angst and fluff, haha kill me. So here we go, blame Momo.

Beddy-Bye Wolf Prince

Warnings: Sleep paralyses & maybe cursing

Theme: Angst and fluff, Sander Sides Animal AU

Word count: 709

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I’m not even salty tbh...

I am seeing all this IH and RR shit and I am so damn complacent. I’m not happy with it OH GOD NO its bullshit in every sense of the word, but I feel like I can’t even be mad with it.

If everyone had got a good, satisfying end that was consistent with the story except Ichiruki, I would be pissed beyond belief. But the fact that all of the nakama is in the exact place they didn’t want to be, going against their characterisations, and IH baby defeating ywach blob by touching it bullshit makes me feel like it was all done delibrately. The simple fact is that he intended for everything to be shit. And it’s really funny how all these Origos and Renkis think they won when actually this ending was just a middle finger and fuck you to WSJ.

Seriously, the fact that Ichigo is not a Soul Reaper and not involved with the Soul Society at all, even when it was clear that he felt like being a Shinigami was his calling, alone proves that this is not the true ending of bleach. It’s like saying Naruto became disillusioned after his battle with Sasuke and decided to give up on becoming Hokage because he’d rather be a fucking bum eating ramen all day. Shit, I could even see if there was a scene where as they were all watching Chad be OOC, Ichigo got a hollow alert from his badge, changed into a Shinigami, and for the first time in the entire fucking manga looked at Orihime & son with some type of emotion and said “I’ll be off…” and her saying “Have a safe trip…” or some shit. That is actually a somewhat satisfying end especially for Ichigo and OriHime which would give me a reason to be jealous but nope. I could even see him working as a policeman or vigilante or some shit because ya know…


like his fucking mother who died protecting him and how he always wished he had the power to protect her! I feel like a goddamn idiot for having to bring up how important ‘protecting’ means to Ichigo’s character….ITS HIS FUCKING NAME FOR FUCKS SAKE DAMMIT!!!!!! but nope he does the most passive job ever, a job where it’s a good thing if he has nothing to do, the job were he is incapable of preventing someone from getting hurt, a job were he relishes in his powerlessness, the complete opposite of protecting people, instead he gets people after they’ve been hurt or mortally wounded which is all so blatantly non-Ichigo and reeks of shit. And to make matters worse, it wasn’t even something he actively chose, it was something he settled for. Just like his marriage to Orihime, it was something he did because it was the laziest option. She loved me for a while so I guess I’ll get with her, My dad ran the clinic so I guess I’ll just take that over. If you think for one second that Ichigo is actually happy doing this shit with his life, you are fuckin mental. There is no question that if he had done the true best Ichiruki end along with giving the other nakama genuine happy endings that was intended from the get go, his shit would sell the fuck out and people would overlook how shitty everything was until now. But Kubo didn’t want that, if his shade throwing in 685 was any indication.

I feel like I could never be truly salty with this because Kubo has given us so much. Although yes, I’m a little annoyed that Origos feel like they won but even then literally everyone else thinks that the ending is shit which it is. Honestly, it’s just so easy to disregard the last chapter and arc tbh because we simply have too much canon support for Ichiruki, so much so that literally nothing can touch it. Even if we forget the coverspreads and poems and little hints like Isshin calling Rukia his third daughter, Isshimasa and Ichiruki rescue parallels, and well pretty much the whole manga, there’s still too much support that Ichiruki is the true OTP of bleach.  

The thing is Kubo not only built up Ichiruki to an insane degree, but he also tore down Ichi///hime every chance he got. Orihime will always be a second-rate choice that Ichi settled for (even saying it feels like bullshit). Orihime is still as inadequate as she was in the chapter when she was jealous of Rukia for always being able to cheer Ichi up. Her love for Ichigo is just as shallow as it was during her entire HM rescue arc, where HE had to keep telling HER not to be afraid of him as well as not doing jack shit to help her supposed love of five lifetimes as he gets killed and pleading to his dead corpse to save herself, no other characters have ever said anything that selfish. Ichigo is still as uninterested as he was in those 17 months he was pining over Rukia and his Shinigami lifestyle while rejecting Orihime and his supposedly happy human life. The dude is supposed to be married to her and he still gives her these bland ass looks

(actually he is only shown looking at her once) while in the same chapter he makes these faces at Rukia.

They literally do the old married couple fighting trope in front of their ‘actual spouses’ who are just…..well……there. I can’t get over how Renji has NO fucking dialogue and is fucking standing there like he’s the most unnecessary piece of shit. Like he’s so aware of the fact that he can never be as important as Ichigo in Rukia’s mind that they even named their kid after him. And fucking Orihime…….she has to witness this shit…as usual. She is off panel watching Ichigo come alive like he always does when interacting with Rukia. This is the exact same shit she’s been doin the whole damn manga along with fucking Renji. They are the onlookers, the people that watch the Ichiruki bond and just KNOW that they can’t compare. If I was a IH or a RR fan I’d be fucking pissed.

Ichiruki showed up the damn canon married w/babies pairings in the very chapter they were made canon.

This is fuckery at it’s finest. I couldn’t have come up with a better way to piss everyone off. He doesn’t want them to win and make any more money off of his work and he sure as hell doesn’t want that live action shit made and he makes that clear by making the most fucked up ending possible where no one gets a happy end. And not just the ending was intended this way, the last 10 or so chapters have been filled to the brim with grade A fuckery to drive home the fact that HE DOES NOT WANT THIS TO SELL. Kubo did not go into this ending with the intention to give the characters a satisfying conclusion, he went into this ending with the intention to piss people off and give them the middle finger. 

And because of the reason behind it, I really can’t help but feel like we still won in the end. I’m still sippin my tea on my lounge chair cuz I know that this ending was made as a fuck you rather than a true ending. (As a “fuck you WSJ you ain’t getting no more profit off me!!! Here’s for all the shit you gave me in the past!!” ending, it’s actually pretty perfect! He knew all the wrong buttons to press while still showing why no pairing can compare to Ichiruki.)

Edit: I just keep on adding new shit as I think of new things that make no sense so check in on this post every once and a while ;P

fic: totally knot a thing, Derek/Stiles

because Jessie posted this and my brain went, oh okay.


Stiles wants to make it clear he signed up to the website when he was drunk, okay? Yes, some part of him wondered what it would be like to get knotted, but he never would’ve signed up to a dating site based on knotting when he was sober.

But drunk Stiles likes making decisions that sober Stiles has to live with, and since drunk Stiles already paid for three months of membership, sober Stiles doesn’t really see a reason to back out of this.

Besides, the werewolves on the website are hot as fuck.


Four days after drunk Stiles signed up to the site, sober Stiles is idly scrolling through profiles in the werewolf section looking for jerk off material, when his site inbox pings with a message from leatheralpha, and Stiles snorts at the name before clicking on the message icon.

to: ScoobyDoMe

Are you serious with that username? You’re aware werewolves aren’t dogs, right? It’s lucky you’re cute.

Stiles wrinkles his nose and dithers over the reply button. Okay, the username is dumb, but drunk Stiles made that choice, not him. It’s not his fault you can’t change usernames on this dumb site. Navigating over to leatheralpha’s profile, Stiles clicks on the photos, and he’s just glad no one is in the room with him because holy fuck. The photos can’t be real. No one who looks like that can be on a knotting site.

Clicking through the album, Stiles groans when he comes across a photo of the guy in a cosy cardigan with a mug of coffee in his hand and a smile on his face. Whatever his username might be referring to – and Stiles is a little worried about the implications of leather in his name – leatheralpha is freaking adorable as well as hot and that’s just patently unfair.

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Ticklish Natsu?? :)

I know this wasn’t a request but it sparked some inspiration and I haven’t written in a few days, so thank you, anon!

Natsu is ticklish. Gray takes advantage like the loving boyfriend he is. This turned out slightly more sexual than I intended (sorry not sorry) but there isn’t any smut.

— — — — —

“If I have to go, you’re going too.” Gray states firmly.

“I’m proud that you rescued that village and their stuffy, rich, upperclass citizens, I really am, Gray-bae,” he ignores the growl his affectionate nickname elicits, “but I’m not going to the boring ass celebratory dinner they’re hosting for you. I’ve been to one and I nearly set the place on fire just for an excuse to leave early. If only Erza wasn’t there…” he sighs, fantasizing about the building evacuation and the beautiful smell of smoke that could have been.

“I have a plus one. You might as well come so I don’t blow my brains out.” Gray argues.

“For the tenth time, no.” Natsu rolls his eyes. “Take Lyon or something.”

“Natsu, please!” Long fingers reach up to tug on his own hair, frustration making exasperated noises sputter forth of their own volition.

“I’d rather jerk off with a handful of bumblebees.” Natsu deadpans. “Are we done?”

Gray’s eyes narrow fractionally in the telltale sign that he has something up his sleeve. “Yeah, we’re done.” Natsu doesn’t buy it for a second, but when Gray just stands there waiting for him to leave he walks away.

He hears him pounce before he feels it. Gray’s quick from a lifetime of training and normally he can dodge the arms that circle around his waist before he’s tackled to the ground but the bastard waited until his back was turned. His boyfriend manages to flip him over mid-air, pinning him successfully on his back. Natsu struggles, tries to throw the bigger man off with nothing but his hips. Damn him for pressing his arms firmly to the ground.

Then comes the fuckery. He feels a cool frost settle over his arms and lower legs before it thickens and hardens into purple ice. Natsu is trapped. “Fuck you and your devil slaying magic! I don’t know what you’re up to but let me…” he trails off as dread knots his stomach. He’s seen that look in Gray’s eyes before. He’s in for it.

“I am giving you one last chance to change your mind. I don’t want to use force, Natsu,” he murmurs in a deceptively sweet voice.

Oh, he thinks Natsu’s gonna buckle just because he’s iced to the floor? It’s like he doesn’t even know him. “Maybe you could persuade me to change my mind.” Natsu gives his shoulders the slightest flex in a makeshift shrug.

“I plan on it,” he purrs.

Anticipation flutters in Natsu’s chest. “You gonna blow me?” He asks with a smile.

Gray shakes his head. “That offer was taken off the table when you laughed at it.”

Damn it. He should have taken Gray up on that when he had the chance. No one had any right to look that sexy in a pair of pyjama bottoms that… hung so beautifully low off of his hips… His very strong hips.

Gray hums, eyeing Natsu with something akin to both amusement and arousal. He shifts his hips forward, smirking at the grunt the dragon slayer fails to suppress.

“You goddamn tease!” Natsu hisses.

“Can’t take what you dish out, Dragneel?” Gray singsongs.

“If you’re still trying to convince me, you’re doing a terrible job.” Natsu rolls his eyes.

“Forgive me.” Gray murmurs, leaning forward to tongue a trail from his neck down to his chest.

“We’ll see.” Natsu breathes.

Gray chuckles against his torso, icy breath fanning over the expanse of his tan chest and hardening his nipples. He continues to worsen the growing bulge in Natsu’s pants, dragging his tongue over his abs.

“Gray!” He stifles a laugh at the airy gasp from his dragon.

He gently scrapes his teeth along the X shaped scar that matches his own, almost changing his plan when Natsu lets out one of the most delicious, sinful sounds he’s ever heard.

Gray…” Natsu huffs again. This is gonna be sweet. He takes the waistband of Natsu’s boxers between his teeth, eyes glinting. He can hear Natsu’s fingernails scraping against the hardwood floor, desperate for something to hold onto as he tries to buck his hips.

“Heh.” Natsu smirks. “I thought you said you weren’t gonna suck me off.”

The cocky edge in his tone is only gonna make revenge all the better. Gray releases his hold on the material between his teeth, more than a little satisfied with the way it snaps against Natsu’s skin. “I’m not.”

A wicked grin spreads over his face when Natsu’s face falls, confident expression gone as fast as it came. “Then what are you –” he’s cut off by his own raucous laughter as Gray’s fingers ghost over his abdomen, attacking the part of Natsu’s body he knows to be most ticklish.

“N-no!” Natsu demands between chortles, “Gray, stop!”

“Nah. You need to learn your lesson for making me all but beg you to come with me.” Gray answers smugly, picking up his pace and really making his favourite slayer suffer.

“You can be so damn petty!” Natsu snorts. “When I get out of here…” It’s Gray’s turn to snort. As if anyone can sound threatening while laughing hysterically.

Cool fingers continue their playful assault on Natsu’s stomach while he waits to get what he wants. “You know what it’ll take to get you out of here. Say the word and I’ll stop.”

Natsu lets out an aggravated growl between heaves of laughter, fire licking at his arms and legs. “Melt, for fuck’s sake!” He fruitlessly struggles against the ice encasing his limbs. “MELT.”

“You know that’s pointless. Stop it, you’re going to set my apartment on fire again.” Gray scolds halfheartedly.

“Lemme go!”

“I will when you relent. C'mon Natsu, my fingers are getting sore.” There’s a smile in his voice. It makes Natsu wish he was ticklish as well so he’d have some shot at payback.

The fire mage would threaten his life in intricate detail if he wasn’t laughing so hard. He settles for a heated, “Screw you,” in it’s place. As heated as screw you can sound when you’re laughing giddily against your will, anyway.

Natsu tries to hold out, to wait until his sadistic lover (why does he date him again?) gets bored, but his stomach hurts, his cheeks are sore and he has tears in his eyes. “Fine, I’ll come! Just stop!”

He heaves a sigh when Gray’s fingers cease their attack. “That was a low blow, you jack ass,” he grumbles, “and not the kind I wanted, either.”

“You love me,” Gray shoots back unapologetically. “We have to leave for dinner in an hour,” he begins retracting the ice. “Let’s start getting ready shall –” his head snaps back as an all too familiar blazing fist connects with his jaw. “Ow! Bastard!” In hindsight, he should have expected that.

You love me.” Natsu mocks in a deep voice before getting up and heading to Gray’s closet.

Rubbing his sore chin, Gray rolls his eyes. It was worth it. Natsu has a cute laugh.

Why I still have hope for Darvey in season 6

So I was recently asked the question if I liked the first episode of season 6 of Suits and it made me think of things I’ve discussed with friends over and over again. Both about season 5, this episode and our expectations in general.. and that made me write this.

Now I’d like to point out that this is in no means written to bash any ships, because really SHIP what YOU want to ship, but I’m just taking things from the show and adding MY view to it and explaining things how I see it and why I still have faith in Darvey and why I think season 6 will be our season.

I liked 6x01, I really did.

I mean we kind of knew most things upfront for last episode. From BTS pics, interviews and promo’s on twitter and the site, but for me it was all about the vibe the episode would have and for me it was good.

We knew from interviews that they’re not actively pursuing the Darvey path yet (up till 6x08 – the episode they were going to film after the latest interview with Gabriel), but Aaron, Sarah and Gabriel are for once mostly on one page regarding their answers in interviews.

“Complicated feelings.” / “Couples Therapy” / “They haven’t talked about it yet,” etc. and for me that is important, cause to me it means they know (what we all already knew) is that it’s there and that it isn’t just platonic, but more. There are romantic feelings here and thus the vibe of the episode was important to me and I really liked it.

The division between firm and prison was good. As much as I love Donna and Harvey and in particular their relationship, I love the show as a whole and I like each and every character. I’m however not the biggest Mike Ross fan, this story line of “will people find out?” or  “is he going to get caught?” was tiring and I’m really glad they took the plunge and had that story line in 5B. Did I hope for Mike to get to prison, maybe.. Did I expect it? Definitely not, but I am excited about this new path. So, this naïve Mike telling his cell mate his entire life story in 5 minutes aside, seeing him in prison actually interests me.

I thought Rachel was the best she’s ever been, seeing her holding things up and pulling them all together was refreshing. I think most of us can agree that the crying was becoming too much and degrading her to Mike’s love interest is just a shame for both Rachel as an character and Meghan as actress. So seeing her being strong was awesome, I also love the fact that we will see more of her as an individual.

Jessica was brilliant as ever, from being the mother figure to both Harvey and Louis, to seeing her so vulnerable in that cubicle. It was brilliant. Also stoned Jessica on that couch was the cutest thing ever and Louis was everything he always is. Funny, annoying and everything in between. The scene where he was talking to Norma’s ashes went from touching to funny.

Overall there was a good combination between funny and tender moments and I think that bringing in an inmate that was connected to Harvey (predictable) is a good move and I can’t wait to see where that will lead them. Do I hope for a flashback to 13 years ago, with Harvey in the D.A.’s office, possible pre working with Donna? YES  I do, just imagine him walking around there and he sees this redhead in the distance, but he’s got no clue who she is and his face is just “damn.” Yeah, you get the picture.

Okay, onto our two favourite stubborn people, we didn’t have much moments in 6x01, but the ones we had. I LOVED THEM and let me explain you why.. (this is based on lots of conversations I’ve had about it with friends),. I loved the moments, mainly because some things they said and did were not necessary for the main story line (helping Mike/fixing the firm) of this episode:

·        The fight at the elevators

Let’s first point out that both Donna and Harvey had the same instinct. To not be at the firm. Donna wanted to leave, but stayed after Louis told her not to. Harvey wasn’t even there until Louis called and later wanted to leave after getting into a fight with Louis. Now Donna stopped him from doing that and she said. “Don’t you dare push that button. You’re not leaving, Harvey, not tonight.”  The "NOT TONIGHT.” Donna added wasn’t needed in that conversation (about staying at the firm) and to me it meant more, she’s not just talking about the firm, but about them too. We might even parallel it with that other night he left. The one he told her he loved her.  “I said that underneath that expensive suit and that perfect record is a coward ready to run from one of the biggest fights of his life.” Is this really just about the firm or Mike? Didn’t Harvey resign to save the firm, didn’t he think about turning himself in to save Mike? Would just leaving the firm that night, after the fight they fought, make him a coward? Maybe, but would I call him that. No, not really. Does this make me think that her words are about more, maybe even about them. Yes.

·        Harvey defending Donna

Harvey leaping at Donna’s defence is something we’ve had the pleasure of witnessing lots of times and we did again in the last episode. It all starts with Louis saying, “I’m saying that that list is a bucket of bullshit, and the mighty Donna Paulsen– she doesn’t know her ass from her elbow.” “Watch yourself, Louis.” Harvey exclaims and it continues with them fighting where Louis says that it all started “Because you don’t want to admit this whole thing is your fault in the first place.” Which Harvey counters with when the time came, that Louis used Mike’s secret to advance his position in the firm. And that after everything he can’t start playing the “I had nothing to do with it” – card now. Louis then counters with “And if I hadn’t given Donna back to you, you’d still be having panic attacks like a goddamn little girl.” Where in this entire fight about responsibility, Mike, the state of the firm and the question about money was it necessary to point out that A) Louis let Donna go back to Harvey? And B) That Harvey had panic attacks?  It wasn’t, not really. Another example is when they finally do talk about the money and Louis pulls out this piece of paper with apparently an insane amount of money written down on it. Now this was once again about ‘do we have enough money to fund ourselves?’… yet there’s the “Well, if you’re so damn rich, why didn’t you pony up for Donna’s salary when you had the chance?” Bringing in Donna’s salary wasn’t necessary and thus for me an added Darvey moment.

·        The group sharing a glass of scotch in Harvey’s office.

Five of our favourite six are having a drink together in Harvey’s office. While everyone is holding a glass of scotch already (now we can argue if they had to get it themselves) what we are shown is Harvey pouring two glasses as Louis comments on that painting in his office. All I saw was the smile on Donna’s face in the background, kind of biting her lip, when that object was addressed. (Now I have theories about who gave that to him, Gordon? Maybe a lost bet with Donna, but I won’t get into that). And the scene moves on with Harvey handing a glass to Donna. Just her. The camera litterly pans from Harvey towards both of them, to the rest of the group. Once again, was showing him handing her a glass necessary for the ‘raise a glass’ – scene. No it wasn’t, but we got it anyway. This little tender moment. The scene then moves on to a wider shot with all of them on our screens and while Jessica is talking we see Donna look at Harvey from the corner of her eye. THAT LOOK. OMG. Also notice both their hands.. THIS MADE ME TRASH.  (Silvertree (the director) basically admitted in a tweet that that was Korsh’ writing)

These little moments, that is the Darvey we know and love. Those are the little moments that made us ship them in the first place and ‘if not exploring them’ for the first half will still give us these little moments, I’m perfectly fine with that. Because the vibe was good, the show is still (slowly but surely) telling me that it’s going towards Darvey.


I of course, like everyone else, had that small little hope that in the midst of this drama they would see the light and have sex in his office on his desk, but rationally thinking about it I knew that it’s most likely going to happen towards the second half of this season. Like opening this story line in 6.09/6.10 with a cliff-hanger of some sorts (idk kiss? Probably not.. Bringing Mitchell in the story?) and that will lead to exploring Darvey in the back half of season 6 with something big happening in 6.15 .

Now that I’ve brought him up.. #MITCHELLWHO.. I’m really curious to see how they will bring him into the story line. Will we see him? Or will he be the new Norma?  Maybe we’ll never see him and we just get a mention. (Sarah joking about the actor that could play him, tells me the latter).

But one thing I know for sure (at least what I’m telling myself) is that they keep him around, because in the end he’s going to help get us what we really want. DARVEY. Korsh literally said “We don’t know how to get rid of him yet”.. If Mitchell was of no importance, he would have been gone already. So Sarah kind of mentioning him tells me he will play a role in this.

Personally I think that he’ll be mentioned towards the end of the first half of season 6. Maybe by Donna helping Louis with this Tara person.. or Harvey asking her to stay, maybe order from that Thai place she loves and she’ll answer she can’t because Mitchell is waiting for her. This could definitely open Harvey’s eyes, because a “boyfriend” (although I’m 100% sure Donna’s not 100% in that relationship) is far more threatening and easier to make him realise she won’t be waiting for him, or that he really is losing her that way than a “guy she’s been seeing for six weeks” ..

I’ve heard people say that bringing in Mitchell is just to drag things and it might, I don’t know. But what I do know is that every other love interest they brought along on the show for either Harvey or Donna has helped us in a way. That’s not just me being a shipper, that’s what the show is telling me and let me point it out (click on the keep reading):

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explain why you love your otp

Holy shit, anon, I don’t think you understand the magnitude of what you just asked.

This is going to be long, so it’ll go under a cut, but here’s the thing.

What I am about to outline, what I am about to explain, might very well make me some enemies. It might make me some friends. It might expose me as a huge freaking nerdzilla who stresses over very small and possibly insignificant details. It’s less of an explanation as to why I love my OTP, and more of a broad examination of the Boyz Crazy episode, and a huge theory I have in regards to that episode and Stan’s life.

I cannot make any assurances as to where you or anyone else will fall in those categories of possible outcomes- enemy, friend, concerned citizen. What I can promise, is that what I’m about to embark will do at least two things. It will, I swear, make your heart break for Grunkle Stan. And, if I am lucky, it will make you care about a minor character that we might never see again.

Ladies, gentlemen, and extraordinary others who do not sit within the gender binary, let’s talk about Stanford Pines and Carla McCorkle.

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High As The Moon, 2/3 (TMNT 2012, Apritello)

Summary: April O’Neil meets someone unexpected when she should be studying for finals — but she’s not complaining.

Rating: T

Notes: Inspired by the “it’s 3 am and I’m still in the library studying for finals and I’m losing my grip on reality and I think I just saw a ghost” OTP college AU prompt on this post, and dedicated with all the love to hotmilkytea.

And like that other fic I wrote about Donnie, April, and a roof, this is now a three-parter :D 

Part One | Part Two | Part Three


Irma yanks the carton of fried rice out of April’s hands and drops it on the table.

“Hey, what the hell are you doing?” April yelps when she reaches out to grab it back and Irma slaps her hand away. “Irma, what the hell?”

“It’s time to come clean, O'Neil,” Irma says calmly. She pauses the movie, then leans back against the arm of the sofa and nudges April’s thigh with her foot. “You’re even worse company than usual, and since your usual sucks, I demand answers.”

“Wow, thanks, I really want to tell you everything now.” April tosses her chopsticks to the table. “Why are you sticking around then? Masochistic instincts? A death wish?”

Irma sighs. “It’s how I’m building up good karma. I’m protecting everyone else from having to deal with you.” Her nudges turn into kicks, almost hard enough to leave bruises. “Seriously. You’ve been a shit for the past two weeks. What’s bugging you?”

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bbkaz fic snippet (pw era)

This is a cut scene from Bizarre Love Triangle. It was originally meant to be the flashback at the end of the Kaz section, but I decided that the tone was incongruous with the atmosphere of the fic. It’s got a lot of the same thematic shit going on under the surface, but feels like it should be accompanied by a laugh track. @thebeccabeast keeps pestering for me to post this somewhere so HERE YOU GO. -_-;

Kaz rears back at the snap of Snake’s wrist, but the punch still lands. Kaz catches himself on the edge of his desk, bringing his knuckles to his nostrils to check for blood. Just a little bit. He pinches his nose shut and grins. “Oh ho hooo, man, that was easy. I usually have to amp it up a bit more than that to actually get you to hit me.”

“This isn’t funny, Kaz. What are you playing at?”

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well i hope you know the lengths i've gone to

But maybe now they can start again.

eruri week | day seven : “reincarnation”

this is late but finally eruri week is done! based this one off an au idea of mine in which erwin and levi are reincarnated with all their memories and decide to go travelling around the world because that’s all they ever wanted to do.

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The deal with Malia Tate (and Stalia)

i just wanted to clear this matter up, since a lot of my followers are asking me. 

i can freely say that i hate malia tate (the character) not malia tate (the actress.)

first, i am not saying all of this because i’m a stydia shipper. i don’t judge immediately, i get all of my facts first. and when i do, that’s where i make decisions. this is my decision when i studied her whole character all through season 3b.

if i hated her character because she ruined a chance stiles could have had with my otp - wouldn’t i fucking hated heather? or caitlin? did you also see me hating aiden or jackson when they were together with lydia? no. i dealt with it, because i know that their characters wasn’t that shitty and still had a lot going for them. 

i am very uncomfortable with the sudden high position she was given. i mean, i liked the whole werecoyote small plot thing at the beginning of the season where i honestly thought that was the end of her character and that was okay. no harm, no foul done. but after that - she was completely irrelevant to the rest of the season. it acted as sort of an introduction to the real thing happening. you could even shoot the entire season without her and notice nothing was lost.

but then she was involved in this whole new plot twist in being peter’s daughter. i think she was also partly kept because they wanted to add some sort of backstory to peter since a lot of fans loved him. 

we don’t know a thing about her (the producers do, but what about the viewers?) and the fact that she’s meant to be the replacement for allison as a character angers me even more. we need more background check; how she became peter’s daughter, who the fuck is her mother, what the hell happened to his foster father - but more questions lead to even more confusion, so i’m not even going to dwell on this.

putting her in a really high pedestal when she only appeared for like 3 episodes and barely said more than 10 lines the entire season bugs me too. and don’t even get me started with the episode echo house and the whole thing about stalia.


she is supposed to have the mind of an eight-year-old, being like a werecoyote for half her adolescence. she didn’t know shit about being a teenager. and imagining stiles getting it on with a sixteen-year-old girl who has the mind of a child really creeps the fuck out of me. she shouldn’t know about sex. or kissing. or being that smart. and not to mention that stileswas in the middle of breaking down with the nogitsune controlling mind thing he had at that time. they were in an asylum, for fuck’s sake! people do not have sex in the basements of asylum. there’s a reason why relationships are banned there. 

also, did anyone notice the (lack) of relationship development?they teamed up in the episode. that was it. no slowly falling in love, no connection, no anything. YOU CAN’T HAVE SEX WITH SOMEONE YOU ONLY ENCOUNTERED ONCE IN YOUR LIFE. now that is some advice to tell your children.

there is another subject that associates with malia tate: her character gets a spot in the opening credits when kira (she was in every episode of season3b) and isaac (had been in the show since season 2) or danny and peter (HAD BEEN IN THE SHOW SINCE SEASON 1) the sheriff, mama mccall and chris (MORE IMPORTANT THAN MALIA TATE) does NOT when they contributed fucking thousand folds more than her.

i don’t know whether i want to cry for the tv show producers or maybe whack them with a bat. they could’ve done something good with her character, but they perfectly wasted good potential.

malia tate is just one of the proofs that jeff davis fucked shit up. the whole fandom was divided on either sterek or stydia - and what did he do? drop the bomb about stalia. well that is a way to end a tv show with the fans rioting. 

anyway for the record, yes i am both an anti-stalia and anti-malia. so unless malia undergo some really, really good change next season and don’t fuck shit up too - don’t count on me changing my mind, because i won’t, no matter how many hates or anons you send me. 

if you want to rant about malia tate with me, then feel free to message me.

ps: can anyone direct me to an anti-malia/stalia group? because i want to join them. 

A Stolen Kiss- Outlaw Queen Fanfic

Happy “I didn’t fail my first year in uni, even though there were moments I didn’t think I will pass!” secondchanceforoq

PromptImagine your OTP being cast in a school play where they have to kiss. Person A has never been kissed before, and Person B offers to practice.

Prompt Credit: otpprompts


“Come on Robin, it is just a kiss!” Regina grunts as she throws her script behind her. It lands unceremoniously on the floor, and Robin rushes to pick it up before Regina has a chance to ask him to do so (not that she ever would. She can pick her own stuff off the floor, thank you very much).

“I can’t do this.” He states after he hands her the wrinkled booklet. She takes it from him without even a simple thank you, yet she is still greeted by that heartwarming, soul melting smile. It won’t fool her, not this time, anyway (it worked a time or too before, she has to admit, if she is honest with herself). She is hungry, and tired, and just wants to go home and relax while watching Captain America and eating an unreasonable amount of potato chips for what seems like the hundredth time. Her mother won’t allow it. She always claims Regina has to grow up, stop watching those stupid super heroes movies and lie down the sneaks, but he mother won’t be home until late, late at night, and what she doesn’t know won’t harm her.  

 It is just her luck that Robin Locksley suddenly decided he has a problem with kissing her on the stupid school play. “Robin…” She addresses him with the softest voice she could find. “It is just an act.”

“I know, and this is exactly why you should find another actor!” He repeats his plea like a broken record, and Regina had enough of this, her temper rises and rises with each passing moment.

“You are the best actor in this whole goddamn school!” She snaps while her face turns a shade or two redder.

Robin is left speechless, the mischievous grin he had on his face long gone when he stares down at the floor. He murmurs something that sounds awfully like “It is nice to see how much you appreciate your other class mates.” but she lets it slide, doesn’t want to open another argument before the first one is finished.

“Why do you refuse to kiss me? Am I not good enough to be kissed by Mr. Perfect?”

“It isn’t that Regina. First of all, I am not perfect; we are flawed in some way or another, especially me. And second, I would never, even in a million years, think that you are less than an equal to me.”

“As I said, Mr. Perfect.”  She sighs soundly and rolls her eyes. She wants to give all of this up and let this school play go to hell, but there is something in her that won’t let him get out of this so easily, not so soon, anyway. “I still can’t quite understand why you don’t want to kiss me.”

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I never thought I’d say it, guys, but...CITT has too much In Ho.

I’m as surprised as you are, considering I’ve long been the poster child for painfully doomed SLS and bitterness. But it became dreadfully obvious in episode 13 that In Ho’s arc has cut itself a huge slice out of the plot cake and judging by the preview it’s planning on going back for seconds.

^^I mean, are the actually going to pull the “I’ll just spend *arbitrary time limit* with the person I love and quietly slip into the night. For their own good!” thing? Don’t…don’t you fucking dare, show.^^

I can see from a quick glance over the first few screens of results on the CITT tags, that I’m not the only one who’s noticed this is happening. Jung, the primary love interest and ostensible hero, has receded into the background of his own story.

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