otp: i wanted to see haruhi

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fave non romantic pair? i guess out of any fandom you choose :)

gonna do a general one lol
otp: kagehina!!!
fave canon pairing: tied between viktuuri and tamaki x haruhi from ouran
worst pairing ever: snily
guilty pleasure pair: ereri
pairing I want to see more: killugon
pairing everyone likes but I’m like lol no: eruri
fave non-romantic pair: bokuto and kuroo are my brotp I love them so much

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I really ship Tamaki with Haruhi but it makes me feel all dirty and wrong because Tamaki wishes to be her daddy...Would be my otp if it weren't actually really creepy

See, here’s the thing.

Tamaki never REALLY wanted to be Haruhi’s father.

He simply misinterpreted his feelings toward her, thinking that his urge to protect and his feelings of possessiveness were ones that meant he was acting in a fatherly manner and not a 17 year old boy with a huge fucking crush.

If you remember, everyone else sees his feelings for what they actually are, romantic feelings towards Haruhi and NOT a desire to be a father figure.

We have to remember that Tamaki’s father didn’t play a huge role in his life until he moved to Japan and he was 14 then, so a lot of his formative years were already gone. Even after that his presence wasn’t a big one.

Tamaki has never had a strong father figure to our knowledge, and most of what he knew about adult men was learned by watching old, outdated Japanese soap operas.

His original role in Haruhi’s life was indeed that of a mentor, as a host, which can seem like a fatherly position to some. But once they become friends and his romantic feelings for her begin to develop, you can see that his dreams about her become more wifey and romantic and she never refers to him as her father in ANY of his day dreams(which he also misinterprets but emotionally speaking and in regards to himself Tamaki is kind of an idiot).

So no need to be creeped out.

Tl;Dr: Tamaki has no real desire to be Haruhi’s father and misinterprets his feelings like the silly 17 year old boy that he is.

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Ouran High School Host Club? :3

How long I’ve been in the fandom (if at all): Since 2010 I think
My favorite male character: Tamaki <3
My favorite female character:
Haruhi <3
1 OTP:
Haruhi/Tamaki - I don’t see this reverse-harem any other way HAHA
1 NOTP: The twins… because…. *Renge point* in**st!!
Funniest character:
Tamaki x 1000
Prettiest character:
Most annoying character:
Renge xD
Most badass character:
Character I want as my best friend:
Female character I’d marry:
Haruhi ofc
Male character I’d marry:  TAMAKI
Least favorite character: That jealous bitter girl who collects tea sets who was trying to steal Haruhi’s thunder