otp: i want you to know who i am


acowar countdown challenge | favourite quote(s) | f e y s a n d

“I want you to know
that I am b r o k e n  and  h e a l i n g
but every piece of my heart belongs to you.

And I am
h o n o r e d -
honored to be your mate.”

some AUs to consider

“We ended up paired together as contestants on ‘Soul Mates’ the game show and we kind of hate each other but we both really want the $100,000”

“My friends convinced you and I to go on a double date but we just want to be friends and it turns out so do the other two… but now I’m falling for one of them and you’re falling for the other”

“We were best friends when we were three but you moved away and I forgot about you”

“Hello please let me in I left you a message at two in the morning and I was very drunk and please let me delete that”

“That field trip totally sucked and now the whole school bus is stuck in many miles of completely unmoving traffic. So… hi”

“I got mugged but you saved me with a can of pepper spray and some pretty impressive sweeping kicks… except you saved me with a CAN OF PEPPER SPRAY and my face feels like it’s on fire”

“It was really hot and I got heat stroke on the Tube and passed out in the station, thank god you’re a doctor”

“We’re stand partners in the orchestra and we’re constantly arguing or talking during rehearsal and the director hates us”

Why would you want to turn the lights off when you could simply put your glasses aside? You’re basically blind anyway.
—  Regulus Black, to James Potter, who wanted to do it with the lights off, at 2 am

I love you. I am in love with you. I will love you forever. No matter what. I’m yours. Okay? I’m yours.

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You know, that’s a really weird murderer. Anyway, THIS IS FUN! Honestly, i’d be dead already, because i don’t really care about convincing anyone when it comes to shipping. Before i start, i’m gonna state that ANYTHING I’LL SAY HERE IS BECAUSE I’M FIGHTING FOR MY LIFE, DON’T TAKE ANYTHING PERSONAL, GUYS. These will be pretty much the reasons why i ship them. The first part is a bunch of “objective” reasons (well as objective as it can get, because shipping can’t be a totally objective thing) and the other one is personal, so is up to you when to stop reading this. I apologize in advance for my English.

1)      Levi and Hanji are both really interesting and complex characters. He isn’t just a typical shonen badass guy and she’s not a typical crazy scientist. Levi is actually , from my pov, the most caring and selfless character of all SnK, he literally sacrifices himself over and over for the sake of others. Hanji isn’t just this sweet cheerful character, she has a mesmerizing willpower, nothing can stop her.

2)      They complement each other amazingly. They are both strong and smart, but in different ways. Any virtue that Levi doesn’t have, Hanji has it. Every flaw that Hanji has, Levi doesn’t. And they share two really important virtues, which are the foundation of any healthy relationship: they are both so loyal and passionate. They are literally willing to give up their lives for the people they love.

3)      THEIR INTERACTIONS ARE SO FUN TO READ/WATCH. You just know that, whenever they are together, something great is going to happen. There’s something refreshing about them, about their bickering, about the way they work together, about the way they care about each other so deeply.

4)      I think nobody can understand them more than each other. They have experienced similar things as soldiers, they have lost people they love countless times. I bet they could be sharing each other stories all night long, reminiscing all of those good times with Moblit, Erwin and their old squads.

5)      Okay, i won’t force my ship to anyone, but since i’m fighting for my life here, i’ll say i think there are actual canon hints for Levihan. Like the “Levi bathes Hanji” thing, the “we tell each other everything” thing (don’t u dare telling me Hanji clearly said they’re just friends, cuz isn’t that what every Levihan shipper has as a headcanon? The idea of them not admitting their true feelings and say “we’re just friends” ‘cause they’re both awkward dorks), their interaction in ACWNR, their interaction in Shingeki! Chuugakkou, and the “Levihan is similar to Eremika” thing. It’s up to you, random killer, to decide if that means romance or not.

6)      I hate to fangirl here, but HAVE U SEEN THEM? They are both beautiful and would have babies as beautiful and brilliant as them. What a blessing. I love drawing them so much because their character design is gorgeous. Levi with his cold colors and Hanji with the warm colors, they even complement each other in that aspect.

7)      The Levihan fandom is amazing. Besides the fact that there’s no drama and everyone is so kind, I’m pretty sure this is the ship with the funniest fan art. Even the most serious person would smirk even a little bit while scrolling through the Levihan tag. I mean, we’re all about the laughs. All of the other ships usually focus on the classic romantic stuff (i say “classic” , because from my pov there’s nothing more romantic than the OTP having fun ❤). With Levihan, you’ll get from the most intense fan art to the most ridiculous headcanon, it’s so much fun. Some Levihan artists are pretty well known among non Levihan shippers because of that same reason, like @alemanriq, @trash-god or @drinkyourfuckingmilk . I mean, really, if you’re feeling down and need to cheer up a bit, they’re the way to go.

One of the main arguments people have against Levihan is that they’re too different, so it wouldn’t work. They even go as far as saying that Levi doesn’t really care that much about Hanji. My first response is that both Hanji and Levi are highly misunderstood characters. We don’t have to let our personal experience makes us decide what is love and what isn’t. We all show our love in very different ways.

Now heres my second argument to that idea and this is gonna get personal. If you don’t wanna read about my life, skip this.

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To all the shadowhunters fans out there pls read this

I just need to say what I feel and I don’t even care if I get hate from this, its just my opinion. I don’t hate the shadowhunters TV show but I am getting really sick of them constantly shitting on the books. I am a book fan and I find myself avoiding tumblr which is not something I used to do. I dont mind other people’s opinion on the fandom unless it is degrading to the author and the actual series. I hate the drama going on between the book fans and the tv show fans because I cant even enjoy the fandom anymore. I will forever love this series but I cant stop being sad about the mean thing that are being said about the books. Yes they are not perfect, but it is what makes them so human. I know that some of the character’s actions are stupid or wrong but no one is perfect. I am not supporting incest, biphobia or any of that shit. I dont want you(shadowhunters fans) to forget who created this whole world in the first place. Dont dissrespect Cassandra because of the drama and just stop this nonesense. The fandom was already built and pretty big before you came along and all I ask is for a decent attitude towards eachother. I personnaly watch the show for my ships and I am happy that my OTP malec are getting a lot of attention (which gives me LIFE) but I dont like all of the negativity around book Malec. Eventhough Clace is the main ship in the books, and there is not as much Malec, dont be mad at Cassandra for it. Just appreciate that they are canon and that she keeps writing more stuff about them and their family(max and raphael). This series is really close to my heart and I value it a LOT. So I beg you guys to stop being negative and mean. Just leave the drama out and concentrate on loving the story, the ships, the fanfics, the feels and the fact that we are all fangirls/boys that are in love with the whole shadowhunting world.

Thanks for reading and please reblog if you agree with me

I know a lot of you will be mad but I hope the good old book fans will notice this and be thankful.



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OTP Memes/Vines-Snk
  • Ereri~
  • Eren: AND NOW, IM MAD *aggressive dance*
  • Levi: Now let me see you Wop Wop Wop *dances while cleaning kitchen*
  • Jeanmarco~
  • Jean: I wish I can go outside and play with my friends, but then I remember that I am a Horse.
  • Mikannie~
  • Mikasa: Annie are you okay? aRe yOu okay aNNie??????
  • Annie: What kind of 'nese are you?
  • Mikasa: 'nese?
  • Annie: oh you know...chiNese, japaNese, vietaNese, ASIANESE
  • ConnieXSasha~
  • Connie: I'm Caillou! Caillou~!
  • Eruhan~
  • Erwin: I'm sexy and I know it~


if you’re a Klance shipper and your response to kallura is anything like

- whelp guess Allura’s a lesbian and it can’t happen

- whelp Keith is 100% gay and so it can’t happen

i’m about to tell you something you’re not going to like hearing :

there’s an 85% chance that you’re being a bad person

here’s why: so many SO MANY klance blogs, or posts being anti-kallura, that i see reference keith “being gay” like it’s already canon, or say something to the nature of “well allura’s a lesbian so I guess klance is the only other option”. You’re not being subtle okay about your erasure of identities in order to support your otp. You’re also not being witty. 

It’s one thing if you’ve headcannoned Allura as lesbian and Keith as gay because you wanted actual representation - but here I am going to ask you to sit back and consider this. Because I know a lot of people who are lesbian or bi or gay did just this - but there are plenty of people who did it to fuel their personal otp’s. And you’re fine to headcanon their identities however you want, because we don’t have canon evidence for really any relationships other than possibly HunkxShay and the obvious attraction Lance has for Allura. 

But i’m seeing this knee jerk response skyrocket now that we know that Allura is around same age as the other paladins. She’s suddenly no longer old enough to be team mom so ppl are desperate to find a reason NOT to allow her to be shipped with any of the Paladins. You are really, really not being subtle about the fact that you’re shoving a woman out of the picture so you can fulfill your gay ship. Like, I won’t be surprised to see vitriol against Allura rising in the coming months because of this. We’ve seen it before! I hate to say it (like I am getting literally shudders right now) but we’ve seen it happen in Sh3rlock, when W@atson got a canon female love interest and the fandom frothed at the mouth at the fact that their precious gay ship wasn’t canon (obviously J and S could now never be together because only gay and het orienatations exist). I know this happens in fandom, but its not pretty. There’s a very dark side to the reason why so many fans (and many of them female) push for mlm ships so strongly and it’s very strongly rooted in the fetishization of gay men. 

Fancanoning a woman to be lesbian in order to get her out of the way of your gay ship is bad. It’s bad representation and it’s disrespectful to both the character and moreso to actual real life lesbian women. Lesbians don’t exist so you can use your identity to support your gay OTP.

Not to mention - erasure of identities other than lesbian and gay is a huge problem in really any fandom. Your denial of what may be an onscreen relationship developing (we have so little to go on the response to it is absolutely ridiculous!) between two people of different genders and your quick hc’ing of them as gay and lesbian to somehow try to ‘wish it away’ is a punch in the gut for any person who is bi, pan, and poly. Like, we exist? And sometimes - I know this is crazy but sometimes we actually have relationships with people of other genders than our own? Wild. 

Like, identities and orientations don’t exist for you to force your OTPs into existence. Don’t use orientations to ‘prove’ your ships. Like, I promise you, if you headcanon that Allura is straight, or bi or pan or poly, you can STILL find a way to continue believing in Klance and continue shipping it! And you can still put on your shipping glasses and see Klance moments. That’s not going to change.

Because at this point I don’t believe that for many Klance shippers the disappointment is the possible lack of representation for the queer community. It’s looking more and more like everyone is getting pissed their gay OTP won’t be canon, and that’s a whole different (and shittier) beast.

200+ Followers and B-Day!!!

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First off, I have to just say an all around thank you to all of my followers because this couldn’t have happened without all of you.  (Literally this is all because of you plums!)  This blog has meant the world to me and I was a bit terrified to jump into the fandom so late in the game, especially representing a muse I care so much about.  However, the mcu fandom has welcomed me with open arms and all the love in the world.  The lists will be long but it will be worth it I promise so bear with me.  I know there are many of you whom I have become close friends with and I am sorry if I don’t get all the personal stuff in here.  This blog is my therapy and each one of you has helped me through these months more than you can ever know.  (Also I reached 200+ on my birthday, Feb 8th, and that makes it even more astounding.)  I seriously hope I don’t miss anyone O.o

The Baes 

@synthozoid - My best friend who spent 8+ hours putting this blog together way back in May 2016.  They are my world and, even though they have been mia because of life, I love them and can’t thank them enough for this blog.

@wigglyxwoo - She is amazing and I suggest you follow her, and all of her sideblogs. ( @pietroxtime, @badxlucked, @wearebartons, @lilxlionxman )  Also her smols is adorable and she has been there to listen to me rant.  She has given me so much confidence and was the first Wanda I ever followed <3

@fiirstavenger - This mun has been mia for a while, but I always enjoyed their Steve and they have my heart by being the first Steve who ever interacted with me.  (Starting Bucky was truly scary because I know there are many amazing blogs for him)  Miss you a bunch and hope life is going well. ( @withwakanda)

@the–redacted–of-hellskitchen - First ever Murdock to follow me and you have set the bar so high.  I am fairly certain my new otp is BuckyMatt because our muses are such hormonal teens that bring out the best in each other.  We have way too many threads and I still want a good 20 more.  Wishing you the best with all that schooling stuff.

@aliancvna - Blessed does not begin to describe how I feel about having been given the chance to interact with you.  I know life has been a bit rough and you haven’t been on to rp as much, but I always look forward to see replies from you.

@xcuratiox - You are one of my favorite OC’s and I am so happy that your are back.  Literally jumped for joy when you sent that reply.  I hope you stick around for a while because your character is so amazing and fleshed out.

@chugamunk - Oh Clint.  There are no words to describe the awesomeness of mun and muse.  Ecstatic that you are back and our threads are all over with verses but that is what makes them amazing.  Can’t wait for more fun and freakouts. 

@techmaestro - I finally got to our super planned out reply, but I wanted to say that you are an amazing writer even though we have only just begun!

@igniscore - Your food porn is not fair, but I am glad we have become fast friends.  I hope Tony and Bucky become better friends, with Zorro’s help.  Our gif spams are the best.

@pinchapaprika - I have no idea how it happened but friendship has blossomed.  I know school is rough and muses have been hard but you are an amazing mun.  So happy to have met you!!

The Team - I enjoy rping with you and your muses.  I want to say so many things about each and everyone of you, but then this post would never end.  You are all incredibly unique and it means the world to me when I see your replies.  Very lucky to have been followed by you and I hope you all never leave me. <3333333333

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Otp Prompt

Person A: “Every time I look at you I feel like I become a better person, and I hate that because I like being the horrible person I am.”
Person B: “If it makes you feel any better, every time I look at you, I know that I am one step closer to becoming who I have always wanted to be, instead of who I am.”
Person C: “Just kiss already.”

More Spiritassassin things

(More things no one asked for but that I wanted to do anyway. I stole this from someone else and then removed things that were similar to the last one.)

who is more likely to hurt the other?

Baze is more likely to have his feelings hurt if a joke hits wrong, though by this point he knows Chirrut’s every tone so they don’t really land incorrectly anymore. But when they young, oh when they were young, it was Baze whose heart hurt quite a bit because Chirrut said something and didn’t understand the impact it would have and Baze didn’t realize that the beautiful lovely boy was just playing.

Physically. Well. They both have quite a few bruises and scratches from both sexual escapdes as well as just general sparring and wrestling. Although Chirrut has been known to toss things at Baze occasionally with more force than he means to when Baze is distracted and then there might be an actual sort of injury but those aren’t on purpose.

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For … ya know … whoever is not in the CS fandom and wanted … facts.

I know tons of CSers who wanted the wedding on the Jolly Roger. That was my dream venue.

Every single CSer feels differently about different aspects of the wedding from the dress to the venue.

But … and I know this is a hard concept to grasp when you have anti-jmo/anti-emma/anti-cs metas to write and anti-jmo/anti-cs-fan asks to publish (so you can be complicit in hate without saying it yourself) … we are excited our OTP is getting married.

Now, some people loooove all the CS wedding trappings. I am personally nearly happy with all of the choices now that I see them altogether and in light of the plot. Some don’t but are focusing on what they love because that makes them happy. And come to that, some of them are unhappy and are expressing that but still excited to see the wedding despite objections. And then there are a million other ways CS fans are approaching it besides those.

There are 30K+ fans in our fandom. We don’t look the same, love the same, enjoy things the same. I know it is hard to believe when your fandom’s narrative says otherwise. But if you’re not in it, don’t presume to think we all think the same. ‘KAY?

Love The Ships Master Post

This is the master post to my recent 500 followers celebration, Love The Ships.  The idea was that we all may not agree on our personal OTP, but each pairing is just as valid as the next.  We are all free to love what we love and ship what we ship. I wanted to create a hate free environment where anyone who wanted to, could write about their OTP.   I personally enjoyed reading each and every one of the following fics.  Every writer that participated did an amazing job.  So, thank you to all of the writers below.  This is a wonderful collection.  Please give these writers the praise they deserve and remember feedback is love! 

*ADDENDUM: This has been sitting in my drafts for well over a week. I must apologize. I promised individual feedback-esque summaries, but I am posting without. Please know that I did read and LOVED every single one of these. But I have some how misplaced my notes. And as some of you know, I have a debilitating neuromuscular disorder. My pain levels have been astronomical this week. I barely have the concentration levels to string together a sentence. I wouldn’t do any of these fics justice. I am truly sorry!

J3 (Jared/Jensen/JDM)

He Doesn’t Remember by @justanothersaltandburn


It’s What I do by @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog 

Everything is Easier with You by @atc74 

Reader Insert and OFC

97 Days by @canyonic   Dean x reader

A Hit and a Miss by @iwantthedean   Misha x OFC

Can’t Help Falling in Love by @d-s-winchester  Jensen x OFC

I’ll Always Follow You by @oneshoeshort   Sam x OFC


Sweat by @kittenofdoomage  A/B/O 

Scent by @ilostmyshoe-79


  To Have and To Hold by @impalasutra 

Model Memories by @docharleythegeekqueen

Invincible by @castieltrash1

Feathers by @zummar

Breakfast by @zummar

Being Human by @zummar

Other Characters

The Gift She Kept by @spnisbae666  Meg x Gabriel

Stubborn by @wi-deangirl77   Bobby x Ellen

Maybe Someday by @whispersandwhiskerburn   Dean x Jo

**to those who asked for an extension, please let me know when you post so that I can get you added to this post. 

OTP Questions Part 3 - 500 Followers - All Requested Fills.

Hi Readers.

This post is collecting all the filled prompts requested from the important OTP questions, posted with my announcements and thanks for reaching 500 followers.

There is a keep reading break after the prompt “Which one is super ticklish” for mobile readers.

Let me know if you enjoy reading these fills as I am thinking about doing something similar for over the hiatus period, and just want to make sure people are still enjoying these.

Now to get back to my one shots.

Originally posted by bugheadcentral

Who talks smack while playing video games?

“Betts, we need to talk.” He said as he entered her bedroom, his voice had that soft intonation to it a tell tale sign that he was going to tell her something she likely did not want to hear.“Nothing good ever came from that sentence.” She said putting away her book onto her night stand and looking at him expectedly. He took a deep breath before sitting on the edge of her bed. “It’s about what you said the other night.” She looked at him confused, her eyes searching his for what he might be talking about. Her mind racing through the things that she had told him last night, she had said she loved him but they had told each other that so many times that she had lost count. “I don’t know what I’ve said.”

“It’s the trash talk Betty, it’s getting pretty personal, Archie said he doesn’t want to play with us anymore.”

“Why because I called him a baby for missing the easiest shot in existence?”

“I think it may have been the string of expletives after that that he took exception to.” She rolled her eyes in response. “And what you then said about his music.”

“Fine we won’t play with him any more.” She shrugged moving to pick up her book again. “Don’t need people on our team anyway who can’t handle a little criticism.” She huffed. He loved that she was passionate in everything that she did. That there was no room for compromise when it came to performance. But when she was playing she was brutal, he was sure he could see the beginnings of tears in Archie’s eyes after she had stripped him down in front of their other team mates. He had to fight back the laughter of her sitting in her perfectly pink and floral bedroom, in most likely one of her prim and proper sweaters, ponytail swinging from side to side as she shouted down the mic at Archie who didn’t know what had hit him.

Who would rock the boat while the other one screams at them to stop?

It was supposed to be a romantic row boat ride along sweet water river. Not exactly the most romantic spot since Jason’s body was found there but there was only one river in Riverdale and Betty had said she wanted to be wooed. So he had taken it upon himself with some helpful suggestions from Ronnie to organise the perfect first date. In amongst their sleuthing and investigating they had never actually had one and he was pretty sure that the trip to Jason’s abandoned car didn’t count. It had been about a week since his dad had been cleared and he had begged, yes begged, for Betty’s forgiveness. She had told him that she did not blame him and they swore to each other that there would be no more secrets between them, again. She was dressed in a yellow sun dress and was the very vision of everything that was good and pure in Riverdale. He couldn’t help but smile at her as he lifted the picnic basket Ronnie had packed and lent to him for the day. She had also convinced Reggie Mantle to lend them his boat, or rather his father’s small row boat. Cheryl had offered but Ronnie had politely declined given the history of that particular boat. He packed everything into the boat and she took her position at the stern of the boat relaxing and soaking up the sun. The way the rays were hitting her hair made him, want to call of the boat ride and just spend the day wrapped in each other arms by the bank, but he was on a mission. Once they were out in the middle of the water he stopped rowing and she smiled at him looking at him over her sunglasses.

“Do you know what I have always wanted to do?” She broke the silence and he looked at her, wondering what was going on in that head of hers. She gave him a mischievous grin before she put a hand on either side of the boat and swayed her body making the boat rock in the water. Jughead caught off guard at the movement grasped the side of the boat for dear life. She let out a laugh, feeling a sense of freedom wash over her as she gave it another rock, it was childish she knew it but this was something that Ms Perfect woudn’t do she would just sit there demure and peaceful. Jughead on the other hand felt nothing of the sort, he felt sick and was pretty sure if she didn’t stop soon he was going to be seeing his lunch make an unwelcome reappearance.

“Betts, please, stop.” He shouted. She froze mid action about to make another move, staring at him and the unusual pale colour he had turned. He took a couple of deep breaths and she moved to sit with him moving the boat again, and he made an unpleasant sound. She apologised for rocking the boat and took the oars rowing them gently to shore, while Jughead laid back, with his eyes closed willing the uneasy feeling to go away. As she helped him out of the boat and onto the shore, he swore this was the last time her would take romantic advice from Veronica Lodge.

Which one hogs the blankets at night? or Big spoon/Little spoon?

He watched her wrapped up in her little private cocoon which consisted of their blanket and doona. He tried to gently tug the blanket back towards himself seeking some warmth and protection from the cold night. She huffed and he could swear she just gripped tighter. Sighing he went to the dresser and pulled out the back up blanket. He draped it over his body and started to drift off into sleep. Feeling a gentle tugging on his blanket he opened his eyes to see that Betty was trying to steal his new blanket. He moved his body to be able to enter her private cocoon, pressing himself against her back, his arms wrapping around her torso and nuzzled his face into her neck, breathing in her scent. She sighed happily in her sleep and seemed content now with the new source of heat, warming her body.

Which one is super ticklish?

She sets upon him immediately and he begs her to stop. She is relentless, ever since she found out his weakness she has been exploiting it. They had been in her room, taking advantage of a day off school with no Alice Cooper, no interruptions. Her hands were exploring her body as she lightly moved her finger tips under his shirt, gently brushing against the cool skin of his stomach when he let out a laugh, she stopped her movements and he seemed to be able to regain his composure urging her to continue. She moved her fingertips across up higher to his rib cage and he stifled another laugh with his hand. He apologised, all of a sudden feeling bashful.  She instead moved her hand away from his chest and gripped the back of his neck pulling him in for another kiss, pressing her body against his, eliminating any further laughter from their encounter.

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Why is everyone attacking William NOW? What changed? You were all find with him last 2 seasons. Not maybe liking him as a person but no one was throwing this abusive bullshit around and people who ship Noorhelm were left alone and be happy about their ship/otp. So what changed? The fact that Noora might be the reason that they broke up and not William? What? I want to know because I am tired of getting messages about how abusive William is every time I post something about Noorhelm and how in my head they should get together


We should get to know everything about each other. I’ve done some crappy things in my life, like sleeping with my best friend’s girlfriend, which I might have only done because I thought I was going to die, but I still did it. It’s a part of who I am. I want you to know all that stuff;   t h e   g o o d   a n d   t h e   b a d  .

You know what I am sick and tired of

Sy-fi movies where the aliens are super closed off and have no concept of sex of physical affection

Like I really want a Sy-fi movie where the aliens think we are the ones who know nothing about sex of physical affection

I can just imagine a alien leader coming aboard a human ship for the dirt time to negotiate a peace treaty and straight up kissing the captain of the ship on the lips the first time they meet