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If you think liking a ship that’s based on mutual trust, respect, and understanding is boring or “vanilla~” then fucking drown me in buttercream and call me a cupcake because I live for that shit.


…in which Inuyasha realizes that Kitten(s) are the key to happiness. ;)

For, of course, @artistefish‘s Miroku PI AU. What can I say? I just love all your AU designs and stuff. :U

This is one of the first pictures they had taken after getting married I know you said that’s still a while away because money and the like but shhhh and I imagine they have it up in their house somewhere. :U


every pairing i love: [23/?] lucas & maya (girl meets world)

“of course i like you. you’re a good guy. if you got hurt, i don’t know what i would’ve done.”

So I’m replaying the Mars archives and liara mentioned, super excitedly, about how’s there’s loads and loads of prothean stuff that’s never been studied there
Suggestion: post me3 Liara sorting through all the data which was recovered. Noting down interesting things to look into further and general notes. Thoroughly researching and enjoying every second of it. Shepard slouched in the corner, less interested by the prothean data but content at being in the room with Liara. They sit largely in silence but with Liara occasionally telling Shepard something particularly interesting. They smile a lot, they’re both so happy

The Mark

Happy Birthday, @goingtothetardis!!!

She asked for Nine/Rose and Soulmates…and here’s what I came up with :)

~950 words, Rated G, Nine/Rose

Hope you have a wonderful day, love!

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The Doctor doesn’t understand why Rose loves seeking out fortune tellers in the little markets and festivals they visit. He’s teased her mercilessly about it, ribbing her about superstitious apes, but she doesn’t care. She laughs at what he says, and laughs at the fortunes she’s given - of all of the mediums and soothsayers she’s visited, none have ever been remotely accurate about her or her future - but it’s fascinating to her, the fact that some things don’t change; from culture to culture, people always want to know what their futures will bring.

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Ok, ok, “mature” South Park Fans

Ok, Yeah. We understand your point. Maybe we are right and they are in love, or maybe you are right and they are boyfriends only because they have so much pressure to do it. But… What whit that? We understand. We are not fools. We are fans too. If they brake up, it they say that the had never love each other in the end of the season, well, we’ll be sad, but, the show is like this. The show is an entire satire. 

If you like it, that’s ok. If you don’t like, well, that’s ok too. It’s only a show.

We have shipped them since ‘99, but, if they are canon ‘cause bad things, Have we have to be sad or angry? Can’t we be happy? I don’t understand. The shippers will never change. They can be boyfriends, if they break up, people will write fanfiction about they getting together again, they will draw fanart about they being happy years after. 

So, what’s the point of being angry with us? You know. They are making fun of us, the shippers in a really realistic and soft form. I really like how they manage it. 

We shipped them before, we ship them now, and no matter what happens in the next episodes, we will still ship them.

Take it easy, Trey and Matt are great and love us no matter how weird are we.

With love, a South Park fan like you. 


Felicity “Can’t Keep Her Chill About Oliver’s Proposal” Smoak :)


Impressive visual choices there, Ufotable. Well, and a kickass track from Aimer to round up the final minutes.

Saber’s story hasn’t concluded; she’s at crossroads. But we get the continuation from Shirou. Archer had just given him the thrashing of his life, and Shirou had to return to how everything started; how that one crucial little detail Archer had forgotten changes everything. He reaches his conclusion, and Saber’s scabbard lights up. 

Avalon isn’t called the ever-distant utopia for no reason, and from here the answer is clear. 

So i don’t know if anyone has noticed this, but isn’t it interesting how Lucas “jealously”/back and forth with Charlie was “big, loud and obvious”, while Lucas jealously/hurt when Maya eats the card, was “real quiet” and subtle but still there.

Just found it interesting and also wasn’t Belief the last episode that aired, in which the “most of what i believe comes to me when it’s quiet” and “if you look trough a microscope you can miss the bigger picture” came to play. (I am aware that it isn’t the order continuity wise but i found it odd anyway)

If you have any thoughts on this, i would love to hear them.

OTP: Because that's who Maya is.

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