otp: i want to be exclusive

Okay but there totally could have been a reality show called The Life and Lies of the Luthors with episodes about:

  • Lionel sneaking around while having an affair.
  • Does Lillian actually love her children?
  • Lex gets a bold new haircut!
  • Just how smart is Lena?
  • Lex and Clark. Is the bromance in trouble?
  • Is Lena finally gonna bang her best friend Kara?
  • Is Lena’s flower obsession out of control?
  • Lena and Lex chess match. Lena- 490 wins, Lex- none.
  • Where does Lillian keep disappearing to?
  • Unlikely alliance! Lena and Supergirl team up to save the day! Appear to be friendly.
  • Is Lex jealous of up and coming reporter Lois Lane?
  • Confirmed! Lena and Kara found kissing outside exclusive nightclub!
  • Lillian and Lena. Why do they look so alike?
  • Lionel and Lillian join PFLAG.
  • Supergirl? Or Supergirlfriend stealer? Should Kara be worried?

I’d watch that along with Keeping Up With The Kryptonians.

Let's address Star Guardian Ezreal

Omg a BOY in MY magical GIRL group!?

Who said star guardian was exclusively magical GIRLS?

But all of them so far have been girls and he’s the only guy! Obviously riot is saying ezreal is gay, or playing on the ez is a girl meme.

Being magical and not a big burly man has to mean you’re gay? Let’s focus on a particular part here. Big burly men. Most of the guys in league are just that. I don’t think it’s a matter of Ez is gay or some stupid crap people wanna claim. I think it’s just a case of lacking young males, or males in general that aren’t big meatheads. Ezreal is the best candidate here, aside from Ekko who we could see in the future. And Varus is dark star, which is speculated to be the opposite line to SG.

I think Riot always intended to be diverse with this skin line, as with every skin line, but ironically there just isn’t enough diversity in character types. Not to mention, they’re going to focus on what sells most, which will be females, like Ahri, as previously addressed in my other post.

Yeah, I was like wtf too when I heard Ezreal was going to be a SG when it was leaked like a year ago, but I realized ‘hey, wait a minute, boys can be magical too, and no one ever said it was exclusively magical GIRLS’ and goddamnit he looks super fucking cute as a SG.

Make fun of him all you want for being feminine and call him gay all you want. Jokes on you, he is actually the protag of a fucking star guardian harem.

Also Lux x Ez SG otp bot lane. Fight me.


Day 20 - Favourite kiss

I get so happy every time two men or two women kiss on TV, so inevitably it wasn’t going to be an m/f couple that won Best Kiss, though there are some really great straight kisses out there. 90% of the reason I started watching Wynonna Earp is that I heard there was quality non-tragic f/f content, and it did not disappoint. Waverly Earp and Nicole Haught are well on their way to being my favorite same-gender ship and one of my favorite ships period, and this is their first kiss. And their second kiss. The first kiss of any romance like this, where there’s chemistry but they’re holding back from becoming a couple until they give in and kiss, is always a joy (assuming I like the couple, of course). It’s a common trope, come to think of it. My actual OTP’s first kiss was sort of like that. But it’s especially magical when at least one of the members is just coming to terms with their sexuality.

Besides the gaiety of it all and my overall affection for this couple, another thing that distinguishes the WayHaught kiss is how nervous Waverly is. She herds Nicole into the sheriff’s office, hurries to close the blinds, and throws herself at Nicole while Nicole is talking, as if she might not do it if she hesitates. She kisses her so powerfully that Nicole, who is larger than Waverly, stumbles backward and falls onto the couch. But the reluctance that causes this urgency comes exclusively from nerves, not from doubt about her feelings; she makes it very clear that this is something she’s doing because she wants to. Like many great fictional romances (including, again, my OTP) Waverly’s decision to go after Nicole is inseparable from her character development. After kissing Nicole, Waverly talks about several experiences she would like to have, such as parachuting out of a plane. But above all, “When I think about what I want to do most in this world, it’s you.” Waverly’s attraction to Nicole is so powerful, it induces her to stop holding back from doing the things she dreams of.

Earlier in the episode (1x09), Waverly is walking down the street alone after that disastrous conversation where she and Nicole are talking about completely different things. (Is there a name for that trope? There must be.) Nicole pulls up alongside her and insists on giving Waverly a ride back into town. Waverly is clearly upset about that awkward conversation, but that’s not all that’s upsetting her: “Gus is selling Shorty’s. She acts like she won’t, but she is. And everything’s changing around me but it’s all too fast, you know, and it’s like nobody ever asks me if I’m okay with it. Like, could everybody just stand still for one fricking minute?” Nicole responds by comforting her and putting her hand on Waverly’s. Look how Waverly reacts to that contact: 

The way her eyes are slowly drawn toward Nicole reminds me of that scene in Nicole’s first episode when they Look at each other. Nicole has had a magnetic pull on Waverly from day 1 and when Waverly throws herself at her, she’s giving in to that pull. Of course, her growing chemistry with Nicole is one of the ways her world is changing, and it frightens her. When Nicole says “I think you’ve just been dating too many shitheads” and Waverly snaps “We’re not dating,” it strikes me as a “the lady doth protest too much” moment. Nicole didn’t imply that they were dating. Waverly brought that assumption and lashes out at Nicole rather than confront her own desires. But her chemistry with Nicole is not comparable to Gus selling Shorty’s. Nicole is kind, considerate, supportive. She comforts Waverly even after Waverly is rude to her. She “would never ask [Waverly] to be someone [she’s] not.” But if Waverly is open to taking the leap, Nicole is ready and willing to be a great girlfriend.

The next step toward getting them to kiss comes, funnily enough, from Gus, who reminds Waverly that change and surprises—“About what we want. Who we want”—can be good and that maybe it’s time to stop doing what others want and start doing what she wants. Who she wants. Gus connects Waverly’s love of Nicole to her overall character development when she shifts from encouraging Waverly to “spread those wings of [hers]” in general to alluding to Nicole in particular.

So that’s how we get Waverly barging into the Sheriff’s department, making sure Nedley is out, not even trying to make conversation, just rushing into the office and closing the blinds without giving Nicole a clue as to what’s going on. Nicole apparently thinks Waverly is still upset, as she starts to say, “What is your problem? I don’t understand why you—” KISS!!! After the kiss, Waverly doesn’t go straight into her feelings for Nicole. Instead she talks about how she wants to do things that scare her…such as Nicole, who seems to find it adorable that Waverly is scared of her. Nicole’s adoration makes it clear that, scary as it may be, Waverly is wise to pursue her. Then they make out, and it is so goshdarn passionate. It’s what I signed up for when I started watching Wynonna Earp.

I have to add that until 2x02, which is pretty clearly their first time, I assumed Waverly and Nicole had had sex right there on Nedley’s couch.

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LBR though the lack of care or interest in Rogers is very evident. I mean the dude only has 10 pieces of fanfiction, which is sad. He doesn't get a lot of notes and he's widely disliked in the fandom for just existing. Is it sad yeah but unfortunately that's what the show gets for giving us a fake Hook instead of the real one that we've loved for 5 years. I mean when a CS gif set of a moment from 4 yrs ago gets more recognition then brand new S7 gifs, there's a clear statement right there.

My stance is this…

Like the show, or don’t.

Watch the show, or don’t.

Apply your craft to the inspiration the show gives you (past seasons, AU, current season, future spec…) or don’t.

I’m happy with the ending my OTP received. I’m glad that Colin is still on my TV each week. I like the new dynamic this other Hook/Rogers gives to the show. I’m invested in his current story line, and a few others, and i’m excited to see where it goes.

I can’t speak for others. I’m not interested in what sort statement this note count, or that note count, or this number of fics written about this character or that character says. 

I write what I want to write because I want to write, and yes, right now that is still almost exclusively Captain Swan. 

I’m still getting to know Rogers, and this particular version of Hook. Whose to say I won’t be inspired to write something for him and KnightRook, or him alone at some point. There is still so much mystery revolving around him and his canon story after the timeline split off for him, and some are willing to explore and others aren’t.

He isn’t a fake Hook to me, he’s just a different Hook. If he’s a fake Hook to you, then… okay. 

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Kissing Day Prompt Lists and Writers Circle

This year, Kissing Day sorta snuck up on me but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun. I have goodies for a giveaway, and I’m going to get (at least) one new fic up, but I thought, hey…why don’t I outsource? :D 

You can find more information on the main post [here]. The event will run from September 9-16. For those accepting prompts, once your name goes on the list or you reblog this with “prompt me!” or something to that effect, you can work at whatever pace works best for you, just make sure you get it to me if you want it reblogged next week (or the week after). I’ll take submitted links, tags (me or #Seal’s Kissing Day Celebration) or you can send me a link in chat.

So now that that is out of the way…. 

Prompt lists and outsourcing: A few of you have expressed interest in taking prompts for the holiday. I can’t do that, but I can certainly prompt you and share your name on a Kissing Day Writers’ Circle Roster. Those interested in being prompted for all the Kissing Day fluff and smut* just let me know! *(and angst? I’m not sure about angst, but I say angst with a happy ending would be more than fine). I can add your name to this post, just let me know which DA you’re writing for (1, 2, 3, canon, au, etc) and the characters you want to write about (otp, brotp, etc).  

Kissing Day isn’t just for romance and  while some of these lists are geared toward it, I don’t want anyone thinking this is a romance exclusive holiday. Friendship and family are so important, and affection (especially kisses!) tends to be far too sexualized in my part of the world, so if you’re worried about this autumnal version of Valentine’s Day being all romance all the time, NOPE. We had a lot of great pieces last year that had little to nothing to do with romance. If you want some examples check out the 2016 Kissing Day Masterpost.

Kissing Day Prompt Lists

Kissing Day Writers Roster

Quick note: if you’re sending prompts make sure folks are still taking them (or just add a note in your prompt “if you’re still taking prompts” or some such) as this list will update, but the post going around may be older. 

@poweredbycoffeeandwine ( Dragon Age Modern AU Pairings: Elina Trevelyan x Cullen, Mercedes Hawke x Anders. Mass Effect Pairings: Tavrien Shepard x Kaidan, Camille Ryder x Liam.)

@mysdrym (let me know details? shoot me an ask or a chat and I’ll just copy and paste )

@guileandgall  Mainly Dragon Age Trilogy, Mass Effect Trilogy, Mass Effect: Andromeda, and Saints Row. For pairings, check their character page. 

@scottishvix:  Sai x Cullen (Love universe), but she would also love to do some friendship ones for Lily. (mod note: YES. give me the friendship fics!)

@helluvawriter: Dragon Age.  Siany X Blackwall. Siany is a spirit healer in the inquisition and everything happens tangentially to the main plot, but takes place in a canon. Then Canon Elora Lavellan X Cullen.

@crisontumblr joined us last Kissing with how the Wardens do it in Ferelden. For  prompts; primary ship is Aeron Tabris and Alistair, but cris is starting to work on Gideon Hawke x Fenris.

@kagetsukai  from kagetsukai:  My main pairing is Cullavellan, but I’m willing to experiment with things in any of the DA games. Send me a prompt and we’ll talk :D


My supercorpweek2k17 Day 5 entry with the slight adjustment that man hell is nowhere to be found. Also posted to AO3.

Eve calls her in a panic, saying Miss Grant wants to see her now and does Kara know what other places to get Miss Grant’s morning lattes from? Because the ones at Noonan’s aren’t the same and have developed an “earthy flavor one should only be subjected to while hiking in a rainforest, Eva” and if-

Kara sighs. Ever since Cat got back from her journey, it feels like Kara never stopped being her assistant.

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Out for a walk in the rain is a great excuse to huddle close together
Artist: @holylain
Source: Daily Damnation Exclusive!

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Did you know that you, too, could commission Holylain to draw Illyana? Details here. I mean… I guess she’s probably open to non-Illyana art, but what would be the point of that? Besides, I need all the Illyana I can get for my queue.

EXCLUSIVE: Watch a Deleted 'Vampire Diaries' Scene Between Stefan and Caroline From the Final Season
ET debuts a never-before-scene moment from the eighth season and final season, which hits DVD, Blu-ray and digital HD, along with the complete series set, on...

Oh my godddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted this deleted scene ever since they released the promo picture but the episode had nothing related to it, I KNEW this existed!! I knew it! 

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Why I like them
- Non Royal Lord, quick to learn, a bit of social awkwardness.

Why I don’t
- Eh, he kind of steals Micky’s spotlight. Nothing against Ike himself but…I want to see more Micky.

Favorite line
- My skills were given to me by my father. If I stay true to them, I cannot lose.

Favorite outfit
- Brave Ike honestly.

- Soren. I never used Ranulf or Laguz in general so never get see anything out of it.

- The Greil Merc Gang, Skimrir, Tibarn

Head Canon
- N/a?

Unpopular opinion
- I think the fandom overhypes Ike. I like Ike (pun intended) but like given my Lord choices I much prefer Leif if we’re talking exclusively FE. Holmes takes favoritism if we include Tear Ring Saga simply by virtue of his god tier interactions with his “Jagen” Shigen.

A wish
- I guess people realize the distinction between Actual Ike vs Smash Ike.

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen
- N/a?

5 words to best describe them
- Honest, humble, willing to adapt, love challenges but hates war (kind of distinct that people seem to forgot), and honor bound.

My nickname for them
President Ike

Q: How do you feel about OTPs (shipping) especially gay OTP? Do you dislike it?

Luhan: I don’t dislike it, after all everyone has different things they like. For us it’s real friendship, and if everyone wants to use that method to feel our friendship, I think that’s fine too. I’m not really bothered by it. I just think it’s a bit funny.

—   Luhan Exclusive Interview w/ Sina

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I can't resist, but top 5 Mordeson moments???? ;D

♥♥♥Omg! Another hard one~! *ahahahaha

Like, I had to sit down, look @ a list of episodes and really think about what I wanted to include for my top 5 OTP moments~! And with that being said, I decided to leave out OT3 moments and only focus on interaction that happens between Benson and Mordecai exclusively~! Oh yeah, and I also decided to leave out stuff that borders on Head Canon territory and conjectures (e.g. how Mordecai knew Benson had a clock in his room during “Saving Time” *lmao) 

So, now that that’s out of the way- let’s get down to business~! Starting with #5 and counting down to #1~! ♥♥♥

5) The Temple Scene from “Sandwich of Death”

Like, even though this might be considered an OT3 moment, throughout the entire temple scene Mordecai takes on quite a protective role when it comes to Benson~! Case in point:

Maybe it’s b/c he knows that Rigby isn’t strong or tall enough to be a proper bodyguard for Benson, but still- they spent most of this episode practically glued to each other and as a Mordeson fangirl, I can’t help but admit that I was more than a little pleased *lmao

I’m glad that things ended well and Benson got better by the end of the episode, but still- so much OTP interaction and physical contact~! Ah! So awesome~! *lmao ♥♥♥

[The rest is under a Read-more to spare everyone’s dash]

[Also- like the last top 5 post I made- this one is pretty gif and image heavy so be warned]

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hi!!! I can't decide if I ship clint and kate as a brotp or an otp, so I was wondering why you ship it romantically versus platonically? xx

hello! first of all, i think clint and kate have a really complex relationship. i wouldn’t want to call their feelings for each other strictly romantic, because i think that they feel a lot of different things for each other – their platonic partnership and their romantic feelings are equally important. i think this is why a lot of people see it as a brotp, because they think those two things are mutually exclusive.

clint and kate’s relationship is based heavily on mutual respect and understanding. kate always admired clint (enough to use the same codename) and clint is constantly talking about how much he admires kate – see: “she’s perfect” in hawkeye #2.

another thing is the phone call at the end of hawkeye #2. specifically, this:

as someone who obviously ships them romantically, clint and kate’s partnership is the most important aspect of their relationship. they both know that and would never want to jeopardize it. clint thinks that being involved with kate romantically would mess up their partnership (see: clint barton’s horrible history of romantic relationships.)

however, clint and kate understand each other than anyone else. if anyone could be in a steady romantic relationship with clint, it’s kate, because she understands that he’s going to be a mess sometimes and she knows how to deal with it. an example of this is kate’s response to clint and jessica drew’s relationship, where jessica expects clint to always be in control of everything – something he’s not capable of. kate understands that. at one point jessica tells clint that he’s a bad person and it’s kate that’s there to tell him he’s not, because she genuinely believes in him, even though she knows he’s a wreck.

and clint knows how much kate cares about him:

basically, clint and kate are the most important people in each other’s lives. even if they were romantically involved in canon, their relationship would never be strictly romantic – it’s more than that. their partnership comes first, and for some people that might mean it can only be a brotp, but clint and kate understand each other so well and are so compatible that they could make it work.

I want the Black Widow movie to feature almost exclusively women - like bringing Pepper, Jane, Maria and Darcy in for how the movie starts, they’re having a girls night and it looks classy they’ve got wine and they’re just talking about which of the avengers has the best butt and pep obv says Tony and Jane says Thor and Maria says Cap and Darcy says Nat does and cuddling ensues


And the only men like other than extras are Fury and POSSIBLY coulson maybe

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Number 4 with sterek please darling

4. “Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?”

As weird as it is, they’re kind of friends now. They hang out and talk and it’s weird, okay? Well not weird weird. Just weird. 

Stiles just never expected to be able to call Derek Hale a friend. And because they’re friends, Stiles spends a lot of time in Derek’s loft. He has a really good book collection, okay? And Stiles needs to get all the information about the supernatural that he can. It’s his best defense. 

So that’s why he’s there when Derek gets home from work. It’s why Derek isn’t really surprised to see his boss’ son on his couch. It’s a common thing. It’s not weird.

“Hey,” Stiles calls when he hears the door open.

He gets a grunt for an answer, so he looks up from the book he was reading to properly assess Derek. The man looks exhausted and his uniform looks wrinkled. 

“Long day?” Stiles asks, frowning in concern.

Derek nods, toeing off his shoes and then crashing onto the couch. “I’m so sore. There was an omega in the woods, and he wasn’t friendly.”

“Why didn’t you call me?” Stiles demands, sitting up more.

“So you could stand on the sidelines and worry your father and me?” Derek asks, closing his eyes as he sinks into the cushions.

He doesn’t see it, but Stiles is definitely glaring at him, but he can’t keep it up because Derek does look really tired. 

“Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?” he offers instead of defending himself. 

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don’t you know I’m just a lot like you 

a Will Graham/Frederick Chilton mix 

1. That Thing You Do - The Wonders // 2. Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want - The Smiths // 3. Lost Stars- Keira Knightley // 4. Petrified - Raul Esparza // 5. Stay - Oingo Boingo // 6. Haunted - Taylor Swift // 7. Firewood - Regina Spektor // 8. Roll Away Your Stone - Mumford & Sons // 9. Hazy - Rosi Golan // 10. Burning Bridges - OneRepublic // 11. I’ve Been Waiting For You - ABBA // 12. In These Arms - The Swell Season

listen -[x]

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OMG! I feel the same about the boys being consistently mischaracterized in the fics part, but umm whenever someone asks me how (and quite angrily at that) I always go dumb and just can't seem to put it in the right words so as to not piss anyone off (coz boy there are some extremely temperamental people in this fandom). Sigh, I would beg you to do an essay on this but then I'll feel like a selfish brat ;; plus I don't have Junsu to give you too. So lemme jus' wish you A Very Blessed New Year <3

…I will… essay about it.

Let’s get in trouble one last time, 2014.

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