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Renee, Queen of writing as if it takes nothing, Queen of making me love characters more, Queen of...well everything, I have a prompt: Vassa x Azriel

Shadows of the Flame

song: i cant breathe - bea miller 

Helion, Thesan, and Feyre have been working together for months now, trying to see if they can break Vassa’s curse. Vassa still goes back to the dark-lord, to the lake, but Feyre has offered to take her people into Velaris. 

Vassa comes every night with new hope. Just before the sun sinks below the horizon, if you have a good eye, you can see a firebird flying through the skies. And just before dawn comes again, the firebird flies away. Everyone knows what this means - Queen Vassa’s curse has not yet been broken. 

But she has become a signal of hope amongst the people of Prythian - High Fae, lesser fae, faeries, humans, all of the above. They will look to the sky and see if they can spot the firebird, who has undying hope. 

Every time Vassa arrives at Prythian, she likes to go to the Day Court. She says she can almost feel the sun on her face, even in the dead of night. When she arrives, Azriel is always there. The first time, Feyre sent him out to retrieve Vassa, since they had no idea where she would land. 

Azriel finds her mid-shift (I’m taking this straight out of the “werewolfing for dummies” book). He can hear her bones cracking, wings turning into arms, talons into toes, beak into nose, spine reshaping itself. She’d huddled, her knees in her chest, spine pressing against her back, arms wrapped around her shins and the Shadowsinger drapes a blanket over her shoulders and hands her clothes. 

Vassa comes enough times that she knows where to land now, where clothes will be waiting, food and water, but for some reason the Shadowsinger is always there, handing her the said blanket and clothes. And when he’s not, he is where he dwells most: the shadows. Watching over her. 

Every night, when she can, Vassa sits before the two High Lords and the High Lady, always having hope. It’s one thing that can not be broken, can not be taken. The hope that these three High Fae can help her, break her curse. 

Until the three that gave her the most hope she’s felt in a long time, take it away. Thesan and Helion have had their best people working on it, Feyre has had the Priestesses in the library reading, scouring, hoping to find something that can help this Queen. Anything.

But Vassa can see it in their eyes. Eyes that hold sorrow. The curve of the creases in their foreheads, the harsh rubbing of their fingers against their temples. But she still comes, still lands in the Day Court. The Shadowsinger still comes, as well. She has to believe - believe that if a curse can be made, then it can be broken. 

So where does this hope go? How does she lose it. Because Azriel is waiting, waiting for the firebird to fly through the skies; the people are waiting, waiting to see those glorious red and orange wings that are made of fire, the yellow beak, soaring through the night. So why does she not come? Why does she not come if she is the one person in all of Prythian, in all the islands and continents; of fae and human; of day and night, that has the most hope. 

Azriel decides to have enough hope for her when her hope as sputtered out. He decides that if she has stopped hoping, then its time he starts hoping more. His shadows look for, he looks for her, he doesn’t know why. Not yet. Why he’s so insistent on seeing this woman, this girl, the human, this queen finally be free. 

He realizes it, when it comes to the lake, guarded by the dark-lord. Vassa is trapped in a cell of fire, where as he had been trapped in a cell of darkness. Trapped in light or trapped in darkness, both of these people were trapped none of the less. He got free and he is determined to see her freed. 

So just as the sun curves over the sky, swims and dips beneath the horizon, Azriel stands in front of the firebird. And he wordless holds out a blanket, wordless watches as Vassa’s bones break; as her spine cracks, as a beak turns to a nose once more, as talons turn to toes yet again, as wings shift and turn, becoming sun kissed brown arms. “Let them try again,” Is all he says and Vassa looks up at him, beneath a hood of golden-red hair. She takes the blanket, she takes the clothes. 

She takes the hope the Shadowsinger is offering her.

And she takes his hand, allowing him to pull her into the darkness that is his realm, his kingdom, his salvation (and what was almost his demise). She travels through these shadows, her hand never leaving his. 

She lets Helion, Thesan, and Feyre try again. Even though she is drained of hope, the Shadowsinger standing in the corner, watching, eyebrows pinched, gives her enough hope to go through this again. 

“Come with me,” Is all the Shadowsinger says when the two High Lords and the High Lady say they’ve tried everything they can. Vassa takes his hand again and finds herself on the top of the tallest building in the Day Court, so close to the stars that maybe, just maybe she can touch them. 

She has no desire to touch the stars, not yet. 

And then she sees the sun slowly rising above the horizon. And she turns to the Shadowsinger and Azriel just places his fingers by hers, then turns his palm up. Her fingers slide over his, her palm brushing against his, with those callouses and scars caused by burns from long ago. 

Azriel holds her hand and he doesn’t let go, he grips tight, hoping, praying, wishing, dreaming, that she will not turn into a firebird once more. Vassa squeezes his hand back, her shoulders shaking from tears she won’t let fall. 

She watches the sun rise. And rise more and more and more until her face and her body is bathed in sunlight. And she arches her back and finally those tears fall. She’s sobbing, tears curving over her cheeks, down her neck, as the sun warms her face - her human face. 

Azriel’s own shadows disappear, his wings tucked harshly behind his back, and he soaks in the sun with the queen, letting it warm him; his hand still in hers, a death grip returning her own. 

His thumb curves down her cheek, wiping a single tear. 

Then Vassa is hugging him, sobbing into his shoulder. Without a second thought she had jumped on him, sought out his comforting touch, cool and warm at the same time. 

And Azriel - Azriel he wraps an arm around her back, his shadows nowhere to be seen. Because Queen Vassa has had enough shadows for now, he wishes he could put the sun on a leash and bring it down to her, put it in his palm and hand it over as a present. 

“Thank you,” She whispers, because had Azriel not found her, had he not traveled far and wide, had he not told her to cling to just one more slither of hope, she would be a bird once more. 

They stay on that rooftop all day, lying there, Vassa tracking the sun with her finger. She smiles, a smile that Azriel had decided is much brighter than the sun, even by Day Court standards, and she starts talking. And Azriel listens. 

She talks about what it was like, to be the firebird. To have her soul trapped in that body, but to also have her body become that of a bird. How she had to navigate it, when she finally came to terms with her curse, but never gave up hope. 

Did their hands ever let go? Or had one of them taken the other’s hand once again as Azriel began to talk as well, tell his own story. How he had been trapped in the dark, far below ground, and Vassa listens. How his body had not been his own, how he had not even seen his fingers when he held them in front of his face. 

“Why do you find comfort in shadows?” She asks. In her time on this roof, she has found comfort in the sunlight, but it is different than the flame. The flame locked her in, made it so she could not breathe, and her only relief was the night, the stars. 

“I was too afraid to let them scare me,” Azriel whispers back, as if this is a secret he has kept a long time. Because it is. “I was too afraid to be afraid of them anymore. So when I realized that they were mine, the shadows were mine and I was not theirs, I began to find comfort in them” 

“The flame can be yours, too, Vassa”

She is almost certain this is the first time he has said her name. It sends shivers down her spine. “The flames will be mine, Azriel” 

Is this the first time she has said his name? Because it sends sparks down his own spine. He stares at her, those molten brown eyes, that seem as if fire burns within, a fire of gold. And she looks into his own hazel eyes, where the shadows swim. 

And they both look back up at the sky, at the sun which seemed to smile down at them. The Shadows of the Flame. The Flame within the Shadows. 

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PJO Fic Recs #1


Married by @bananannabeth

cute fluffly piece that is downright adorable

I Only Want What I Can’t Have by cosmicenergy

How Percy had managed to find himself hiding in one of the most highly guarded museums in the dead of night was beyond him. Aside from the looming possibility that they were ultimately going to fail, he had a surprising amount confidence that things might actually turn out fine.

Untitled by @lilypxtter

it’s a soulmates!au and its so beautiful 

Manhattan by pipermclean

“You can have Manhattan, the one we used to share…The one where we were laughing, drunk on just being there…” Annabeth gets a job offer in Athens, but Percy wants her to stay with him, in Manhattan. But, sadly, people don’t always get what they want.

Neverland by @halfbloodholidays

Three months before his sixteenth birthday, Percy Jackson reads the prophecy that foretells his death. Scared and with nowhere to go, he drags best friend Grover on a road trip across the states looking for solace. As they get lost in America, Percy discovers himself again in friendship, a quietly building love (for the world and a girl), and a journey he’ll never forget.

Just Pack Up the Stars by @maydayparade8123

Annabeth works at a Sprint store in Orlando. She usually assists the careless, young adults who drop their phones at Disney. Percy is no exception.

To Build A Home by @bananannabeth

He rubbed slow circles on her back and murmured sweet nothings into her hair. “I’m sorry,” he kept saying, over and over. “I’m so sorry.”
“Why are you apologizing to me?” she croaked. “You’re the one who’s -”
“Dying,” he finished for her. “I’m dying, and that’s why I’m sorry.” 

a speck of light can reignite the sun (and swallow darkness whole) by cosmicenergy

At seventeen, Percy never assumed that his life would be consumed of anything other than swimming and late night study sessions locked in his room. However, his entire view changes once the world seems to turn against the human race and disease, famine, and chaos engulf the country. But Percy’s not one to give up so easily, and apparently neither is the blonde girl he teams up with. So when the opportunity survive announces itself to Percy and Annabeth, they don’t hesitate to take it.

You’re My Number One by cosmicenergy

He greeted her with a smile, one that spread across his face and reached all the way up into his eyes. And she had to admit, begrudgingly, that he was pretty cute.


The story in which Annabeth and Percy fall in love in a senior year history class.

two am by fruitwhirl 

After a snowstorm makes her flight run late, Annabeth, without a way home, is stuck at an airport at two am.

Vivid by @emilyvidosa

Percy is two when he first learns what a ‘color’ is, and although a whole lot more time passes before he sees one, he gets there eventually, and it’s just as amazing as he’d always hoped.


New Perspective by roses504

Piper McLean is the princess, and soon to be ruler, of the country Lehpid. But when King Jupiter from the country Snathe calls war on her father over an eleven year long rivalry, Piper takes it upon herself to solve it.

Okay so this is the coolest royalty au ever and you should all go take the time to thank ijeoma for writing this beautiful story

Untitled by thestoriesoftheseven / @son-of-rome

Amazing punk!piper & nerd!jason au


Untitled by kingburu

fake boyfriends!!!!


The Sandwich Thief by boombashkas

Someone at work has started stealing Jason’s lunch every day.

And leaving stupid letters behind in its place.


With the Lights Off by nikkiRA

From: Jason
(9:33) Haven’t heard from you in a while. Is everything ok?

To: Jason
(9:36) Demeter is here and I have to pretend to be straight, the power has gone out, and Hazel has just suggested we play Disney Monopoly, which we have for some reason. So what do you think?

Will goes to meet Nico’s father, and it doesn’t exactly turn out the way they had planned.

5 Times Will Hated Winter + 1 Time He Didn’t by @omfg-otp

Will hated winter. Okay, 'hated’ might be over exaggerating it a bit; maybe ‘was mildly inconvenienced by’ would be better suited. Will was mildly inconvenienced by winter, and it was starting to annoy him.


No Angels, No Demons by crystallines

Ethan could have set fire to the world. But he finds himself again, and, despite a canyon of silence stretching between them, he finds his way back to Luke, too.

drop dead amazing coffee shop au

Thirteen Hours by crystallines

“When we win, when all the fires die down, I want you standing by us. I want to share our glory with you.”


Kiss a Boy in Tokyo Town by antistar_e (kaikamahine)

You know what they say, Percy Jackson. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of hell.


Us by pipermclean

He bit down harder on his lip, trying not to think about how rosy Leo’s cheeks were, or how his hair glowed like a halo in the light of the lamp, and how just the sight of Leo lying on his bed was enough to make him shiver.

Jason was wrecked, honestly. Apparently, he’s not as straight as he thought he was.

Awake by pipermclean

Even though Leo’s tired and Piper just won’t let him go to sleep, he’s never been more awake as to how he really feels.

Give and Take by Caughtbythelight

She gives her touch some pressure against him, and there are the two questions again. NSFW


I Want to Say I Love You by pipermclean

Before myths and monsters and blond boys that swept pretty girls off of their feet, it was just 'us’.

First by Caughtbythelight

“So…what happens when we do kiss girls?” Jason says after a minute, not meeting Leo’s gaze, “What if they’re all…skilled and stuff, and they think we suck?” or Jason and Leo figuring things out.

Meet Me Beneath the Christmas Tree by pipermclean

It’s Christmas day, and Leo is spending it exactly opposite of where he pictured himself to be - serving food to grumps in an old folk’s home. This year, things seem pretty bleak, but he still finds joy in a few things - namely his friend Piper and his not-so-subtle crush and coworker, Jason Grace. Oh, and the fact that Drew Tanaka had to kiss an old guy under some mistletoe.

“Welcome back” 

Drawing request of Chrobin for the kissing meme, this is #7- I’ve missed you. I wanted to draw the scene where Chrom finds Robin after many years of searching, IT GIVES ME MANY EMOTIONS


eight otps: [4/8] cleiona bellos x magnus damora // falling kingdoms

“You want to know why I did what I did?“ His dark brows drew together as if he were only now allowing himself to consider this question. "Its fairly simple, actually. It’s because, without your bravery in the face of all that’s happened to you, without your constant scheming behind my back, without that fire of hatred and contempt and hope in your eyes when you look at me…” He hissed out a breath. “In the shadow my father has cast over my entire life, you are the only light I can see anymore. And, whatever the cost, I refuse to let that light be extinguished.”


“Please be careful,” she said. Draco looked almost amused. “It’s nice that you’re concerned.”
Ginny’s next words came out of her mouth without any foreknowledge on her part that she was about to speak them. “I am concerned,” she said. “I love you.”
His head jerked up and he stared at her, an expression of absolute astonishment on his face. She stared back. She would have thought she would be fighting to keep her expression neutral, but really she only felt very calm. She had said it. Let him do with it whatever he wanted. Although really, he must have known. How could he not? When he replied, it was with only one word, and not the one she was expecting. “Why?”

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Clarke: raven come on you can do this. Raven: NO I CANT IM NOT GOOD ENOUGH NO NO NO. Bellamy: raven we need you. Raven: I suddenly found the cure for cancer wow

look can i talk about that scene for a sec? pls? okay, raven is like freaking out because their lives are at stake and she can’t figure it out and she’s spiraling thinking that she won’t be able to save all of them and she starts doubting herself. and clarke tries to get through to her but it just goes through one ear and out the other and clarke just gives up. but bellamy? ooh no bellamy sits down next to her, comforting her, giving her that same look he gave her back in season one when he was trying to get her to stay. and he just tells her much she’s needed, how smart she is, and how much they need her and it triggers that spark back inside her and she’s back on her feet.

she’s so much stronger and smarter than alie and she just pops back up like it’s nothing! bellamy blake and his belief in raven never fails and i love how he’s always the one to just know what to say to her. he knows what she needs to hear and reminds her that is she wanted. omg and that little smile she gives herself because “omg i figured it out and it’s all thanks to bellamy.” gawd i’ve watched this scene like 100 times and i’m still not over it.

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“I want to go on a date! I demand it!” for your nerds :p

This takes place two weeks after “guess who”.

“Understood, Admiral. We will depart Ziost immediately and proceed to the rendezvous coordinates.”

Mara closed the channel and looked up to find Malavai, still in civilian clothes, staring at her intently. He transmitted their flight plan and stood as they awaited clearance to leave.

“Admiral Ranken does realize we’re on leave, does she not?”

“I couldn’t exactly beg off because of a scheduling conflict,” Mara countered with a frown. “I thought you would be pleased to return to duty.”

“I am,” he replied quickly. “But we had plans in Kaas City.”

Mara knew full well he had no intention of refusing an order, and indeed they had known they could be called up for this op at any time. But she could not deny their honeymoon was being rather severely interrupted.

That didn’t mean they couldn’t still enjoy themselves, of course. She closed the distance between them, slipping her arms around his waist.

“We can still go to Kaas City,” she murmured. “After we muck up the Republic’s shipbuilding capabilities.”

“You’re excited about this.”

“We’ve been idle for two weeks. Deliciously idle, I will add,” she raised her brows suggestively and ran her hands over his back, “shut in with that beautiful fireplace and food delivered whenever we required it. But one wouldn’t want to grow too soft.”

He pulled her a bit closer, his blue eyes boring into hers.

“I beg your pardon, my lord, but I am sharp as ever,” he said with mock outrage.

“I have no doubt of that, dear, but a woman likes to be taken someplace nice every now and again.”

He laughed.

“You have a singular definition of ‘nice’ in this context, I think.”

“Come now, Malavai; I want to go out. I demand it!”

She smiled seductively, an expression she knew he could not resist.

“I brought that armor you like.”

He raised one dark eyebrow.

“Did you now. The reinforced diatium greaves?”

“And the blastweave top with the shield generator you bought me on Alderaan,” she confirmed.

“Well then. I suppose I am helpless to say no,” he replied, guiding her lips to his.

Their kiss was interrupted by a transmission from Spaceport Control clearing them for launch.

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that dance bangtan bomb. vkook (mostly) and yoonmin shippers decided to take over the comment section and you got so many people talking about those 2 ships and when someone mentions jikook, they're frowned upon and you got vkook fans "correcting" jikook shippers how vkook is real

yeah now that you guys mention it, everytime i go on an obviously jikook video i never see comments that are like “zomggggg JIKOOK”. like EVER. it’s always another ship or just random comments in general. but that’s just YouTube. facebook is all jikook and apparently they’re quite popular with k-netizens which makes it seem so weird to me. it’s like there’s a secret internet goblin deleting all the jikook comments XDDDD

but i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: this “shipping tension” between jikook shippers and everyone else is not even necessary anymore. there once was a time when i did feel that slight tinge when i saw mentions of other ships, but…not anymore. and i know you guys are expecting me to say something like “oh we should be a happy family” or “multishipping is a thing” but no, that’s actually not what I’m saying at all:

Recently, Jikook has reached a level where, to me, they don’t really have “competition” anymore XD

And yes, I understand there’s that psychology myth where it takes ten positive to counterbalance one negative or whatever but cmon, we have like ten to the power of jikook positives at this point, why do we even care?

I mean, say what you want but did your OTP ever get on stage and drop it together after which they promptly bent and snapped to a song about “Coming of Age”?

Did your OTP ever have an entire heartwarming video compilation worth 4+ min of just flirting at one day of a public event?

Has he ever whispered “I want you” while groaning at the sight of his alleged boyfriend?

cmon guys. why do we have to fight with others. they have their moments we have ours. when we got it so good nowadays. ever since the fire era, everything has been jikook. and the past month itself has given us no chance to relax and turn back to reality so why should we even care about what others are saying? i mean, they have to try so much harder than us to see these things recently, while we just kind of sit here and analyze the obvious XD cut them some slack.

in fact, im lowkey glad to see that jikook shippers are so called “few in number and underdogs” (even though i highly doubt it), because you know what, it makes me feel like a freaking chosen one. :D

tl;dr: jikook is practically canon. so we don’t even need to get irritated because we know what we know ;)

Kissable Reminder


 The Hoshidan prince turned at the sound of the voice, only to see none other than a wide smile on a face that could easily throw his heart into overdrive. “W-What is it Big Si-Kamui?” Mind a quick wit and tongue sharper on its change of words, Takumi quickly used the correct name to address her.

 However, the sight of that withering smile only proved that his tongue wasn’t fast enough.

Keep reading

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Okay but like imagine for the hogwarts au Spock is still a Vulcan and somehow his name gets in the triwizard cup. What happens? (I love this au and I wanna interact with you :3)

You can interact with me any time! :) Send me asks or just hit me up in the chat box.

Check out Hogwarts pt1 and pt 2 if you’re interested.

  • Leonard would be furious when Spock’s name gets called out of the Triwizard Cup. It’s their last year in Hogwarts, they have their NEWTs, they need to plan what they’re gonna do afterwards, they have Jim to worry about, this isn’t what they agreed on. Like, Leonard is angry enough to drag Spock out of the Great Hall and he’s shoving him against the wall. “No,” he says. “You are not doing this, Spock. I thought we agreed on not doing this?!” “We agreed on thinking about it. I thought about it,” Spock says, not threatened by Leonard’s hand tightly gripping on to his collar, or the finger pointing just inches from his face. Jim rushes out of the Great Hall, too. “Hey, well done, Spocko! I’m proud of you!” He says, stopping abruptly when Leonard gives him a deathly glare. “Did I do something wrong?” Jim asks, watching Leonard let go of Spock and just stomping out of the hallway, muttering curses under his breath. “No, you didn’t do anything wrong.” Spock sighs, smiling lightly when Jim reaches out and fixes the wrinkles in Spock’s uniform, and Jim leans in to kiss him softly. “You’re gonna do great. You got your Vulcan strength in your favor, and you’re the smartest person I know.” Jim says.
  • Leonard doesn’t speak to Spock for nearly two weeks, and Spock feels miserable. Jim even more so, because he’s torn between two boyfriends. He lets Leonard rant to him while they sit outside. Jim’s got an arm around Bones’ shoulder while the other leans against his chest. “But can’t you just talk to him,” Jim presses, running his hand through Bones’ hair. “No. He’s gonna get hurt in there, and I can’t get in and save his ass like I always do,” Leonard says, and Jim chuckles softly. “Spock is stronger than us, Bones. He’s not even human to begin with. If anyone’s gonna do fine, it’s gonna be Spock. Just talk to him. He misses you.” 
  • So it takes Leonard two weeks before he talks to Spock again. It just takes him some time to deal with this shit. But when he does, it catches Spock completely by surprise. Leonard catches him after class, in the courtyard, and Leonard leans in to kiss him. Spock looks briefly shocked, but then wraps his arms around Leonard’s waist and he pulls him in close. “I missed you, Leonard,” Spock says, and Leonard can feel Jim grinning at them. “Dragons,” Leonard says, soft like a whisper against Spock’s lips. Spock tilts his head ever so lightly in confusion. “What?” “Dragons,” Leonard repeats, “your first assignment involves dragons.” 
  • Spock does fine, of course. He battles a Swedish Short-Snout and he does okay in capturing the golden egg, Spock knows more spells by heart than the average graduated wizard, so he just has a few scratches by the end of it. Leonard sits in the stands with Jim, and Jim’s holding Leonard’s hand in his lap in an attempt to keep him calm. When it’s over, both boys rush into the tent and they hug Spock tightly. “I’m so proud of you,” Leonard sighs, and Jim kisses Spock’s cheek. “Knew you could do it.”
  • Jim goes missing on the morning of the second task. Leonard already knew he wasn’t gonna be allowed to take part because he’s there to assist in the medical tent. “You’re gonna do fine, Spock,” Leonard says as the other paces nervously over the dock near the Great Lake. “Just go get our boyfriend back safe. I’ll be in med to wait for both of you to return.”
  • Spock saves Jim from the hands of the mermaids, and Jim gasps for air when they reach the surface, coughing up water and gripping tightly on to Spock’s shoulders. Spock gets them to the docks, and Leonard’s there to check up on both of them. 
  • Jim’s the first one to be openly nervous about the maze. Spock’s such a strong wizard, sure, but the maze is where students had previously died, and Jim just can’t deal with the thought of losing Spock over a dumb game. “Please, please don’t go play hero,” Jim says, running his hand over the blue uniform Spock’s wearing. “If it gets tough, just… leave.” He adds, and Spock raises an eyebrow. “Just get out safe,” Leonard agrees, and Spock hugs them both. “I’ve done fine so far,” Spock says, smiling lightly as Leonard fixes his hair a little.
  • Leonard sits in the stand next to Jim, nervously fidgeting as they stare at the big green maze in front of them. He shivers whenever there’s a piercing scream coming from the maze, and Jim slides an arm around his shoulder. “He’s gonna do fine,” Jim says, even though he’s obviously very worried himself. “If it takes too long we’re just gonna run into the maze ourselves,” Jim continues, and Bones snorts. “No, Jim. Have you seen how big it is? Spock’s twice as prepared as us.” But the longer they have to wait, the more Leonard is inclined to agree with Jim. They keep hearing sounds, screaming, lights coming from spells in an array of color. The first time someone gives up and is dragged out of the maze by a rescue team, Leonard’s already up on his feet to run to the entrance, but it’s not Spock. Nor is it the second time someone gives up. The sun’s setting and people are getting antsy. Jim sucks at sitting still ,so by that time he’s just walking up and down the stairs of the stands, he’s already bought them a ton of candy which neither of them are in the mood to eat. Finally, Spock walks out. He’s carrying the Goblet in one hand, keeping up the other contestant with his other hand, who’s also holding the cup in his hand. Both Leonard and Jim rush down, and Spock nearly collapses when the weight of two more boys is suddenly thrown against him. He drops the Goblet, because who cares, and doesn’t let go of the other contestant until teachers take him. Then, he wraps his arms around both boys and hugs them tight. 
  • Spock gives up the cup to the other contestant. He says the guy saved his life and Spock only did the same in return towards the end, but both Leonard and Jim know that’s not true. “No eternal glory?” Jim asks, as they sit outside together, enjoying the warm evening in the late spring. “I realized halfway through I’d rather be out with you guys.” Spock says, “I was on my way back when I ran into a few monsters. The other guy helped me defeat them, but he got hurt on our way back. I thought I’d wanted the eternal glory, but I’m happier here now than I was when I saw that cup. I’m fine, honestly.” Jim leans against his shoulder, and so does Leonard. “Well, Spock,” Leonard sighs, “you’re a winner to me.”
Hak and the honey-character development

Hearing a lot of mixed feelings on the honey scene from episode 19 of Yona.

It makes me giggle–but even more just makes me want to do a quick character analysis of Hak. Yes, this scene was–as even my 10 year old claimed–just awkward to watch. (As a side note, can we get a GOOD animation of a tongue licking someone? This was lacking and added to the weirdness of the scene.)

Personally, as someone who adores Hak as a character, this scene is one of my favorites for what I believe it represents for Hak. But to look at it properly, we’re going to have to back up a little. The scene actually starts back during Hak’s conversation with Jae-Ha.

Having only known them for a very short time, Jae-ha’s observations are dead on. “I get the impression that she and you are close, yet far away at the same time.” It’s an observation that confuses Hak because that’s obviously not how he views things. They’ve been together a long time. To imply that they don’t have a special relationship would be incorrect.
But Jae-Ha actually pins down the issue when he states that “I don’t get the impression that you genuinely desire her.” Now, we know, Hak knows and obviously even Jae-Ha already knows this isn’t true but what Jae-ha is implying is there is a wall there between them. A wall that Hak put up and has kept there. Initially, Hak is clearly annoyed at this because the idea that he doesn’t want her is pretty insulting. We’ve seen him as young as approximately 15 years seriously struggle with his overwhelming emotions for this girl.
And then Jae-Ha says that maybe he’s interested in her. There is a look of shock on Hak’s face as that information absorbs. Why shock?
Here we see Hak–irritated with the things that Jae-Ha said about him not desiring Yona. Hak flashes back to the times with Soo-Won, Yona and him. How they were like siblings to him. How he vowed to protect the two of them and the country they would rule over together. That was his reason for living every day.

This is really important because that wall that Jae-ha is referring to…is Hak’s way of dealing with being in love with Yona while knowing he can never have her, because she would be with Soo-Won. In Hak’s eyes–up until this very moment that Jae-Ha says that maybe he’s interested in Yona–that wall remained. This entire trip he’s kept that wall that was put there because of his love for both Soo-Won and Yona in place. Yona going to someone else has never crossed his mind and hearing someone say that they might want her–doesn’t set well with him. He didn’t realize until this moment it was an option.

We often forget Hak’s suffering because he focuses all his attention and effort on supporting Yona, and rightfully so because in the beginning she needed him. But his own mourning and dealing with the betrayal and loss is something that hasn’t happened yet because his own focus has been on Yona. Which he internally backs up as he walks to Yona–that he is here to support her and keep her fighting to live. That’s all he can wish for. 
Their interaction here is pretty typical of them. There is teasing and fighting–that wall is up again because supporting Yona is more important than his feelings for her. He has a duty to King Il and a promise to keep. But that seed has been planted in his head–he doesn’t have to restrain himself and his feelings toward her like he always has before. There is no reason to do it.

The fact that immediately after having that distance questioned and coming to the realization that there was no reason for it anymore–Yona actually voices her desire to gain strength in order to get closer to him. This will be a common theme in the series that starts with the whole reason for starting out on the journey to get the dragons in order to protect Hak’s life. Just as Hak wants to protect her, she wants to protect him in return.

As soon as the words come from her mouth, Hak jumps back to the words Jae-Ha said about their distance. Yet, Hak now wonders if that really is how it is–that he’s destroyed those impulses so many times that he really was putting up this wall between them that even she is trying to breech.

He’s so preoccupied by this topic he spills the honey and those seeds that have been planted come to fruition–he doesn’t fight back those desires and just does as he pleases and licks the honey from her hands.
It’s pure greed, plain and simple. Way too much, way too soon and it’s way more than Yona can possibly handle at that point. But this is a fire that has been simmering in Hak for years that he’s had to contain. Suddenly pandora’s box has been opened which he’s trying to close again. Yes, it was stupid. It was awkward. He completely lost control. But it’s also a large character growth moment for him because he’s accepting what has happened and the fact that things can’t go back they way they were before.

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Hannigram 23. Things you said to apologize. <3

things you said to apologize

“I’m so sorry,” Hannibal says, pressing a kiss to Will’s hand. “I didn’t mean to frighten you.”

“I woke up and you were gone,” Will says, fingers still trembling. “Don’t do that again.”

“I would never leave you here alone, Will.”

“We’re in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Plenty could happen to you out there.”

Hannibal smiles softly. “I would apologize again, but I fear it would do no good,” he says. “Is there anything I can do?”

“You can start by building me a fire. It’s freezing in here, ” Will says. “And then come back to bed.”

100 word hannigram drabbles

more aus
  • “you’re so cute but also dorky but nevermind i’m knocking at your door because i’m paying a visit o hh wait- you’re shirtless haHA i’m not blushing I’M NOT” au
  • “you’re constantly surrounded by girls and i’m here looking at you with a sad smile :( but you always care for me and i can’t help but love you please tell me are we friends? or something more?” au
  • “the only way to save your life is to sacrifice mine. please live for me” au
  • “i live in this shitty place and i’m a bad person but i love you you’re the only good thing i’ve ever seen in my life please don’t leave me, you’re my everything, please don’t DIE RIGHT NOW IN MY ARMS PLEASE NO” au
  • “here, i made a flower crown for you, i know you like them, i’m putting it on your grave because you died and i died inside too” au
  • “we live so far away from each other and you never saw our baby i’m coming at you you can’t stop me! but why is this ship sinking oh no” au
  • “i talk all the time about you because yes and nobody can stop me :) who is this little brat that says they know you better than i do?? well time to prove they don’t :)” au
  • “i thought you had died and i’ve tried to cope with my pain but you’re alive? and you’ve just betrayed my trust because you’re fighting for the enemy? why did you do this to me? i feel dead as i cry and clench my hands around your neck” au
  • “this is the second time you betray my trust and i’m starting to think there’s something wrong with you (and me because i’m crazy for you)” au
  • “ok. ok. you were pretending to be evil all along. and you want to apologise because you had to treat me like shit. shut the fuck up and now let me sulk because my feelings are out of control and i feel like shit and oh don’t forget this: i love you but i’m not going to say it outloud because i will be sulking forever however: i love you” au
  • “i have to do this for your safety so hate me as much as you want but i’m going to throw you off a cliff so that enemies will think you’re dead. don’t ever come back. don’t search for me. just don’t. go away and forget me i don’t want to be the cause of your death and this is the only way you can survive. w-wait is that you again i don’t know anymore what to do but i hope you know that the sight of you still sets fire to me more than actual flames” au
Hey, Gabi. Um. I’m calling you from… the airport, actually. I’m sure you’re wondering, why am I at the airport? Good question. You- you always ask good questions.
It’s because- last night, after I called off my wedding, you’re the person that I wanted to see. I even ran up your fire escape with roses. Um, I don’t know what I was gonna say, but I knew that I needed to see you, and then I saw Cooper, and you. And- look, if you’re happy with Cooper, just disregard this whole message, but if you think you might, like, be happier with me, call me back.
—  Josh Kaminski breaking my heart in a million little pieces

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Jaime’s POV, A Storm Of Swords:

~Pretty eyes, and calm. She is determined, not desperate. 

~“My pardons if I disturbed you. You caught me chastising my wife." 

~Her arm was all gooseflesh, clammy and chilled, but she was strong, and gentler than he would have thought.

~In this light she could almost be a beauty. In this light she could almost be a knight.

~"Saddle the horses. I want to go back. I left something at Harrenhal.”

~“You want her? Go get her.” So he did.

~“Why come back?” A dozen quips came to mind, each crueler than the one before, but Jaime only shrugged. “I dreamed of you”.

~“Blue is a good color on you, my lady. It goes well with your eyes.” She does have astonishing eyes.