otp: i took her castle and she took my heart

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It really irked me how they changed Robb's whole 'love story' from the book to the show. I mean, in the book Robb regrets it and does it to save her honor, not because he's a foolish man who fancies himself in love. And I don't understand why they changed that....

exactly why I can’t buy robb/talisa

In the books he marries jeyne because he took her maidenhead and it was the honorable thing to do, he is very much his father’s son in that moment and goddamn the honor part was important - to me at least! It made me feel for jeyne/robb and it was easier to you know forget/forgive the fact he broke his oath…

Also the fact they created talisa because apparently jeyne was boring and a woman has to be ‘exotic’ to be interesting pisses me off big time

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[text, unsent]: Soooo remember that girl I was engaged to before we met? Yeah, well I need to make a deal with her dad to keep the company afloat. We have a meeting on Friday. 

[text, unsent]: Can I come over? I miss you. 

[text, unsent]: I think your mom hates me. Should I talk to her? Is that a bad idea? I just don’t want things to be weird around your family. 

[text, unsent]: Please come with me to the wedding. I know we said it was a bad idea but I don’t want to face the night without you. They all hate me. But I won’t care as long as you’re there. 

[text, unsent]: So far so good. I’ll call you after the

[text, sent]: i love you