otp: i thought you were crazy

The real struggle of being an Italian Fangirl

Here in Italy we don’t translate the verb “to ship”, but we just conjugate it, following the rules of the Italian Grammar. So, the basilar form, namely the Infinite, is “shippare”. Now, in the Italian vocabulary, we have also another verb, which is “scippare”, and it is pronounced in the same way as “to ship”. The funny thing is that “scippare” is literally the act of pick-pocketing someone.

Then, if you have ever feel weird, because people have thought that you were a constructor of boats or something, just think about us. If I say “I ship Stucky” to a non-fandom person he will never realize that I’m talking about the relationship StevexBucky, but he will immediately think that I’ve just robbed a poor English man called Stucky.

We’re not just considered crazy by non-fangirls, we’re considered criminals.


i have no explanation for this other than i wanted to procrastinate studying for a test!!! so under cut there are 159 otp tags that u can use for ur cute 1x1s or indies or any ships at all!!! i got all of these from lyrics of one of my fave bands of all time, the nbhd separated by album/ep!! enjoy and pls like/reblog if u find this useful :)

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She's Basically All He Talks About

You were at Comic Con, just like the rest of the cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming, getting ready for the panel, but there were some technical difficulties so you had to wait until they could fix whatever was happening.
You, Tom, Zendaya, Jacob, Tony, Harrison, and Laura were all goofing off and joking around with each other while you waited.
You did something stupid, which made everyone laugh and Tom hugged you and kissed your cheek while laughing.
None of you had noticed the fan that was about to walk past when Tom did so.
She stopped and shyly approached six of you and cleared her throat to get everyone’s attention. You all stopped and turned to her, smiling.
“Hi! Sorry. I don’t mean to be a bother. I was wondering if I could get a couple pictures and stuff?” She asked politely.
“Oh, sweetie you aren’t a bother at all! Of course you can!” You chirped.
She grinned and pulled out her phone as all of you got together for a couple group pictures and then individual pictures.
“Thank you so much!” She squealed excitedly after taking the last picture.
“Oh no problem!” “Don’t mention it!” “No biggie!” “Of course!” “You’re welcome!” “Anytime!” You guys told her.
“Um, could I ask a question?”
“Go for it!” Tom encouraged.
“Are you and y/n dating?” She questioned.
You blushed and smiled shyly.
“Oh…um…we-we uh…” You stumbled over your words.
“Oh yeah! We’ve been dating for about…what, two, three months now? She still gets all blushy and embarrassed when people ask. Isn’t she so cute? And she’s not just gorgeous either, she’s really talented and kind and caring and just so sweet. When I first saw her I was like, ‘Damn. She’s so beautiful.’ Like, you can ask Harrison, I said it. I didn’t mean to, but I did. She didn’t hear me though. And after getting to know her I just knew I had to at least get a date with her, because…WOW. You know? Like it’s unbelievable how truly amazing she is and…” Tom went on and on about you for about another two minutes while you stood there and blushed, and the fan just happily listened and hung onto every word.
“And this has been also every thought Tom has ever had on y/n.” Harrison interrupted Tom’s rambling, making everyone laugh.
“No, but seriously. We deal with this everyday.” Zendaya laughed, rolling her eyes playfully.
“She’s basically all he talks about.” Jacob added.
“Awe! That’s so cute! You guys are my otp! Like, I’ve been shipping you so hard you have no idea. Anyways, have a great day! I’ll see you up there!” She said happily, waving and walking away.
You and Tom were blushing like crazy.
“Did I do it again?” Tom asked.
“You did it again.” Everyone confirmed, nodding.

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Some OTP prompts I thought up today

1. We happen to be the only two people stopped at a rest stop when a huge storm blows in so we’re stuck there together for a while.

2. You just arrived back home after a bad break up and I’m the cab driver driving you home from the airport. Conveniently, there’s a shit ton of traffic.

3. I picked up a rental/car share and found your wallet under the seat so I thought I’d return it to you.

4. You just hit on me in a bar before we both realized you were that ass that bullied me in middle school.

5. Pretty sure I just spotted a UFO and you’re the doubtful park ranger I’m trying to convince I’m not crazy.

Watched Force Awakens for the third time

I just saw The Force Awakens for the third time. I am still in love with this film! It is amazing!

Oh my gosh, the reylo scenes – every time they just get more epic. And of course I over-analyze them all.

Like why is Kylo so concerned about the girl that left Jakku when the officer first tells him that the droid escaped?
“Which girl?” He asks so strongly. It’s almost like he recognized her? Why would he care which girl it was?

And then of course when he carries her bridal style onto the ship. He picks her up so smoothly and almost gently. Why?? He could’ve let some stormtrooper carry her onboard but he didn’t – he carried her himself.

Once on the ship, he waits for her to wake up in the interrogation room. How long was Kylo waiting there? Watching this girl from Jakku? And then throughout the entire scene – he seems disturbingly gentle compared to his similar yet completely opposite interrogation of Poe.

With Poe, Kylo is harsh – to the point. He obviously doesn’t care if he hurts the pilot. He makes Poe scream in agony when he enters his mind.

Now, compare that to the interrogation with Rey. Where he takes off his mask to prove to her that he’s not a creature. Where he enters her mind slowly, sifting through various memories instead of forcing himself straight to the map. Where he tells her to not be afraid.

His demeanor around Rey is so different than with Poe. I love the juxtaposition between the two interrogations.

Finally, the lightsaber battle at the end! Oh my heart. When their lightsabers are crossed and Rey’s is backed up against a giant cliff, he doesn’t push her off. It couldn’t have been so difficult to nudge Rey into the abyss behind her. But instead, he offers to teach her!! To show her the ways of the Force!!

Side note, my friend who went with me to see it is not a Reylo shipper but she agrees that Kylo definitely seems to like Rey more than he should and that there is something going on there between them.

Sorry for my rambling, these were just my crazy shipper thoughts that I couldn’t silence during the film.

If you all can’t tell, I adore this film.

So, I decided to ask my mom a Mikayuu question without her being in the fandom. For like… a view on things from someone who hasn’t seen/read the anime/manga. And so I casually asked her, “If two people went to the same orphanage – that don’t have the same parents – is it incest?” 

She gave me the look of, “Who the fuck…?” and answered, “No… They aren’t blood-related then it’s not incest.” 

I started laughing so loudly cause she looked so confused about my question with the look of, “Who the hell told you that was incest?” So I explained to her about how Mika and Yuu went to the same orphanage and people were calling it incest because they considered each other family. (I talk about my OTPs a lot to her, she understands the feels ahaha.) 

Her response was, “It isn’t incest because they are not blood-related. I don’t know who is telling you that… It would be incest if they were blood-related but since they are not, it’s not incest.”

My mom puts up with me way too much haha.

Why I ship Swan Queen: a summary (part II)
  • otp: do it Emma
  • otp: it was you
  • otp: you have to
  • otp: Regina I...
  • otp: I suspect your night has just begun
  • otp: she's different now
  • otp: she's not the same person anymore
  • otp: I'm sorry
  • otp: I didn't intend to cause you pain
  • otp: you don't know that
  • otp: Regina I know you're in there
  • otp: you can have happiness
  • otp: you just have to fight
  • otp: if you won't I will
  • otp: including you
  • otp: Henry has two moms
  • otp: you can trust me
  • otp: I hope you bring back up
  • otp: hate might be the wrong word
  • otp: it could be
  • otp: you've done a lot for me
  • otp: you've had my back and I want you to know that I have yours
  • otp: we should stick together
  • otp: you don't mind the company do you?
  • otp: but when you helped me I seemed to learn pretty fast
  • otp: Regina talk to me
  • otp: you okay?
  • otp: together
  • otp: I know you too well
  • otp: if someone's important to you don't give up on them
  • otp: I'm an idiot
  • otp: I don't wanna make the same mistake again Regina
  • otp: unique and special
  • otp: I was just looking for you to be my friend
  • otp: you thought we were friends?
  • otp: crazy right?
  • otp: I thought it coud be
  • otp: that it was possible
  • otp: I'm not gonna stop trying
  • otp: Emma wait
  • otp: I don't want to kill you
  • otp: that's a start

“They didn’t agree on much. In fact, they didn’t agree on anything. They fought all the time and challenged each other every day. But despite their differences, they had one important thing in common. They were crazy about each other.”
― Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

Anonymous asked you: could you do one where your band is the opener for 5SOS and calum has a crush on you?

  • just imagine u have a crush on him too already bc I didn’t write that specifically but I guess you’ll get it when u read it and I’m sorry for any mistakes bc english isn’t my first language but let me know what you think :) okay let’s get started yay

“And now have a good rest of your night with 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER!” you shouted into the microphone as you waved at the crowd in front of you before running off stage, your three band members and also best friends behind you.

“That was amazing!” you all agreed laughing as you made your way down the hall to your dressing room. Before you had even walked around the corner you knew the boys were standing right there, according to their laughters which were filling the entire hall. Hearing their laughters and giggles made you laugh as well and shake your head, chuckling slightly.

You and the other three girls of your band had been on tour with them for three months and you and the rest of your band have gotten really close with the boys in the short amount of time. They treated you like you were their little sisters and you loved being around them more than anything.

When you heard Calum’s laughter your stomach filled with butterflies and you couldn’t stop a smile from appearing on your lips. Slowly you heard the boys get more quiet and you could hear Mikey talk. “But let’s be real here Calum, at some point you’ll have to tell Y/N you like her!” The boys burst out into laughter again. As soon as you realised what he had said, you felt your throat get dry and your stomach tingle in excitement. The next second you found yourself walking around the corner, making the boys jump. Calum looked at you as if you cought him doing something illegal and he tried to say something, which only ended in him mumbling some words that sounded like “Y/N, I- You- “ but you couldn’t make out the entire sentence. Everyone looked at each other not knowing what to say or to do as you were interrupted by the boys’ tour manager shouting “Boys you’re on stage in 20 seconds get your asses up there!” Before you could say anything to Cal he was already running off to stage, the boys following him. Soon later you could hear the crowd cheering and going completely crazy as the sound of the boys’ instruments was filling the whole arena.

“Ohmygodcalumlikesyou” “Y/N!” “holy shit my OTP is happening!” your best friends fangirled, jumping around in front of you. You giggled and jumped along with them, but in reality you didn’t feel like this was really happening at all. The girls were pulling you in a group hug as you thought of something. “Guys, I just want to be alone for a minute, is that okay?” you asked apologizingly as you jogged down the hall which lead to the stage.

With every step you took, your knees felt weaker and the music and the screams got louder. As you reached the side of the stage, your eyes looked out for the black-haired boy instantly and as soon as you saw him jumping up and down on stage, doing what he loves most, a big smile spread across your face.

“This is amnesia” Luke announced the next song making the girls in front of them scream even louder than before. You watched Calum while he sang the first verse of the song, still smiling to yourself.

When Luke’s part came on, Calum turned around and walked towards ashton, but he stopped when he saw you standing on the side of the stage. His face lit up, then he looked down on the floor unsurely. You had to tell him now. Nervously you played with your hands, then you mouthed ‘I love you’ to calum, hoping he would get what you were trying to tell him. At first he looked confused, but a second later the biggest smile was on his face and he looked at you as if he was going to tear up from happiness. Other than him you weren’t able to hold your tears back anymore and you felt one rolling down your cheek.

You kept watching the boys, mainly calum, playing the show until the very last song which Ashton introduced with shouting “Thanks for coming, you were amazing! Unfortunately, this is the last song, but fortunately it’s SHE LOOKS SO PERFECT!” Calum kept giving you looks and smiling like an idiot, but you had to admit you weren’t much better at controlling the grin on your face. “Goodnight!” the boys shouted as the crowd cheered one last time for them. Then Calum came running towards you like an excited puppy, and before you knew it he had pulled you by the hand after him and you ran down the hall, laughing uncontrollably until calum stopped abruptly.

His hands found your waist and his lips were pressed against yours in a gentle kiss. You felt so safe with him holding you and his lips were so soft and the butterflies in your tummy were going as crazy as the crowd was going five minutes ago. The kiss soon got more passionate and your hands made their way behind his head and you tangled your fingers in his black hair, slightly pulling it which made Calum let out a hot breath against your mouth.

“Ah, I found the lovebirds!” Michael announced and you pulled away from the kiss, but you didn’t look at him. All you cared about was Calum’s brown puppy eyes looking into yours with so much love and happiness, you thought you were going to cry again.

You felt goosebumps appear on your neck as Calum leaned down to your ear and whispered “Be my girlfriend?” You smiled at him and nodded your head before pulling him into a bear hug. He nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck and chuckled quietly, giving you a feeling which you never wanted to end.


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