otp: i thought she was dead

Merlin to different shippers

Merthur – “Heterosexual” glances, how much Kilgharrah basically ships them, Arthur constantly telling Merlin to shut up but then being worried when he’s actually quiet, the innuendo lines, each of them shielding the other without a second thought, “Just hold me”, the song A Thousand Years being perfect for them, the fact that Merlin is basically constantly around an Arthur wearing minimal clothing/nothing.

Arwen- Sunlight kisses, him picking her up, every time she sits at his bedside after he’s managed to injure himself (again), “With all my heart”, that adorable little comb scene in S5, her going up on her tiptoes to kiss him, Arthur being willing to give up his place on the throne to be with her, the way he says Guinevere, Merlin totally shipping it, Arthur normally being so confident and cocky but he just turns into a teenager with a crush around her and can’t stop smiling, him trying to cook dinner for her.

Mergana- THE S3 UST THOUGH, darkness to your light metaphor, them being the same and Merlin not telling her about his bloody magic, the fact that during their first meeting she just starts taking her clothes off (I know she doesn’t know he’s there but work with me), “Why are you looking at me like that?” her constantly turning to him for help, 6 second long looks, him holding her when he poisons her and as she dies, they are the most aesthetically pleasing couple ever, Mordred looks like their son.

Morgwen– Gwen always being the first person to comfort Morgana, being there in the middle of the night when she has bad dreams despite the fact that she has her own home and must be tired, when Morgana grabs her arm in that S1 tournament scene, how furious she is when Uther doesn’t want to rescue her, the fact that she doesn’t just enchant Gwen in S5 she makes her remember their friendship, at some point they each wear the other’s clothes.

Freylin- Holding hands, “You really don’t know how special you are, do you?”, “You made me feel loved”, the fact that he remembered the lake, the strawberry/flower thing, him being willing to run away with her so whole-heartedly, how short-lived but sweet they are, that he never really feels the same about anyone afterwards, “I’ve missed you”, keeping herself away from Merlin because she doesn’t want to hurt him.

Armor- How protective she is over him in S1/2, Uther not actually doing anything to stop their obvious attraction in S1 despite knowing the truth (don’t know what was going on there), “I could have saved her”, her concern for him in every tournament, love turned to hate, and who doesn’t love incest?

Merwen- Wanting to hit Merlin over the head when he keeps chasing Morgana and Gwen couldn’t be more obvious, the S1ep4 kiss, “Sorry…I thought you were dead”, “No, it’s fine! It’s more than fine”, Merlin using magic to heal her father, how adorably awkward Gwen is, “I’d do anything for you…I mean…not anything anything”, when she gives him the flower and “purple suits you”, when she teaches him about armour.

Merwaine- “I wasn’t talking about Arthur”, how happy they always are to see each other, Gwaine going with Merlin to the Crystal Cave to protect him in S5, the fact that they each believe in the other so much.

Gwenelot- Fuck you all we are the OTP in the actual legend.

I could go on, and I’m sure I’ve left things out, but this is long enough. Add your own!


“Let’s bring him back, together.” 

♡  Mercy76 Week ~ Day 4 ~ Reunion ♡

Sorry for the quality of the first pic! But it turns out my scanner isn’t fit for paper bigger than A4 format, so I had to improvise :x 
Anyways, I can picture Angie and Jackie’s reunion being heated at first, and very emotional (after all, she thought he was dead, and she’d probably be angry he didn’t let her know he had survived). 


I tried to warn you. So many songs, so many asides.

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Which are the favorite Disney movie of each of them? (also, for admin, why did you decide to make an percico family ask? why percico? is there a specific reason? sorry if there are so many questions ;v; ) (also sorry for my bad english ;v; )

OCC: well percico is my OTP and i always wanted more fan art, more persons in the fandom.
But with the time the percico fandom start to disappear and they where less and less fan art and fanfics.
In my mind i was like. i really don’t want this fandom to disappear.
and i thought that  in the future if a new percico fan comes. he or she will see the Percico fandom and doesn’t feel like is a dead ship
so i decided to make a percico family ask for the fandom and at the same time because it’s fun


shannon in every episode:

the end
“It was a pain in the ass getting her here from Australia.” 
“Yeah, but dude, it was worth it.”

Sometimes I forget that for other people, James Potter and Lily Evans are just some dudes who gave birth to the ‘chosen one’. 

Sometimes I forget that for other people, James was just Harry’s dead father. 

Sometimes I forget that other people don’t give a shit about whom Lily should have chosen. 

Sometimes I forget that other people can even think and ship Snape and Lily together. 

Sometimes I forget that 'Nah she didn’t’ is just another English sentence for some people. 

Sometimes I forget that for some people 'Limes’ is either just a fruit or yet another lame dirty joke.

Sometimes I forget that Jily means nothing to some people. 

And that they don’t even care how Harry’s mum and dad got together. 

Because they’re dead anyway. 


Otp/brotp/o3p Moodboard (2/?) → Captain Mechanic 


His head jerked around. “Cinder?”

“Wh—what are you—how? Where have you been? What’s going on? Why are you wearing that stupid bandanna?”

He laughed…Then he was hugging her, suffocating her against his chest. “I missed you too.”

“You jerk,” she hissed, even as she returned the hug. “We thought you were dead!”

Happy Fluffy Friday to all! And Happy Birthday to G Callen! Enjoy Fluffy Friday with a little Birthday Game: Tag Yourself - Which Fluffy!Callen are you?

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  • How I feel about this character:
    she’s intimidating and awful and could probably destroy me. i guess i can appreciate that
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character:
    i..haven’t thought about it to be completely honest. cop-out answer: no one off hand?
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: 
    karen and a relaxing day with her money
  • My unpopular opinion about this character:
    hell idk. she doesn’t actually seem ruthless exactly, just dead and efficient. she doesn’t “like” that people get hurt or whatever, she just doesn’t care. it’s the alarani way. ¯\_(-_-)_/¯
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon:
    i want karen to show up again. you know how old inny keeps popping up? and rat? karen’s a seemingly universal CEO and every time thog sees her he breaks out into a cold sweat, with visions of hideous technicolor green and elf ears
  • my OTP:
    karen’s clever, morally neutral girlfriend: Eilin
  • my cross over ship:
    *thinks frantically over any other things i’m interested in*
    i got nothing
  • a headcanon fact:


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never meant to make you cry - Chapter 1 - darkemberdagger - Supergirl (TV 2015) [Archive of Our Own]
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As Kara pushes Lena out of the weapon’s way, the screams of civilians and Lena’s cries echoing throughout the public park, she has only one thought on her mind as her eyes close and she pretends to be dead: I should have told Lena I’m Supergirl.

OR Kara has every intention of calmly telling Lena she’s Supergirl until an attempt on Lena’s life goes awry, making the two of them reevaluate where they stand with each other.

Chapter 2/3

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Rise of the Guardians Please :)

ah, okay :) Sure! :D (i love that movie but oh geez is there a story from when i went to see it i’ll put it in the tags)

  • i’m the guardian of halloween and i love causing mischief but you hate it
  • i’m the guardian of valentine’s day no i’m not cupid do i look like a baby wearing a diaper and wings??
  • i’m the guardian of hanukkah and me and santa don’t get along
  • i’m that weird teen/adult that still believes in everyone
  • i’m a new guardian and you help me out to figure out what i’m supposed to do
  • we were going out and then i died and you think you keep seeing a ghost but i’m actually a guardian now

I hope these are okay! I tried to keep them open for pretty much any pairing :)



“Beth has meant a lot to Daryl. It wasn’t so much lovey-dovey feelings; she had hope in her. Hope in anyone is hard to find in this world. He thought, “Hell, we could live in this house together and maybe things can be good. I know we’re going to have to leave this house at some point but let’s hold on to this for a second.” If he had butterflies in his stomach, I don’t think he understood what those were but he was down to feel those butterflies. She means a lot to him.” -Norman Reedus


She had not thought of Jon in ages. He was only her half brother, but still … with Robb and Bran and Rickon dead, Jon Snow was the only brother that remained to her. I am a bastard too now, just like him. Oh, it would be so sweet, to see him once again. But of course that could never be. Alayne Stone had no brothers, baseborn or otherwise.

Remember Me a brief summary

Beginning of the episode 

Bellamy: I must go to Mount Weather and save our people and nothing you say will stop me 

Clarke: I can’t lose you too, Okay?

Bellamy: OMG princess!! I knew you were in love with me. I can’t wait to write this in my diary!!

Middle of the episode

Lexa: Love is weakness 

Fandom:  … but what about Bellamy? now that Finn is dead Bellarke will finally be cannon

Writers:  LOL we about to  fuck that shit up 

End of the episode 

Clarke: You should go on the mission, i think it will be worth the risk

Raven: holy shit! she. did. not. 

Octavia: Whoa there Clarke what the actual fuck? You are my OTP you can’t say these things 

Bellamy: *wounded puppy dog eyes* ….but princess…. i thought we agreed before that you are in love with me and that this dangerous mission was a bad idea. 

Clarke: I was being weak before 


Writers:  HAHAHAH and y’all bitches thought bellarke was going to be cannon *evil maniac laughter*