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a modern day courtship | chapter 2:

summary: emma and hook face a setback.

a/n: a modern day courtship is a non-sequential collection of drabbles centered on emma and killian navigating through 21st century dating. as such, chapter 2 is set a lot earlier in their relationship than chapter 1

ao3 || ff.net

the tie on the door

“I am going to do absolutely unspeakable things to you, darling.”

His husky growl behind her made her halt her climb up the stairs and swing back around to face him.

“You’re all talk and no action,” she quipped, smiling coyly.

“Ooo, you shall pay dearly for that, Swan,” he said with a predatory grin.

She darted away when he tried to grab her, quickly climbing the last couple of steps, him hot on her heels.

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anchor me back down | cs smut:

a/n: a week or so ago someone was asking for kitchen table smut and while i know that prompt was already filled, i wanted to take a stab at it :)

rated: S for Sex Sex Sex Yeah and also A for Angst at the end

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when I’m lost I feel so very found
when you anchor me back down

The second the door to the loft closes behind them, he sweeps her into his arms, pulling her tightly against his body until they’re aligned from head to toe. His assault on her mouth is neither gentle nor sweet, but demanding and raw instead, all tongue and teeth, and Emma matches him move for move. She grips the back of his head, tugging on his dark hair until he groans, and he maneuvers them back to the kitchen table, shedding his coat as he goes, the black leather falling to the floor in a heap.

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a hero's welcome || cs one-shot:

summary: Captain Killian Jones returns to the castle after a dangerous voyage.
words: 4,500

ao3 || ff.net

a hero’s welcome

A small sigh of satisfaction escaped Killian as his boots hit the ground. He was sore all over, having ridden many hours through the night, and the castle before him was a most welcome sight indeed. It had been a rough couple of weeks and the thought of a hot meal and a warm bed was all that had kept him going since making port; that and the fact that a certain princess would be waiting for him on this end was cause for him to push his horse as fast as it could go. Killian gave the poor beast a fond pat and handed him off to the stable boy who had come to receive him castle gates.

“How fares the kingdom, lad?” Killian asked him, removing his riding glove. His fingers carded through his dark hair in an effort to make it presentable.

“Well, Captain, sir,” the boy answered, looking up at him in awe. “Is-is it true, m’lord? There’s talk amongst the servants that you and your crew were sent to slay a great sea beast.”

“Aye, lad, ‘tis true,” Killian answered, amused by the boy’s curiosity. It reminded him of another boy he knew. “Tell you what, you take extra special care of my horse here, and I will come down another day and give you the full tale. It is quite thrilling.”

“Really?” the boy blurted out, before remembering himself and straightening up, his eyes bright with excitement. “I mean, I will, m’lord, of course. Thank you, m’lord!”

The youth scampered away merrily, leading Killian’s steed off, and Killian smiled to himself before directing his gaze to the towering castle before him. Never in a million lifetimes would he ever have imagined such a place to be his home, and yet it was. He was a lucky man, of that much he was sure. A swish of gold in the window of a particular tower caught his eye, but when he blinked, there was nothing there.

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clarity | cs one-shot:

characters: emma swan, captain hook/killian jones, baelfire/neal cassidy
words: 2,600
summary: Emma and Neal get into an argument when he finds her practicing magic. After, she finds herself seeking out the captain of the Jolly Roger.

ao3 || ff.net


If our love’s insanity,
why are you my clarity?

Emma narrowed her eyes at the object sitting innocently on the ground a few feet away from her. She might have been going crazy, but it seemed like the apple stared back, mocking her failure as it sat there, motionless. She took a deep, steadying breath, ready to try again. She raised her hand, reaching out to the apple and concentrated everything she had, willing whatever magic was within her to lift the apple up in the air. She could feel it surfacing, surging sluggishly through her, and as she watched the apple, it wobbled, turning over on the ground in her direction. Her eyes widening in surprise but she remained focused. One flick of her wrist and the apple would zoom straight into her hand she just knew—

“Use the Force, Luke.”


The interruption broke all of her concentration, and the apple lay still on the ground, mocking her once again.

“Dammit!” Emma swore, slapping her hands against her thighs. She glared up at the source of the interruption from where she sat cross-legged on the grass. “Seriously, what the hell? I was this close!”

“Sorry,” Neal said, looking only the slightest bit contrite. “Couldn’t resist.”

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the big spoon | cs one-shot

Technically could be a part of my one-shot series A Modern Day Courtship but it’s not necessary to read that to read this. 

Simple hurt/comfort/fluff fic set post-5x02

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the big spoon

“And these will be your chambers, milady.”

Killian and Emma stepped inside the room, elaborate tapestries covering the stone walls, a sizeable four poster bed off to one side across from a large fireplace, flames dancing merrily behind the grate.

“His Highness King Arthur hopes you will find them satisfactory,” the maid said, clasping her hands at her waist.

Emma said nothing, her face drawn, dark circles under her eyes as she glanced around with disinterest. The maid shifted uneasily, and Killian chose that moment to step in.

“I’m sure she’ll find them more than adequate,” he assured her, a tight smile on his face. “And my quarters are?”

“Down the corridor, third door on the left, Captain,” she supplied, still glancing at Emma warily. “I can show you the way if you would like?”

Killian could tell she was more than anxious to be away. “That won’t be necessary,” he said. “Thank you.”

The girl bobbed her head to them both before turning on her heel and fleeing the way they’d come. Killian shut the door behind her, exhaling deeply, letting the trials of the day seep out of him. He turned to find Emma glaring off into the far corner of the room.

“Are you alright, love?” he asked, crossing over to her side.

Her head swung in his direction like she’d forgotten he was there, but her glare softened as her eyes met his.

“It’s been a long day,” she said simply, and Killian didn’t fail to notice that she hadn’t answered his question. He would let it slide for now, but she would have to talk to him at some point.

“Aye,” he agreed. Her words were a vast understatement. “All the more reason to turn in for a good night’s sleep.”

Killian didn’t know what he’d said wrong, but her expression dropped completely, her eyes landing on the bed with a certain sense of misery.

She swallowed tremulously. “Of course,” she said, before turning her back to him, sweeping her golden mane over her shoulder. “Help me out of this thing, would you?”

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CS AU - Princess Emma knows she cannot run from the Evil Queen’s black knights for much longer. In order to procure passage from the Enchanted Forest, she seduces pirate captain Killian “Hook” Jones one night at a tavern. Thinking it his idea, he decides to take her to Agrabah at dawn, and only his first mate, Mr. Smee, questions his decision. Luckily for Emma, before she follows through with her seduction, Hook passes out on the floor of the captain’s quarters.