otp: i think i'm falling in love with him

new drinking game: drink every time kit thinks ty is beautiful or that he likes the way he lives and feels too intensely

sometimes i think about the fact that kala “i’ve never seen you smile like that” dandekar developed strong passionate feelings for wolfgang against her will in a handful of encounters, after an entire engagement of trying to force herself to feel the same for rajan 

and then i think about wolfgang “i’m not looking for a relationship” bogdanow, who was so quickly enamored with this strange gorgeous girl, so frustrated when he saw her about to marry rajan, so interested in understanding a faith he doesn’t share, so ready to fly to india for her

and that kala, who loves movies with dancing and romance but almost married someone she didn’t love, maybe wondered whether she was ever going to fall in love with anyone, if she even could

and that wolfgang, who thinks of himself as a monster, who had maybe never loved anyone other than felix, who maybe doesn’t even think his father left that much humanity in him, loved kala selflessly enough to let her go 

and then i thank god for gravity

I love Stiles’ smug little smile because, he’s saying “not gonna,” but you can tell he’s thinking “I’ve been following a 10 year plan, babe. You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

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When and how did Sasuke fall for Naruto? When did he realize he was in love?

Sasuke has always had strong feelings for Naruto. It went from innocent curiosity to friendship and slowly blossomed into a bond neither him nor Naruto could explain. 

Realization hit him after the war.
While journeying alone, Sasuke had time to sort himself out and when he returned to Konoha for a short visit, something “clicked”. His feelings for Naruto hadn’t really changed during his months of absence. He simply started to grasp what they were exactly.

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McKirk: (Modern/)Amnesia AU <3

  • Jim and Bones haven’t even been together that long, though six months is a life time for Jim. Tricking Jim into a real relationship was hard, because Jim “love all night, gone tomorrow” Kirk doesn’t do relationships. He just doesn’t think he’s worth it. But Bones just tore down those walls and commitment issues and he’s placed himself a permanent position in Jim’s heart, and his flat, too. Jim loves it. He loves waking up with the same person every morning. He loves how passionate Bones is about being a doctor, about classic movies (Jim thinks they suck, but hey. He happily watches them with him), and how passionate Bones is about Jim. About being with Jim, and having sex with Jim, and Jim’s honestly never felt so wanted, despite the fact that they bicker pretty much over everything. 
  • So Jim’s entire world just shatters when Bones doesn’t wake up one morning. Jim’s trying to shake him awake but it’s like Bones’ body doesn’t want to. It’s terrifying, and Jim’s feet feel like lead when he’s pacing up and down the hallway of the hospital. He knows those hallways by heart. Knows where to find Bones when he’s in his office or in the rec. room. Bones is never the patient, because Bones is the best God damn doctor they have. Jim just feels so useless because Bones is supposed to patch him up, not the other way around. And the other doctors just can’t explain him what’s wrong. Not really. Something about blood vessels transporting too much blood to the brain and none of that makes sense to Jim because between the two of them, Bones is the healthy one, except for his tendency to drink
  • But Bones does wake up, and Jim’s sitting on the chair next to his bed and he rushes to Bones’ side. “Hey, are you okay? Just keep calm, okay? Doctors said you’ll feel very disoriented.” He says, and he’s cupping Bones’ cheeks because thank God Bones is awake. But Bones just looks confused. “Who are you?” And just like that, he shatters Jim’s world all over again. The doctors can’t really tell Jim anything. They don’t think it’s permanent, but it could be. 
  • It’s super painful to be in Bones’ space, because Bones just looks at him strange. Jim tries reminding him of their first real date, which Jim had planned and it lasted all weekend and it was the most romantic thing Jim’s ever done in his life, but Bones just looks confused. He rubs his temples and he keeps saying he doesn’t remember, and he has no idea who Jim is. 
  • Briefly, Jim thinks about running. Bones doesn’t remember him, he’s not gonna miss him. But honestly, Jim can’t even imagine a world without Bones in it anymore, and of course he stays. He brings Bones home to their apartment, and Bones is staring at the photos they have from Sulu’s wedding. Jim somehow hopes that makes everything okay again, but it doesn’t. Bones just looks lost. 
  • So he drags Bones to these support groups and therapy sessions, and he makes him hang out with their mutual friends who talk to him all the time and they’re happy to re-introduce themselves and generally, everyone’s just such a great support. Bones doesn’t feel so out of place because they’re all being so normal to him.
  • The first sign of something better is when Jim cuts his finger while cooking. Bones doesn’t even seem to think about it. He just opens the right drawer and holds Jim’s hand under the water to rinse it clean. His hands are steady as ever when he patches Jim up. “You’re an idiot,” Bones says, and just for those few minutes it’s like nothing was ever different.
  • So Bones doesn’t remember him, and they’re basically strangers living in the same house. But that doesn’t have to stay that way. Jim’s just determined to win his heart again, because this Bones isn’t the old Bones he fell in love with, but he’s just as lovable. So he takes Bones out for long walks, and they talk about whatever it is Bones wants to talk about. Sometimes they’re snippets of memories that start slipping back, and sometimes it’s just about what he wants to have for dinner or what show they want to see tonight. Jim watches those classics with him Bones loved so much, and that’s not changed at all. Bones still loves it, and he’s curled up against Jim on the couch, a bowl of popcorn on the table. “I think I’m in love with you,” Bones says, and it’s out of the blue, and Jim takes a few seconds too long to respond. “You think?” He asks eventually, and Bones nods. “I don’t really remember  things we did or what we said, but I can feel it when I look at you.” And when Bones kisses him, it doesn’t feel any different than before. It’s still his Bones, and he smiles against Jim’s lips. “I remember that,” Bones says softly, his breath hot against Jim’s lips. “What?” Jim asks. “Falling in love with you after our first kiss.” “That’s what you remember?” “Yeah, because it just happened again.”