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bullet points of "best friends turned lovers with E"?

Best Friends Turned Lovers With Ethan Would Include:
•everyone would know you both like each-other except you & Eth.
•you’d do a load of couple(y) things except kiss
•like you’d spend a lot of time together
•you’d always be sat on his lap on film night
•Ethan would share his pancakes with you
•whenever you’re around Ethan you’d be 100% happier and same for Ethan around you
•Ethan would get jealous if you gave any boy your attention
•but because he’s too shy to tell you how he feels he quietly glares at the guy
•he’d be shirtless around you 24/7
•"Hey gorgeous, wanna touch my abs?“
•blushing from both you and Ethan
•Ethan Would accidentally call you Babe a couple of times and always pretend like he didn’t say it when you asked him about it
•ok but Grayson and Cam would be your biggest fans
•"yo, when are you gonna get married”
•"kiss kiss kiss"
•"just have sex already"
• ok but one night you’d just be chilling with your legs on Ethan’s lap whilst he massages your calves
•and like he’d just randomly come out with “do you think we’d make a good couple?”
•"aren’t we already, basically a couple?“
•one thing lead it another and all you know is Ethan is a really good kisser (let’s be honest tho, his lips are a god sent)
•"be my girlfriend, for real, let me take you on dates and punch guys who hit on you. Let me make you mine y/n”
•"Ethan I’m saying yes because I like you maybe even love you but if you ever do anything this cheesy again I’m dumping your ass and dating Grayson"
•Grayson would probably be filming the whole thing and send it to all his friends and family like ‘they finally grew balls’
•but you’d both be so happy
•you’d definitely be everyone’s OTP and couple goals
•as cringe as it is you’d love each other to infinity and beyond because you’ve known each other for so long and are so determined to make things work
•all the fans would love you for sure
•Ethan would be the best boyfriend ever and treat you like royalty
I never know how to end these things damn. But honestly I love seeing friends who turn into lovers like yessss I live for that shit. Anyways tell me what you think I guess.. & send in your bullet point requests in as I’m trying to get a lot done to make up not posting in 10 years 😅💚


Shell Shocked Part 2

The twins like the way Viggo talks.

Hiccup asked Ruff for a translation of her brother haha. Bless. Hiccup and Ruff are fun. 

Snotlout, no don’t let the Edge burn to the ground.

Hiccup and Astrid touched fingers. 💯😍👏💖👌

“I don’t want prisoners. I want bodies.” Ryker has no chill.

Snotlout forgot to do protective measures on his own hut because he was busy doing everyone elses. That’s sweet. 

Snotlout let Viggo out to “use the facilities.” Viggo used their bathrooms. I wanna see their bathrooms because I’m weird like that. Stop touching Snotlout Viggo. 

Oh damn Viggo is in the Stables as its on fire and he’s locked in. Well. Yikes. You’d kinda deserve that sort of death. 

Ooh, the stables are on fire in the background and Hiccup’s noticing it and Snotlout is following Hiccup’s orders to the letter to not let Viggo out no matter what and Hiccup says “Snotlout, use your brain!”

Oh great the dormant volcano is waking up. I love the way Fishlegs holds that baby dragon.


Is Shattermaster okay.

Dagur tells Shattermaster that there’s no one he’d rather pass through the gates of Valhalla with than Shattermaster. Dagur are you gonna die? Also, I wanna hear Hiccup tell Toothless that because feels.

Hiccup feels that if he left Viggo to die in that fire, he’d be no better than Viggo. Nice, Hiccup. You’re a good man.

Fuck yes, lava at the Edge’s volcano, delicious.

Oooh Viggo describes Hiccup as being in love with Astrid. Yes, he is.

TELL HIM OFF HICCUP. Keep your nose out of his personal life, Viggo. 

Riders and dragons are just falling into the ocean.


Viggo would enjoy watching Ryker go down with the ship. Dick. He’s still your brother.

HICCUP CALLED DAGUR BROTHER. FUCK YEAH. “Go, brother. Your dragon needs you.” I LOVE IT.

Fucking hell, Viggo. Holdign Astrid hostage for the Dragon Eye. 

“Are you really going to sacrifice your future all the wonderful years you have ahead of you for that?” When you put it like that, Viggo, Hiccup who the fuck cares about the Dragon Eye. Astrid! 


Ryker was got by the Submaripper and I think the Volcano got Viggo but knowing his ass he’ll come back.



Snotlout makes a reference to 12 step programs!

And happy gang is happy and lovely and wonderful and then oh SHIT. THE VOLCANO BLEW. AND THAT ENDS THE SEASON. HOLY COW.

Season 5 see you this summer ish?

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hey I know you probably don't wanna talk about it...but I really only watched tvd for steroline-they're my fav brotp going otp, and yet... I read your post the other day in which you said something about Stefan suffering from PTSD and thus kinda suicidal. It makes me think of couples who struggle with mental illness, and then I rmb Virginia Woolf and her suicide note to her husband. Seeing how both Caroline and Woolf's husband must have brought so much happiness to their partners, it's so sad.

Hey there! I’ve never read Virginia Woolf, but I can imagine that Caroline was  devastated to learn that Stefan chose to die on their wedding day.  Especially knowing that Stefan struggled with his dark side. Stefan always had a low sense of self-worth, and he had a death wish since ssn 1. I’m sure that Stefan thought that he was doing everyone a a favor when he died - saving the day - making their lives better - unburdening them with his drama. But Stefan never understood that he was respected and loved because his presence brought light to other people’s lives. 

Stefan: Why do you have a thing for me?

Caroline: I don’t.

Stefan: Ok. Um. Why did you have a thing for me?

Caroline: We said that we would never talk about this again, so just -

Stefan: Look Caroline, please just talk to me. Tell me how, tell me why. Please just make me understand how it is that I missed it. 

Caroline: What kind of question is that? Why did I have a thing for you? I don’t know, Stefan. Maybe it’s because I thought you were worth having a thing for. Because when I woke up as a vampire you told me that I would get through it and I did. Because when I watched Elena move on with your brother I couldn’t imagine why she would let anyone like you go. Because you were practically my best friend. Because I trusted you. 

And of course that moment before they kiss: “Because when you told me you hated me, that was pretty much the worst thing I had heard in a long time.”

Stefan never got it. 

And Poor Caroline. She was widowed on her wedding day. 


You don’t have to tell me the way you’re feeling right now. I just want you to know that you can – that you can trust me with whatever you’re feeling or thinking…because I love you. I do. I love you.
      I   l o v e   y o u .   I   l o v e   y o u .

Teen Wolf 6x17, ‘Werewolves Of London.’

Inspired by @trolling-since-chernobyl (In can no longer do video reactions due to time and copyright) 

Warning: I swear a lot. 

So, like, was that the first time Malia ever said “previously on teen wolf,” because I am 99.9% sure it was!! And if it was, I am hella proud!!!

As a UK resident I would like to take this time to, even Jackson would not be the fucking rich to live right next door to the Big Ben!! Come on!! Is that the only way viewers know it’s the UK? Also, please, those accents, I feel violated in many different ways! Teen Wolf, please remember your own history, being a Kanima is because of someone’s personality, Jackson lost that part of himself, Malia can’t be half coyote, half wolf! Seriously, it doesn’t work that way!!

Get these shitty titles away from me please.

If Melissa McCall dies, I will personally punch every Teen Wolf writer in the face because apart from Stiles, Melissa is the only constant person in Scott’s life! He lost Allison, Kira and his Dad is a piece of shit that I will never forgive for leaving Scott behind. I am happy that Malia was their for Scott, being a true sweetheart.How are Malia and Scott in that damn hospital if he is in hiding?  I do love Melissa + Scott scenes, she is so profound and they are just so close and cute! Him kissing her head, my feelings, why am I crying?

Was everyone fucking shot??? Lydia, MASON (needs fucking protecting), Melissa and Scott’s Dad!!! Everyone was shot!! Like, wow, that’s brutal. Scott, be brave, you have to actually kill someone to survive! This is not in your control anymore honey, fight to stay alive! Don’t let this inability to “kill” people might actually get a pack member killed!

Deucalion, you son of a bitch, you took a vow of a uselesses (I love Malia sassiness!) Teach Scott that killing ain’t always terrible, apart from Boyd and Erica, that was WRONG!! THAT STILL HURTS!!!

“Stopping Gerard means killing him!!” (guys, I heard kissing first and I was so confused. Kill Gerard, please kill kill kill kill him now! Or tell him that his daughter is supernatural.

Please the british accents!! STOP IT NOW! They are so fake! And I should know. Just hire british actors. But Jethan crime fighting is beautiful!!

Liam and Theo’s dynamic is just ahhh, Theo wants people dead, but doesn’t want Liam to be a killer. “Progress” sounds like Stalia.

Sheriff Stilinski being “like fuck this shit!! I am going overboard with this investigation shit!  Here’s some perfectly taken photos that we posed for when you were dying.” But she isn’t gonna believe you!! Bring up the fact your son is human being a best friend and best friends with all the supernatural!! I am so bloody sorry, but power doesn’t make you more evil; a human, a werewolf, a banshee, a kitsune, a coyote have the power to be good or evil, it is their choice which they choice. Werewolves who kill are as evil as hunters who kill werewolves. So woman please, calm the fuck down, none of the of the pack have killed anyone apart from Stiles, who is human, for fuck sake and Malia, who was nine at the time! (I am talking about the current pack.)

“You need to have morals!” Hahahahahahahahahahahaha oh Malia. Why would Peter have two of the same car?

Is everyone turning on the McCall pack? Seriously, this should have happened seasons ago, especially when Scott literally flashed his eyes in front of everyone. Hey Sheriff, babe, call your son and get them to beat them up for ya, because he loves you more than anyone!

Banshee and hellhound connection??? I need some Marrish in my life again!

Malia Tate and Peter Hale talk, did she just stab herself with her Father’s claws, like Malia that takes practice and skill? You could have died. Peter giving her a car could have been sentimental, but he’s just too Peter, you know? Malia did look touched for like two seconds, then was like, “you are not my real Dad, you bastard.”

Has Castiel been in Teen Wolf?

Oh My God!! I was right since fucking 6x11! Aaron is the Anuk-ite!! Why does it feel like Nogitsune, just done a little differently?

“The dead hellhound…isn’t he dead?” Malia, god, I love you! Also, man, Lydia literally just admitted to herself that a connection between a Hellhound and Banshee is strong.

I hate Nolan.

“It’s a bad day for finding bodies.” Malia’s one liners are getting to me. Scalia and Thiam meeting…ummm, “desperation,”…is it “sexual desperation?”

Scott going to the Jeep feels unnatural.

Why does Peter Hale always mention Malia’s boyfriends in the car? First Stiles, now Scott? Does he have a problem with her dating? Seriously. Always, why does he need to have a montage of his daughter making out with Scott?

I am happy Malia is happy with Scott, like I am delighted for them, but I still don’t love it or hate it, I’m in the middle, like Stalia will always be my OTP, all of my fam know that! But, like I don’t think Scott will end up with Malia, since Shelley said she wants to change Malia’s ending, I think she will die, which pains me to say.



Where the fuck is the Sterek I was promised?

Why I have sworn so much?

Where the fucking hell is Parrish?

Does Lydia know she has a boyfriend? (hahahaha no sydia)

Seriously Peter, montage about your daughter with a guy? Like bit creepy, right?

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Hi there I know you have a hard time understanding English but I just wanted to tell you how much I love your art style and I can stay on your blog for hours oh and can you make me some Bumblebee angst please btw do you ship Monochrome (please say no o-o) whit rose shall be my otp no matter what also love your Cinder x Ruby comic *///w\\\*

I’m fine.

I’m happy that you love my works! Thanks a lot:)

Um…and I don’t ship Monochrome. But I think it’s a good ship.

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I don't know what to ask about, so instead I'll ask: which ASOIAF ship(s) get the 😍 (OTP) designation for you?

Hm, good question!  I think I only really give  😍 for Sansa/Podrick and Sansa/Willas.  Not that I don’t love lots of other ships – I give very strong  🙂 to Jonsa and Stansa, and I enjoy Oberyn/Sansa, but it does depends on how it is written.  My OTPs are sweet and romantic (as I envision them) and they always make me happy.  

SHIPPING INFO // answer the following for your muse(s) so people know how shipping works on your blog. REPOST. don’t reblog.

thats honestly so hard to pick. instinctively i wanna say illyana but this god damn garbage ship lancitty has taken over my life and i blame @avalanchiing​ lance just makes kitty so happy and i love it

its hard for me to think of a place where i’d draw the line. im iffy about nsfw stuff, but certain dark subjects like manipulation i’m willing to explore. 

it depends on the ages of the individuals, like a 10 year age gap between a 40 y/o and a 50 y/o is ok, but a 18 y/o and a 28 y/o is gross imo. and ofc, pedo////philia is a no-go.

yes and no? rping isnt all about shipping, but if something works, it works, and i’m all for it. 

essentially when things are getting pretty confirmed in that direction, i fade out.

i mean, my current ships are with lance alvers, matt murdock & dick grayson, which are all great and i love them. i dooooo also ship kitty with illyana rasputin, rachel grey, and karen page but nothing with those is currently active. however if anyone wants to hmu ;))

i’d prefer there to be some discussion, yes. and please don’t force it! 


i love it so long as the circumstances make sense and the chemistry exists! 

middle of the two tbh

sorta? i singleship per verse, so while i do have multiple ships, they’re contained to one verse each 

i’m always a slut for scott/emma 

memes, threads, sending random shit to my ask box, rolling into my im’s and saying “hey x and kitty should make out” and i’m probably already interested

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no i haven’t been thinking about jake peralta and amy santiago for the last 48 hours. no i haven’t been thinking about them expressing their different ideas of fun in the beginning of the episode, jake wanting to live the slug life lounging around and eating shrimp vs amy wanting to make the most of the cruise and complete 76/77 of the cruises’ offered activities and then both of them scrapping their idea to make the other one happy. no i haven’t been thinking about amy being the most supportive and understanding girlfriend she can be and allowing jake to let work take over their vacation because she knows how much catching doug judy means to him. no i haven’t been thinking about when doug judy escapes and jake is bummed about it, and amy proposes eating shrimp in bed to cheer jake up and not once complains or whines about them not doing any of the activities that she was excited for because she just wants to be there for him and make him happy. no i haven’t been thinking about jake refusing to live the slug life to whip out the laminated planner amy made and take her salsa dancing so he can make it up to her and show her just how much she means to him. no i definitely haven’t been thinking about how amy santiago- the woman who needed a rough draft to break up with her ex-boyfriend- is able to look jake peralta in the eye and so easily and effortlessly be able to tell him that she loves him in a moment so pure and special. no i haven’t been thinking about how jake peralta does not know how to react because he’s overwhelmed by how someone can so easily express that they love him and need him because he has always been the one who loves too much, and how he’s stunned to know that he is loved back just as much by the woman of his dreams. no i haven’t been thinking about amy’s natural initial disappointment at not hearing it back and how she slowly looks away and tries to mask her disappointment at not being able to get him to open up in this beautiful moment. no i haven’t been thinking about jake slowly mouthing amy’s name as he meets her gaze and is finally able to say the three words to her that he has kept suppressed for a very long time, breaking through all of his fears and inhibitions and letting his feelings for this perfect woman shine through and conquer all of his demons. no i definitely am not thinking about how there couldn’t be a more perfect moment for jake and amy to say ‘i love you’ to one another in a moment so sincere and heartfelt where they just want the other to know that they are loved and needed and respected in this relationship and how they would do absolutely anything to make the other happy. no i definitely am not crying at this point. 

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My, thank you so much for defending Asgore, he really doesn't deserve all of this shit. ;v;

Tbh it confuses me why people prefer toriel over asgore. Or shit on asgore.

They’re both such sweeties with real flaws! ;.;

Actually the same could be said for all the characters, even papyrus. (Just that he’s the lightest offender of the bunch!)

I really think it’s the combination of extra time spent with toriel and people trusting her (no reason not to! She is sweet if harsh) ‘Asgore’ being built up as a killer while 'king Dreemurr’ is built up to be a jolly loving guy.

It kind of creates a mood whiplash and people expect him to be bad. Plus the softness and inaction thing give them a reason to dig in their heels a bit more on hating.

Also, some extreme soriel shippers who like to die for their ships. Shipping is ok as long as it makes sense(not including crack obviously! ) and doesn’t hurt others.
(Alphysundyne otp!!)

I think that if we actually got to have tea with asgore and interact with him things would be much different.

The big fluffy guy needs more love!

Also I don’t actually mind people drawing -just- toriel angry with asgore, it’s how the couple rolls, you know?

They strike me as a very tsundere couple- snuggly mushy name calling when happy, when asgore fucks up he gets hit with broom/fireball the next. I mean dude’s not even surprised to get hit by a fireball, like he’s used to this. Plus you get the stare option in the True pacifist battle for him….

What I don’t like is him being portrayed as stupid, completely inept or getting bullied by sans and toriel. Or bullied in general you know?

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Omg!! Your art is cuteee<3 And I saw this post of yours that said you're willing to draw art for ships from FT even if they're not your OTP and I was hoping, really hoping that you would take pity on me and draw a GrayTear fanart for me?? If you're willing, I'll tell you how I want it drawn, but I'm crossing my fingers and hoping you'll indulge me!! Thanks!

Aww, Remedy-ad, I’m sorry it took me so long to get to your request, but I hope you’re ready for some GrayTear art >w< While, you’re right, its not my OTP, I really think these two are cute, and it makes me happy knowing they try to make things better between them (trying not to be too spoiler-ish xD) That’s why I entitled this Wounds Healed By Time.

Anyways, I hope you like it, and have a wonderful day! ^^

DeviantArt link: http://fav.me/d8scszk


That you now are everything in the world to me you already know […] I no longer undertake anything without thinking constantly of you and look upon you as my good angel ’ Prince Friedrich of Prussia

If you only knew how your love moves me, how happy it makes me and how much I return it, I do not deserve so much. Dear, dear Fritz, I think of you day and night.’ ’For my precious madly-loved Fritz from is own Vicky.’ Victoria, Princess Royal

Stop. Just stop!!

I usually never rant about the ships I don’t like. But after the recently released promo, the hate for Caroline is really pouring in. And if there is one person in TVD universe I can’t stand being abused it is Caroline Forbes.

Basically she is getting hate from three shippers. 

Steroline: “Making Caroline kiss Klaus is like insulting her. You are making her OOC to make a ship happen”

Of the shippers I am going to mention if there is one ship I understand it is Steroline. Most love them as friends like myself. I get that you like the idea of them together.  It is fine. But saying her kissing Klaus is going to make her OOC is really laughable. So her kissing Stefan will make her soo in character?

Remember this? Ring any bells? Ya I thought so!! Please don’t trash talk Caroline just because she doesn’t love Stefan romantically. This is from a strong Stefan fan. 

Klayley: “She didn’t even glance twice in his direction before and now she is kissing him? This doesn’t make sense.”

This fandom in my opinion is just panicking and and worried that something might actually happen that may potentially ruin their ship which doesn’t exist in the first!

So you think that a girl who didn’t even want to be sired to Klaus willingly had sex with him really makes world of sense? If there is one pair I would never get it is Klayley. Telling that Klaroliners are delusional just makes you so ludricious. 

Delena: “Caroline is such an awful friend. How could she be happy Delena broke up?”

The ones who send the maximum hates to Caroline. I know that you are pissed that Caroline rejoices on the fact that your OTP broke up. But saying that she is the worst friend ever is so unfair. If there is one person in this show who is such a loyal friend it is Caroline. She doesn’t like her best friend being in relationship with her abuser. Is there a problem? She has every right to be angry with Damon and happy about Delena break up. And guys about her being the worst friend, let’s rewind. Shall we?

Ya right, best friend of the century!! 

I am not saying Caroline Forbes is perfect (though she totally is according to me) but judging her, hating her and criticizing her just because she is cock blocking your ship is so cheap! I ship Klaroline but I will never hate her just because she didn’t choose Klaus. Because I like her for who she is. She is beautiful, strong and full of light. Still if you hate her, then well,

She is and always will be a queen 


B: Shit, it was a lot easier in that fucking book.

B: Oh…why are you at home so early? You are supposed to be with Nat and Sam at your little birthday party.

S: Yep, and you are supposed to be on mission at the different end of the country.

B: Yeah…alright, anyway, can you pretend that you didn’t see how i making you a birthday cake and i’ll give you another gift instead?

S: I think i can.


B: Happy Birthday, punk. Love you.


S: Oh…you know, i should to return  home like that a bit frequently


30 days of Krista and Becca Ritchie >> throwback coballoway

“So here I am,” Connor continues, “about to waste front row seats—”

“Wait, you can’t see anything in the first row. The stage blocks your view. Everyone knows that.”

“Did I say first row? I don’t think I did.” He tilts his head. “You really need to get those ears checked, Miss Calloway.”

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Name: Stacy

Nickname: Stace, Stace-face, Express Train, Carrot, Chip, Owl, Sappy Stick of Sunshine

Birthday: April 13th

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5’1"

Time zone: EST (I believe)

What time & date it is there: 6:56PM 07/30/2014

Average hours of sleep I get each night: Six or seven hours

OTPs:  That’s a loaded one: May/Coulson, Sharon Raydor/Andy Flynn, Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak, Ten/Donna Noble, Eleven/River Song, etc.

The last thing I Google’d was:  intravenous ceftriaxone lyme disease (don’t judge me, I study med)

My most used phrase/s: "I’m so done with you!“ "Sorry!”

First word that comes to mind: 

What I last said to a family member: “I’m thinking of leaving medical school, I’m just letting you know now in case I do, it doesn’t catch you by surprise.”

One place that makes me happy & why: Uni’s library - the silence, the relaxed, nice atmosphere…The large amount of books!

How many blankets I sleep under: Three or four… I like feeling protected

Favourite beverage: Soda

The last movie I watched in the cinemas was: Err… Amazing Spiderman 2?

Three things I can’t live without: seizure medication (I’m epileptic), music, my peers (Friends and family alike)

Something I plan on learning: Italian and Hebrew… and more ASL

A piece of advice for all my followers: I’m a complete and total dork who can’t keep track of threads; please don’t hesitate to nudge me if I have completely forgotten our thread!

You all have to listen to this song:  Enough by Emeli Sande 

My blog/s: carrotchipowl

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I will never forget this. And I think you too 

Lucy likes adventures, Natsu gave it to her. When he does things, he is considering taking a reminder to Lucy, he always saved when she is in danger, she is very happy when he sees it, after seeing how Lucy wanted to rediscover all of Fairy Tail, Natsu ran make it is possible, leading to new adventures. If this is not love, I do not know what it is.

I’m sure that Nalu is one of the best couples who already shipped. 

So it’s officially marks almost a year I’ve had Rangiku, and honestly, it’s probably the best thing for me considering I didn’t ever think I’d receive half as much support and friendships I’ve had, like ever. But every follower I have, even the ones I don’t follow have made my dash such a pleasant experience and I really love you guys because of it. And of course, I have honorable mentions as always.

gradual-gladiator; Ahhhh, my Ikkaku! More like Ran’s husband. But seriously, I have to thank you for writing with me and just building their relationship more and more because Ran’s feelings for Ikkaku are so much more than she realizes and she’d do everything for him. Not to mention that we literally write essays for these two dorks whether it’s sexy time or just them baking or interaction wherever and knowing that these two have come so far together really brings tears to my eyes. And you, ah you’re such a great friend and person. Thank you so much <3

ryusxnka  & vestiiges :  You two are the main reason why I even joined the  Bleach fandom in the first place. I absolutely adore the friendship you guys have and that your characters are like THE characters t and the life and love you put into them always leave me in awe, even if Ran-mun and Caleb are super duper nerds. <3

attractdistract ; Honestly, I couldn’t thank anyone for a better friend or RP partner, like even if I take a month to reply or don’t reply at all. I love that we can gush over our babies and just still love them forever. Don’t hesitate to shoot me an ask or something whenever alright? I never forget about you <3

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  • Name: Meredith
  • Nickname: Mere, Meme, ginger
  • Birthday: 6 November
  • Gender: cis female
  • Sexuality: demi-sexual bisexual/bi-romantic 
  • Height: 5’6
  • Time zone: Eastern Standard Time
  • What time and date is it there: It’s 5:42 on August 28, 2014. 
  • Average hours of sleep: 5 to 8ish during school, 10+ on weekends and breaks. Neither of these calculations include naps.
  • OTPs: Ron/Hermione, Amy/Rory/Doctor, Neville/Luna, Drapple
  • The last thing I Googled was:  ”walk by faith, not by sight tattoo”
  • First word that comes to mind: cello
  • What I last said to a family member: "I want everything to be perfect.”
  • One place that makes me happy and why: the library, because I’m a big ole nerd
  • How many blankets I sleep under: 2 or 3, depends on the season.
  • Favorite beverage: Earl Gray tea is the bomb diggity. Do chocolate milkshakes count as a beverage? Because that’s it if they do.
  • The last movie i watched in the cinema was: Maleficent
  • Three things I can’t live without: hoodies, my dog, earphones
  • Something I plan on learning: how to deal with stupid people and not let them know that you think they’re stupid
  • A piece of advice for all my followers: Be the best person you can be, even if your best doesn’t look like everybody else’s best. It’s okay to doubt yourself sometimes, but don’t make a habit of it. Every day- think of 3 things for which you are grateful and write them down somewhere. Always have cash on hand for emergencies.
  • My blog/s: fakingtranquility
  • You have to listen to this song: throwback Thursday!
  • I tag: iampeterpansexual, mapleburgertherainingkiwi, lescontesdhofmann, myunicornsensesaretingling, petrograd1, spaceywaceygracey, magicfairyunicornprincess, thepaintr, analog63