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Could you do a morgana x reader wizard : imagine where gwen is trying to hook up arthur and merlin together so , she asked (y/n) if she could borrow their love potion. ( (y/n) is skilled at brewing potions. And their love potion will amplify a person's romantic feelings towards the one they love most and will constanly kiss that person non-stop for hours.) Which they did but gwen accidentally added the love potion into morgana's drink instead and morgana runs to (y/n) and starts kissing them

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You mean you’re asking me to write Merthur? Heck yeah! - Admin Lily

She loves Merthur, guys. They’re her OTP - Admin Cam

You are working on a hair growth potion requested by some lord when Gwen steps into your shop.

“Gwen,” you say, stopping what you’re doing and turning around, “It’s so nice to see you!”

Gwen smiles at you before saying, “Likewise, (Y/N).”

You and Gwen have been friends for years. When Gwen used to live in Sir Leon’s family house, you used to play together. It was an age where having magic wouldn’t matter as long as it was fun, and that’s what you used it for. When Gwen left, you and her remained pen pals and wrote letters to each other. You never mentioned your magic in the letters and neither did Gwen.

You were reunited once again when Gwen sent you a letter with the proclamation that Uther had removed the ban on magic since discovering his ward was a seer. You left for Camelot at once. When you arrived, Gwen invited you to meet the ward that had freed your kind, and you were pleased to see it was a smart, pretty, and talented woman such as Morgana.

You became friends with her and learned about her visions causing nightmares. You, as a skilled potion maker, have remedy which will allow her to still have her visions without causing such vivid nightmares. You opened your own potion shop in Camelot, and have been here for a number of years.

“How is Lady Morgana doing?” you ask.

“I heard a rumor Uther tried to marry her off again.”

Gwen gives you a knowing look.

“Well, the lady would never have that. Let me tell you,” she says smiling.

“So, what brings you to my fine establishment today?” you ask the girl.

Gwen immediately gets an excited spark in her eyes.

“It’s about Arthur and Merlin. Everyone in the castle knows they’re in love with each other, even Uther! But, heaven knows if Arthur would ever admit his feelings. I need a love potion that would show their love to each other!” Gwen explains.

“Well,” you say with a smirk, “I do have one which will… make their feelings very apparent.”

You go back into the shelves of potions and find the one. You head back to Gwen at the counter and put the bottle down.

“What will it do?” Gwen questions.

“It makes the recipient long for the one they love most, romantically that is, with an undeniable urge. It will cause those two lovebirds to kiss for hours. It’s one of my best sellers.”

Gwen looks interested, probably more than she should be.

“How much for the bottle?” she asks, jiggling the coins in her purse.

“Oh, it only takes a few drops. Just take the bottle and return it to me later. Bring Morgana if you will. I would love to catch up.”

Gwen bids you goodbye before you remember something.

“Oh, and Gwen, the potion will only accomplish it’s complete effect once the taker sees the one they love, otherwise they remain unaffected. But that won’t be a problem, right?”

Gwen laughs at that.

“Please. Like they’re ever apart. Thanks (Y/N), goodbye!”

Gwen leaves and you are a little happier going to back to your hair growth potion. It’s always nice to see Gwen, and she’s bringing Morgana over tomorrow! You couldn’t wait.

Gwen had a plan. She would offer to get Arthur’s breakfast for Merlin, who would take her up on the offer since he was always late, and pour the potion into Arthur’s water jug insuring at least one, if not both, men would take the potion.

And it worked brilliantly if she did say so herself. She got both Arthur and Morgana’s breakfast carried to the outside of Arthur’s chambers, and put everything down on a table in the corridor. She quickly added around twenty drops to the water jug before filling up Arthur’s goblet. In her rush, Gwen didn’t notice the droplets splashing out of Arthur’s goblet into the one next to it. Morgana’s.

She delivered the food, and stood besides the door listening. Soon enough, she heard a growl and Arthur say, “Merlin, come here,” before loud kissing noises echoed through the chambers. Gwen briefly felt triumphant and then sorry for the next servant to find them before heading to Morgana’s chambers.

As she entered, Morgana looked up and asked, “Did it work?”

Gwen smiled, “Like a charm, or rather potion.”

Morgana clapped her hands. “Excellent! Now, come on Gwen. We’ll eat, inform Uther that Arthur is… preoccupied, so he would be able to prefer his duties for the day, and then go visit (Y/N)!”

Gwen nodded in agreement as she filled Morgana goblet with water.

You hum as you clean up the shop. The man requesting the hair potion had paid you a healthy amount this morning, and you were in a good mood. Suddenly, you hear a thud of a door and hear, “(Y/N)! We’re here!” come from the front of the shop.

“Oh,” you say, recognizing the voice.

“Morgana I am so happy to see you- ah!” you’re interrupted by Morgana running up to you and kissing you. You’re still for a moment before kissing her back.

You hear Gwen gasp from behind the two of you and pull away.

“Uh, Morgana why-” you start before she shushes you.

“Shh, just kiss me.”

‘Who am I to argue with a woman as lovely as her? I have been wanting to do this for a long time…,’ you think before pulling Morgana closer.

Morgana smiles and kisses you like she had before, but it still takes your breath away.

“I-I’m just going to go…” Gwen says trailing off before backing out of your shop.

As she exits, she hears a thud and Morgana exclaim a few things that make her blush. You and Morgana stay lip locked for hours.

“I don’t know what came over me,” she says looking down blushing.

You gently lift her chin so she’s looking you in the eyes.

“Do you regret it?” You ask gently.

“No, not at all. I’ve thought about doing this for so long, but I could never gather the courage to. Do you regret it?”

“I could never regret something as amazing as that,” you causing the brunette to smile.

“What do we do now then?”

“Now, I shall ask you,” you take her hands in yours, “Morgana Pendragon, will you go on a date with me?”

She smiles brightly.

“Yes, (Y/N), I would love too.”

She Can Prove It With A Solid Right Hook

Pairing: Frank Iero x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff

Summary: Request fic for @mklol140. “imagine if you were able to lift heavy weights but your boyfriend, frank didn’t believe you, so you took him, to the gym you go to occasionally and lift a huge weight and he’s just freaking out in the corner.”

Frank looked down at his phone with a sigh as the two of you cuddled on his couch, listening to his favorite Bouncing Souls record. 

“What’s the matter, Frankie?” you asked, wondering what the text he’d just read was about. 

“One of my crew people just broke his foot,” Frank explained. “I’m about to start a new tour with The Patience, and I don’t know what I’m going to do without him there to help me carry all that heavy equipment into the venues.” 

“Is there time for you to hire someone else?” you wondered. 

“Not really, on this kind of short notice,” Frank frowned. “I mean, we’re supposed to fly out to Australia a week from tomorrow! I hope we don’t have to cancel any tour dates while he’s recovering.”

 “What if I helped you carry the stuff?” you suggested. You were planning on travelling with your boyfriend on his tour across Australia, the US, and Europe anyway, so why not?

 “Aw, babe, that’s really sweet, but I think the equipment would just be too heavy for you,” Frank confessed. 

“Not true!” you said, jumping off the couch. “Frank, I can lift so much more than you think I can!” 

“Come on, Y/N,” Frank shook his head in disbelief. “I don’t want you to hurt yourself trying to do me a favor.” 

“I wouldn’t hurt myself,” you insisted. “I could do it.” You hadn’t shown off your physical strength to Frank very much, because you were already a little insecure about how much taller you were than him. He had to stand on his tiptoes to kiss you. And as much you joked that the two of you were “your height difference OTP”, you couldn’t shake what you’d always been taught -  that women were supposed to be small and dainty, and since that wasn’t you, something was….wrong. So, you’d faked weakness a few times before, and asked Frank to open jars for you and carry your groceries into the house, so that he would feel manly and needed. 

“But, I really am strong,” you admitted now. “You know, I go to the gym sometimes, when you’re not home.”

“Really?” Frank blinked, surprised. 

“Yeah,” you confessed. “Listen, if I take you to the gym tomorrow, and I can lift one of those big weights, will you let me help you out?”

 “……Ok,” Frank said hesitantly, and so a deal was struck. 

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Pre-relationship things for your ships (Based on actual experiences) (Part 2)

Whoaaa, my last two prompt posts totally blew up. Was not expecting that, haha- thanks so much guys. Guess I know what kind of thing you like now. <3 Feel free to send in specific prompt theme requests. (Ex: More “based on real experience” prompts, more “relationship things” prompts, etc.) In the meantime it appears that you guys really like the “pre-relationship things” post in particular, so here’s another one of those for you. (I’ve had tons of weird experiences that make some really great shipping prompts so these are pretty fun for me to make.) Enjoy~ 

  • Going on a class trip to an amusement park and being in the same group, acting more like a couple than the actual couples on the trip and constantly making jokes and acting so comfortable with each other and the taller one offering to hold the shorter one’s hand “so they don’t get lost in the crowds” even though it’s really not that crowded today. 
  • Taking group pictures with two or three other friends in one of those little photo booths and keeping the picture in their wallet even years later because that’s the only picture they have of them together. 
  • Not realizing their feelings for each other until one of their friends says “I ship it,” and then suddenly feeling so overwhelmed and full of affection but holding back because they have no idea what to do or if the other person even returns their feelings. 
  • Feeling that jealous, awkward fear of losing each other when they see each other interacting with other potential love interests and feeling so stupid because they’re allowed to be friends with other guys/girls but damn it, they want to be the one making them laugh like that. 
  • Riding home together after some outing with their friends and both of them sitting right beside each other with their knees touching, quietly singing along to the same song on the radio and smiling as they look out the window and trying SO hard to just ignore the silent grins that their shipper friends are giving them.
  • Late-night online chats. Biting their lip and staring quietly at the screen before sending getting up the courage to send that message - and later, when they’re actually talking, self-conscious uncontrollable smiles and butterflies while uncertainly sitting there wondering ‘am i reading too much into this or are they flirting with me??” 
  • Going rollerblading with a group of friends and finding out that one is amazing on skates and the other can barely stand up. The one who’s good at it offers to hold the other’s hand until they get used to skating. 
    • Bonus: “oh hey i think you’ve got it! want me to let go?” “NO DON’T I’LL FALL” “haha okay”
  • ‘you’re my best friend’s sibling and i’ve had a massive crush on you for years. i’m staying the night at your house and s/he has to go somewhere for a few hours so you called me into your room to hang out and now we’re eating oreos and yelling/laughing at each other while playing video games, this might be the best sleepover i’ve ever had and also my crush on you just got that much bigger’ 
  • ‘there’s a banquet coming up at school and you’re talking to me about it and you ask if i’m going and i laugh awkwardly and say only if someone asked me and that there’s no way anyone would ever ask me, so probably not, and now you’re giving me the most intense look ever and help why do you look so concerned’
  • ‘it’s some kind of spirit week event in the quad and the spirit crew is playing music on the speakers and they just started playing “shut up and dance” and I ACTUALLY LOVE THIS SONG GIVE ME YOUR HANDS YOU’RE GONNA DANCE WITH ME i’m gonna ignore your beautiful confused face and just enjoy the fact that you’re holding my hands and sorta dancing/spinning me around I’M ALSO GONNA IGNORE OUR OBNOXIOUS FRIENDS WHO ARE LAUGHING AND YELLING ‘THIS WOMAN IS YOUR DESTINY’’ 
  • ‘Chatting’ online just to send each other links to songs on YouTube, and at first they’re just sending cool catchy songs because they’re both bored but after about half an hour they slowly start finding songs with lyrics that hint at their feelings and the songs just keep getting more and more meaningful and both of them are just sitting there trying not to explode because am I imagining this or are they saying something here. 
  • One being hilariously offended when the other says they’ve never seen any of Studio Ghibli’s movies and then they just SPAM THEM WITH LINKS TO EVERY SINGLE GHIBLI MOVIE AND TELL THEM TO WATCH EVERY SINGLE ONE and they actually DO it because the other person loves Ghibli and they want to make them happy but then suddenly grave of the fireflies and that is where happiness ends
    • Bonus: “WTF GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES I’M LITERALLY SOBBING I HATE YOU SO MUCH UGH” “you liked kiki’s delivery service though right??” “yes very much” 
  • One finding out the other’s favorite song and then “casually” singing it around them because hey maybe this will make you like me more.
  • One having a weird thing about necklaces being off-center and the other wearing necklaces all the time just so the other will come fix them and pretend to be mad at them for ‘never putting this stupid thing on right.’ 
  • One knowing some palm-reading and using it as an excuse to hold/touch the other’s hand. 
  • One hands the other their copy of ‘A Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ and commands them to read it and then a few hours (or days) later the other comes over to them and is pretty much crying with laughter because “wHAT THE FUCK EVEN WAS THAT BOOK LMAOO” ‘I KNOW RIGHT WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE LINE” 
  • ‘our friends said something stupid and you just looked at me like ‘lmao nope come on (name) we’re leaving now’ and before i could respond you just scooped me right off my feet and started carrying me away IS THIS EVEN REAL LIFE’ 

Title: Matchmaker

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Pairing: Ladynoir (although it kind of takes a bit of a back seat)

Word count: 2726

The second half of a very belated birthday present for @chat-noir-chat-blanc! The first half is here: (x)

Tbh the whole time I was writing this I had the song “Matchmaker” from Fiddler on the Roof stuck in my head. It was very annoying.

“I wasn’t expecting your string of fate to lead to me.”


An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance.

The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.

“… And this is the lace I’m going to add to the hem.”

Marinette ran her fingers over the lace. It was soft and thick, and had obviously cost quite a bit of money. “It’s beautiful, Elaine!” she gushed to the woman standing next to her. “Your fiancé is going to love it!”

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moonflag and 7 <333

7. Laughing kiss

For a first date, this is not so bad, or that’s what June tells herself while the wine starts feeling good around her body. She isn’t much of drinking or even liking wine, she knows the basics of it and the rest, she looked it p on google; which turned out to be a smart move when, shyly and almost sweet, Rick admited to not know a single thing about the theme either. At his eyes, now, she was the kind of woman who knew about wine and with what to eat it, so it was alright. Her cheeks felt warm, was she drunk? Or maybe was just Rick in the room? Gosh, he wished she wasn’t drunk, she has never been while carrying the witch with her and the bare idea make her shiver.

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A Stray’s New Home

Part 11 (Finale)

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Fandom: The Miraculous Ladybug

Pairing: Adrinette, Ladynoir

Words: 4,233

Summary: After so long and so much had gone on, what was there left to say? What was there left to do? Adrien is stuck as he tries to figure out what to do to get Marinette to talk to him again. Have things been ruined? (Let’s find out).

Notes: Well, this had been a journey and a half but here it is. If you guys still want an epilogue please tell me, I don’t know if I’m going to write one but here you guys go for the last part. Yes, I cried at Plagg as well. Don’t judge me.

It was two days before Adrien was finally allowed to walk out of the white limo and back into his own house, but he still wasn’t home. He had returned, yes, and he was walking on his own, but the thoughts that followed him made the walls around him seem too open, too empty, too cold. The silence seemed to weigh down on him; pressing in on the ponderings that had been tailing him all day.

The doctors had refused to release him from the hospital for an entire day after he’d been transformed into Simulacrum. They claimed the akumatization had left his body taxed and was the reason for the upset stomach and constant headaches; not even bothering to consider the cause might have been the black haired girl that had walked away from him.

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You've been Levity Bomb-ed! What do you think is The Moment that Daryl realized/will realize that he is in love with Carol? What do you think is The Moment that Carol realized/will realize that she is in love with Daryl? Make sure to tag Caryl and Operation Levity so everybody else gets the feels too. Caryl on!

First, I read all of the others and I loved every single feel you all provided! *YAASS*

Let’s start with Carol because I believe that it is less tricky for her…

Her moment of realization (for me) is when Daryl left with Merle. When Rick and the others pull up, Carol is already looking, searching, screening the group (and the area) for Daryl. She is at the side of that lime green disaster of a car checking to see if Daryl is in there. That was something I noticed immediately and then you can see it sink in. It’s all in her face as she places her hand on the side of the car that he’s not there.

This is when I think it dawned on her that she has been slowly but surely falling for this man. It hurts to realize that he’s not coming back. Don’t believe me? Just look at her entire being and what she’s going through because he’s gone and not coming back

This is the moment when it hit her that she may just have deeper feelings for the moody redneck. This is a woman falling for a man. She may not be head-over-heels in love with D but she definitely has been falling ever since she realized how life would be without him.
I also think that if Carol didn’t pick up on that then she definitely had her moment in Consumed. When she wakes to find Daryl burning those bodies for her…. ….The fact that he took care of that and knew how much of a trigger that was for her. He simply did it for her. He shows this insane amount of care and consideration for her and her well-being. How could she not fall for him after that point?

Now Daryl…this poor thang doesn’t know if he’s coming or going, blond or brunette….

This *speshul* snowflake is one of the main reasons that Caryl is the slow burn that it is. I feel that there have been several moments pushing Daryl towards the moment of realization:

  • External image
    Here we have Daryl stepping outside of his comfort zone to assist Carol. This was pushing Daryl closer to realizing his feelings for Carol because it made him realize that Carol is a beautiful woman and that touching her was different. Daryl was fine offering the massage and performing it up until the point that Carol looks back at him. Once she looked back with that face of hers, he was fucked. This was the moment where he realized that it was extremely awkward to massage his pretty friend’s shoulder.
  • When Daryl finds Carols knife in the tombs, he had another little push. He essentially breaks down. Then before he heads off to rescue Glenn & Maggie, he goes out of his way to see Carol before he leaves. He tells her to “stay safe” because he just got her back. Something is happening. He still doesn’t fully realize what is happening but he wishes her well (and only her) before a dangerous mission.
  • Barely surviving a dangerous mission is another one of these moments that pushes Daryl closer. He almost lost his life and the first person he wanted to check on was Carol.
  • The reunion in No Sanctuary is another push and it was quite a big push towards Daryl coming to terms with his feelings. The public display of affection, the run, the tears of joy, the cradling, the lift, the nuzzle all give away what Daryl is still too oblivious to understand. However, the biggest shove towards realization during this scene was the very beginning. There is something about watching D’s face as he realizes that Carol is actually there in the flesh. You see the entire process all over his face. He is in disbelief but once reality sets in and there’s no question about who stands across from him nothing else matters.

  • Daryl offering to carry Carol’s water jug (and failing :-p ) was another nice little push. I consider this a nudge closer to realizing his feelings because he just got done praising her for saving them all from Terminus. Carol just saved him from becoming redneck jerky all by her lonesome and he thinks she needs help carrying a water jug. Nah Bruh. In that moment, he wanted to be chivalrous and ease a small task for her.
He still has a little bit to go but I think the closest moment of realization (and possibly THE moment) is this:

This may not seem like much *but* if you pay close attention you can see that Daryl quickly steps forwards as if to protect Carol from Rick. THIS IS BIG. The last time Rick saw Carol, he had her exiled. Rick handed Carol her punishment. Rick blatantly told Daryl that he would not have her there. Daryl, at this point, is probably thinking that Rick is on the defense. Daryl is literally on his way to step in front of Rick to protect Carol. This is a man that Daryl highly respects. This is his brother, his family, his partner and none of that matters. As far as Daryl is concerned, as long as he’s alive, no one is going to hurt Carol Peletier, not even Rick “Tilt yo head” Grimes. Daryl is having none of the bullshit. None.

He rushes forward so quick. Ready to fight the good fight for Carol. This is Daryl 100% ready and willing to go against Rick even after what Carol did. He knows and is still willing to protect her. We don’t know what 5B has in store but D was ready to go against his brother for Carol. If the realization that he’s in love with Carol didn’t register with him here then his moment is definitely coming.

In-Depth Analysis of the Gruvia Special

I’ve already reblogged/liked a ton of fantastic reactions and opinions about the Gruvia special, that not only have said things I 100% agree with, but that also brilliantly pointed out things I didn’t catch on my first “read” through. Now that we have more thorough translations (thanks to imshiroi) on the chapter, I’ll have my go on what I truly got out of this Gruvia special. 

For starters, we see Juvia immersed in Gray-sama merchandise. Whether she bought most of it, or made all of it (that towel is DEFINITELY hand made haha), I don’t know. But, I wouldn’t put it past her to have spent time making tons of Gray things. Now, since it’s an omake, Mashima used the opening pages to do several things. 

1) Give us Juvia fanservice, which is (thankfully) practically non-existent within the main manga. 

2)Play up her “dedication” to Gray, as we get a look at her vast collection.

3) Tie in the product placement (and be a little naughty at the same time), with the Gray sponge, which is actually a thing many fangirls can now also partake in, as the magazine is offering Natsu, Gray and Juvia bath mittens haha. ^^

Next we move on to Juvia at the guild, talking about how it’s her 413th day anniversary since she’s met Gray-sama. While Wendy and Charle are kind of bewildered by this celebration, Erza is fully on board with it. Which is adorable, that Erza is so in tune, and supportive of Juvia. ^^ And when Erza wonders how Juvia is going to celebrate, Juvia says that she wasn’t planning anything special. IMO, this is IMPORTANT. Yes, it’s odd to celebrate such a trivial thing, like another random day, just because it’s another day of knowing someone you love.

However, it’s actually amazingly sweet. This basically means she celebrates EVERY DAY that she’s known Gray. I’m sure she also celebrated day 412 as well, and the day before that, and the day before that. As she said, she had no special plans at all. She just wanted to spend the day happily, which is probably what she always tries to do. And it’s all because her life since meeting Gray is so much better, and so much happier. So, she sees it as a reason to celebrate.

Her life before Gray was constant rain and gloom. She had 17 years of that. So she knows what it’s like to be in that other extreme, and so she is grateful for every day that has come since, and treats it special. I think that’s just amazing, because she takes nothing of it for granted. ^^

Now, the hilarious thing is that Erza DOES think Juvia should do something special for Gray, by making him a present. And Juvia immediately pounces on this idea, and spends the rest of the day hand-knitting a scarf especially for him. 

What follows this is sheer fanservice haha! Juvia sees couples everywhere with Nalu and Gale (that Gale!), making it even more obvious what Mashima himself ships lol! You know he had fun drawing that kiss. ^-^ I also love that Gajeel knew exactly who Juvia was looking for without her having to say anything. ^^

Once she finds Gray, he’s all alone and drinking. He brushes her and the scarf off pretty quickly, saying he doesn’t want to be like Natsu (who has a scarf, of course), and how he’s an ice mage, so the cold doesn’t really bother him, and therefore he doesn’t need it. This devastates Juvia, and she then gets desperate and requests that he take it anyway, just as an anniversary gift, even if he never wears it. 

Gray is confused as she explains the anniversary thing. Her explanation doesn’t sway him, and again we have Gray’s bad habit, of instead of telling Juvia why he’s not in the mood for her gift, he just walks off, and leaves everything unsaid.  But I love how Juvia said that the date didn’t even matter, just that he’s HAPPY (the way that she is). I think this is also so important. That’s the huge reason Juvia loves Gray. because he made her happy, and I think so far it’s most obvious in this special that she also just wants Gray to be happy too, and certainly at least as happy as he has made her. So, when she makes these attempts with him, she’s not just trying to win him over, and catch his eye, but also to PLEASE him. She wants to do for him, what he has done for her. 

We then see Juvia completely downhearted, and alone, crying by the river. Erza pops up again, and tells her that it’s not like her to be so down (saying she’s usually so positive and upbeat). Again, this is important. Juvia, the former rain woman, is now someone who is described as usually positive and active. And it’s true! And it’s thanks to Gray. 

We find out through Juvia that Lyon showed up (gotta love Lyon, because even though the man was (is?) in love with her, he still gracefully has stepped back, and now he’s just being a damn good friend), and told her that Gray is just down because it’s the anniversary of Ur’s death, and she should just leave him be. 

Juvia is DEVASTATED. Look at the look on her face when Lyon tells her this. And she goes on to say to Erza that she had no idea, and that she was just being happy, while Gray was actually in mourning. She was nothing but considerate in this scene. She feels like she made things worse for him, even though she technically didn’t even do anything wrong. 

However, we then get that wonderful moment where Erza consoles her, and even tries to take the blame for Juvia’s dilemma, while saying it probably didn’t bother Gray as badly as she thinks it did. Juvia insists however, that it bothers her, because she feels like she ruined his day of mourning (and these are feelings of guilt that carry on into the next day).

Even though Erza gives her the fantastic advice that every day means something different for someone, and what matters is what you make of the present day (or at least that’s what I got out of it), Juvia still can’t cheer up. We see Juvia crying on Erza’s shoulder, as she has her arm around her. I love everything about Erza in this special. Especially how lovely she was with Juvia. You can tell they’ve become great friends, and Juvia’s usually “unique” way of thinking is something Erza actually understands. I think she respects the passion and effort Juvia constantly makes when it comes to Gray (especially as she has her own problems in love ^__~) even in the face of rejection. 

Then we see Gray walking alone. We have context now for why he acted the way he did, and I don’t blame him a bit. Of course he’s feeling down on such a day, and didn’t want to deal with a strange “413 day” anniversary that Juvia suddenly sprang on him. He even said sorry, while walking away. However, as he walks, it starts to snow, and he thinks back on Ur (probably the most influential person in his life, and practically a second mother), and how she too once gave him a scarf, because it would keep him warm. 

And here’s where the really impactful moment on the Gruvia relationship starts in this chapter. Gray immediately connects Ur’s gift of a scarf, to Juvia and her scarf that she wanted to give to him. Why? As many have already said, basically, this shows that he is appreciating the love that each bore him. I’m not saying he’s putting Juvia on Ur’s level, but he acknowledges the fact that Juvia is also important to him, and so is her gift. And that he wants it, because it’s from her.  

He runs back to the spot that he had left Juvia, and digs frantically to retrieve this scarf, as we see symbolic side by side panels of Gray and Juvia in the snow. Juvia, the woman who made it rain all the time, because she was deeply sad, and Gray, the ice wizard, who’s feeling down himself on this day. It’s like their combined feelings are causing this weather, as he digs furiously for Juvia’s gift for him. 

Once he finds it, he examines it kind of skeptically, and puts it on, and he has kind of a tsundere expression on his face as he blushes (^0^). We then see him comment that it is indeed quite warm, as he walks off wearing it. ^^ Juvia had a chapter cover once back in Tenroujima, that said Gray is the ice, and she is the water, bathing him in kindness and watching over him. Juvia IMO is engulfing him in warmth, and this scarf is a representation of that in this chapter. ^__^

Now, we get to the expression that the chapter cover talked about, that supposedly is one Gray has never had before. Erza sees this too as she passes by him. He’s SMILING. That much is clear. On the anniversary of Ur’s death, Juvia did something that made him smile. That’s huge. She singlehandedly brought him out of his sad mood (again). And not only that, but Erza ALSO smiles seeing his expression, and the fact that he’s wearing the scarf. And it’s a very reminiscent smile from her, since she made a similarly knowing one when she had first addressed Juvia’s feelings for him back during the GMG, and he had avoided answering her, and got all blushy while turning away. Erza is one of his oldest friends, and knows him very well, so her reactions to him say A LOT. 

Also, not only is Gray’s smile important, but AGAIN Mashima does not let us see his whole face. Again, we aren’t privy to what’s going on in his eyes as he walks away with the scarf Juvia made for him. And I think this is a major point, because I don’t think we will see his whole face when it comes to Juvia affecting him, until the moment they become canon. Mashima does this purposely, because it would give too much away during these important moments, if we could see Gray’s full expression (which I’m sure are actually really tender ones). ^^

Then we get to the next day, and both are apologizing to the other for their behavior on the day before. And Gray again is blushing, as they both show consideration for the other’s feelings. However, we can’t possibly end a Gruvia omake on such a sweet moment. Oh no. ^^; Juvia then presents Gray with an apology gift, which is a sleep pillow of herself, which, as always (and understandably) freaks out Gray, as he refuses it, as the Queen of the Gruvia ship, Miss Erza Scarlet, smiles and sweat drops in the foreground. ^-^

So, yeah, we got a bit trolled at the end, but we all knew it was coming, and the good far, far, FAR outweighs any of the silliness that took place here. I’m just so happy that not only was this chapter not in any way an outright troll, but it also dwelled on some serious stuff, which I personally was not expecting at all. And it clearly shows again that Mashima is building Gruvia continuously, and we are now more frequently getting things from Gray’s side of the equation. This used to be a rarity, but think how many of these moments have come along since the GMG finals:

-Gray’s insistence about their superior team work during the fight with Lyon and Chelia

-His hand on Juvia’s shoulder

-The unison raid

-The hand holding

-The happy looks

-The sacrifice of his life for her

-His thanks as she made him feel better about Ultear

-Chapter 366’s hand holding, and consoling “I’m here with you” line

-Even Gray accepting the Juvibread could be seen as mutual at the very least.

So, it’s been almost a give and take situation between Juvia->Gray moments, and Gray->Juvia moments, as well as general mutual moments. Heck, I’d even say Gray may be dominating the moments lately. ^-^ 

And this omake is just one more notch on this list. Gray is melting, and fast, as Juvia’s warmth continues to wash over him. And man, when Mashima finally does let us see his face during one of these moments, it will be so very gratifying indeed. ^-^ 

Arrow 100th: My Thoughts

The 100th episode of Arrow has finally arrived, and I have a lot of thoughts about it. Some good and some, well…not so good. I’ll start with what I loved.


  • Stephen Amell gave a great performance tonight. His scenes with his parents and Thea were amazing and brought all of the feels. Oliver saying goodbye to Moira was bittersweet and especially heartbreaking.
  • Felicity and Cisco are such a fun dynamic. I enjoy her scenes with him more than Curtis. They are both geeks, but they aren’t carbon copies of the other. They have their own skills and a brand of humor that mesh really well. One of my favorite scenes involved Felicity showing Cisco Oliver’s bow, so he could locate everyone. Felicity mentions that it’s broken, but she also asks that Cisco not do anything to alter or destroy it.  It’s a subtle Olicity moment because even though it’s already broken, Felicity treats Oliver’s bow with care and deference. It shows how much she truly admires and respects Oliver.

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heyitsharding-deactivated201601  asked:

Can I request the first time Mally sees bull without his eyepatch? For some reason I really want to know how she'd take it.

I worked on finishing this instead of getting actual work done, so it’s kinda rushed and awful and sloppy, but I actually had a lot of fun with this prompt. Hope you like it, hun!

- - -

“I could help with that, you know.”

She’d noticed how often Bull had taken to rubbing his head, his lips pursing every time he felt the short prickles spouting across his cranium. She’d felt the growing stubble herself a fair time or two, during lingering kisses to her lips and places well below when her hands couldn’t help wandering. At best, Bull seemed to let himself ignore the necessity of shaving for a day, two tops, before his head would return to its customary smoothness.

The fact that his hand kept wandering past his horns so frequently told her that he’d be taking care of things quite soon.

“Shaving, I mean. It can’t be easy doing it yourself.”

“Yeah, the horns do make it kind of a pain in the ass,” he mumbled, letting his hand drop from the little hairs he couldn’t seem to stop toying with. “I do well enough on my own, though, Freckles. Nothing I really need help with.”

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Dress Up

written for hoperaiweek

dress up; uhhh…au of the game-verse? idk, this one is weird haha. and super long

This was the opportunity of a lifetime, but all Hope wanted to do was turn and run.

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