otp: i see love in your eyes

Writing Prompts

Send me a quote with a character or ship and I’ll write a one shot/drabble.

1. “Don’t you say that… not you”
2. “I know it’s 3 in the morning, but I can’t find my cat”
3. “Make me”
4. “Is that my shirt?”
5. “If you walk out that door… don’t you ever come back”
6. “Don’t you die on me”
7. “Please… just leave me alone”
8. “I can’t keep fighting like this”
9. “I need you”
10. “Where were you when I needed you?”
11. “Will you just shut up for a minute and let me think?!”
12. “I just want you to be happy”
13. “It’s time to say goodbye”
14. “Please…stay…”
15. “I don’t want to hurt you”
16. “Just shut up and kiss me”
17. “Ignore me, I didn’t see anything”
18. “I wish I could stop loving you”
19. “I’m scared”
20. “I’ll protect you no matter what… even if it kills me”
21. “You knocked on my door at 1 in the morning, to cuddle?”
22. “I can’t do this without you”
23. “Love is stupid”
24. “I trusted you”
25. “No, please don’t!”
26. “I’m not gonna let you get yourself killed!”
27. “I’m with you okay? Always”
28. “I thought you loved me”
29. “I told you this would happen”
30. “What? You think you’re the only one suffering?”
31. “You’re alive?!”
32. “Don’t you try and pin this on me!”
33. “Why are you like this?”
34. “If you really love me, you’ll let me go”
35. “Why are you looking at me like that”
36. “I hate you”
37. “Because I love you god damn it!”
38. “Oh well good for you”
39. “I’m not gonna keep having this conversation”
40. “I could hold you forever”
41. “Every time I see you, I fall in love with you all over again”
42. “This is hard for me too”
43. “Squeeze my hand if you can hear me”
44. “Close your eyes”
45. “Will you marry me?”
46. “I’m in love…shit”
47. “Go on, I dare you”
48. “Kiss me.”
49. “I’d rather die”
50. “Please… I need you”


Title: Not jealous

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader, Alexander Calvert x Reader

Warnings: None

Imagine: Imagine being married to Jensen and being best friends with Alexander Calvert for a long time, who is closer to your age and has portrayed your love interest in your TV show. You are very close that the fans ship you all the time, and during a live Q&A you get to talk about it, maybe revealing some feelings, without knowing your husband is watching it.

A/N: (Y/f/s)= Your favorite show, cause we’d all wanna be a part of it, (Y/c/n)= Your character’s name.

“What do you love most about being a part of the Supernatural?” you read the next question from a fan, looking at your friend and leaning back in the couch.

“Well, there are definitely a lot of things to love about- about Supernatural and being a part of this big family. That’s for sure.” Alexander said with a small smile, leaning on your side and almost laying half on top of you as you had an arm wrapped around his shoulders and his were wrapped around your waist, his face almost nuzzling in the crook of your neck.

“The pranks, that’s for sure you love the most!” you giggled and he laughed.

“Well, in Stranger Things the kids would love to play pranks on me, with the help of this lady-” he gave you a look as you shrugged innocently.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” you shook your head and he laughed more.

“But I don’t think there’s anything that could compare to the ones the guys here pull on me. One day- One day the director had to make them leave because they wouldn’t let me get a scene right with all those jokes.” he admitted “But if I really need to say there is one thing that Supernatural offered to me that I appreciate more than anything was… It was the chance to see (Y/n) again after all this time.”

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every fairytale has its misunderstood meaning.

mine was simple:
beautiful princess, locked in a crystal palace,
in the need of a handsome prince
whose will is strong enough to save her
from the dragon that protects the entrance.

but that monster is always warm.
soothes me at night when no prince comes to me,
looks over me when sickness comes,
and his loyalty wins over every single beautiful face.

men whose love is fed by greed,
i had enough.
some others whose hands had only wanted flesh,
plenty of them too.
i’m a crown and prize for rescuing,
power and dominance for such bravery.

no one like him.

my dragon flies the sky for better days to come my way,
burns down the shadow of unloyal bodies,
cleans the path my feet must touch once i step outside.

being rescued is not in my book, i don’t need that.
warmth, I have it.
protection, i have it.
shelter, i have it.
company, i have it.
a crown, it’s mine.
a realm, all mine.

why is my fairy tale so misunderstood?
you don’t see it this way,
those eyes so full of wonder
and fire, yours.
you are the brave, the winner,
the answer and holder of the key,
my love.

—  i choose you, i want my dragon. nc.
S/O and kisses


You being a short person, Jin loved to kiss you on your forehead with his arms around your shoulders or cupping you head.. It made him feel as if he was your protector,even though you could completely kick his ass. He give the type of kisses that just makes you want to smile and hug him tighter.

 Jin liked when you kissed his cheek or something because it was cute how you couldn’t quite reach his lips. You had taken quite the habit of kissing along his jaw line with your hands on his shoulders to balance you on your tippy toes.

Kisses where always exchanged to.Whether it was while cooking, talking,watching a movie, whatever, you could bet to receive a kiss almost every hour.

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Suga also loved forehead kisses, but he enjoyed shoulder kisses as well. When he could kiss your forehead or shoulder easily, it was usually cause the two of you were cuddling.It would always be soft and slow, almost as if you two were half asleep.

Yoou always kissed Suga’s neck,jaw, or chin just because that was the easiest place to kiss when cuddling. Usually you’d play with his hands or shirt, depending on how you were laying.

It would be a very private thing for the two of you to kiss. Mainly pecks happened in front of people but when you were alone, it was almost constant kisses exchanged with giggles between every one.

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J-hope kisses are long and full of love. He enjoyed kissing you hands when he held them. He’s the type of guy to kiss ever knuckle and for each kiss to last for a while.

J-Hope loved being kissed anywhere as long as it was as deep and passionate as his. Usually, you would kiss his shoulder since it was the closest thing to your height.

The kisses were never sexual though, just so full of pure love, it almost seemed to be a fairytale kiss.

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(Look at my beautiful OTP. I want a love like Morticia and Gomez)

Rap Monster

Rap Monster loved kissing anywhere you your face, but he’d do it where he barely skimmed you skin, knowing he was teasing you. He’d love to see you roll your eyes and pull him into a kiss.

You always kissed Rap Monster on the lips. After teasing you so much, you’d want the real deal and there would be nothing but nothing but passion and love in the kiss.

Sometimes it would get more heated, but more often than not, it turned into long kisses with laughs between them.

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Jimin goes from cute nose kisses and Eskimo kisses to leaving hickeys on your neck. There no in between with this boy. He just loved how it felt to kiss you and it would happen a lot.

You’d love to kiss him on the cheek cause their so puffy. You favorite is when he puffs out his cheek for you like a chimpmunk and you laugh before you kiss him.

Things get very heated between you two, but it just take on word or kiss to send you into giggling idiots with forehead stares and cute kisses again.

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V was silly and so were you, so it makes sense he’d give silly kisses. The two of you had made up an elaborate handshake that ended with him pulling you into his rams for a proper kiss. This was always how you greeted and said goodbye.

You loved kissing his nose or lips. You had to stand tall sometimes, but that was fine. It was always a laugh however you got your kiss.

Throughout the day would be little pecks on the cheek or something just as cute.

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Both you and Jungkook were shy with kisses. You had never kissed in front of anyone,but neither of you minded. His favorite way to kiss you was sneakily on the shoulder or neck when you were snuggling.

You would always kiss Jungkooks hands, finding it to be one of the most purest, innocent types of kisses. This type you did in public, but not often.

Several of the guys had watched you guys kiss, but never said anything. The only thing them knew is it was plain how much you each loved and cared for each other.

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A3, shiro writes out a letter of the stuff that's been eating up his brain (including, but definitely not limited to, his feelings for lance) as a way to get stress out. he addresses it to lance just bc he's a source of comfort for shiro. lance finds it bc he sees his name at the top and assumes it's for him.

It was never meant to be serious.  Shiro had just needed a format, a way to vent when his chest felt too full.  Having feelings for Lance made him feel jammed and overflowing, like there was a traffic jam in his chest.  He needed somewhere for those emotions to go, or else he was going to start leaking them everywhere.

And that was not on.

So Shiro had started to write.  It had been nice, to use physical pens and paper again, after using the Altean pads so much.

There were a bunch of them stuffed into the drawers of Shiro’s desk.  Not so many to be creepy (he hoped) but enough to keep him functional.  To help him work through the emotions and keep them to himself.  Nothing important.  A personal passtime.

It had only worked so well.  Pidge and Keith both gave him shit for his crush.  But whatever.  Shiro was working on it, and Lance remained oblivious.  That was the important thing.

Shiro wrote about everything.  Each one was addressed to Lance, just so Shiro could feel like he was getting these feelings off his chest.  So he told ‘Lance’ about how good he looked in his armor, how distractingly handsome he was when he was focused on a shot.  How Shiro found himself smiling at Lance’s jokes, even when they weren’t funny.  How his heart clenched when he turned them on yet another alien girl who turned him down.  How Shiro wanted to comfort him, to reach out and reassure him he was wanted, but how he couldn’t.

Sometimes, other emotions bled in.  Shiro wrote about his scars, how scared he was of anyone seeing them, especially Lance.  How he feared the disgust or pity they would cause.  How sometimes he didn’t fit in his own body, still feeling like he should be 50 pounds lighter and much less broad.  How he’s sorry his prosthetic would be cold and uncomfortable, nothing Lance wants around anywhere sensitive.

Venting.  Letting it to.  Putting it away in his desk where no one ever had to see it.  Shiro had ever intention of throwing them out, once he was sure no one could ever recover them.  He thought often of just sending them out an airlock, but, well, leave no trace.  Shiro was a GG officer, not with NASA, but it was a good motto anyway.

But then, the worst happened.

Then, Shiro was called away mid-sentence to speak with Allura.  In a moment of distraction, he folded it up but left it out.

That should have been enough.

But Shiro was a sentimental moron.  He wrote Lance’s name on it, just as if he was going to hand it over.  He never would.  Never wanted to.  But the familiar format was comforting in a childish way.  Like they were just young students and Shiro was thinking about passing him a note, or pushing it under his dorm room door.

Silly.  Stupid.

It shouldn’t have been a surprise when Shiro came back and found Lance standing over his desk, a familiar paper in his head.

But it was.  Painfully so.  Shiro’s heart stopped in his chest as his nightmare came to life.

He must have made some sort of noise, because Lance picked his head up and turned around.

There were tears in his eyes.  “You think this?”

“I- It’s nothing serious,” Shiro replied.  “And I won’t let it affect anything.  I promise, I will never be anything other than completely professional.  You don’t need to worry.”

Lance stared like Shiro was speaking Altean.  “But you think it?”

Swallowing hard, Shiro ducked his head.  “Yes.  I’m sorry.”

His eyes were so tightly shut he nearly missed Lance coming closer.  He looked up just in time for Lance to grab onto the front of his vest and pulled him down for a kiss.

“I think,” Lance said, tone dazed.  “We have a lot to talk about.  Can I say it, or do you want a letter too?”

“Um-” Shiro blinked, still process the fact that Lance had kissed him.

Lance watched him, then nodded.  “Speaking it is.  C’mon, let’s go to your room.”

“Did you want to see the rest?”

Lance froze, mouth open.  “There are more?”

Shit.  What the hell was wrong with him today?  “A couple,” Shiro replied, voice small.

“Yes.  Yes. I want to see them right now.  And then I’m going to tell you everything I love about you, okay?”

Wait, love?

Shiro nodded.  “Yeah.  I’d like that.”

“Good.”  Lance pulled him down for another kiss, deeper than before.  This time, Shiro managed to get his head on right and kissed him back.

It ended up taking them a while to Shiro’s room.

Lance did reach each of the letters, eyes bright with threatened tears for each word.

Then he spent the rest of the afternoon showing Shiro how right he was about Lance, and how wrong he was about himself.

[ Draw Write your OTP Meme]

Imagine Your OTP

Person B: (Looking deeply into Person A’s eyes) “Have I ever told you that you have the most beautifully breathtaking eyes!”

Person A: (Blushing) “B-but I just have normal (very common eye color) eyes.”

Person B: “No! Your eyes are different. You are different! When I look into your eyes I see everything that is wonderful in this world…because I see you in them!”

Person A stares at Person B in shock but then a smile melts it away, then puts their hand on Person B’s cheek and kisses their nose. Then hugs them tightly telling them an ‘I love you~’

Little things from TouMyu Bakumatsu Tenroden Live to enjoy

(Apart from Yasu’s cuteness)

aka “why you should definitely buy it if you can afford it”

(if you were wondering, no, I don’t have a life)

1. The Venice-like opening and the way they just throw their mask away

In other news, they all are welcome to fuck me any day
Also, everything about these costumes. Good. 10/10. Shame they don’t keep it longer but well, they can’t really dance with that cape I guess…

2. Avoiding responsibilities, Kotetsu level

[this isn’t a gif, don’t wait for it to load]
No seriously I know this isn’t probably what’s going on but the only thing I can think about to caption this is “must look busy to not get interrogated”

3. Covering your eyes: you’re doing it wrong (but let’s be real, everyone wants to see Kashuu’s abs)

I can’t with the amount of cuteness here. My brain melt everytime I look at this gif and I can assure you I’m looking at it pretty often. (I’m in love with Horikawa btw)

4. That part where Yasu, Kashuu and Nagasone revealed that they actually were acrobats all along


5. Kashuu being a bitch

I love him (sorry Yasusada)

6. The otp standing next to each other

[This isn’t a gif either because I’m lazy and I’m already crying too much over this] 

7. Yeah so I’m pretty sure that this should be illegal

Imari Yuu is too beautiful for this world

8. I still can’t believe this is official content

Someone save me from this hell please

9. Also please someone keep Soji away from me because he is such a cutie I can’t deal with it

Make Kondo-san proud Soji, we all super believe in you!

10. Fuck this guy

But also fuck him (do him Horikawa. do him for all of us)

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Do you happen to know of any deaf or blind destiel fics? Thanks!

Hii! :) 

I wrote some myself (all links go to AO3):

When the handsome new student Castiel Novak arrives at Lawrence High, Dean has every intention of making him feel welcome. However, Castiel seems to ignore Dean whenever Dean tries to talk to him. [Deaf!Cas]

✗ At First Sight 
Dean has been blind since he was four years old, but at 18 years old he regains his sight through special surgery. This also means that he will finally be able to actually see his boyfriend Castiel for the first time. Castiel is excited, but at the same time utterly terrified that Dean won’t approve of his looks. [Blind!Dean]

✗ Through Your Eyes
Dean’s best friend Castiel is blind, which is why Cas loves it whenever Dean describes the things as he sees them. When Castiel gets curious and wants more details about Dean’s looks, Dean is reluctant to go into detail about them. Castiel’s solution is simple, and demands nothing more than a gentle touch. [Blind!Cas]

✗ Delicious
Imagine your OTP, based on this text post: ‘Okay, so I’m a waitress at this restaurant that’s open really late and it’s nearly 1am and this family comes in and I’m so tired that I handed their BLIND SON a menu and he’s like “ah… thank you… I’ll just… read this” in a serious voice and I fucking snorted.‘ 

With blind!Dean and waiter!Cas. [Blind!Dean]

Some cute ones by other authors:

- Deaf!Dean -

✗ Cupcakes
Chocolate and maple bacon cupcakes are the best things that Castiel has ever encountered. Except for maybe the guy who bakes them.

✗ Deaf
Destiel AU where Dean is born deaf. His entire life was filled with communication issues, little friends, and frustrations… until he meets Castiel in a book store.

✗ 100 ways to say ‘I love you’; I made this for you.
It’s quiet at night. Sometimes it’s too quiet, leaves Castiel with a reminder of how lonely he is. Until he isn’t.

- Deaf!Cas -

✗ Speak And I’ll Listen
Cas and Dean have been neighbors since they were six years old, the fact that Cas is deaf meaning little to Dean until an accident makes it all too clear.

Being deaf sucks. Or at least, that’s what people assume…

✗ Pillows
Soulmates AU where people are born with a tattoo of the first words they hear their soulmate say.

Inspired by a news story about a coffee shop worker who learned sign language for a regular customer who was deaf.

- Blind!Cas -

✗ Cinnamon
Castiel, blind from an accident when he was six, usually spends his Thursday afternoons the same way. He orders cinnamon coffee and the special of the day from a bakery run by a man who smells like leather and motor oil, and he may or may not be a little in love. 

✗ Untitled
The hardest part about dating a blind person was everyone else.  

Bright Star
Professor!Cas AU inspired by the post ‘Blind people must save a lot on electricity’. 

- Blind!Dean -

✗ Following You In The Dark
After Sam and Jess drag him to a private ballroom dance lesson, Dean decides to try dancing, intrigued by the instructor, Castiel, and Castiel isn’t at all deterred by the fact that Dean is blind.

✗ This entire blind!Dean AU is gold!
The tag has amazing art, but also awesome headcanons and ficlets based on said art!

Have fun! 


Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, Make-A-Wish - Lauren (x)

happy birthday (a day late) to the most amazing @musainrules! this is for you <3

Imagine Your OTP

Person A: (Sees people staring at them) “Is there something wrong? Do I look bad?”

Person B then rubs Person A’s hands with their thumb looking them in the eyes with all the love in their heart which reflects in their eyes.

Person B: “They’re looking at you because you are brilliant, you are lovely and everything wonderful with this world. They look at you because when you enter a room you bring a light with you that no one else could. My love, they are looking at you because you are a truly marvellous wonder!”

Person A then begins to tear up for Person B to lightly wipe them away. Person A then looks up at them and sees that wonderful smile of theirs then Person A goes to hug them.

Person A: “You are the brilliant wonder and gift to this world. And the brightest light to have ever have shined!” then pauses to say “I love you with all my heart~” to which Person B replies “I love you too~” and kisses there forehead whist stroking their cheek

under the cut you will find 370+ otp tags. these were all taken from various song lyrics and quotes, except one or other i made up myself. they are unsorted, ranging from anything since skinny love to soulmates to friends with benefits to toxic relationships, exes, forbidden loves and so forth. tw: nsfw, mentions of battle and religious references. likes or reblogs are appreciated. hope you enjoy it!!

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“You were my strength when I was weak. You were my voice when I couldn’t speak You were my eyes when I couldn’t see. You saw the best there was in me. Lifted me up when I couldn’t reach, you gave me faith ‘coz you believed. I’m everything I am because you loved me…” - Celine Dion, Because You Loved Me

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   hello, loves ! under the cut, you’ll find +120 lyrics that can be used as otp tags / verse names, maybe some could fit as brotp tags ! most of them are the lyrics of the songs on my favorite artists / bands.  so if u find this helpful, like or reblog this. 

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