otp: i remember everything about her


That makes me think about those times I wanted to grab you and kiss you. But you didn’t know, so I would just pretend everything was cool. But really it was killing me. And I remember all those mornings before you even put on your makeup, when I would think to myself, “My God, she is beautiful.” And it hurt so much because I knew I could never tell you. But it was worth it just to be there looking at you.

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Hey there, I just wanted to know why you also ship kacchako? I love it a lot, I like hearing others reasons as to why they ship it too :)

ahhhhhh Kacchako really became my otp before I even realized tbh >//v//< 
I actually began to ship it because of the manga, after their fight during the sport festival////// Uraraka gaves everything for this fight, she shows a total different side of her at this moment, and it’s really impressed Bakugou.
HE EVEN REMEMBERS HER NAME AND CALLS HER BY HER NAME TOO THEN. This is big for him xDD but it’s all because he started noticing her and respect her strenght ;v;  Also, just after the fight, there are two things especially that made me conscious about the ship. Bakugou comes to see Deku to know if it’s him who gave Uraraka the idea of doing something that dangerous, and the way he sees it, he sounds really like HE WAS CONCERNED >////////< I was shocked lol and even better, when he came back to his friends, HE TAKES HER DEFENSE saying she isn’t a weak//////// that was definitely the trigger for me to ship them ahah but even from her, it was a positive moment, this fight permitted her to realize what she wanted to become and moved on further :))) Also, she often understands how Bakugou feels, like she can read well in him.
They don’t interact a lot I know (moslty in omakes), but for the few they have, I really think they have such a cute and funny dynamic >v<

Also, I just friggin love the “Beauty and the beast” dynamic type///// Seeing the grumpy Bakugou melting for the happy positive Uraraka, that just so sweet///// and fanarts/fanfics made me love the ship more and more/////

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Juri Arisugawa

  • Why I like them: She is fierce, proud, complex, conflicted, spiteful, very competent at some things yet struggle a lot with others. She can be surprisingly generous at some times.
  • Why I don’t: Got nothing.
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie): Giving a sword to Utena. Biting Ruka when he tries to kiss her. Badminton scene.
  • Favorite season/movie: Her two episodes in the third arc.
  • Favorite line: Nothing specific comes to mind.
  • Favorite outfit: That white frilly bathrobe she ambushes Utena in.
  • OTP: Juri/Shiori
  • Brotp: Juri & Miki
  • Head Canon: After the revolution, she and Nanami are the ones who remember the most of what happened. Nanami never admits it though.
  • Unpopular opinion: I don’t hate Ruka/Juri
  • A wish: More clues about how her relationship with Shiori unfolds after everything.
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: Touga/Juri lol
  • 5 words to best describe them: Where is my fucking miracle
  • My nickname for them: Fierce Lesbian

“The great thing about MJ is when you look in her eyes and she’s looking back in yours, everything feels… not quite normal. Because you feel stronger and weaker at the same time. You feel excited and at the same time, terrified. The truth is… you don’t know what you feel except you know what kind of man you want to be. It’s as if you’ve reached the unreachable and you weren’t ready for it.


Sometimes, do you think Eren will just sit beside Annie’s crystal and talk to her? Like, he’ll tell her about whatever Sasha and Connie did today that was funny or how Armin thought up this strategy that ended up saving the day? Even if it’s simple stuff like what he dreamt about or what he did today, he tells her everything.

And then that fateful day when Annie comes out of the crystal she remembers everything and Eren is in tears because she actually heard him talking to her.

…And then he gets all embarrassed because he remembers that he told her all the details of last year’s Christmas party.

As The Battle Ends: Alternative Ending

This is my 1st entry to Romione Hpshipweeks. This is going to be SO GOOD!

This is an alternative ending I wrote to the first chapter of my next multichapter, which will be called “Love Me Forever”. I hope you like it!

I have also another two original stories and a piece of fanart I’m actually pretty happy with. I’m still deciding when and how I’m posting them, but I hope you all stay tuned :)

SOoooo, here it goes and let’s enjoy this week of Romione lovies

Title: As The Battle Ends: Alternative Ending
Summary: Ron needs to talk to Hermione and make sure her kiss meant everything he’s hoping for.

The war was over. They had won. Who would have thought that Voldemort would die that way, with such a lack of… of something big happening, like trumpets playing from the sky. Like those movies Hermione liked to watch, with music that kind of hinted to the way you were supposed to feel.  Something needed to explode so they could celebrate and make his death have more of an impact. He had only had the opportunity to watch a movie with her once, but the music had stayed with him. Instead, Voldemort had simply fallen to the floor like a marionette that was suddenly abandoned for another more entertaining toy. Not that it prevented them all from understanding that it was done, that Harry had conquered and had freed the Wizarding World from its biggest menace in history. Specky wanker. Ron loved the git, though. He had to find him,\ and help him to get away from the noise and the people that Ron was sure were driving him mental. But first…

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this moment is really really really important to me.

Neal is probably the first person Emma ever got to feel on the same page with. He’s the first person whose wants and needs were her wants and needs, and there’s a comfort and a familiarity in that sort of solidarity.

That moment, where you can see Emma relax, where you can see her let her guard down. Neal surprised her. Neal said the right thing. She believes him when he says Henry’s the most important. 

Neal hurt Emma big time in the past, and even though she knows why now, even though she knows all that time she spent thinking he didn’t love her isn’t the real story, she’s still relearning her past and navigating what that means for her future. So we get these little moments where she realizes she can trust him. Where she remembers that everything she thought about him when she was 17 wasn't a lie. When she lets herself have the comfort of familiarity, of knowing someone and knowing where they stand. And that’s why I can’t help but root for them, because there’s something so beautiful in that familiarity for two people who spent so long with no real connection. 

Just tell me the truth

So, I was thinking about Karen’s speech to Frank on the woods at The Dark End of the Tunnel (2.12), and it just hit me, what if Frank had told her the truth but still killed Colonel Schoonover? Would she be okay with it or would she still consider him a monster?

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About 60 years from now:
  • doctor: It appears your mother forgot almost everything about you guys, due to her Alzheimer's Disease. We're lucky that she still knows how to breathe, walk, and talk on her own.
  • child: Oh no. Mom. God dammit.
  • grandchild: Does Gram-Gram still remember me?
  • me: *walks into room*
  • me: Hey where tf are my OTPS? You ain't them. Get lost. I need to find Kaneki.
  • doctor: She's also mentioning this "Kaneki" person, along with another person named "Touka". Do any of these names ring a bell?
  • me: Shut the fuck up. I need some Touken. Hey, have I ever told you guys where hotdogs came from?
  • child: Mom. Sit down and think about what your talking about?
  • me: Nah, I'm good. I just need to use the telephone and call Shuu up so he can take me to :Re for some coffee.
  • doctor: Ma'am, that's not a telephone, that's a fibulator.
  • me: Shut up. It works.
  • grandchild: Hey Gram-Gram, are you going to be okay?
  • me: Everything's going to be fine. Just cool down Haise.
  • grandchild: tf? Haise?
  • me: Yeah. That's your name isn't it?
  • grandchild: *shakes head and cries*
  • me: What tf is wrong with you? Huh? Kanae, control your daughter.
  • grandchild: I'M A BOY!
  • child: Mom. Just cool off and lie down. You didn't take your medicine this morning, did you?
  • me: Uh, yeah I did. It's called shipping.
  • doctor: My only assumption is that she's remembering stuff she experienced as a child or a teenager.
  • me: Heeeeey? You guys aren't CANON? So who's supposed to be on top and who's supposed to be on bottom here?
  • doctor: This will be occuring for a long time.
  • child: *slaps face*
  • grandchild: Gram-Gram doesn't remember me anymore!!

Part of my excitement about this episode is just plain OTP FEELINGS, I love everything to do with this couple, they are such a great pairing and such great characters that I’m here for everything they do.

But part of it is also the consideration of everything that’s slamming into Mamoru right at this moment, the memories that are hitting him like a freight train–those god awful as hell memories and all the amazingly wonderful memories, everything good and bad, ALL AT ONCE.

He’s remembering this girl that he loves with everything he has, HE LOVES HER SO MUCH, YOU GUYS, this incredible intensity of feeling, this girl he’s been dreaming about, this girl he’s been gravitating towards ever since he saw her again, this girl he can’t stop thinking about, this girl that he loved with his entire heart in his previous life, and she’s here right in front of him again, HE REMEMBERS HER CONSCIOUSLY NOW, not just subconsciously.  It’s such a wonderful, sweet feeling, that they’ve found each other again, that HE GETS TO SEE HER AGAIN.

At the same time, the other memories slamming back into him? Of the end of the Silver Millennium, of Serenity crying out for him, of Serenity in distress, of their deaths, of the destruction of not just the Moon Kingdom, but of the Earth’s people as well, that those were Endymion’s people there, twisted and turned against the moon, and that he was trying so desperately to fix this, to protect Serenity, to save everyone, and he couldn’t do it.  The memories of wanting to protect this girl, of not being able to, of how he died trying to save her, of how he knew it wouldn’t be enough, how he wanted to see her just one more time, all that’s rushing right back into him as well.




sometimes it’s still hard for me to believe that the first three episodes of book 3 were even a thing…like that hot day they premiered in late june. i thought i was in fucking heaven. i was playing ‘perfect day’ by hoku nonstop while packing for my trip to yosemite the next day. i remember riding my bike around the valley floor later and all i could think about was “you’re the avatar…you should learn how to drive…besides, it’s relaxing” and how utterly FLIRTY it was, and then “i’ve never had a girlfriend to hang out with or talk to before…” GIRLFRIEND, and i couldn’t have possibly cared if it was queerbaiting at that point, because korra had called asami her girlfriend - i changed my otp tag immediately to that…and today it’s still there, just the same, because it WASN’T fucking queerbaiting, it was fucking FORESHADOWING. everything since then was such a blur…i daydreamed about talking with bryke at sdcc and asking them if korrasami could actually be a thing, and how i would cry if somehow i could ever hear them say yes. and in just six short months…it happened, they actually said it. on tumblr. in everyone’s fucking faces. after all the shit i had gotten, after everyone tried to make me doubt…i cried so many times, i was so afraid…

it was such a wild ride and when will your otp give you a ride like this - terrifying and exciting and sublime, and in the very end - triumphant. i wouldn’t trade this for anything.

You know what I love about the BuckyNat ship? That there is so much mutual love and respect there. Bucky knows just what Natasha can do to him, and she knows all of the horrible things he’s done, but they still respect and love one another. 

Nat could probably see Bucky on his absolute worst days, and she would still come up to him and call him by sweet Russian endearments, knowing just how much he hurts because of the things he was made to do. And Bucky could watch Nat have to bottle up all of her issues while in front of their friends, and at the end of the day he’ll just listen while she rants to him about how it hurts to be so put together for the others.

I just love these idiots, okay?

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yoooo if BETH JOHANSSEN had a tumblr, what would be her username? what kind of stuff would she post? would she post personal pictures? or make it anonymous? and when she becomes a mom, would she talk about it? what if mark find her blog? would he make fun of her and secretly love it and be her constant anon asking cute things or telling she is the cutest and that watney is the coolest and that her husband is a dork?


I’m not sure about her username because I’m horrible at names and usernames and all kind of naming things. But maybe, if she doesn’t mind the attention for being an astronaut, she would use the same username for everything. Like ‘astronautjohanssen’ for her tumblr, instagram, twitter, everything like the actual astronauts does. Now, If she wants it to be anonymous, maybe she would use something related to something she likes, maybe the title or her favorite character for some movie, maybe something beatle-related since that’s her favorite band, or would she choose one of those super hipster usernames like ‘coffelover[insert here anything]’? IDK.

Once out of that, I think she would reblog more than post. She would tag everything because she like order and because she reblogs lots of useful things for her like coding tips and news about NASA, science, video games, movies, books, everything. She would also have a tag for her favorite beatle, coffe, cat person and cats.

And once she starts liking Chris, she would maybe made a post about “I like someone” and her followers, because she is super nice blogger and everyone adores her for that, would be all over her like “omg omg omg tell us more!” “is he cute?” “how do you met?” and then she would feel shy about it and say something like “lmao no I have a crush on an astronaut!” and everyone would be like “lol you so funny, [insert username]!”. And she would reblog Chris’ articles and quotes from his works, pictures when there are pictures and fanarts, and just everything Chris-related because her followers thinks she is just a normal girl with a crush on the handsome astronaut, bye.

But then, she gets elected into the ARES III crew and she has to tell her followers she is not gonna be around for basically a year, and she finally says that she is, in fact, an astronaut and that she is going on that famous Mars program. Of course, there would be the ones who believe it immediately, then those ones who are gonna call her names for not believe in it. But then she starts actually posting pictures and entries about her training and her crew, and then it happens.

Of course, someone will remember she has a crush on Beck. She met him at training and that’s how she got a crush on him, and when she starts uploading pics of her and crew, and NASA and everything before the flight, she starts getting asks about her and Beck, and she is like “what? noooooo” but tumblr doesn’t forget at all. So, soon there are people shipping them and some users does their famous rants about not shipping real persons, no matter they are famous or not.

There are tags of them like ‘otp: i like someone’ and ‘otp: space lovebirds’, the usual stuff. Then, imagine once they get back.

First, she has even more followers and lots of things to answer. She tries her best to answer everything and to avoid personal questions about her, Mark, the crew and her relationship with Beck. She knows at some point people is going to know they are together and she isn’t scared of that or worried, in fact, she is the first one to tell everyone she is with Dr. Beck by posting a picture of them on his car with the caption ‘Time to meet the parents #pleasebenicetomemrandmrsbeck’ and imagine the shippers, lmao.

So yes, she post about him and them, and even about the crew in general. Like she reblogs fanarts and cute things she finds of the time they were on their way to rescue Mark. She shows Watney some of the fanarts and edits and everything. And he puts on the personal mission of finding her blog and when he finally does, he mocks her for her constant fangirling on nerdy things and her now husband (kinda Neil Gaiman fangirling over his wife on tumblr). Yet, Mark would be the first one sending her nice things when she talks abot her work or how much she misses her husband because he started working on an actual hospital and got the night guard. Also, he will fight all her rude anons.

Her tag for Chris would be ‘dr. dorky boyfriend’ and then, happily, she would change it to ‘dr. dorky husband’ :)

Then, we she gets pregnant, she would actually put it out there. She would be like one of those super cute mom blogger who reblogs useful things and answer question about pregnancy and motherhood, even when she isn’t exactly an expert and she is just learning. But, when the baby is born, she wouldn’t publish picture of him/her until the baby is older or something. But she would love to publish pics of Chris’ holding their baby, feeding him/her, being a dork to her/him, playing with him/her, sleeping with him/her, all those cute things. And it will be tagged as ‘dr. dorky daddy’ because of reasons.

Also, she would be a really famous and nice blogger. Everyone would love to talk to an actual super awesome astronaut who is an actual genius, and a nerd, and a sweet person.

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Kastle and 24. Returned from the dead kiss pls!

frank/karen + 24. returned from the dead kiss

Karen’s doing all that she can to stay calm and keep the few survivors in the basement stuck with her that everything is going to be okay. She knows she’s trapped and she knows that they’re probably not going to get out. But she doesn’t want to freak out the people with her, it’s only a small group and it’s mostly older people that lived in the building. She wants to keep them calm – but it’s hard when she’s terrified of dying. There’s so much Karen hasn’t done, so much Karen hasn’t said.

Movement outside what used to be the door brings Karen to the rubble and she looks through a small hole between some of the rubble and her heart stops when she sees Frank. What in the hell is he doing there? Did he have a death wish? “Frank!” Karen’s voice doesn’t get very loud, there’s dust and debris surrounding her.

He can barely hear her, but the noise catches his attention. And he’s probably never felt more relieved and terrified all at once in his life. 

“You got yourself stuck in an interesting situation, ma'am.”

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