otp: i remember everything about her


That makes me think about those times I wanted to grab you and kiss you. But you didn’t know, so I would just pretend everything was cool. But really it was killing me. And I remember all those mornings before you even put on your makeup, when I would think to myself, “My God, she is beautiful.” And it hurt so much because I knew I could never tell you. But it was worth it just to be there looking at you.

Can we talk about this for a second more cause I can’t get enough of this.

Stiles was watching his best friend, his brother in agony because he couldn’t heal. He would stay blind forever. After everything, Scott didn’t deserve it. Stiles sought comfort in Lydia, initiating contact because he can because they’re dating motherfuckers.

Because of that, Lydia looked up at him, seeing his sadness. She thought about embracing or kissing him, giving him solace in her touch. To make everything a little less bad.
And then she figured it out. How a kiss could take someone’s mind of a situation. 

I just… im emo for Stydia okay? These gif’s aren’t mine btw.  

about my ships

and my personal opinion on stucky.

so, a friend of mine asked me ‘why don’t you like stucky? I thought that’ll be one of your otp, they’re exactly your type! They have everything you like, friends-to-lovers, ‘till the end of the line-thing, also with Bucky being brainwashed and almost killing steve and remembering him.. come on, you love stories like that! I’ve seen you having an emotional moment over peeta getting brainwashed and attacking katniss!’

I have no idea why. I’ve thought about it too. I mean, I’ve fangirled over ships with her for so long, she knew the guys I usually ships with (or girls, I have both gay and non-gay ships). I have no idea why I can’t seem to be able to enjoy seeing them together in fics, or in any fan media (I won’t say anything about comics yet, beacuse I haven’t read them, and I don’t know if I ever want to), without at least having Tony in the middle. even then, I’d rather have Tony as their center of relationship.

Is it because they’re best friends, like they grew up together, and probably work better as brothers? Maybe I thought that was almost like incest? Nah, I’ve shipped literal brothers before (Supernatural was my gateway to this, also Ouran) so I don’t think I have that problem. So, maybe it was their physicality? They do have similar build, and I sually like my ship tall with the smol baby. But, yeah no, I ship superbat and Tiger x Bunny, I have no problem with couples that have (almost) the same height or build. I also usually ship the fair-haired one with the brunettes, so again, Stucky actually fit the bill. The strongest contender was maybe I feel that their relationship works best as platonic soulmate, the way I feel with Tony and Rhodey. I love pairing up Tony with everyone, either male or female (*gasp*), but with Rhodey I will always rather have them as the platonic other half, each other’s number 1 best man ever in the entire universe. However, I still enjoy the occasional IronHusbands, when I encounter them. I may not actively search for it, but I do enjoy it when I do see it. But with Stucky, I always actively avoids it, like religiously. I did try to read it once, I was curious, even though it wasn’t my ship, thinking maybe I just haven’t seen it yet. Some of the ships I got into was because I read some of their fic, either as minor ships or because they became a focus in a series where the first story was my absolute favorite OTP. So, I tried the story with the highest Kudos, but yeah. no. I can’t enjoy it. I have no idea why, the story was actually good. I can get behind the characterization too, at least in what little I’ve read. But the minute there was a sentence about them in romantical context, I can’t. I closed the story and haven’t looked back again.

‘Okay, maybe it was because you love stony first. I mean, it was one of your first ships in marvel. Maybe you just don’t want to see steve with anyone else,’ she said. Yeah, I don’t think so, considering how I’ve enjoyed reading steve with Natasha or Steve with Peggy. Yeah, but they’re girls. Uh-huh, I also enjoy reading him being paired up with Sam and Thor, also Clint.

‘Uh, maybe you have a problem with bucky?’ I’d like to think I didn’t, considering how much I love winteriron now, and while I do ship tony with everyone, I don’t ship him with characters I personally found subjectively problematic in my point of view (such as, wanda, though I do see the potential for her greatness). I also don’t ship him with ty or sunset or obie or, well, every other problematic character that I abhorr. I fact, I think I like Bucky, even though MCU haven’t fleshed out his full potential yet. But, I did like him when he was in CA:TFA, before he fell. When I watched that, I acknowledged the potential shipping moment, but I still didn’t ship it, besides thinking ‘huh, people probably ships them a lot in the internet’. As winter soldier, I also thought he was cool and complex character, but somehow my shippy feeling didn’t appear even as bucky saved steve from drowning. I was just strangely…neutral.

‘well, you like winteriron, and they do have some parallel. So maybe you just didn’t want him to be with anyone else? do you think steve will be a bad match because, well, they’re different pepople now than when they’re in  CA:TFA’ yeah I don’t think so. winteriron is my otp, but I’ve enjoyed the occasional buckyxnat when I was still very, very avid with stony. I can even see bucky with clint, and while it won’t ever get into my list of ships, I’ve read bucky with rhodey, too. I can still enjoy that. And, as far as I know, rhodey and bucky have evel less of an interation, hostile or otherwise, than winteriron. And, yeah, I did think of that, but overcoming such hardship was also my favorite trope. while privately I do think Tony gonna understand him the best, Steve was his best friend, even though Bucky may or may not recognize him as such yet. Some people just need someone to stand on their corner, even though maybe they can’t do anything else. Just, someone that won’t give up on them, even when they gave up on themselves. In Stony, I loved fics that explored this, because Steve didn’t understand much of Tony had went through, but his empathy and compassion, and him simply not giving up on Tony made some of the most beautiful , sweet stories I’ve read. But somehow my mind refused to think the same when it’s stucky. I know it’s sweet, it’s beautiful, but I’d rather to leave the romantic part out of it. I know it’s a bit hypocritical of me, but my mind (and heart) just couldn’t like it.

‘whelp, I give up. oh well. I can’t think of anything else why you don’t like them. Best of luck pal, it’s a pretty popular ship, and their fans are a bit vicious.’ yeah, I know. Tumblr have showed me the many ways stucky rules while others (though I think it’s usually just one character, tony stark, by which I tell you why the hell would you show how much you love your ship by hating on other character or ships, why) 

I have no idea what is it I don’t like about stucky, besides me simply unable to enjoy it and thus, I don’t like it (and maybe the few toxic fans I’ve seen didn’t help my reservation on this pairing either, but I did see a few others who are abolutely sweet, so maybe fans were only a small part of my dislike). It’s one of the few ships that’s a ‘hard no’ for me, though I ackowledge there’s nothing actually wrong with it, they have solid history and background as a ship. I’ve shipped characters with less interaction and with worse history and background (I also ship hannigram, and when I say I ship Tony with everyone, I do mean everyone, even the major villains. except those I find personally repulsive),and I still can’t ship them even as I try to find parralels with my usual favourite tropes and ships, and I don’t think it’ll change anytime soon.

alberto-rosende  asked:

saphael + “don’t you dare walk away.”

~2x15 rewrite sorta~

“don’t you dare walk away.” Raphael snapped and grabbed Simon’s hands. He was tired of things being left unsaid between them.

“You won’t help so I need to find someone who will” Simon said and attempted to pull free from Raphael’s grip.

“Give me one good reason, just one, why should I help you after you stoop as low as the blackmail me using the only family I have left.”

Simon opened his mouth to respond but his words died in his throat.

“Let me know why I should help you after you’ve betrayed me and the clan?”

Simon’s eyes darted to the floor and his body loses his resistance and Raphael let’s go. Not only of Simon’s arms but the anger he’d built around his heart.

“Why do you keep coming to me for help Simon, why?”

“Raphael” Simon began but had no words, never realized what he did.

“Aren’t you going to ask me why I still choose to help you after everything? Why I chose to help in the first place or are you still blinded by the red head to see straight? Just go”

Raphael turned his back and headed into the hotel when he felt a touch against his hand.

“I come to you because I know you’re always there and I-I’m sorry, I was ungrateful” Simon and Raphael snorted at the last bit “and I understand if you never want to help me again after what happened with Rosa, but trust me I would never hurt her”

“You think you’d be standing in front of me right now if I thought you would hurt my sister? I know how much family means to you Simon”

Raphael looked at Simon from over his shoulder, he looked so pale. Raphael remembered the night he brought him to the DuMort, he had the same scared, desperate look in his eyes.

“Stay as long as you need to, permanently even, we’ll talk about this” Raphael gestured between them “and everything else once I’ve figured your situation out”

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Kainora 5 10 11 12 ! Also same for Kataang, only if you want that could be fun


5) Who’s the funniest drunk? Definitely Kai. He suddenly thinks he’s invincible and tries to do all of these crazy airbending tricks. Jinora does everything she can to keep him from killing himself.

10) Who cried at the end of Marley and Me? Jinora. Kai teared up, but would never admit it.

11) Who always wins at Mario Kart? Jinora. Without fail. Every. Time. 

12) One thing I like about this ship… It’s just so adorable and there’s pretty much no negativity surrounding it through ship wars or whatever. 


5) Who’s the funniest drunk? Katara. She’s a really happy drunk and laughs at pretty much everything anyone does. 

10) Who cried at the end of Marley and Me? Aang cried like a baby. 

11) Who always wins at Mario Kart? Katara. Aang would deny it, but sometimes he lets her win because he doesn’t want to deal with her bad mood after she loses. 

12) One thing I like about this ship… Just one? I’ve loved Kataang for as long as I can remember (so since the show came out pretty much). I just love their dynamic and the journey that they took together. They will always and forever be my OTP.

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Hey there, I just wanted to know why you also ship kacchako? I love it a lot, I like hearing others reasons as to why they ship it too :)

ahhhhhh Kacchako really became my otp before I even realized tbh >//v//< 
I actually began to ship it because of the manga, after their fight during the sport festival////// Uraraka gaves everything for this fight, she shows a total different side of her at this moment, and it’s really impressed Bakugou.
HE EVEN REMEMBERS HER NAME AND CALLS HER BY HER NAME TOO THEN. This is big for him xDD but it’s all because he started noticing her and respect her strenght ;v;  Also, just after the fight, there are two things especially that made me conscious about the ship. Bakugou comes to see Deku to know if it’s him who gave Uraraka the idea of doing something that dangerous, and the way he sees it, he sounds really like HE WAS CONCERNED >////////< I was shocked lol and even better, when he came back to his friends, HE TAKES HER DEFENSE saying she isn’t a weak//////// that was definitely the trigger for me to ship them ahah but even from her, it was a positive moment, this fight permitted her to realize what she wanted to become and moved on further :))) Also, she often understands how Bakugou feels, like she can read well in him.
They don’t interact a lot I know (moslty in omakes), but for the few they have, I really think they have such a cute and funny dynamic >v<

Also, I just friggin love the “Beauty and the beast” dynamic type///// Seeing the grumpy Bakugou melting for the happy positive Uraraka, that just so sweet///// and fanarts/fanfics made me love the ship more and more/////


“The great thing about MJ is when you look in her eyes and she’s looking back in yours, everything feels… not quite normal. Because you feel stronger and weaker at the same time. You feel excited and at the same time, terrified. The truth is… you don’t know what you feel except you know what kind of man you want to be. It’s as if you’ve reached the unreachable and you weren’t ready for it.

Sometimes, do you think Eren will just sit beside Annie’s crystal and talk to her? Like, he’ll tell her about whatever Sasha and Connie did today that was funny or how Armin thought up this strategy that ended up saving the day? Even if it’s simple stuff like what he dreamt about or what he did today, he tells her everything.

And then that fateful day when Annie comes out of the crystal she remembers everything and Eren is in tears because she actually heard him talking to her.

…And then he gets all embarrassed because he remembers that he told her all the details of last year’s Christmas party.

wheelclairs  asked:

For the character thing: max, el and will


  • favorite thing about them:  she’s so brave, like…really REALLY brave and i just love everything about her, how confident and honest she is, how she’s kind and sweet with her friends, max is the best…
  • least favorite thing about them:  imagine thinking there’s something you don’t like about max? can’t relate
  • favorite line:  i don’t have a favorite line but the only line that i remember of her is “That’s presumptuous of you.”
  • brOTP:  max/mike
  • OTP:  max/eleven
  • nOTP:  max/mike max/will
  • random headcanon:  max teaching the gang how to skateboard (make it canon @ duffer (asshole) bros
  • unpopular opinion:  i hope we’ll see more of her in season 3 and i want her to be friend with el at least
  • song i associate with them:  islander by robyn sherwell or forget by marina and the diamonds (tho it could an el song as well)
  • favorite picture of them:  it’s when dustin and lucas come to talk to her about the halloween night, she looks so done during the whole scene this is so funny


  • favorite thing about them:  uhhhhhh EVERYTHING ??? HER WHOLE EXISTENCE
  • least favorite thing about them:  it’s not about her but about the duffer bros and making her this kind of jealous girl, you know what i’m talking about anyways
  • favorite line:  “No… But I can save them.”  I-C-O-N-I-C
  • brOTP:  el/everyone
  • OTP:  el/max
  • nOTP:  el/dustin el/lucas el/will  (and i don’t want to put el/mike here because it’s not like i don’t like this ship but it’s just ..i don’t care about it)
  • random headcanon:  idk but i have this obsession about el learning how to bake and will is helping her (more like trying to help because the boi CANNOT BAKE) so joyce comes and just… helps her children how to bake a cake for the whole fam, and everyone’s having fun
  • unpopular opinion:  let her be friend with max and also interact with nancy, i want all the girls in this fkn show to interact with each others
  • song i associate with them:  bathwater by tonight alive and forget by marina and the diamonds
  • favorite picture of them: baby girl. baby


  • favorite thing about them:  TALENTED ARTIST !!! MICHELANGELO IS SHAKING !!!! sweet and caring, best boy
  • least favorite thing about them:  that kid has no flaws
  • favorite line:  “YEAH CRAZY TOGETHER” but also “it was a seven”
  • brOTP:  will/everyone
  • OTP:  will/mike
  • nOTP:  will/girls lmao my son is Gay
  • random headcanon:  will drawing something for everyone’s brithday (the gang, joyce, jonathan, even hopper, steve & nancy) and also lowkey making mixtapes for the gang
  • unpopular opinion:  gay will rises
  • song i associate with them:  time after time by cyndi lauper??? or should i stay or should i go by the clash
  • favorite picture of them:  when will is dragging jonathan’s ass fjdkhjfdg (is that why u don’t have any friends? he killed me)
As The Battle Ends: Alternative Ending

This is my 1st entry to Romione Hpshipweeks. This is going to be SO GOOD!

This is an alternative ending I wrote to the first chapter of my next multichapter, which will be called “Love Me Forever”. I hope you like it!

I have also another two original stories and a piece of fanart I’m actually pretty happy with. I’m still deciding when and how I’m posting them, but I hope you all stay tuned :)

SOoooo, here it goes and let’s enjoy this week of Romione lovies

Title: As The Battle Ends: Alternative Ending
Summary: Ron needs to talk to Hermione and make sure her kiss meant everything he’s hoping for.

The war was over. They had won. Who would have thought that Voldemort would die that way, with such a lack of… of something big happening, like trumpets playing from the sky. Like those movies Hermione liked to watch, with music that kind of hinted to the way you were supposed to feel.  Something needed to explode so they could celebrate and make his death have more of an impact. He had only had the opportunity to watch a movie with her once, but the music had stayed with him. Instead, Voldemort had simply fallen to the floor like a marionette that was suddenly abandoned for another more entertaining toy. Not that it prevented them all from understanding that it was done, that Harry had conquered and had freed the Wizarding World from its biggest menace in history. Specky wanker. Ron loved the git, though. He had to find him,\ and help him to get away from the noise and the people that Ron was sure were driving him mental. But first…

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Oh, Lover Boy!

This is all entirely the fault of thewinterspy. She suggested a Dirty Dancing AU, and then happened to mention her desperate need for a Sherlolly scene based around the infamous “Lover Boy” scene from said film. How could I resist? (I just hope this is what she had in mind.)

Rating: M. Kind of.

Sherlock Holmes liked many things about Molly Hooper. He liked her looks; he liked her wit; he especially liked that when he moved against her, she made the softest, mewling noises, which soon turned into deep, filthy moans of his name. What he did not like, however, was her propensity towards teasing him.

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                         becky’s attention turned to her side, watching as finn’s eyes slowly opened to her words. the night before was a whirlwind of passion and she was happy that they  d i d n ’ t  need alcohol for anything to happen, though that shouldn’t have been surprising after their conversation weeks back where she laid everything out in the open about how she TRULY FELT toward him. but being able to remember every action made, every emotion felt, the ecstasy that coursed through her body during their night together; it made everything even  m o r e  real.

                         his tug at her waist, pulling her over toward him had her giggling like a school girl before she pulled herself to lay her body on top of his. the so-called CURE he came up with was a welcome sham, but she played along.  is t’at so? so what do ye suppose we do ‘bout it t’en? she teased before  g e n t l y  pressing a kiss to his lips.

*:・゚✧@missxles  //  continued — ✧ !!

Just tell me the truth

So, I was thinking about Karen’s speech to Frank on the woods at The Dark End of the Tunnel (2.12), and it just hit me, what if Frank had told her the truth but still killed Colonel Schoonover? Would she be okay with it or would she still consider him a monster?

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this moment is really really really important to me.

Neal is probably the first person Emma ever got to feel on the same page with. He’s the first person whose wants and needs were her wants and needs, and there’s a comfort and a familiarity in that sort of solidarity.

That moment, where you can see Emma relax, where you can see her let her guard down. Neal surprised her. Neal said the right thing. She believes him when he says Henry’s the most important. 

Neal hurt Emma big time in the past, and even though she knows why now, even though she knows all that time she spent thinking he didn’t love her isn’t the real story, she’s still relearning her past and navigating what that means for her future. So we get these little moments where she realizes she can trust him. Where she remembers that everything she thought about him when she was 17 wasn't a lie. When she lets herself have the comfort of familiarity, of knowing someone and knowing where they stand. And that’s why I can’t help but root for them, because there’s something so beautiful in that familiarity for two people who spent so long with no real connection. 

anonymous asked:

Kastle and 24. Returned from the dead kiss pls!

frank/karen + 24. returned from the dead kiss

Karen’s doing all that she can to stay calm and keep the few survivors in the basement stuck with her that everything is going to be okay. She knows she’s trapped and she knows that they’re probably not going to get out. But she doesn’t want to freak out the people with her, it’s only a small group and it’s mostly older people that lived in the building. She wants to keep them calm – but it’s hard when she’s terrified of dying. There’s so much Karen hasn’t done, so much Karen hasn’t said.

Movement outside what used to be the door brings Karen to the rubble and she looks through a small hole between some of the rubble and her heart stops when she sees Frank. What in the hell is he doing there? Did he have a death wish? “Frank!” Karen’s voice doesn’t get very loud, there’s dust and debris surrounding her.

He can barely hear her, but the noise catches his attention. And he’s probably never felt more relieved and terrified all at once in his life. 

“You got yourself stuck in an interesting situation, ma'am.”

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Drop Everything

Title: Drop Everything
TV Show: The 100
Ship: Kabby
Note: This is for my Kabby Squad. I got the idea from another ‘Imagine your OTP’ prompts! 
Disclaimer: I don’t own them.

He had been in love with her for as long as he could remember, but the worst part about it was that she had no idea… or so he thought. Marcus Kane would jump at the chance to spend time with Abigail Mitchell; would drop everything in a heartbeat if it meant he could be alone with her.

Which is why when she had demanded him to accompany her to the mall, he had agreed with no questions asked. Until she yanked him into one of the various clothing boutiques, instructing him to sit outside one of the dressing rooms after she had a colorful assortment of outfits draped over one arm.

He sits awkwardly on a leather couch as passing women eye him before continuing to browse the racks of clothing. He opens his mouth to call out to her, to ask her how much longer she’ll be, but he’s silenced by the curtain pushing to the side and Abby walking out in a dress that makes his heart pound and his cheeks fill with color. To say she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen was an understatement.

“How’s this look,” she asks, oblivious to the effect she’s having on him, and turning slightly to check herself out in the body length mirror behind her.

It’s a simple knit dress that has a beautiful pattern printed all over the material. The back has a caged cutout that exposes a little more skin than he’d like.

It’s hard to string words together, but when he does, it has nothing to do with the way she looks… because he doesn’t trust himself to say something stupid.

“What is this for, exactly,” he asks after gulping down what feels like his heart in his throat. She’s got one hand on her hip as she twists and turns to check every angle of her body in the dress

“My date with Jake Griffin,” she says, nonchalantly, turning back to face him completely. “You don’t like it.” She frowns, looks down at the dress, and spins to head back into the dressing room before he can rebut her.

He’s partially grateful for her quick retreat, because it’s given him time to fully understand the seriousness of the situation. He knows Jake personally, knows he’s a great guy and that any girl would kill to go on a date with him… but he also knows that the girl in the dressing room is the love of his life.

“Okay, scratch the first one. What about this?” The curtains slide away and she steps out in a black mini dress, one that stops dangerously high on her thigh and flows freely with every step she takes. The back is made up of a crochet panel that leaves nothing to the imagination. He lets out a shaky breath and nods his head in agreement.

“That… that looks good,” he says with a stammering heart. The pain he feels when her eyes light up, the way her smile brightens when she hears his feedback, is nothing like he’s ever felt before.

“We can’t settle on this one just yet. I have a few more to try on,” she says, leaving him heart-broken at the thought of her going on a date with someone besides him.

His heart is beating so hard, it causes a ringing in his ears. His head is screaming at him to leave her be, to let her be happy, but his heart is pushing him to the thought of never having a chance with her ever again.

So he stands himself up on unsteady legs, crosses the short distance from where he sits to the dressing room, and pushes open the curtain swiftly. He steps inside, surprised by how spacious the changing area is.

She’s hunched over at the waist, unaware of his presence as she steps into the next dress. It’s a darkened berry colored dress that’s sleeveless, stops high at her neck, and flares out at her thighs. When she straightens out and see’s him in the mirror, she whirls around. Her hair flies out around her and she’s suddenly the one growing red in the face.

He steps over the abandoned clothes on the floor, closing in on her personal space, and gently grabs the back of her head with one hand. 

He doesn’t think twice, doesn’t hesitate, doesn’t wait for her to push him away.

His lips crash onto hers and suddenly, choosing a dress is the last thing on her mind. She kisses him back after a few seconds of idly letting his lips caress hers, and he responds eagerly. Reality sets in and he ends the kiss before it can grow into something more. When he pulls back, her eyes are still closed and her lips are still parted slightly.

She’s waited a long time for this, but has to laugh at the timing of it.

When her eyes finally open, she grins… just a little. He looks horrified at what he’s just done.

“You must really like this one,” she says, talking about her dress.

He’s slightly relieved she’s not furious… or punching him in the face.

“I do,” he confirms, boldly stepping up behind her as she turns to face the mirror once more. One trembling hand comes out to brush the hair away from the back of her neck to expose the clasp on the back of the dress. He notices the way she shivers at the touch of his fingertips on her skin. He pulls the zipper up slowly. “I think it’ll be perfect for our date,” he says into her ear.

She smiles and lets her head fall back against his shoulder.

“Jake will be a little disappointed,” she says with a mischievous smile that lets him know he’s won her over.