otp: i really miss you

please come back into my life i really miss you and i didn’t mean to make it awkward between us i just really like you please come back i liked it better when we both liked each other and there was nothing that could stop us and now i’ve ruined everything and i didn’t mean to please come back it was really stupid of me to tell you how i felt and now i wish i didn’t do it because now we don’t even say hi and i’m trying to get over you but it’s really hard because i still like you and i don’t know why i’m so hung up on you i just want you back in my life

A Painful Longing

At the thought of you
my mind takes off
as your name lodges in my throat
and feelings pool in my chest.

At the thought of you
my stomach knots
as my legs itch
and my feet burn with the 
desire to be beside you.

At the thought of you
my eyes search longingly
as my hands hunger to hold yours
and my heart races.

At the thought of you
my whole body begins to ache.

But none of it compares to the pain of knowing
that I’ll never be yours.