otp: i really miss you

Sometimes when...

…I’m lying in bed at night, I really miss you.
Not the ordinary I miss you type of thing
where I wish you were with me.
But the type of miss that feels like a part of me is missing.
As if it’s gone and I need it back.
That’s the type of miss I feel.
It’s not an I want you with me;
it’s an I need you with me.

i really miss him

i miss the smell of him, the touch of his skin and the way he use to hug me. i miss how we laughed together and how we used to just lie next to each other and just be in each others company. I miss how he used to talk about us in the future and how we went on trips together. I miss the way he use to call me ‘bubs’ and how i used to call him it back. I miss his presence and i miss his heart beating with mine. i miss hearing him talk about the things that he was passionate about even though i had no real idea or interest in them. I miss being his, and i miss him being mine.

—  6:45PM
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I miss your touch… the feel of your skin on mine… the feeling of the fabric of your clothes under my finger tips as i pull you into a hug, and feel the beating of your heart under me, the slow deep breaths you take as you try to memorize the scent of my hair. I miss the way our lips fit perfectly together, and the way our fingers interlock perfectly as if they are made from the same hand. I miss talking to you at 3 am about nothing, but everything at once, and just loving the sound of your voice, how when you are happy it raises slight and when you are sad it drops completely. I miss falling asleep in your arms, feeling them around me like a barrier from the outside world, knowing that nothing from outside of them can do me any harm while I am secure in your grasp. I miss playing with your hair as you fall asleep on my chest after a long day, and you playing with my hair to soothe me out of an anxiety attack. I miss everything, and when I get it, it is never enough, I always want more. I guess thats because i want you, in your entirety, every day, every moment, for the rest of my life, and any moment that I can’t, kills me, it crushes my soul ans repairing the damage is going to take lots of time, snuggled in your arms.
—  Scarlett Rose

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@henryl89 : @siwon1987 siwon hyung!!! ㅋㅋㅋ i miss you!!! hyung always take good care!!! thank u for always taking such good care of me!!!! 
@henryl89 : such a cutie!!!
@henryl89 : just woke up hahah getting ready for tonights performance!! miss u all!!!! 내일한국 갑니다! ㅋ 여러분s 넘보고싶네요! 좋은하루보내요!!!!!!