otp: i really miss you

შენ განსხვავებული ხარ.
მე კი შენთან უცნაური ვარ, ისეთი, თითქოს ეს მე არ ვიყო
არ მინდა შევიცვალო და გავხდე ისევ ჩვეულებრივი, ისეთი როგორიც შენამდე ვიყავი.

Sometimes when...

…I’m lying in bed at night, I really miss you.
Not the ordinary I miss you type of thing
where I wish you were with me.
But the type of miss that feels like a part of me is missing.
As if it’s gone and I need it back.
That’s the type of miss I feel.
It’s not an I want you with me;
it’s an I need you with me.

i really miss him

i miss the smell of him, the touch of his skin and the way he use to hug me. i miss how we laughed together and how we used to just lie next to each other and just be in each others company. I miss how he used to talk about us in the future and how we went on trips together. I miss the way he use to call me ‘bubs’ and how i used to call him it back. I miss his presence and i miss his heart beating with mine. i miss hearing him talk about the things that he was passionate about even though i had no real idea or interest in them. I miss being his, and i miss him being mine.

—  6:45PM
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I miss your touch… the feel of your skin on mine… the feeling of the fabric of your clothes under my finger tips as i pull you into a hug, and feel the beating of your heart under me, the slow deep breaths you take as you try to memorize the scent of my hair. I miss the way our lips fit perfectly together, and the way our fingers interlock perfectly as if they are made from the same hand. I miss talking to you at 3 am about nothing, but everything at once, and just loving the sound of your voice, how when you are happy it raises slight and when you are sad it drops completely. I miss falling asleep in your arms, feeling them around me like a barrier from the outside world, knowing that nothing from outside of them can do me any harm while I am secure in your grasp. I miss playing with your hair as you fall asleep on my chest after a long day, and you playing with my hair to soothe me out of an anxiety attack. I miss everything, and when I get it, it is never enough, I always want more. I guess thats because i want you, in your entirety, every day, every moment, for the rest of my life, and any moment that I can’t, kills me, it crushes my soul ans repairing the damage is going to take lots of time, snuggled in your arms.
—  Scarlett Rose