otp: i promised you a heart

I know this finale was chock-full of good bellarke moments so it’s kind of easy to look past smaller ones, but almost no one’s talked about the bit right before bellarke separates and? It’s so good?

Clarke tries to tell Bellamy something and you can tell he’s been unable to get Clarke’s words out of his thoughts about if something happened to her and that he can’t just use his heart, and he expects her to say goodbye to him all over again and he will not have it and he bursts that “if this is one of those times where you tell me to use my head-” because no. he’s not giving up their fight is not over he’s got her for that and there’s no way he’s giving that up.

But Clarke surprises him and says “I was just going to say…hurry.” She tells him that moment she’s not giving that up, too, she won’t accept leaving him, she’s ready to fight for them to stay together just as much as he will. His “you too” confirms that–a promise to return to her, to make sure they’re together, to keep the head and the heart together no matter what it takes, but also a plea, for her to do the same.

(Which just makes every moment after, all the moments where they’re not together and can’t be, so much worse.)

Was I able to live inside someone’s heart? Yes, you were.
Was I able to live inside your heart? You barged right in without taking off your shoes.
Do you think you’ll remember be at least a little? If I ever forgot you, you know you’d come back to haunt me.
You’d better not hit “reset”. As if I ever would.
Don’t forget me, okay? Okay.
That’s a promise? Okay.
I’m glad it’s you after all.

Drunk horny Tsukki...
  • Tsukkishima: *calls Yamaguchi* Raar
  • Yamaguchi: Tsukki? *yawns* What happen? Is three in the morning
  • T: I'm a hungrrrarrrry dinosaur and I'll eat you up
  • Y: ... Are you drunk?
  • T: maybe... but I'm still gonna eat your little c...
  • Y: STOP! I'm hanging up.
  • T: NO RAR I'll go to your place
  • Y: Don't you dare
  • T: But you are always calling my name it'll be the same just with me inside you
  • Y: Tsukki stop! Too much for my heart
  • T: Tsk, okay... but you have to promise to come to my place in the morning with a nurse suit
  • Y: I'll go, but no nurse suit. Good night, Tsukki
  • T: Wait!
  • Y: What?
  • T: I love you
  • Y: Shut up Tsukki! *violently hangs up*

I just barely made this in time for a fun art contest over on DA! Pssh, like I ever need an excuse to draw cute OTPs. :’3

I even wrote a little story of sorts! Behold my terrible writing.


With the ceremony done and the attendees slowly leaving Twilight’s castle, Starlight could breath a small sigh of relief. As happy and touched as she was to have so many praise her for helping reform the Changelings, she was thankful that things were finally going back to normal. She wondered if she would ever be used to this kind of thing…

“Need a break from our adoring audience, Star?”

Starlight chuckled as the blue mare trotted up to her with a trademark smirk on her face. “Hardy har,” she replied, playfully rolling her eyes. “But, yeah. It’s been a long day.”

“Tell me about it! But you can’t deny that it feels good, right?” Trixie asked. softly nudging Starlight as she sat down beside her. “We’re officially heroes, medal and all. Now I see why Twilight and her friends go out of their way so much.”

“Yeah! It feels really good. Especially… uh… you know. Considering all of our pasts,” Starlight mumbled timidly. To her relief, Trixie nodded in agreement and understanding.  That was the one of the greatest (hehe) things about her best friend: she could say as little as she wanted and Trixie would still get her.

“While I agree, I don’t want you getting all mopey. This is a happy day. HAPPY.” Trixie laughed and Starlight couldn’t help but join in. They then sat in companionable silence for a few moments before Trixie turned back to her. “You know, I didn’t expect Twilight to graduate you tonight.”

“Exactly! I was really shocked,” Starlight replied, nodding. “As happy as I am, I don’t think I’m quite ready to branch out on my own yet. Do you think I made the right call…?”

“Yes. If you aren’t ready for that step, that’s fine! But, you know… if you ever did want to ‘leave the nest’, the Great and Powerful Trixie would be more than happy to have you travel Equestria with her,” Trixie admitted, giving Starlight a wink. “We still could, you know. No one’s around to stop us.”

Starlight turned to Trixie, half-expecting to be met with a laugh and a “gotcha!”. But all she saw was sincerity and even a bit of longing. For a fleeting moment, Starlight imagined packing a bag and running away together. Her cheeks heated up and she started to laugh, a nervous giggle that she prayed didn’t make her sound like an idiot.

“Hey! That was serious, you know!” Trixie snapped, slightly hurt.

“No, no, I know you are. I’m sorry,” Starlight quickly replied, still smiling. “That’s a very tempting offer, Trix. But we both know poor Twilight would likely have a heart attack. So tell you what: give me more time, and I’ll definitely take you up on your offer in the future. I’d love to travel with you,” Starlight admitted, feeling the still-new sensation of butterflies in her stomach.

Trixie beamed. “I’m holding you to that. As my great and powerful assistance.”

“It’s a promise.”



              “The love i’m sending ain’t making it through to your heart however,                                                     no engagement can amount to your friendship

ifallonblackdays  asked:

I'm gonna be greedy and hit you with another prompt. lol Hope you won't mind! What if...right after the "let's get out of here" moment in 2x20, Alec collapses on their way to Magnus' loft because he's been wounded by one of the demons during the battle but he's been too busy to really take care of it? I don't know, I'm just in the mood for some self-indulgent hurt/comfort with ensuing fluff, and you do both so well!

Anonimo ha detto:Hi ! I love the way you write and wanted to ask, if you’re still taking prompts, if you maybe could write a little something for me. Malec, post 2x20, where Alec works himself out because he’s stressing both over his parabatai and his relationship with Magnus, and it takes him collapsing for Magnus to realise he might have to apologise too for the way he treated him in that episode ? Cause their conversation, tho it was sweet left me unsatisfied on that end. Hopefully you’ll feel inspired. :)

I don’t mind at all! :D Especially with hurt/comfort and fluff GIVE ME ALL THE PROMPTS
Also, since these two prompts were kinda similar, I’ve decided to mix them, I hope you won’t mind :)
I basically rewrote and ending for 2x20 (which is, I know, pretty insane because canon ending was kinda perfect)
Anyway, I hope you’ll like it!
Let me know :)

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Alec’s been looking at him all night, quick glances and longing stares Izzy and Clary have been elbowing him out of.

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Hi, sorry i was wondering if you have any suggestions for otp names? i love your blog is very helpful btw

i’ve never had a request like this but i’m super excited to answer it?? they’ll all probably be song lyrics ( some adapted to work better ) because i just find that easier and also, song lyrics are very common for otp tags/names/verse ( whichever you wish to call them ), so here’s a bunch of otp names for a range of different ships and brotp’s: 

otp: thinking out loud, otp: wish you were here, otp: stay with me, otp: love me like you do, otp: as long as you love me, otp: where are you now that i need you, otp: never let you go, otp: nothing like us, otp: stuck in the moment, otp: die in your arms, otp: somebody to love, otp: catching feelings, otp: heart wants what it wants, otp: come and get it, otp: love will remember, otp: you belong with me, otp: i knew you were trouble, otp: back to december, otp: everything has changed, otp: bad bood, otp: our song, otp: i know places, otp: all you had to do was stay, otp: pictures to burn, otp: how you get the girl, otp: the story of us, otp: see you again, otp: when i look at you, otp: can’t be tamed, otp: 7 things, otp: someone else, otp: wherever you go, otp: give your heart a break, otp: gift of a friend, otp: fix a heart, otp: two worlds collide, otp: shouldn’t come back, otp: this is right where it begins, otp: promised myselfi wouldn’t let you complete me, otp: is there somewhere you can meet me, otp: didn’t mean to fall in love tonight, otp: could we pretend that we’re in love, otp: something that we’re not, otp: let’s cause a little trouble, otp: maybe you could devastate me. otp: we wrote a story in the fog, otp: thinking about the feelings that we hide, otp: would it really kill you if we kissed, otp: loving him was red, otp: losing him was blue, otp: no one has to know what we do, otp: swallowing my pride, otp: i realised i loved you in the fall, otp: i swear i’d love you right. otp: you’ll be mine and i’ll be yours. otp: your eyes look like coming home. otp: it used to be mad love. otp: bandaids don’t fix bullet holes. otp: they are the hunters, we are the foxes, otp: i’ll take care of you, otp: dealing with a heart i didn’t break, otp: best i ever had, otp: we’re running out of time, otp: set fire to the rain, otp: make you feel my love, otp: can’t make you love me, otp: is it too late now to say sorry? otp: missing more than just your body. otp: falling in and out of trust. otp: no one’s ever left my quite this sore, otp: once upon a time you were my everything, otp: you always be by my side, otp: knew that i’d love you to the day i die, otp: we’re a secret, can’t be exposed, otp: heartbreak girl, otp: beside you, otp: long way home, otp: english love affair, otp: what i like about you, otp: heartache on the big screen, otp: everything i didn’t say, otp: close as strangers, otp: wrapped around your finger, otp: the only reason, otp: love in the sky, otp: where you belong, otp: they don’t know about us, otp: midnight memories, otp: summer love, otp: last first kiss, otp: crazy in love, otp: drunk in love, otp: best thing i never had, otp: bed of lies, otp: right by my side, otp: one last time, otp: love me harder, otp: almost is never enough, otp: just a little bit of your heart, otp: best mistake, otp: break your heart right back. otp: be my baby, otp: next to you, otp: don’t be gone too long. otp: we found love, otp: love the way you lie. otp: hate that i love you. otp: better together, otp: everlasting love, otp: feels like vegas, otp: scars to your beautiful, otp: river of tears, otp: focus on me, otp: good for you, otp: girls like girls, otp: never forget you, otp: how deep is your love, otp: every time we touch, otp: all the small things, otp: here in your arms, otp: she will be loved, otp: teenage dream, otp: say my name, otp: since you’ve been gone, otp: this love is a sure thing, otp: the one that got away, otp: unconditionally, otp: thinking of you, otp: international smile, otp: not like the movies, otp: it takes two, otp: lay it all on me, otp: stand by you, otp: the trouble with us, otp: fire and the flood, otp: on my mind, otp: the girl is mine, otp: wildest dreams.

。:☆OTP TAGS! by astrorph

Under the cut you’ll be able to find #200 OTP tags from the lyrics of the songs on my playlist. Most of them are English OPM (Original Pinoy Music) songs or songs in English made by Filipino singers! Most of them are pertaining to romantic relationships but you can tweak it to make it seem like brotp or even a character tag.  A like/reblog is well appreciated!

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imagine your OTP

Person A: You promised you wouldn’t go. You promised you would stay with me. You promised you wou-

Person B: I’m sorry. I’m sorry. i’m so sorry. I’m sorr-

Person A: *looks up frustrated and heart broken* SHUT UP!

*looks at the ground and shakes their head*  It was a bad idea to love you.

Person B: Do you think I want to die?!

Person A: No *looks up* I don’t think you want to live

under the cut you will find 370+ otp tags. these were all taken from various song lyrics and quotes, except one or other i made up myself. they are unsorted, ranging from anything since skinny love to soulmates to friends with benefits to toxic relationships, exes, forbidden loves and so forth. tw: nsfw, mentions of battle and religious references. likes or reblogs are appreciated. hope you enjoy it!!

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i have no explanation for this other than i wanted to procrastinate studying for a test!!! so under cut there are 159 otp tags that u can use for ur cute 1x1s or indies or any ships at all!!! i got all of these from lyrics of one of my fave bands of all time, the nbhd separated by album/ep!! enjoy and pls like/reblog if u find this useful :)

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A Healing Touch

“What happened to your arm?”

Robin blinked, looking up from his stack of paperwork. He was met with the slightly miffed expression of the tower’s resident empath as she glowered at his arm. Robin furrowed his brows, confused. “Uh, what?” he said. Raven huffed, gesturing towards his bandaged arm.

“You’re arm,” she said, “What did you do this time?”

Oh. That.

“It’s nothing, Rae,” Robin said, shrugging. “Just a scratch.”

Raven rolled her eyes and sighed, her cape fluttering as she swept into the chair beside him. “Just nothing,” she mocked, “sure.” The empath reached for his arm, gently pulling it towards her. “I can feel your pain all the way from the roof.”

Her touch made Robin freeze. She was gentle as she unwound the bandage, careful to not squeeze or bump the gash. Heat rose to his face, and Robin found himself riveted to her every movement. There was just something so…alluring about the demoness, something that always seemed to bring him into a trance when he was around her. Robin felt he wasn’t alone in that aspect either; Raven seemed to have that effect on most people.

“This is bad,” she murmured softly. Her face was drawn into a pout as she took in the state of his arm, her tone clearly disapproving. Robin shrugged again, trying to hide his embarrassment.

“Cyborg said it was worse than it looks.”

Raven cut him a glare, silencing him. With barely a twitch of her fingers, she conjured up her healing magic and draped her hand across his injury. He gasped, pins and needles of ice dancing across his skin. Robin watched with wide eyes as the sorceress re-sewed the muscle and skin on his arm, making it like new once again.

That was one of the things Robin found forever fascinating about Raven’s powers; her ability to heal. He’d once watched her re-shape Beast Boy’s splintered leg, rescue Starfire from being stabbed, and reconstruct a burn victim’s face, among other things. She was an invaluable member to the team, and an excellent friend. Someone he trusted with his life.

“There. Better.”

Robin blinked. He looked down at his arm, now whole once more. He flexed, relieved to find the soreness gone. “Wow, thanks, Rae!”

Raven smiled, and Robin felt his heart skip a beat. “Next time, try not to hurt yourself,” she teased. The empath lingered for just a moment, their gazes tangling within each other. Robin felt her hand graze his arm and sliding into his own. She gave him a gentle squeeze, a smile flickering across her lips. But it was gone as fast as it appeared, and she rose abruptly, breaking the spell. Robin gulped, letting his hand drop into his lap. He looked away, suddenly feeling self-conscious.

“Um, thanks again,” he mumbled quietly. Raven hummed.


Robin glanced up just in time to see her stride off, her cloak billowing behind her. He stared after her, his heart thudding in his chest and his mind reeling.

What on earth just happened?

He rubbed his arm subconsciously, suddenly unable to focus on his paperwork.

I promised fluff, so here. This is fluffy, right?


Anyway, enjoy xD

P.S. this is totally inspired by a prompt thing I saw but forgot to save. If I find it, I’ll link it!

-mod Kat