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A scene from this adorable fanfic  (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑…..

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riarkle au headcanon

dancer!farkle au in which he’s a major choreographer in new york city and one day alexander, riley’s boyfriend, comes to him and asks for advice on how to propose to riley bc they’ve been dating for a couple years now and they’ve had their ups and downs (more downs than ups, tho) and farkle panics bc he’s been in love with riley for the entire time he’s known her so he gives alexander some basic “just be yourself” advice and goes to riley as soon as he can and confesses how long he’s loved her and how miserable it’s been hiding it from her and how she deserves so much better than alexander and needless to say riley is shocked bc she does have feelings for farkle that she’s brushed off for so long and lately she’s had this nagging feeling that farkle treats her better than her own boyfriend does but three days later when alexander proposes she still says yes and as soon as farkle hears the news he goes off to the studio for hours and next week he presents this piece at a huge showcase in the city:

and the video spreads around the internet like crazy and farkle’s asked to present it on a dance tv show (like dwts or sytycd) and a couple months later he gets nominated for the emmy for outstanding choreography and every time riley sees this on her social media or even hears the song on the radio she’s full of regret and she starts to wish she had chosen farkle when she had the opportunity bc she’d be so much happier than she is now but she knows she’s too late but then on emmys night after farkle wins he’s asked what inspired him to create this routine and he replies, “i was in love with a girl for a long, long time. for years. three days after i told her, she got engaged to someone else.” the presenter obviously follows up by asking if he still feels the same and he says “of course. i’ll always love her even if she never loves me” and as soon as riley sees this she’s a mess and goes to maya for advice but all she’s told is to follow what she’s really feeling so the next night when alexander comes back to their shared apartment he finds a note and an engagement ring waiting for him on the kitchen table