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Why are you here?! Because you are here! Because I love you! You are here right where you need to be. You are running the world. I ran the world too. And everything that went wrong happened when we weren’t together. Everything. Without you..

A klance fanfic rec that no-one asked for

Obviously, there are the really popular ones, but I thought I might share some hidden jems out there. I’m putting this under the read because it got a lot longer than expected.

Barbie Girl by Shipstiel (2K, T) >> Just a really cute soulmate au where you can hear your soulmates thoughts. In which Lance is really just an accident waiting to happen and annoys the hell out of Keith. It has a companion fic called Of Pokemon and Moon Landings.

I Was Born a Lion by spectralphobia (O, G)>> This comic is so cool! And the plotline is really detailed. Whilst klance does appear, it’s not the main focus. But this is really such a great read!

everything,everything by makasouls (5K,T) ( @makasouls)>> Just a really jealous and salty Keith because the Cuban cinnamon roll won’t flirt with him. It’s really fluffy and has one of my favourite tropes of pining Keith in it.

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The Widow of Windsor:

And it was all over. Albert was dead.


I know you don’t like what you see
But I’m not going back to how I used to be

I was re-watching the Perfect Girl MV and noticed that wonkyun had been filming on the same bed!! (notice the same hanging charm, and the same box in the back)

Changkyun had even been playing with the same white plushie that was in the background of wonho’s bed too!!

and im just here crying coz i miss them and wonder how they’re doing?? if they’re good or why they barely interact anymore like they used to in rush era ;~;

anonymous asked:

cna u draw your top 3 camp camp ships?

I honestly only have two otps for Camp Camp? or at least ones I like to draw :3c

Jaspvid is hella cute and I’m a slut for childhood friends to lovers and older Jasper who’s strong and likes to hold his bf?? like sign me tf up. I have a lot of pent up feelings about Jasper too, like let him be happy, he’s a radical guy

Gwen’s not a morning person

Gwenvid (featuring dadvid and mom!gwen) is like, the best thing ever? Gwen cares a lot about David in canon and why aren’t they in love yet? Especially after the finale and the atomic family happened. Let them be together! Let them adopt Max! Let Gwen get her dream job!

(I’d also like to say the Jaspgwenvid is a hell of an ot3 and I would like to drown myself in it)


can we pretend? if only for tonight.

hearts left bleeding, by Coalitiongirl


i call this piece “fck the order” 

aka kanda ft. lavi during the level 4 invasion