otp: i never need anyone. but i need you


Since I’ve experienced so much attitude in my time at Mode, I’d like to posit an observation: One thing that is often lost in the changing of an attitude is the cause for that change. This is best understood when you consider attitudes on a personal level. I ask you, dear reader, to think back to a time when you experienced a major shift in your life. Was it an external change, something that happened outside of you, and forced a change of attitude to help you adapt to the future? Perhaps you saw a friend demonstrate a prowess that cast her in a new light. Heck, maybe it was as simple as your friend getting a makeover. Or perhaps that friend was undergoing her own life change, one in which she would no longer be present in your life, compelling you to make your own change to keep her in it, even if it were in a new context.

Just as important: Maybe the change was an internal one. Maybe you realized you were no longer interested in maintaining your status quo. Perhaps you wanted to try new challenges not only in your professional life, but also in your personal one. Or maybe one day something just changed inside you in the way you saw that good friend, causing you to want her to be more than, well, just a friend.

—  extract from Daniel Meade’s final letter from the editor.



You saved me. Yeah, well, you came to this crazy land to save me, so it’s only fair, right? You… remember? Yeah. I remember. When you couldn’t hurt Henry, he was about to actually kill and become everything I never wanted him to be. That’s when I knew. Are they…? Oh, they’re not real. I didn’t actually kill anyone. Yeah, I know. You just needed to wake me. Thank you.

I have come to realize that in every fandom whatever pairing you ship, there will always be those assholes who can’t leave you alone to ship in peace. Whether it’s canon or not. 😂😂😂 Why must there be conflict? Can’t we all just ship in peace. I don’t require anyone else to validate my otp. I don’t need to convince you of how your ship should or will never happen. Ship wars are annoying af. Ship whatever you want, you don’t need to get up in anyone else’s business just because they disagree with you. Why can’t we all just stay in our own lanes? You do whatever tf you want, just don’t pester anyone else for having different preferences. Love only or at the very least empathy for other shippers.

20 Years ago

I was in third grade and my friend asked if I wanted to play Buffy in gym class. I didn’t know who Buffy was but it sounded like fun. I agreed to be Willow and we ran around the jungle gym with sticks catching vampires.

Little did I know, Buffy would change and shape my life for the next two decades.

In middle school, when kids were having sleepovers and discovering parties and boys, I would wrap myself in a blanket in my room and rewatch the episodes of Buffy I had painstaking taped week after week.

My first crush was Angel, my heart breaking when Buffy had to sacrifice him to save the world.

Willow was my best friend, my heart racing when she finally found love with Oz, my heart soaring when she met the one with Tara.

Xander taught me that sometimes people will judge you but that doesn’t mean they don’t love you. Accept people’s flaws because they can learn and grow if you help them.

Despite all odds, I fell in love again when we re-met Spike in season 4, discovering my first “OTP” and never looking back.

Buffy herself was the hero I needed. She was strong but she was flawed. She could save the world in one moment and give in to her selfish desires the next. We don’t need role models who paint a picture of perfection. We need role models who show us that the path isn’t always clear or easy to follow. You will make mistakes and you will fall. Keep fighting. No matter what happens. Never let anyone underestimate you.

Buffy went off the air when I was in the 8th grade. It was heartbreaking to say goodbye to 7 years of my favorite show, and daunting to enter high school without the safety of the Scooby Gang to welcome me home every Tuesday night at 8.

Buffy taught me to be strong and to embrace who I am.

Seize the day, cause tomorrow you might be dead.

Chronological List of Kastle & Kastle Important Scenes

Complete with brief scene overviews and approximate episode timestamps!

For @thekastlediaries and the rest of the kastle fam! Tbh I had 99% of this post already saved on my computer for rewatching purposes; I just reorganized it and found the timestamps real quick, lol.

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noorhelm appreciation week

day six → music

seriously in love. [ listen ] // are you never going to let anyone in again because you might get hurt? trust me, you don’t want that. it’s really lonely. because people need people. i love you, and you love me. we need to be together. say we need to be together.

you got a home for now and forever: a caminah masterpost

because this is long overdue and they’re literally the most important thing to ever happen and they’re the best friends in the history of best friends and I need somewhere to vent let’s get started shall we

disclaimer: no gifs are mine except the grand rapids q&a gifs and the red in indianapolis gifs and certain puerto rico gifs

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dana watches lucifer (2x08)

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  • did you know my dad just saw lucifer’s mom in a hallmark movie where she was the small town love interest
  • nice whistling music and then BODY SLAM
  • “hey man” BODY SLAMMED
  • “we can totally work this out” lol you thought
  • kay not rly back to normal linda seems rly nervous
  • “the sandwich representing trust” that is exactly what it represented even lucifer knows deckerstar is otp 
  • “how did you actually torture hitler” I LOVE LINDA
  • “i was worried i’d never see you again” AW
  • “maze gave me some needed clarity” i ship it so hard
  • “what abt my uncle edwin he was one bad mamma jamma”
  • “now she’s somewhere to the left of totally useless and the right of total lunacy” “so she’s you in a skirt”
  • “if you need anyone to talk to i’m here” THE WAY SHE SAYS IT SO CASUALLY
  • duh its a white guy
  • oh my god oh my god it’s the knife it’s azrael’s knife holy shit i’m gonna scream
  • “okay so if you two wanna cry it out i’ll be in the car” um maze is the best
  • every time the theme song cuts in it’s just so epic
  • ohhhh the blade demands to be used I WONDER IF THE GUY FEELS GUILT HOLY CRAP 
  • “trip to stabbytown” 
  • lucifer likes calling people a peach i love it
  • “i like the smug much sexier than the earnest” 
  • of course maze doesn’t wanna do the dishes
  • “the whole point of a favor is to do it for free”
  • “ugh please don’t ruin favors for me” I LVOE THEIR FRIENDSHIP
  • “oh no no definitely not” WHAT DOES SHE WANT I GOTTA KNOW
  • “you’re a nasty little nerd aren’t you”
  • “does your favor involve killing me” *pushes her in* lucifer is such a jerk i love him 
  • “the glory what” “the glory hole” “the glory way”
  • chloe is so not clued in i love her so much but lucifer must cause her a lot of stress how is she not completely grey haired by now
  • “that’s why great ideas come in the shower” I LOVE HER
  • “it appears you’ve been busy” ZOOM IN
  • “FILLED IN hole” I love lucifer i love him 
  • “you are sexually prolific, turns out you get that from me” “MUM” 
  • no no more sadness we were going so WELL
  • i like chloe’s murder board
  • “my pudding is gone” who are you ross geller
  • ELLA
  • chloe is so jealous
  • “lucifer’s not another guy, he’s a weirdo” doesn’t mean you can’t still be in love with him
  • chloe is so FLUSTERED
  • lol lucifer puts on hand sanitizer
  • “nooo worries” she says as she steps closer
  • we get to see protective/jealous lucifer all the time so protective/jealous chloe is a GIFT
  • amenadiel, mazikeen stop FLIRTING she’s in love with linda
  • “you’re whole leather body suit thing it’s it’s - it’s not - it’s not that great” “….yeah it is”
  • lol and there’s another body
  • “must have been some parking space”
  • oh god the whole yoga class is DEAD
  • “nothing left to do here i suppose” “except figure out how a whole yoga class got murdered” 
  • “totally insane and probably exactly what happened” i love ella
  • oh man they’re not dead, they’re DEAD dead
  • chloe is so jealous
  • oh god ella is not helping her case
  • “that’ll be what the panels called: full yoga massacre 2016″
  • their whole dynamic has shifted
  • “the angel of death is a chick?” damn straight
  • this guy is such a hipster i can’t even type out the name of his tea
  • “tell me what you want what you really really want” “i want a raspberry cream cheese muffin” oh my GOD HIS STOMACH I LVOE IT
  • this is so funny i can’t process anything
  • “proof of bigfoot?” i love lucifer
  • “this case and ur favor are connected. start talking dude” still love her
  • “don’t underestimate the nasty nerd” - my dad
  • “i guess faith isn’t faith unless it’s tested… bring it in” I LOVE HER SO MUCH SHE JSUT HUGS HIM
  • ella has been CAUGHT
  • “enjoy ur shower” lucifer don’t make it worse
  • poor chloe she doesn’t understand
  • aw i knew the yoga teacher would end up killling someone i just hoped not i feel rly bad
  • i literally love lucifer standing up for this woman i love him i love her and i goddamn love this show
  • “you ruined my marriage” dan YOU ruined your marriage
  • my dad is telling me why i should’ve known it would happen all along
  • “technically that’s not the truth but i understand the metaphor”
  • i know he won’t die but that isn’t changing my fear
  • “i know you ate my pudding” nah nvm he’s totally justified to do this
  • “have mercy daniel how was i supposed to know it was yours” “BECAUSE IT WAS LABELLED” 
  • oh this is a real redemption arc
  • “what are we doing back here” am i growing fond of dan this is kinda weird
  • “i feel great” yeah i guess he got a lot off his chest
  • no chloe don’t feel unvalidated by this please
  • lucifer stop exploiting this 
  • “trump… i know he’s not dead but he’s definitely going”
  • “i had sex with the devil” “many many times and you’re welcome”
  • “the doctor is in” DAMN STRAIGHT :’)
  • aw this is so pure what ella wants
  • “no harm no foul” “i beg to differ”
  • “i want my family back” i kinda high key love her
  • “hell wasn’t home and heaven was hell” that was a beautiful line

Laurel Lance Appreciation Week: [day three] | Favourite Romantic Relationship | Oliver Jonas Queen and Dinah Laurel Lance | The Green Arrow and Black Canary 

Various song lyrics included into this gifset which was [inspired by]

Song: Ellie Goulding - Explosions

But the mountains will shake, I need to know I can still make,
Explosions… on the day you wake up needing somebody,
And you’ve learned, it’s okay to be afraid,
but it will never be the same, it will never be the same.


Caminah + Puerto Rico


I never meant to depend on you 
on anyone 
because I promised that 
I would never feel this way 
but now maybe I need you 
the way the Earth 
needs the sun 
to see another day. 

Gmw is like pll leaving us with all these unanswered questions:
-why does Lucas let Maya make fun of him
-why did Lucas get kicked out of school
-what did they put as their lives impossible things
-where the heck is josh and how come Maya forgot about him
-how come Maya never actually told Riley what happened in Texas
-why did Cory say “I didn’t think you liked anyone” when clearly he knew she liked josh
-why were farkle and zay forgetting the fact that Maya stepped back for her friend too (for almost 2 years may I add)

Okay so let’s get everything straight before I’m too tired to write (or too drunk but that I already am) :

  • I’m really really excited about Elsa in OUAT because I LOVE Frozen BUT, I’m pretty sure they’ll screw this up by making her Evil (but look at Peter Pan tho) and won’t respect her story and character as much as we want. But this won’t stop me to be fucking happy about that crossover.
  • I also know they are doing this only for more audience. I’m not stupid, I KNOW.
  • I’m as pissed and sad as all of you about Swan Queen and Regina, but I’ll NEVER stop shipping them. No matter what happens on the show. They are my One True Pairing and nothing will ever change that.
  • Yes I will probably have a lot of fun with Ice Queen because I had this headcanon the instant I saw the movie ; but I’m not the kind to ship something without seeing a little about it on screen first. Again this does not mean I’m jumping ship, I’ll just enjoy this possibility. Swan Queen will always remains my OTP.
  • I so hope the Frozen fandom won’t take this new thing too seriously because I don’t want Frozen to be ruined for anyone.
  • I need to stop blogging while drunk because damn I’ll be ashamed of myself tomorrow.

I love you all so dearly, I would never write this while drunk if I didn’t. SWEN and my followers are my second family, and nothing will change that, nor my love for the glorious Swan Queen ship.