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53/365 Days of Outlaw Queen

I N E E D you to S T A Y || cookiebakinghunter

Sam had been having nightmares a lot recently, all nights of the year to be exact, and they were all about her. Jessica Moore, the girl he lost to the flames. They never seemed to quit getting worse and worse, he tried ignoring them, of course. But, tonight’s nightmare got to him and hit him hard. Hard enough that he wandered to the closest cross-road, buried a small box in the middle of the road, and made a deal. While the demon was sarcastically happy to take up his offer, he was given ten years and a promise that Jessica would be sleeping peacefully in his bed at the bunker, and her mind would be filled with fake memories of she and Sam for the amount of time she had been dead. Sam knew he wouldn’t get much more than that, and he couldn’t ask for more, the demon was unnormally kind as to give him what he was promised enough, which resulted in a sealing kiss and a slow walk back home to think about what he had just done. Ten years didn’t seem like enough time to spend with Jessica, he wished there would’ve been more, but if he had started a bid he would’ve gotten less, so he didn’t complain. He just had to make each moment with her count until the day where it would all end, the day when his ten years would be up.

Sighing ever so lightly as he wandered into the bunker and into his room, he saw the soft skinned blonde that he missed so much, her long blonde hair draping past her shoulders as she laid curled up in his bed. “Thank God.” He whispered before letting his legs quietly carry him over to the bed, leaning over her to tuck her blonde strands behind her ear so he could see her beautiful face. The face that haunted him in more ways than just one. Sam couldn’t help but smile at just the mere sight of her, feeling her skin underneath his fingers again. She was here with him, she was here for him to wrap his loving arms around, she was here to love once more.