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Daily reminder

You’re allowed to ship whatever fictional pairing you want.

Don’t listen to complete strangers on the internet, you don’t need permission to enjoy any type of ship.

When I mean whatever fictional ship, I mean any type of ship, any and all.
You are allowed to explore and indulge when it comes to fiction. Fiction is a place to escape reality, so stop listening to antis who can’t separate the two.

Ship what you like, leave others to enjoy their ships, and just stay in your lane.

List of Au’s I Need
  • You always watch our soccer/football game but you’re always alone and I wanted to talk to our number one fan 
  • You suck at gym class and coach assigned me to be your partner, seriously dude, you can’t even kick a ball
  • You’re the cute nerd that keeps getting pushed around but you just punched your bully and I gotta save you
  • I’m a monster/guardian that the local village give sacrifices too and you’re the new sacrifice but don’t worry I won’t eat you, I’m kinda lonely
  • You’re my mate but you won’t except it, c’mon, it took me forever to find you can I at least get a hug or something
  • I just captured the ship you’re on and about to kill everyone on it, but you’re cute, I’ll keep you
  • You’re a princess that wants to escape castle life and I happen to be just traveling the world, totally not running away from bad people or nothin’
  • You’re the neighbor that keeps their curtains open, even when changing, and I can’t talk to you without blushing 
  • You just snuck into my apartment and wait is that blood
  • we’ve been roomates for a few months now and I never see you at night except this time when I caught you dragging a body into the kitchen
  • I needed to kidnap you for a mission but don’t worry I won’t kill you, you’ll be staying with my family for a while
  • You just threw your prosthetic arm at me for being an asshole but seriously dude I’m sorry, do you need a hand?
  • I’m that dork that makes stupid puns and you’re the nerd that actually finds them funny
  • simon: *starts drama just by existing*
  • raphael dropping everything and sighing from miles away: i'm coming to fix it, stay where you are

Guren Ichinose x Shinya Hiiragi // Owari no Seraph

He’s everything I want He’s everything I need (insp.)

Alphabet Sentence Prompts!

“Aren’t you going to say you’re sorry?”

“Barman, I’ll take a glass of alcohol, preferably with an umbrella!”

"Cry me a river.”

"Dude, this smells like my mother and trust me, that’s not a compliment.”

"Evidence points towards that A is an idiot.”

"Follow me, I’m the Alpha Idiot.”

"Good things only come from danger.”

“Hey, that’s my food!”

“I have no idea how to not die here.”

“Jenga solves everything.”

“King or not, I don’t like you.”

“Look around, see that? That’s nobody caring about your opinion.”

“Maybe… I need you.”

“Naturally, we need to get bloody here.” (B: “No.”)

“Open up, I promise you’ll feel better.”

“Please say you’re here to stay.”

“Quit looking at me, you’re making me nervous.”

“Reach out your hand, I got you.”

“Sexy. And by sexy I mean disgusting.”

“Take me home.”

“Under the bed, now!”

“Voldemort was better than you.”

“Will you stop killing my mojo!”

“Xoxo” (B: [whisperes] “…gossip girl”)

“Young man, there’s no need to feel down, I said young man! Pick yourself off the ground!” (B: “Please stop quoting the YMCA”)

“Zippity zoopy, bring me that booty.”


Ya’ll want some angry Negan smut? Welllll guess who stayed up till 1 cause I couldn’t sleep XD

Warnings: Dirty Talk, fingering, handjobs, breathplay, oral sex.

I need jesus. 

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M A G I C – Part I

(Hyde has never been good at words and Jackie has never been good at waiting, they need to find a balance to stay together. Hopefully, they’ll do it before is too late. JH, Season 7 Fix-it (sort of). 


For @those70scomics // @thestupidhelmet  ❤︎

I don’t talk enough about how much I LOVE Nick describing Jess as someone with a heart that’s half compass and half flashlight. Not just because it’s super super sweet that Nick says that about her but because that’s 100% who Jess is and has been from the start and it just reminds me of how much I LOVE HER. Even if her character has definitely changed since the first few seasons, the one thing that’s stayed the same is her heart. And that’s beautiful on its own but what makes it even more beautiful is how that part of her as always been something that Nick has been completely in awe of since he met her. I just love Jessica Day and I love that line and I love that Nick is the one who says it and now I’m crying and can’t stop someone hold me ba ck

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Marco realizing his feelings for Star? (given he already broke up with Jackie)

It doesn’t happen all that quickly.

Marco doesn’t know the difference – or wouldn’t be able to much, with a lack of understanding for what love is beyond childhood infatuation, but he promised his friend he’d figure it out as he stayed by her side in trying times, so he will. Marco remembers it after the frantic argument she had against him staying there at all, after everything he did to get back to her. It had taken him a few days to figure out he actually had scissors to follow after her, brain practically swept of anything logical, instead echoing the last moment they had together. But once he stepped foot inside the castle, unwavering and desperate to talk, she had all but told him he couldn’t be there with her.

It’s dangerous now!” she had claimed, “I can’t just let you get involved in our issues because I want you to be here. I need you to be safe.

He was confused at first, and a bit angry, because she just ran off without explaining practically anything besides her crush on him. But when her mother steps in and explains that his previous captor was back and more powerful than before, his anger vanished and he was left with only determination to support his best friend. And once a call to his parents was made, with exchanges about Marco staying for the remainder of the summer and details from the Butterflys, Star had fiercely told him that they needed to talk, alone.

He could tell she wanted to yell at him as soon as they were away from her parents, scream at him until her throat was scratchy and sore, but she settled on shaky breaths and crossed her arms, shaking her head back and forth to show him how much he could not be here right now.

I wouldn’t have told you I liked you if I knew I was going to see you again,” she said, then paused. “Do you? Feel that way about me, I mean.

I don’t know what I feel…about anything right now, honestly,” he told her, and he took her hands in his to keep her from running away again. It’s the same thing he told Jackie before they settled on taking a break for awhile. “But I know I don’t want you to say goodbye again. So I’m staying. I wouldn’t be able to figure out what I feel for you if I couldn’t.

But Toffee’s –

I don’t care,” He answered immediately. “I’m not leaving you when I can help.”

He knows he told them he could help, but at the moment he doesn’t really know what he can do beyond sit within the walls of the castle and twiddle his thumbs as Queen Butterfly demonstrates a new spell to Star with the wand. It had been a little over a week since he showed up, and that’s pretty much what he’s been doing – staying by her side and supporting her in any possible way he could.

She looks over at him as her mother speaks, a stare that goes from determined and focused to just a bit silly, blue eyes shining with mischief. She tilts her head and smiles at him. “Thank you for being here,” it says.

His heart jumps.


I need you here, with me 

He is trying so hard to keep it together. He is trying to tell her he needs her with him. He can’t lose her, again. He can deal with the big guys/ladies but losing her? No way! Must protect.