otp: i lucked out


Hyuk scolding Leo because he insulted him by saying he has no manners when it’s Parent’s Day.

and Leo hugging him because he feels sorry haha.

(Hyuk said something like “how would my parents feel if I went to them and told them Leo hyung just said I had no manners” lol. They were supposed to be complimenting each other but they somehow just ended up insulting one another haha)

cr:  사랑의향기 / @lovearoma9095


I think she’s tougher than even she knows

I basically just had the best “coming out” to my mum. It wasn’t really a big deal since I don’t really keep my sexuality secret and she doesn’t really care, but I basically just explained how I identify and the nuances of demi/asexuality and she got it fine.

That took like 20 minutes, we then spent the next hour or so discussing which hogwarts house our family members are in, which lead into sorting everyone in Teen Wolf and Buffy together.

Before finally finishing with me showing her PONPONPON.

She just said as I left the room “I’ll never be the same again.”

I just told my dad that Tumblr was a studying site because he caught me on it and the post I was on was a historical-fact post.  Now, my dad recommends that I use it every time I need help with my homework. I guess I might fail this year but I just want to say, Thank you, Tumblr for having a range of ‘The History of Asia’ to ‘Miley, WHAT’S GOOD.”