otp: i loved waking up next to you

Tbh I love grumpy morning Dean

“No Cas.” Dean spoke roughly and this wasn’t something he said often to Cas either. They were both sitting on chairs and Cas was watching Dean drink coffee. Dean wasn’t a morning person, Cas knew this very well, but he still tried to get kisses in during the morning even tho Dean would be grumpy.

“You’re just tired and grumpy!” Cas whined to Dean, half annoying him and half loving him because well fuck Cas loved Dean. Cas just smiled while Dean rolled his eyes but he reached his hand out under the table to hold Cas’ hand.


Sam was used to waking up and seeing this. Ever sense he could remember Dean was never a morning person. But holy shit he couldn’t help but smile when he saw his older brother holding hands with someone he loved more then anything. Sam smirked at Dean about to open his mouth, “Morning sunsh-” Dean looked straight into Sam’s eyes and mouthed “shut up.” Sam just laughed as he looked at Cas cuddled up in a blanket sitting next to Dean and trying to kiss his cheek but Dean was to tired to stop him. “Is this how I’m going to wake up everyday Cas?” Dean asked as he lighting kissed his cheek. “Shut up. You love me!”

Dean slightly smiled and a couple moments after he spoke quietly “Yeah, you’re right. I do love you.”

Fluff?? Idk??? Hope you kinda liked it??


Ian and Mickey waking up next to each other


Daily “I Miss them”

2.14 | Homecoming

“I would like to wake up next to you.”


“Why don’t you tell me what you need. I’ll listen. | Just be here with me.“

“Do you need anything else? | To wake up with me”

Being Jimin’s Girlfriend:

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  • Tease, tease, tease, did I forget to say tease because TEASE
  • You just got yourself into such deep trouble is2g
  • You’ll never know what to expect from this little sexy-cute-adorable-spreadyourlegsin0.00005seconds-handsome squish
  • One moment he’ll be this adorable sinnammon roll who just wants to cuddle with you and the next he’ll be teasing you till you’re so hot under your clothes you two might just end up banging as soon as you take one step into the house
  • Intimate moments with him would be late night talks, holding your hand or playing with your hair as he listens to you talk about literally any and everything that’s troubling your mind
  • He’s an avid listener imo and the fact that you trust him so deeply to share everything, would make him feel so damn special (*wipes tears* I swear i’m not crying)
  • However he’s the type to brood over problems alone and try to find a solution by himself, so you’ll always have to be on the lookout for what’s really hiding underneath his mask of beautiful smiles and try to give him a shoulder to share his burden with
  • Always showering him with love so he knows how important he is not only to you, but to bts and his fans, because he might always end up questioning himself and his worthiness.
  • Dates would be so hella romantic because he’d want you to feel like his princess. He’d spoil you with gifts and hugs and kisses and literally every beautiful thing he possibly can.
  • He’d want to take you out to romantic candle lit dinners or walks along the beach, his arm around your waist as he tucks you in close to him. Whispering soft nothings into your hairline as he peppers you with kisses.
  • Hopeless romantic is2g 
  • Showing you his new dance routine whenever he can because he values your opinion above all else. If you love it, he’ll work even harder to perfect it.
  • However, you’d also be making sure he doesn’t overdo it and always try make him rest and eat regularly so as to help him build and retain energy for his shows. 
  • Jimin lowkey loving it and smiling shyly every time you show up at his practice, arms laden with food and drinks.
  • Whenever he’d go out of the country because of schedules he’d always make sure to bring back a gift for you. A special piece of that country’s culture just for you. And he’ll try his damn hardest to get one every time.
  • But let’s just make this clear that no matter how much you love each other, know that you can never come in b/w vmin bromance because vmin is ultimate otp (alongside yoonseok)
  • Cheesy dialogues/texts 24/7 (that Hoseok made him send)

Jimin: On a scale of 1-10, you’re a 9 and I’m the 1 you need
You: Jimin, what the fuck.
Hoseok: [muttering in the distance] I can’t believe it didn’t work

  • Perv face
  • He would be up early every morning before you, and probably just gaze at you next to him, singing beautiful slow songs with that angelic af voice, till you finally wake up and he gets to plant soft morning kisses on your jaw and neck
  • Competing with Jungkook for Jimin’s affection
  • Jimin contemplating whose booty he wants to smack more: Yours vs Jungkook
  • Let’s come to the sex bit, Two words: STRIP. TEASE.
  • (*shivers*clears throat* …okay moving on) He’s definitely a switch so dom, sub he can do both. 
  • He’ll caress you soft and strong while whispering dirty in your ear, calling you his princess and kitten, helping you ride him hard and slow on top of him while he bites his gorgeous plump lips in pleasure. In contrast he’ll also be ready to wear that leather collar and those handcuffs and beg for you, his mistress, to let him cum while you spank him hard, breathy moans bouncing off the walls every time the paddle slaps on skin. (okay I’ll stop now bye)

A/N: I mean, a Jimin post without some smutty smut is just not possible

  • After sex cuddles would be so cute because you both would be all tangled up in each other, breathing heavily as he lazily strokes your back and whispers how amazing you make him feel.
  • He’d be such a caring little squish because seeing you hurt would be the last thing he wants in his life. 
  • Calling you to make sure you’re okay whenever your late. Hugging you tight as soon as you step into the house.
  • Saying he can’t do aegyo but does it anyway cause he loves seeing you laugh and smile
  • Hearing HIS angelic laugh whenever you act adorable and smiling in return cause it’s just that contagious
  • Always making sure you’re happy and satisfied in the relationship because if there’s even a tiny tear on that pretty little face of yours, even if it’s not his fault, he’ll blame himself endlessly.
  • Ultimately, this absolute angel would love you to death and literally do anything to keep you happy and smiling.

Three years, three times Zach wished Miles a Happy Birthday.

2013“happy birthday m.”

2015“happy birthday to this hot chip. i love how much we have to celebrate @milesmcmillan” 

2016“HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my love @milesmcmillan !!! you are the most beautiful thoughtful generous intuitive patient loving talented hilarious supportive understanding inspiring open-hearted loyal person i know. waking up next to you everyday is one of the best gifts life has given me. i celebrate you today - and everyday - and can’t wait to watch you continue to grow into the incredible artist and man that you are. welcome to your late twenties baby! may this year be full of exciting opportunities and may you keep thriving with every step you take! i love you madly barry… xo. barry.”

Imagine Person A spends the night with Person B and some friends. Person A sleep talks and hasn’t said anything about their feelings for Person B yet. Person B wakes up that night and gets a cup of water and as they come back to bed Person A says “I love you, Person B.”

Person B acts all nervous and flustered around Person A the next day.

I'd love to wake up next to you

for the yoonmin anon!!

genre: fluffy, sooo fluffy 

authors note: thank you for requestion yoonmin they are my otp lol so when u said any type of yoonmin fic so many ideas came to mind i hope you like it!!! 

words: 401 

If there was one thing Yoongi adored in this world it was waking up next to Jimin. Watching the younger dream and mumble stuff in his sleep made Yoongi’s heart melt like a popsicle on a sunny day.

He swore he fell more in love with Jimin every single day; counting the faded freckles on the younger’s cheeks as if they were constellations in the night sky.
To Yoongi, Jimin was a beautiful daydream and he never wanted to wake up.

Even with wisps of faded orange sprawled out on the pillow he still looked absolutely captivating while the faint color of strawberries stained on his lips made Yoongi dizzy.

He almost found himself getting lost in the complicated twisted labyrinth that is Park Jimin.  

It’s funny how just 3 simple little words could absolutely change everything. But Yoongi was ready for that change.

“ I love you Jimin.”

Breathing a sigh of relief. The words echoed through the room breaking the morning silence. Every emotion hit him all at once. He finally said it even if Jimin didn’t hear it he said it. The words he has so desperately been wanting to say since the day he met him.

Yoongi could feel his heart burst into a million butterflies. Eyes wide open. Palms sweating he suddenly realized,

he was completely and utterly in love with Park Jimin.

A gentle yawn and a flutter of deep dark chocolatey eyes are what Yoongi saw gazing up at him

“Did you sleep well hyung?” the sleep ridden boy spoke smiling a toothy grin that made Yoongi fall even more in love with him.

“ I slept wonderful my love, how about you” He spoke running a hand through his faded orange hair looking Jimin in the eyes fondly.

“Yoongi?” Jimin spoke studying Yoongi’s features


“I think I love you.” He confessed.

“ I think I love you too.”

Rosy cheeks and shy smiles were shared between the two while they watched the dawn turn to day. Perfectly intertwined with each other; hidden beneath the castles of blankets, slipping in at out of dreams and reality. Perfectly wrapped up within one another.

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Imagine Mahiru getting sick and trying to hide it and force himself to go to school Kuro keeps asking if he is ok but Mahiru just tells him that he is fine Mahiru makes it about half way through the day before he collaspes imagine Kuro's reaction

NOT GOOD. NOT GOOD AT ALL! If Mahiru collapses in the middle of the day it’ll be really bad, especially if it’s sunny, because then Kuro is stuck in his cat form and can’t even carry him home, so all he can do is snuggle up to his Eve and lick his face and wait for the sun to set and hope and pray that it’s nothing serious, he’s right there and unable to help Mahiru and it’s a living nightmare. If there’s a tiny bit of shade he might at least sneak Mahiru’s phone out of his pocket and call his friends for help and pretend to be a random stranger who stumbled upon this boy collapsed in the street, and then he sits by his Eve’s side and waits until they arrive and help him. Once they’ve carried him out of the sunlight and taken care of him a little and left he shifts into human form and does literally everything to make Mahiru feel a little better, although he grumbles and scolds him as soon as he wakes up, telling him not to overwork himself like that because if he gets really sick and Kuro has to take care of him it’s really troublesome. Mahiru relaxes, knowing he’s in good hands, and falls asleep, only to wake up to Kuro sleeping in a chair right next to his bed.

Oops, this turned into a full-fledged fanfic scenario X’D Sorry not sorry~ I love dramatic stories with a fluffy ending like that, anon, you inspired me!


I’d love to hold you close, tonight and always. I’d love to wake up next to you.

  • Blaine: I know, I know. I know that. I'm sorry, I just - I'm just so scared that you're going to keep changing and keep getting stronger and one day you're going to wake up and you're going to realize "I don't love him anymore."
  • Kurt: Never, I'm always going to love you. And I don't want you to be insecure or ashamed around me. Next time you're going through something like this you have to be honest with me.
  • Blaine: Okay, okay.

OKay I’m here to go to meta land, mainly to help everyone calm the fuck down. I think you all are letting what the haters are saying get to you, and they are legitimately so scared right now and they are grasping at a chance to jack themselves off to our negative reactions: Don’t give them the satisfaction, let them jerk themselves raw.

Okay so about the fact that Damon kept mentioning Elena, here is some context that maybe a few( or a lot) of people maybe missed in the heat of the moment.

Damon was on the phone with Stefan and he says to him, “when you love someone sometimes you have to go to those extremes.”

and Stef goes, “Uh Bro, I know you’ve been in a coffin for 3 years but that’s legitimately terribly advice.”

Cue Damon looking at Bonnie (Who is canonically not Elena) and him saying, “Actually brother, it’s so good, I actually have to take it myself.” 

Like are we completely ignoring that fact that that’s exactly what happens before Damon jumps into Bonnie’s head?

He then goes into her head, obviously bringing her to the Gilbert house. Bonnie didn’t see shadow Elena by herself, that wasn’t like…an accident. Damon made that happen, he intentionally used Elena as a trigger. She’s been a damn trigger for both of them all fucking season, so the fuck? Why are people getting so bent out of shape about it now or for our anti’s, why are they wetting their pants over this all of the sudden? It’s been cannon all season. It’s been cannon since Kai linked Bonnie’s life to Elena’s. It’s always going to be a trigger. Get over it.

Then, Damon did exactly what he went there to do. He pissed her off. And he used the thing that he thought would have the most promise of waking her up, the trigger Elena, to do so. Do people really think Damon is that dense to not be aware of Bonnie’s feelings for him? He’s not a dumbass. He knows. He literally goaded her with his past love for Elena, until she ripped his motherfucking heart out of his motherfucking chest. 

Then as soon as she wakes up he goes, “Sorry Bon Bon, had to get you to wake up somehow.”

I’m going to break here and remind you guys that huntress toxin is literally seeping into her brain right now. Like she is literally being rewired to hate vampires on a primal and biological level, so her response in this next scene can definitely be justified by that.

Then it jumps to the phonecall (god our OTP loves phonecalls) Bonnie talks about how she hates him and he says,

“Come on, Bon Bon you know everything I said was just a ploy to make you wake up, right?”  I guess our Anti’s are using their selectively small brains to ignore the parts of the episodes they didn’t like and that disprove their wet dream fantasies.

Bonnie responds with knowing where he is and what he’s feeling inside and thats how she knows a part of what he said was true. But like… I can’t help but think this is the Huntress talking? Grasping on to the love Damon still has for Elena. He’s always going to love Elena guys, you gotta stop flipping out and thinking our ship is sinking every time someone mentions her. Because Damon may love Elena but he for damn well sure isn’t going to let bonnie die from anything but old age. That has been proven so many times this season, especially the last few episodes and it will be further cemented in the finale. 

Then commences more Damon flirting with Bonnie and them hardcore throwing down. Huntress!Bonnie calls Damon the scum of the earth and a parasite and says he’s a living, breathing reminder of everything she’s lost and that he’s standing where Elena should be. Is ANYONE else noticing the pattern here yet or is it just me? (Psssttt she’s the trigger)

Damon leads Bonnie to her grave(idk why he didn’t dig me one while he was at it?) and then she attacks him and he restrains her and he’s like “If I want to die, I wanted it to be here, Bonnie; In honor of you.  I know that the Bonnie I knew yesterday is gone and she may never come back; But I’m talking to you Crazy Bitch Bonnie in all her glory, I still care about you.”

A) if this was really about E, wouldn’t he have just stayed dessicating or wanted to die with her/at the Gilbert house/etc etc etc? *Scratching face emoji* 

B) Ouch. My heart. 

Now on to one of the most important moments in Bamon history.

They struggle and they end up literally against the stump with Bonnie straddling Damon (literally, where are the fanfics?)

Damon says, “Look at the stump Bonnie. Remember it? We mourned you. and you came back. You’ve been so many things Bonnie, a witch, a human, a corpse, a ghost, an anchor to the other side… And now? The woman who is going to kill me.” 

They are fighting over the stake at this point but Damon keeps talking.

“And every time you come back stronger. Do you know how incredible that is? Do you know how much I envy you? Hell some days I can’t even handle being myself.” 

Bonnie tells him to stop talking.

Damon goes, “I can’t because if this is my last moment with you Bonnie Bennett, I need you to hear me. I admire you. I believe in you. and I love you. The same way Elena loved you.”

He then says, If you do kill me, it’s not your fault. I take all responsibility. I did this to us.

As soon as he says Elena it pans to Bonnie and she shakes her head because that’s literally the only thing that’s getting through to her. If you listen to the inflection in Damon’s voice, he said it as more of a reminder than anything. He was using it to anchor Bonnie. He didn’t say it in a platonic manner. He didn’t “sister zone” Bamon. Believe me. ELENA IS THE GODDAMN MOTHER FUCKING TRIGGER THAT HE THOUGHT WOULD BREAK THROUGH THE HUNTERS CURSE. DAMON WAS TRYING TO GET THROUGH TO BONNIE. THAT IS THE ONLY REASON HE USED HER NAME.

Now to the last scene. Damon was standing at the window drinking looking downright broody. Enzo walks in and is like “Mind if i join” and Damon is like bro, this isn’t a celebration… and Enzo says Bonnie is alive and that’s all that matters to him. And instead of being like, ‘yeah same bro cheers *clink clink motherfucker* roll credits’; the VERY next thing out of Damon’s mouth is “I couldn’t get through to her.” and then Enzo talks about the lead Matt found (that I’m sure enzo will later take creds for) and Damon says “Tell me you have a way to help her…” in a very, ‘I’ll go to the ends of the earth and do whatever that said thing is to help Bonnie Bennett’ way.

I guess that music tonight when Damon gave that speech was completely platonic. If that’s the case I hope the same music is playing when they platonically kiss for the first time. I hope that same score swells as Damon platonically eats Bonnie’s pussy. And all in the name of Elena, of course. ;) 

Guys… This is anything BUT platonic. DE shippers can cream their shorts over him mentioning Elena but the context of the scenes legitimately flew right over their heads. I hope they have their tissues ready for when Damon sacrifices everything, for Bonnie(platonically of course) I think I’ve clearly outlined said scenes and their actual context and I hope I’ve cleared up any and all confusion anyone has had. Please don’t let these rats get to you, they are literally running scared and looking for anything at this point to avoid admitting that Bamon is closer than ever to becoming canon. Don’t let them drag you down. ;)

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I'm not even pretending to be asking for anything other than absolute fluff, so how about Hannibal coaxing Will out of bed? Will Graham, who used to wake up with sunrise (on those days when he managed to fall asleep in the first place), now finds himself entirely too comfortable in his newly shared bed/life with Hannibal (who takes the dogs out and cooks breakfast more often than not). Basically just Will being a princess, with Hannibal trying to drag him out and into the world

Will spent his days in a state of shapeless bliss, lazy afternoons rolling one into the next. Hannibal, for all his insistence that being so sedentary would be detrimental to Will’s health, was all too willing to indulge him every step of the way.

A warm hand pressed against his face pulled Will out of his dreams. He grumbled and squinted against the light. The clock on the bedside table read half past noon.

“Brunch will be served on the patio, if you’d care to join me,” Hannibal said. He smelled sweetly of nutmeg and cinnamon.

Will rolled onto his side and pulled the covers over his eyes. “Can’t we just eat in bed?”

“You’ve been in bed for over twelve hours, Will.” Hannibal pulled the covers down and pressed the back of his hand to Will’s forehead. “Are you not feeling well?”

“If you didn’t want me to stay here all day, you shouldn’t have bought such an expensive mattress.” Will stretched his arms up above his head and sighed, sinking into the soft curve of the pillows. “I’m just getting our money’s worth.”

The mattress dipped as Hannibal perched on the edge. He rubbed circles over Will’s belly. “You need to eat.”

Will gave Hannibal a lazy smile. “So bring it to me.”

Adoring fondness tugged at Hannibal’s mouth and painted the corners of his eyes. He left the room without another word and brought back with him a tray brimming with sweet smells of french toast and perfectly crispy bacon.

Hannibal placed the tray between them in the bed. “Would you like me to feed you as well?”

“Don’t act like you wouldn’t if I asked you to.”

Will moaned happily around his fork with every bite. He watched Hannibal watching him from the corner of his eye and warmth blossomed in his chest. He ate until he was full and sated, leaving behind a single syrup-drenched bite.

Hannibal’s plate was elegantly clean. His eyes darted over to Will’s. “Not going to finish that?”

Will sighed and leaned his head against Hannibal’s shoulder. “It’s just one bite.”

Hannibal speared the french toast with his own fork and brought it to Will’s lips. Will eyed him incredulously but took it between his teeth without protest. As Hannibal pulled away, a tiny drop of syrup dribbled down Will’s chin.

Hannibal’s tongue lapped Will’s skin clean. Will wondered if, for him, there was anything Hannibal wouldn’t do.

“I might go for a swim this afternoon,” Hannibal said, moving the tray down to the floor. “Would you like to join me?”

Will pulled Hannibal close and settled against the solid warmth of his chest, humming contentedly. “Maybe,” he mumbled, the words swallowed up by a yawn.

Will’s mind ebbed between waking and dreams. Hannibal pressed kisses into his hair and spoke softly in a language Will couldn’t understand. Will thought, hanging onto consciousness by a thread, that every word sounded entirely like love.

drowning in blue: a korrasami fanmix.

gold guns girls - metric
“i don’t wanna bend like the bad girls bend, i just wanna be your friend, is it ever gonna be enough?”

i know places - lykke li
“don’t ask me when, but ask me why. dont ask me how, but ask me where. there is a road, there is a way. there is a place, there is a place.”

do as i say - rox
“when time gets in the way of me loving you, just do as i say and not as i do, and give me some hope, maybe one day we’ll have what we say. maybe one day…”

i will possess your heart - death cab for cutie
“you gotta spend some time, love. you gotta spend some time with me. and i know that you’ll find, love. i will possess your heart.”

burning desire - lana del rey
“i drive fast, wind in my hair. i push you to the limits ‘cause i just don’t care. i’ve got a burning desire for you, baby.”

addicted to you - avicii
“lost in your eyes, drowning in blue, out of control, what can i do? i’m addicted to you.”

video games - lana del rey
“they say that the world was built for two, only worth living if somebody is loving you. baby, now you do.”

morning dreams - ladyhawke
“you look a little better each day to me, and you try a little harder each day to be (…) morning dreams come true ‘cause I wake up next to you.”