otp: i loved him and sometimes he loved me too

every once in a while after keith and lance start dating someone will just scream so loud everyone anywhere in the castle can hear it “LANCE LOVES KEITH!!!” because they’re mostly teenagers and teenagers tease each other about their successful love lives for whatever reason and lance always responds just as loudly with “I DO!!!” then there’s like a second of silence before lance yells again “HE SAYS HE LOVES ME TOO!!!”

sometimes they mix it up so it’s “KEITH LOVES LANCE!!!” and after that lance always goes “HE SAYS HE DOES!!! ALSO I LOVE HIM TOO!!!”

Sometimes I just wonder if my otps are acting choices or actor’s hidden feelings

For me, Johnlock is an acting choice.

Because I love Martin and Ben as friends:

And because Amanda and Martin are my het otp:

Another otp: Merthur

And yes, I though think already brolin is real:

Because I love Bradley James who can’t love him? C'mon

And I see him really happy when he is with Colin:

And Colin too, so when my puppies are happy, I’m happy too. Yes they are my puppies

So, yes. Maybe they are in love, maybe not.

Who can say that? 


So, everybody confirms that Destiel is love, ok…
But Cockleees??

I’m doubtful because I love Daneel and Vic but…

horny eyes 

unicorn laugh 

tell me just one thing

liamexopink  asked:

"The One Where Everybody Finds Out" Love your writing!

The One Where Everybody Finds Out (an anon also asked for this one!)


“My EYES,” Isaac yells, dramatically pulling his scarf up over his face.

“What the — oh god.”  Stiles stumbles and almost falls off Derek, only Derek’s hands on his hips keeping him steady and, yes, okay, the fact Derek’s dick is inside him is also a factor in really not wanting to fall.  Gathering a blanket around them in a pathetic attempt to cover them both up, Stiles gestures to the door.  ”What are you still doing here?!”

Smirking, Erica cranes her neck, ignoring Boyd tugging her arm.  ”I’m hoping to see a little more, personally.”

“Derek.”  Stiles smacks Derek on the chest.  "Help me!  Make them leave!“

"Relax, we’re going.”

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Jjong didn’t ask for just one date, he asked for many~ ^^

Im just going to point out a few things in this video but I will probably just write every single detail about this :P cause the whole vid is pretty amazing <3

1. Key choosing to call Jjong knowing that he’s awake and probably keeping track of whats going on

2. Can I just love the fact that key says, “why does jonghyun have so many phone numbers” cause we know the pup changes his phone a lot and Key hasn’t deleted old ones probably but knows which one is the current one right away

3. Jjong picks up the phone in a milla sec. and Key briefly sings along to the call waiting song that jjong never changes. 

4. jjong imitating the way Key talks, the whole time I’m wondering how can jjong be so energetic…take notice that this was way late. Going on and on about SHINee’s image being destroyed by key but really though jjong u just didnt want key to look like that on broadcast for the world to see (key looks hot doing everything i swear) 

5. Jjong calling Key “Eungyu-ssi” (teasing him obviously) but making notice that that was on his mind (I personally am still not over how amazing key looked) 

6. Key trying to change the subject but jjong bringing it back to “SHINee’s image” keke Key calling jjong out on his changed tone when saying his greeting ><

7. Jjong calling key “keygoonie” and Key calling jjong “Jonghyunie hyung”

8. Key nonchalantly saying, jjong got inspiration from watching him on MLT and should sing a bit, to which jjong laughs and does as commanded >< saying he has to sing something cheerful, does this imply Key inspires cheerfulness ^^ (Im sure thers a lot of songs that key inspired :P but jjong goes and sings an already made song hahahhaa)

9. Key telling jjong to come “right now” and jjong almost seems down for it keke

10. The pauses that happen when key laughs and where you don’t really hear anything but you can see him makes me wonder if jjong was completely aware or watching cause he also pauses at those times. He probably is so use to those silence laughs that he can even predict them over the phone. 

11. Jjong not giving key a straight up answer for when he asked “what is key to jonghyun” Instead he gave him some abstract meaningful response that he does sometimes only to mess with him further. I suppose its too much to be right out truthful keke and key just laughing at how much nonsense he was spewing 

<3 my lovely otp so let me have my fun :P

do you guys remember season 3 CS? so good. i mean yeah emma’s walls were up and she was super guarded but i really loved all that sexual tension they had going on. plus i enjoyed their FRIENDSHIP. like they were legit friends that worked together and went on adventures and started to trust one another. sure they weren’t confirmed true love yet, or emma didn’t go full on dark swan to save him, and he didn’t die for her a million times, they had 1 kiss back then instead of 7534. all the epic stuff was still to come but yet they were friends who had each other’s back, constant banter, moments where they opened up etc. that friendship was the basis of everything we have now. from enemies to FRIENDS to true love. no otp compares.