otp: i love you too

first kiss with the touch of tenderness

Kiss with the taste of pain

Second kiss with the taste of hopes and promises

Kiss with the touch of warmth and cosiness

Kiss with the taste of passion

The kiss “I’m glad you’re okay and that you’re here with me!”


The kiss “doesn’t matter what happens. doesn’t matter how the world will go crazy, you have me. forever”

kiss with the taste of fear and despair

I would have died if i’d lost you

I love you.

The thing about me is that I only do things that I truly mean. You text me saying I love you a hundred times and I would somehow get away with sending a few heart emojis because I’m not sure. Because I don’t know. Because I value those words too much to just use them as a greeting or a goodbye, they aren’t a simple handshake or a hug. It isn’t all so simple for me. So listen, really listen when I tell you this, I am not waiting around to break your heart, I am not afraid of commitment, I certainly don’t hate you, I just need a second to understand. I need to let your words soak into me and feel the anticipation as I wait to see if they reciprocate onto my skin.
I love you too isn’t a reflex, it’s a slow, lengthy process that starts and ends with sweaty palms and a rapid beating heart. So when I say those words, you better be the happiest man on earth or else I might have just set myself into a trap.

miseoulita  asked:

I love you. Thank you so much for your hard work. I want to just hug you and cuddle you dAMNIT I LOVE YOU. Also, does Ethan wear prescribed glasses? (What does he look like with glasses?) Iloveethaniloveethaniloveethaniloveethan

aaaaa thank you so much!! *hugs*

Nope, Ethan’s eyes are fine but here’s a picture anyway! Just fake glasses for this guy. Snek is the one with the very bad eyesight, he wears contacts outside but wears glasses at home. Roman is also slightly farsighted but he can function without the the glasses, he only wears his glasses when writing or reading. 

I have noticed a pattern

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My baby boy

My precious angel

Ride you

My husband

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My summer bae

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anonymous asked:

Shayna, in your opinion when do you think Keanu was the hottest? IMO he's at peak hotness right now like he's obvs always been attractive but it seems like he got exponentially hotter starting at his late 40s. I'm just curious if anyone shares my belief... love u

How???? Could. You. Possibly. Ask. Me. This?????? *smol GASP, getting ready to pull out my Keanu Through the Ages Diagram.*  (legit tho, I do have system for categorizing Ke through the years. This is what I do with my free time, Don’t judge. pls.)

(Pls forgive lengthiness. Thnxs. All my love, ma chèrie .)

Okay, but on a more serious note: I think you’re absolutely right. As you’ve already put beautifully, Keanu definitely really started growing into himself around his 40′s. There’s this quiet calm and sort of beautiful humbleness and  self assurance to him that he definitely developed as he got older which kind of just makes you want to barrel yourself into his arms and let him hold you for the rest of your life/while spending your weekends making out and fooling around. It’s like everything he went through, especially the crappy stuff, gave him this natural empathy and understanding that not only makes him feel familiar and comforting but somehow all the more sexy, all because he’s not trying to prove anything; He’s kind and sincere, and there’s this natural confidence to him that just makes you want to fall into everything he is and never come out again. It’s something you can see even through all his quietness and there’s something really beautiful about that.

Going back to your question though. As much of a sucker as I am for “Husband Era” Keanu (1993 - 2005) AKA, Don Jon, Shane Falco, Julien Mercer (Doctor Reeves)… 

The Hottest Keanu™, IMO, exists outside of the realms of time and space… he is an aesthetic: Disheveled Keanu™

All My love and Good vibes,


Okay, okay, but… Cas dying next episode, shit’s gone down, everything’s bad, there’s not saving Cas and he accepts that, urging the Winchesters to save themselves rather than let him watch them die in his last moments, right? Begrudgingly, Sam accepts this, because he’s a realist and they can do nothing to help Cas, so he runs to help their mother, who is injured, but will survive, and Dean is left staring at Cas, torn between what he knows and the desperate need to not leave, and hurt because Cas has thrown himself on the line again and look where it’s left them, and that is not a cost Dean would hever be willing to pay, not ever, there’s another way, there has to be, because he needs there to be, but Sam is shouting for him, arms full of half-conscious Mary, and Dean’s standing in the center of the door frame, one foot in and one foot out, looking at Castiel as he feeling everything inside fracture and shatter, almost betrayed Cas would do this to them right after everything that just happened. The world need him. They needed him, hell, Dean needed him.

“How could you do this?”

Cas just sort of smiles. “Because I love you.” He shrugs helplessly. “I love all of you.” And there, there his expression darkens into something fierce and Dean remembers that day in the barn, that night in Bobby’s kitchen, the day in the Green Room, and the night in the alley. “Now run!