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What's the best advice you have for writers/ what inspires you to write?

Awwww. I’m not sure if I’m the best writer to give these pieces of advice. But, as my sister by heart entrusted me this question, I can’t disappoint, right? I’ll write about what works for me.

I think we can’t write without a base. So, find something that you want to talk about, that makes you happy. If it’s not your first language, don’t be afraid. I started learning English a little more than a year ago. In January of 2016. I’m so lucky and grateful that I only found gentle and supportive people here on Tumblr.

Looking right at you @zoesongs, @laure-demontety, @daizydoe. My first friends here. It would be unfair not to mention my sisters from Ivar’s heathen army. I will tag some of you, but we all know this army is huge, and always increasing. If I forget someone, don’t be upset. Please. @pokeasleepingsmaug, @whenimaunicorn, @mizzvengenz6661, @shesafreesoul, @underthenorthstar, @anniemar, @pagan-raider, @ivartheboneme, @ivartheheathen, @lottak, @devilrydaily, @rosepetaldream-blog, @thenorns-themoirai.

I was never bullied by my spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes. And I can assure you all, that I have made, and still make, a lot of them. If someone is putting you down for your flaws, insecurities or mistakes, instead of helping you gently, stay away. It’s better to avoid toxic people.

I love researching almost as much as I love writing. So, when I feel like I’m running out of ideas, I start reading articles, searching for pictures and historical curiosities.

Reading - Reading books, fanfics and writing material of others might be a way to trigger your own ideas.

Watch something related to your theme. It’s another way to increase your creativity and overcome writer’s block. As I’m writing about Vikings, I usually rewatch my favorite episodes from the show, or the ones that the character I want to write about appears the most. Another movies with the theme help me as well.

Music - Some people prefer silence. But, I have a playlist that makes me think about my characters. Sometimes, a whole chapter can be inspired by one word or sentence.

And finally, write. If it’s not in your first language, and you are not sure about some words, write some of them in your own language, then search for the appropriate word later. I keep a notebook with notes and ideas for chapters, or I type them on my cell phone. If you have an idea, write it down as soon as possible, even if it’s not for your next chapter. You can fill the gaps later on. I have three chapters “in the future” of The Fox and The Maiden Fair.

I think that’s all. Anyone else has a piece of advice? Sisters?

Person: Do you like EreRi (top!eren) or RivaEre (top!levi)?




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50 sasusaku! Yayy for hopefully reading something by you again!

50 - going through a divorce au



“You’re making a mistake.”

His pen paused on the ink-printed page. Lips mulling slightly, Sasuke exhaled a slow breath before looking up to his father’s figure, finding him standing calmly by the frame of his office door. He looked at him steadily.

“Maybe in your eyes, father,” he finally replied, returning his attention to the finalizing papers at hand.

“This will change things for the company, Sasuke. If you end this marriage with the Hyuuga girl, you’re not just going to risk its future, you’re going to be throwing all your responsibilities away.”

His fingers tightened around the pen, mouth thinning. Taking care not to let too much anger seep into his tone, Sasuke shot back, “The responsibilities you put onto me as a child. I never wanted any of this. The only reason I went along with all this was so that one day you would see me for who I am and you would stop projecting the hopes you had for Itachi onto me.”

His father’s brows furrowed at that, but he kept his silence. Sasuke fought the urge to grit his teeth.

“I am not Itachi, father. I will never be able to do the things he wanted to do—the things you spent so much time training him for. I can’t—I can’t become the son that you lost.”

He swallowed tightly afterwards, eyes trained so diligently on his father’s ever-collected figure. He never liked to bring up Itachi’s death to him, not when he still remembered with acutely painful detail how his father had sobbed in the privacy of his study the night the news came to them. To this day, Sasuke had still never told him what he’d seen.

Then, his father’s hand curled, and his heart quickened. With vigilant eyes, Sasuke watched the man advance, glancing composedly around the office. His grip tightened again when his father’s gaze landed deliberately on a picture of a pretty pink-haired doctor sitting on his desk.

“Is this because of her?” he asked, tone smooth and bland—and tinged with something he didn’t like.

“Sakura is part of it, but she isn’t the one you need to blame. I’m the one who came to this decision. Sakura only helped me see the truth in what I truly wanted from my life. And she isn’t the only one.”

“Uzumaki—who the Hyuugas blame for seducing your wife.”

Ex-wife, whom I never loved, Sasuke corrects in his mind, but neglects to say. “Yes.”

“And that professor you’re so often seen with. Hatake, I believe.”

“Him, too.”

His father fixed him for a while, before leting out a long breath, so languid and quiet. It almost made him sound resigned, Sasuke realized, brows furrowing warily.

Then: “If that is truly what you want, Sasuke, then I will not stop you.”

Sasuke’s jaw slackened, shock rippling through him with enough force to leave him speechless, breathless. Mind spinning, he looked at his father with dazed, slightly widened eyes, noting the compliant acceptance in his features, faint traces of paternal fondness in his eyes and… an apology.

(for what he’d done, for never realizing the wishes of his remaining son’s heart. for trying to make him into someone he never could be.)

Sasuke’s throat grew tight. He took a moment to steady his thoughts.

Then, in one swift move, he straightened his figure and bowed to his father, lingering with great regard. “Thank you, father.”

He only stood up again when the sound of the door shutting echoed through his office, signaling his father’s exit. A faint smile growing to his lips, Sasuke took his seat once more, and finalized his divorce with one swift stroke of his pen.

Finally free, he thought, gaze settling fondly on the smiling picture of the only woman who ever had his heart. Feeling it rush with warmth, he reached for his phone and tapped swiftly on the screen until he found the right number, pressing on it.

He only had to wait two rings before she finally picked up.


“Hey,” he said. “It’s done. Can I see you tonight?”

Sakura giggled in reply. “Of course, Sasuke-kun. Pick me up at eight?”

Sasuke’s lips twitched wider. “It’s a date.”

“It’s a date!” He could practically hear her smile. “I’ll see you later, Sasuke-kun.”

His eyes softened. “See you later, Sakura.”


“were you guys… best friends or were you…?”


every westallen scene ever (47/?)

I’m sure I’m the last one to notice but Hulu’s translations changed it from “Like” to “Love” so don’t mind me I’m just sobbing anew it’s fine


steroline + otp tags according to tumblr (insp.)

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literati is a couple from the show gilmore girls that’s made up of the characters rory gilmore and jess mariano, their chemistry is off the charts and they’re just so cute

they’ve helped each other grow and they always believe in each other and help each other up and while they’ve had their ups and downs – lack of communication in high school to be specific – they still come back to each other and honestly they are the most beautiful thing to ever exist

Orihime not Ichihime
  • You do not have to ship Ichihime to be pro-orihime
  • You do not need to hate Ichiruki to be pro-Orihime
  • You do not need to hate Rukia to be pro-Orihime
  • You do not need to ship Ulquihime to be pro-Orihime
  • You do not need to ship anybody with Orihime to be pro-orihime

Orihime is a beautiful, complex, intricate, powerful, well-fueled infernal blaze that doesn’t need any love interest’s gasoline to make her burn brighter than she already is as a character. In fact, if the only way you can fully appreciate Orihime is when you are shipping her with someone, or if you only defend her because you think she and Ichigo would have cute babies, but not because of her bravery, loyalty, and selflessness, then you are no better than the people who dump on her because they think she makes it harder for Ichiruki to become canon.

Orihime is a heck of a lot more than just half of a ship

Orihime is a heck of a lot more than just half of a ship

Orihime is a heck of a lot more than just half of a ship

Orihime is a heck of a lot more than just half of a ship


I bet Oliver is missing her even more right about now. ;) When I look at this moment I can’t help but think he is admiring all that is Felicity.  heehee