otp: i love italian and so do you

okay but prussia constantly antagonizing romano by getting things off of high shelves for him even though romano can reach them just fine and he’s getting so annoyed all the time while italy is like “??? he’s just trying to be helpful he does that for me too??” and romano’s like “nO YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND”

About the name Dante and the gravity symbolism (includes vanoé interpretation but u can skip this part)

So, I once researched the symbolism of gravity because we have seen this a lot in vnc (“Rewriting the formulas of gravity is insane!” “How on earth did we land anyway?” Vanitas falling and Noé catching him, so on, so on…).

And do you know what I found when researching this???? The name Dante. Seems like that Dante was an Italian philosopher who said something like ‘Gravity is love, gravity pulls u towards earth and love pulls you to the person u fall for.’ And apparently…

Honestly as if Jun didn’t know that when she puts in gravity and Dante into ONE MANGA.

(Vanoé interpretation now)

So yeah, I was thinking about Vanoé then. Of course I was, it’s my OTP, I absolutely adore them and Noé fell for Vanitas dramatically because Vanvan is an idiot. No well ok, but well.

So, I have already mentioned that they feel from an airship and Noé was Vanitas gravity because he rewrote the formulas (he did, was obvious). He kind of always was his gravity, he pulled Vanitas towards him and calmed him down and whatever way I think about it… I just am so confused?? Jun knows this for sure it would be quite strange if she doesn’t. So yeah I am saying Vanoé still is a pairing which could happen because look at this symbolism.

Kpop Gay Fic Rec #6






Hey hey!! Time for another fic rec!! I really like doing these. January was a bitch to me emotionally but it was nice in the fanfiction kind of way. I went back to reading Vmin (which was my first OTP in BTS) and it reminded me how well that dynamic works. I won’t change my ship tho!! Taekook is life!!! (High fives for username references). Anyways, these are all very dirty because I’m a sinner with good faith. Mediocre faith. Okay, no faith at all what so ever.


vietnam, fishing trips, italian opera by pettey

Beautifully written and you probably have never read smut this good. I love it. Totally worth a ten minute car ride and staying up until two in the morning.


Drive Me Wild by lethallergic @lethallergic

Honestly, this was a given. It was bound to be up here and everyone already knew that. It’s a squeal to Hit the Lights and it’s really fucking good. I love the whole snapshat and messaging thing. Clever. 

House of Cards by sugamins @suganams.

Guilty pleasure. Such a pleasure. Will always be on my rec list because the plot is fire. Like I’m going to warn you because of the themes but also because you might be allergic to fire. It’s fire. I warn you.

up with the birds by cerisekiss

you want to cry? read it. You don’t? Still read it. Simple as that. Beautifully written and just a gorgeous idea overall. Applause to the author and anyone else who goes through this without shedding a tear (i was sitting in class, imagine). And I also just found out she commented on PC. I didn’t know this until know. Am I freaking out? Yep.

The Red Thread by MirreRover @mirrerover

Do this to yourself. You won’t regret it. I sure as hell don’t. (p.s. can’t wait for the next update Mirre!! Love you lots!!)

my youth is yours (a truth so loud you can’t ignore) by atechamcham @chimchams

Prince AU. COME ON!!! How can you NOT read this? This is what everyone in this fandom has been waiting for. And get this. They aren’t even supposed to be together!! I’m so ready. You don’t even know. I’m so ready for this. The writing is good and the plot is so amazing. I just—I can’t. I’m so excited for this one!!! Props to the author!!!

And we’re done!! But of course, let me embrace my asshole ways and recommend Purple Constellations by moi and Just Boys by moi as well.


“I’ve never loved someone as much as I love Hide.”

Me and my little sister @samobojcowkaren ship Hidekane so fucking much, that we decided to do togheter our supreme OTP.
She’s my fav Hide in the world asfhchahvhf

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