otp: i love him


The Marquis de Lafayette was far from perfect. He was sometimes vain, naive, immature, and egocentric. But he consistently stuck to his ideals, even when doing so endangered his life and fortune. Those ideals proved to be the founding principles of two of the world’s most enduring nations, the United States and France. That is a legacy that few military leaders, politicians, or statesmen can match.

Marc Leepson

Sometimes I wonder if you think about me the way I think about you.
When you see a certain road sign, do you think about the way to get to my house?
When you see a certain shirt you think of me because it would be something I liked?
When you see the things I loved, do you feel a twinge of love for them too, because they were a part of me?
Do you wonder what class I’m in?
What I’m doing?
Where I’m at?
What I’m thinking?
Do you look forward to seeing me in the halls, if it’s just for a few seconds?
Do you wonder if we’ve been in the same places?
When you’re out somewhere, do you play the scenario in your head of “what if she walked in?”
Do you still see my face when we had our first kiss when you close your eyes at night?
Can you hear my voice telling you I loved you?
Am I somehow in everything you do, everyday?
Do you think about me the way I think about you?
Or do you just never think of me at all?
—  {via cheerupsavvy}