otp: i like him

But what if I tell him I like him and he doesn’t like me back? Than our friendship will be completely ruined and I literally can’t live without him. 
But what if he does like me back? I’m not actually prepared for that to happen so I won’t know what to do.
Should I tell him? Or just leave it, just continue being friends while other girls flirt with him and break my heart?
I don’t know what to do.

Seriously, I hate being single.

All I want is for someone to actually like me back for once.
But every guy I like is either: A) already in a relationship or B) not interested in me
Seriously, why do I have to be so unappealing that I can’t even have someone find my semi attractive?
This really bugs me, because it makes me think that maybe I’ll never fall in love.

You’re not allowed to do this to me. 

Don’t tell me sweet things. 

Don’t tell me you care about me.

Don’t text me goodnight, no matter what.

Don’t snapchat me with that killer smile.

Don’t tell me how you need me, how i saved you.


Just don’t. 

Because every damn day I’m falling a little harder.

Don’t do any of those things unless you want to be with me. 

You’re killing me.

So, don’t.