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When Killer Frost road like a badass queen down an ice slide she made through Central City while dodging Barry and trying to kill Tracy I knew I was watching a great episode. Killer Frost literally steals every episode she is in. I hope the writers will continue her story in Season 4 where they can have Barry actually face his demons with her.
—  Anonymous
Please read, this is important.

I have no friends, and no social life whatsoever, but hey, at least, I’ve got 700 FOLLOWERS ON TUMBLR ! 

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I see you guys, “supporting” my writing by liking, commenting and reblogging often (if not every time I post something for some of you). THANK YOU, I love you (in a platonic way). And hope I didn’t bother you too much by tagging you here, I just really wanted to show you my gratitude somehow…I wanted you to know, I notice, and I beyond appreciate all of that ❤️.

PS : DAMN THAT’S A LOT OF PEOPLE ! ❤️xinfinity

Future Barry as Savitar is so sexy. The way Grant acted in that scene, playing both our Barry and Future Barry was amazing! The acting was perfection. I’m on the edge of my seat for the next episodes. I want more Future Barry more Killer Frost more battles between Team Flash and KF and Future Flash. The show has done a complete 180 and I hope it stays on this path until the finale.
—  Anonymous

My shop is doing so well. I have a boyfriend who just told me that I am “adorable and small and precious and worth protecting” and who loves me just as much as I love him. I have a mother who is and will always be right by my side. I have a father who would do anything to protect me. I have a brother who hugs me when I cry and tells me that he loves me. I have a dog who is my best friend; who licks away my tears and never leaves my side. I have a best friend who will always listen to me talk about what is bothering me. I have someone who understands what I am going through and who can empathize with me.

I am so much more than what my stalker thinks I am. I am nothing they say that I am. I am myself and I am better than someone who has nothing better to do than bully everyone in their life.

I am full of LOVE and KINDNESS. The pure kind. The true kind. I will not let someone so full of hatred beat me down anymore.

I will flourish with the shop that I have been planning since I was in high school. The one that I have grown all by myself. The one that I am proud of.

I will continue to love plants and crystals and yoga, just like every one else.

I have never tried to take anything from anyone. I have everything I need. I will keep loving. I will stay kind. I will not let someone so hateful make me jaded.

I have so much to offer and I am going to follow through with all of my plans, no matter who tries to stop me.

You know those people who will tell you they like your posts but you never get one notification from them? On Tumblr, Facebook, other places.
Those people lurk around and aren’t really happy that you’re doing good.

You know those people who spend hours talking to you pretending to be your friend and then the next day send you a hate anon but you know it’s them because you’re receptive of everything - their typing style, the way they talk, the mistakes they make.

You know those people who you cannot trust?
Well, I don’t.
I trust everyone.
And that may make me a fool but what good is living life being suspicious all the time?
And 97% times they break my trust, some even break me. But those other 3%?
They wipe all that hurt away.
They make you strong again.
They are worth it.

Tell me why Savitar, who is now Future Barry Allen, grabbed Killer Frost when Tracy Brand was right there for him to kill? If there was any proof that Barry has feelings for Caitlin it’s this. He could have left KF there and taken Tracy but no. I love this episode! So much awesome!
—  Anonymous
Warning: Spoilers for Flash 3.20

What the ever loving heck was that. What the fuck????? There’s literally no way. It makes absolutely no sense. He can’t be savitar cause why the heck would he kill Iris?????? And the whole “what we would become without love” thing is bullshit because if the future episode showed us anything it’s that everyone cared about Barry and tried to help him but he pushed them away out of grief. It makes no sense. And I hate this bs plot line they’re pushing on us, it would’ve made so much more sense for HR to be Savitar. Just ugh.