otp: i know that glare

Me: “I’m fine.”

Also me: *Suddenly remembers that the only time we heard Lorelai say I love you to Luke was when she screamed it at him before giving him an ultimatum.

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Otp prompt

*On date*

Person A: Smile for the camera!

Person B: *covers face and ducks*

Person A: What’s wrong?

Person B: I really don’t like my picture being taken. It makes me nervous about how I’m going to look in it.

Person A: You’ll always look perfect to me.

Person B: Thanks, but I always look like I hate everyone around me in pictures. No matter how I smile, I look like I’m scowling.

Person A: Don’t worry! This one turned out great! *Checks picture on camera* Never mind… I’m sure that’s a fluke.

Person B: Told you.


- A monster Mai, really?

- I-It’s not like I was scared or anything, she just startled me!

all these things that i’ve done a royai fanmix (x)

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