otp: i knew it the first time i saw you two years ago

"That's Not Fair."

Prompt (from Anon): Heey, so first of all I wanna say that I absolutely love the Accident, seriously it’s so amazing and cute, thank you for blessing us with that fic <3 aaand, since you’re up to anything riverdale rn, I thought I’d share this imagine idea I saw a few days ago “your OTP passionately making out, person A starts scratching down person B’s back, which drives them nuts, whining into the kiss that that’s not fair"idk what you think about this but omg I can see a lot of fluff and ahfksmzbka pretty please 

 A/N: first all of thank you so much I’m just happy people are enjoying my work :3 and of course this sounds like such a good fic so here we go! I know there’s a lot of build up to get there but I kinda wanna do a part two? Like/reblog if you want part 2! 

 Fandom: Riverdale Characters: Archie Andrews

Pairing: Archie x Reader (anon didn’t specify so I’m running with this)

Warnings: steamy make out session 

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 Right after school, your classmate (whom you must add have had a crush on since sixth grade) Archie Andrews met you as you closed your locker. "Well if it isn’t the Riverdale football star himself,” you greeted him with a casual smile. “What brings you here?" 

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‘Bestfriend’ - Kim Seokjin X Reader

I don’t know how many people read these notes but oh well.

So… I know loads of people are waiting for 7 Years but I really needed to get this out. This is a true story (lol mine) and everything stated in it happened literally last week. Well, everything up until reader starts hanging out with Jin (because i’m not that lucky). I decided to post it because It’s been finished for more than a week and I’ve been so busy with school and I didn’t want to leave you guys with nothing for this week. The next part to 7 years will definitely be out later today or tomorrow.

I legit don’t know what to do with my friend right now, I feel betrayed but I’m not petty (or confident) enough to confront her. (I’m secretly happy when something is wrong with their relationship because I’m a silent but deadly bitch. Kind of like silent farts.)

Anyway, thanks for reading. <3

It had taken you exactly 3 days to admit you had a crush on a boy. It had taken 2 seconds for your best friend, Eun-ha to approve of the realtionship, claiming you were her ‘OTP’.

Dong-Woo wasn’t just any boy, at least not to you. You had been placed next to him in the seating arrangement at the beginning of the school year and had at first ignored him. However, he had easily broke through the wall you had placed around yourself, with his charming humour and soon enough you had become friends. You shared the same music, game and movie taste. It all seemed unreal if you were being honest because how can two people have so many common interests?

Your friendship had progressed with each week until suddenly his comments began to do more than make you laugh. Butterflies flooded your stomach and no matter what he said it never failed to bring a smile to your face. You hated it at first and had been in denial.

That’s when Eun-ha had come in. She took notice of your exchanges and your reactions and had enthusiastically told you she envied your friendship. She pestered you about your feelings for 3 days and you opened up, not being able to take her nonstop questioning.

Soon enough all of your friends had found out about your feelings and had taken it upon themselves to comment on how much of a cute couple you and Dong-Woo would make.

Your interactions with him seemed to get deeper and you felt as if maybe, just maybe, he felt the same spark you did.

Then out of nowhere, you began to grow distant. You weren’t sure how or why but your conversations grew shorter along with the amount of times you saw each other a week until a time came where you didn’t speak at all. You were hurt to say the least and you ignored the rumour being spoken about him.

However, Your friends had heard the rumour and they were evidently worried about you. They had told you he had played with another girls feelings and you, in return, told them that you had gotten over him. That there were no lingering feelings. The doubtful look in their eyes was enough to let you know that they didn’t believe you.

To be honest, you didn’t believe yourself either.

Then came a time where he was added to a group chat you were in. You didn’t know if you should feel excited or annoyed so you stuck with in between. You occasionally spoke to him, your friends joining in and you were reminded of how things used to be.

That is until Eun-ha messaged you to let you know he had been private messaging her. You didn’t think much of it, it’s not like they had even held a conversation let alone hung out together.  When she had shown you the type of messages he had been sending, you brushed it off, telling her he was probably speaking to other girls too. That didn’t stop the little pangs in your heart that came with every time he sent her a kiss.

The painful throbbing didn’t stop there. He began to boast about an amazing girl who seemed like the perfect one for him on the chat and you hid your true feelings behind ‘lols’ and sarcastic comments.

A day came when he private messaged you. You remember how your heart had skipped a beat at the sight of his name at the top of your screen. Upon opening the message, your heart dropped to the pit of your story.

'Hey, if you’re not still going to meet Eun-ha, I could go instead. I kind of want to see her today…’

A frown graced your face and annoyance settled within you. Why was he so obsessed with her? They’ve literally been speaking for 4 days. You sighed, deciding to give him a blunt reply.

'I’m still going.’

His answer was immediate.

'Oh okay, well where does she live because I’m in the area and I’m not familiar with it.’

That’s right, he lives about an hour and a half away. All this just to see Eun-ha. Instead of dwelling in your thoughts, you gave him directions on how to get to her house.

Looks like you’d be seeing Dong-Woo today.


Dong-Woo arrived at Eun-ha’s house half an hour after you. At first, the familiar casual conversation sparked up between you two but as soon as Eun-ha was in sight his face brightened. Soon enough, you were forgotten and laughter filled the room as Dong-Woo cracked jokes with her.

You decided to go home early.

The next day you were shocked to discover that Dong-Woo had ended up staying the night. When your friends had questioned Eun-ha on her feelings for him, her response was that 'she didn’t like him like that and would never do that to Y/N.’

Then came the party. She had organised a little gathering with your group, Dong-Woo and one of her new friends who went by the name Seokjin. As the night progressed, you spent your time getting to know Seokjin or, as he preferred to be called, Jin.

Drinks were soon brought out and slowly, people began to get drunk. You blamed the alcohol for the public displays of affection Eun-ha and Dong-Woo were sharing, even though you knew better. You decided to retreat to the kitchen with Jin.

“So… what do you think of Dong-Woo?” Your head snapped up at the mention of his name only to find Jin staring back at you expectantly. You let out a small smile and rested your cheek on your palm.

“He’s obsessed with her. It’s obvious. I wouldn’t care if it wasn’t for the fact I liked him.” Jin nodded and silently sighed to himself.

“I don’t think it’s right for people who only began talking a couple of days ago to be that touchy. Especially since he threw away his friendship with her ex just to be with her. But that might be just me overthinking things.” You shook your head and sipped your lemonade before responding.

“No, I agree but there’s not much we can do about it now.” He took a bite out of his slice of pizza before slowly nodding.

Towards the end of the night, your group had somehow managed to end up in the park next door. As usual Dong-Woo and Eun-ha were all over each other and you stuck by Jin making light conversation. It was when they had both retreated to the side of the park alone that you decided that the best option would be to leave with Jin but as you parted ways with him you felt a lingering sense of guilt for leaving your other friend drunk.

Upon returning you were greeted with the sight of Dong-Woo and Eun-ha passionately kissing. You weren’t sure whether you regretted coming back but you focused on getting your friend home.

When you had made it back home the first person you spoke to was Jin. He seemed as surprised as you were and you were glad to know someone felt the same way. Seeking comfort you spent the rest of the evening speaking to him.


Waking up the next morning, you were greeted with the news that Eun-ha was officially dating Dong-Woo. Crying was what any other person would do but you realised that you didn’t feel anything. Not hurt nor happy.

“I must be a cold-hearted bitch to not feel anything.” That’s what you told yourself and although you truly did not know how you felt, you found that they both occupied your thoughts almost every minute of every day.

As the weeks had come and gone, you found yourself talking to Jin more and more until you had started hanging out on a weekly basis.

“Wait! So you were serious about liking Dong-Woo first? I though that was a joke.” You chuckled at his cluelessness. “Yep, I was deadly serious.” He stared at you wide eyed as if you had done something he had never seen before.

“And you just let the relationship go on? That’s admirable.” You covered your face with your hands, suddenly embarrassed.

“But not as admirable as me, Kim Seokjin.” You burst into another fit of laughter at his confidence. “If only I had your confidence.”

You felt a burning gaze on you and when you turned to look at him, you found him already staring intensely.

“You should. You’re a really beautiful person. Not as much as me, obviously, but almost on par.”

You smiled at his words because you knew that was probably the biggest compliment he had ever given in his life. “Wow, if I didn’t know any better I’d think your trying to to tell me something Jin.”

He took a bite out of his third bowl of noodles, slurping them into his mouth and chewing and he mumbled something with his mouth full.

“Sorry, what was that?”

“Maybe I am.”

For the first time in possibly 3 months, the familiar feeling of butterflies returned and you felt your cheeks grow warm.

“Tell me then…” As the words left you, he let grin slowly spread on his face.

“Maybe another day.” He placed a hand to his lips and blew his signature flying kiss towards you, a giggle escaping your lips.

“Okay, another day.”

You were fine with that.


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Some post battle (like any random battle) solangelo where Nico is stabbed badly in the stomach or something and Will being Will and like they're still in the early stages of their relationship sooo maybe some nightmares for Nico and Will taking such good care of him. Ugh I know there are like 50000 other solangelo fics on similar lines but it's been 37485 years since I read some good solangelo so pretty pls? I'll totally understand if you don't wanna though, you're great, thanks xD

Hi :) Thank you, it means a lot to me. Sorry it took me this long to write. I haven’t read a single Solangelo fic (yet) in my life, so I went purely by my knowledge of the characters and by their relationship in the books and the stuff I read about them here. I hope you’ll like it:)

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The Popular Belief - pt 2;;

Author’s note: here’s part 2 of ‘The Popular Belief’; thank you for all the awesome feedback and comments I got for pt 1! It’s so nice to hear that some of you are enjoying the fic! I live for otp angst btw. 

BNHA, todomomo, Rated T 

Part 1 + Part 2: 5320 words

Read part 1 here !! 

Since then, they were apart like two sides of a coin. That’s what they were, she realized, two beings that were allowed to be together in harmony for a short period of time before nature took its course to separate them again. With Todoroki officially announcing his engagement to the others, every day was a countdown.

When she told Jirou the day after, both of them sat in silence. Jirou watched her, curling up and hugging her knees at the corner of her bedroom, quiet and disheartened. She didn’t cry or anything, Yaoyorozu would’ve hated herself if she did. In fact, she should’ve figured something like this was going to happen; after all, he was still Endeavor’s son.

She was stupid for thinking anything could have happened between them.

Graduation day came, and sometimes when she passed by the back of the gym, where they both once stood, when secrets were poured aimlessly towards each other, she would be reminded of that letter. She was sure it was gone now, with the rain.

Invitations came to everyone’s mailboxes that day. A lot of people were invited, and apparently it was supposed to be in a month, or so she heard. She waved goodbye and tearfully hugged some of her friends after the ceremony, but stood far from Todoroki as much as possible. Maybe it was her imagination but she could sense him looking at her from a distance occasionally. She scoffed at the thought and rushed home. Inhaling deeply a few times calmed her nerves and she asked her maid if any letters were received. Her maid shook her head, clearly indifferent, and showed Yaoyorozu some grocery fliers. Her stomach dropped, and she realized that those were apparently the only remnants of anything that was in her mailbox the past few days.

She laughed mockingly at herself; of course she wasn’t invited, not after that awkward encounter.

Sitting down on her desk and flipping through recommendation letters her hero mentors gave her during the internship for her first official job, she found herself eyeing the two Russian Matryoshka dolls on her bookshelf. Those dolls were filled with so many memories that she wouldn’t dare relive again. One was a boy, and the other was a girl. She grabbed onto them, and found herself sobbing a little.


That night, she got woken up by a brief vibration of her phone. She rubbed her eyes, and looked at the short text. Her heart fleeted when she saw his name at the top of the message.

I’m outside, could you come out?                                                               10:58pm

She thought for a moment, fingers running through her hair, and she quickly texted ‘Ok’.

The girl grabbed her robe and slippers, opened her window and hurriedly created a ladder from her arms. She didn’t want to startle anyone at this hour. Testing for its sturdiness, she slowly lowered her feet one by one. She could see a shadowy figure at her front door.

He looked like he was out of breath and a red card was in his hands.

“I wanted to give this to you in person, today, at school, but you left so fast,” His voice was soft.

She took it in her hands, shaking from the cold and he handed her his coat. She tilts her head in amusement and stared, “You’re someone’s fiancé now, Todoroki. You can’t be meeting girls in the middle of the night, offering your coats and everything.”

She’s making a silly joke to fill the awkwardness, she knew, but she can’t let her mind wander off somewhere she’d regret.

“I know.” He handed her the card with his other hand, “I really want you to be there that day.”

Her hands trembled when she opened it, “Ya…of course. Anything for a good friend.”

His mouth slightly opened to add something, but he closed it again. Her words settled somewhere uncomfortable within him.

“I read your letter,” he spoke.

Yaoyorozu gripped the invitation harder, “That’s…that’s good to hear.” That was the biggest lie she probably said thus far and she felt slightly embarrassed. That letter was, metaphorically speaking, her heart and mind served to him on a dish.

He gulped inaudibly, his mind was racing, “I-“ He paused and innately took a step towards the shaken girl.

“I don’t even know what to do anymore, Yaoyorozu.”

The girl was surprised; her name came out of him so sternly, and she watched as he lowered his gaze.

“Everything you wrote made me think so much harder than I already was.”

She wanted to wrap her arms around him and tell him everything was okay, but it wasn’t her position to do that.

“Todoroki, if –“

Her chest heaved when she felt his head on her shoulder, distracting her abruptly, while the gentle wind lulled against their ears.

“Can we just stay here like this for a bit?”

Their bodies were so close that they could feel each other’s warmth radiating.



Todoroki woke up early the next morning, thoughts from the night before billowed in his mind like a storm. He slid his leg onto the side of his bed and sat up. For once, he felt lost.

Since young the hatred and rage he had for his dad occupied most of his thoughts, but meeting friends and getting to know people at UA changed him for the better. He remembered listening to Midoriya’s problems with his crush on Uraraka, and then Kaminari’s constant complaints (more like shrieks really) about Jirou, and he would always feel happy for them. Happy they found someone they were so close to that they feel the need to satisfy them. He was adamant that he would never have this feeling; his family bounded his future, he believed. In retrospect, he had so many people to thank.

But his fight with Midoriya years ago should have taught him that he had the power to change his own fate.

Choices were his to make.

And whatever happens, Yaoyorozu would be there for him. Like she always had been.

His lips tugged upwards into a grin and he got up in haste. The boy threw on whichever shirt was clumped up on the chair and ran downstairs, dust motes prancing around him, looking like snow in the sunlight.

“Shouto!” The boy heard his sister shout, “Where are you going?” Fuyumi watched as Todoroki hurried out the door, his right shoe wasn’t even put on properly yet.

“To see mom,” He answered without turning back, “Don’t tell Dad, I’ll explain everything when I’m back!”

Fuyumi was taken aback by his sudden seriousness and closed the door behind him.


The hospital was quiet that day, and he sped walk across the hall, already knowing where his destination was.

“Mom,” he opened the door and said. His mother was sitting near the window, admiring the Sakura flowers that bloomed gorgeously outside. He was slightly saddened by her expression; he knew she wanted to be out there experiencing spring like the others.

“Shouto,” she exclaimed, her eyes lighting up, “You’re here!” She noticed his meek smile, and gestured for him to sit next to her.

              “Is something the matter?” She asked, “you’re never here so early in the morning.”

Todoroki hung his bag behind the door and found himself rooted in place.

               “I…I want to null the marriage, mom,” his voice was hushed, but unrelenting, “I want to be honest to you…and well, dad.”

Todoroki’s mother stared at him with wide eyes. He was waiting for her to say something in response but she let him continue.

               “I don’t want to turn into someone like dad ever was.”

               He found the strength to walk again and moved over to his mom, and she began, “You never will Shouto. If you want to pave your own path, I’m here to listen and to support you.”

               He grabbed her hand, something he has never done before given he was so horrible at expressing himself, and she held him tight.

               “Now,” she teased, “Did you find someone else?” Todoroki’s mom looked amused, and he found himself heating up a bit.

               “Why would you think that?” The boy raised his eyebrows while watching his mom stifle a giggle.

               “A mother’s intuition is never wrong Shouto,” his mom said matter-of-factly, and Todoroki sighed.

               “Yes, maybe,” he tried not to sound too eager, but he did want his mother to meet the person he had in mind one day, “She’s… special.”

               His mother smiled from ear to ear and patted his hand softly.

               “Alright, I won’t pry Shouto, just make sure you take her here to see me soon.”


               It goes without saying when Shouto got home and found his dad in his training room, it was a war zone. Defiance was the only thing his dad was shouting, and if Fuyumi hadn’t stepped in, half of the house could have tumbled down to ashes. Todoroki tried to control his anger throughout the “discussion”, if you could even call it that, and the use of their quirks was almost activated. It was a gong show, so to speak.

               His sister seemed suspiciously happy when she heard his decision; though she did suggest being careful about the damage control that they were now responsible for since the girl’s family have yet to hear about this. She attentively bandaged his arm, scolded him a little bit about being ‘last minute’ and she patted his head like she would when they were just kids. Todoroki thanked her and lied on his bed with loud plop. He massaged his right arm and felt the twitching of his aching muscles. Telling everyone about the news should be easy but confronting her again was not. He was tapping his fingers, thinking about how to approach Yaoyorozu when a loud ring startled him.

               “Hello?” he picked up his phone and said and noticed the voice from the other side. It was Jirou Kyouka.

               “Todoroki you damn son of a gun.”

               The boy hesitated a reply.

               “Yaomomo is heading towards the airport now,” Jirou sounded like she was panting.

               “What?” He was confused but Jirou just kept berating him.

               “She’ll leave and you’ll regret!” He heard her mumble something else in the background and she continued, “I’m picking you up, I’m heading over there myself so you better get ready!”

               He felt his blood run cold and he grabbed a jacket, ignoring the piercing pain on his forearm, “Okay, meet me at the corner of 5th and 10th. I’m there in a minute.”

               And with that, he leapt outside against the protest of Fuyumi the second time that day.


Jirou sped through the highway like a madman but Todoroki was grateful for it at the moment. Had it not been her, he wouldn’t have heard about Yaoyorozu’s sudden departure. Jirou had explained that apparently Yaoyorozu was offered an opportunity to solve a case in northern Hokkaido for a year in the Hero Agency that was she recently hired at. They desperately needed help so Yaoyorozu accepted it right away, and her mentor gave her a few hours to prepare. Yaoyorozu only sent the girls a message in the morning regarding her offer and Jirou was the only one that could make it to the airport in time.

               “I wasn’t going to tell you,” Jirou grunted as she swerved to cut off a car on the left lane, and the driver honked at them in rage, “But my conscience was killing me. I knew Yaomomo wouldn’t have told you. You guys are too complicated.”

               Todoroki crossed his arms and leaned back, “Thanks Jirou. It’s been a tough few days.”

               Jirou rubbed her temples with one hand, looking as if she was solving the hardest problem. She glanced at his wounds.

               “What happened to you anyway? I thought your job didn’t start until after your stupid ass marriage.”

               Todoroki gave a tight-lipped smile.

               “That’s not happening anymore,” he stated, “and I’m not effing this up like I did before. I’m gonna tell Yaoyorozu straight up.”

               “You better,” Jirou answered. Another honk from a car behind them prompted Jirou to honk back.

               “Just make sure I get there alive.”


               Yaoyorozu rubbed her eyes as she stared at herself in the mirror. People were passing by behind her with luggages and carry-ons in hand and she had to make sure her eyes didn’t look as puffy as they did now before seeing Jirou. A distant thought plagued her and she was guilt-ridden. Should she have notified Todoroki at least? She shook her head as if the thought would escape her. She can’t think like this anymore. Taking this job was a sign. A sign that she’s going to start a new chapter.

               I’m waiting for you in the corridor behind terminal 3.                                           2:34 pm

               Yaoyorozu felt slightly better reading Jirou’s message, and she headed over. Dragging her luggage, her eyes scanned the area and she felt her chest pounding. Jirou was nowhere to be seen, but she locked eyes with him then. Her stomach twisted in agony.

               Todoroki ran towards her. She wanted to retreat but she was frozen. Move stupid legs! She thought, but was too late. The boy stood in front of her, sweat beading on his forehead, both of them anticipating. Without a second thought, he took her into his arms. Everything became dead silent, and her arms lifted to hug him back but she went limp.

               “Todoroki,” she said, voice uneasy, “why-“

               “Don’t go.”

               She breathed harder and she pushed away, but he fought it. He tightened his grip on her.

               “I don’t want you to leave this place,” he said it again with more emphasis, “The marriage…it’s not gonna happen, so let me do this right, Yaoyorozu.”

               “Wh..what?” She stuttered, and she felt her eyes well with tears and he grabbed her shoulders. Todoroki gently eased her in front of him and he cupped her face with both of his hands.

               “I’ve been so used to having you around, that I’ve taken you for granted,” Todoroki urged her, and she looked at him as if he wasn’t himself. The Todoroki she knew would never say something like this. He sounded so…cheesy. She laughed suddenly, and Todoroki admired her florid face.

               “I’m really happy,” Yaoyorozu bit her lower lip, “To hear those words from you. It means a lot to me.”

               She paused and her expression softened, looking slightly regretful.

               “I still have to go though, they need me,” Yaoyorozu said and she locked onto his gaze. She examined the bandages on his arm curiously.

               “Don’t ask,” Todoroki started, “It’s nothing.”

               “Well you better tell me all about it later,” Yaoyorozu laced her fingers with his.

               “Yeah I wi-“ His voice became muffled as the girl in front of him tiptoed and closed the distance between them. Their lips touched lightly but with vigor and passion, and he inhaled her sweet scent. Closing his eyes, he wanted to take a mental picture of this moment before she let go.

               It felt different, new, and exciting for both of them.

               “Hey, break it up, you two lovebirds,” Jirou’s voice came as she marched over from her hiding spot, “Don’t worry, I took pictures and everything, I’ll make sure to send it to you guys through the group chat.”

               Yaoyorozu jokingly punched her friend, and the three of them laughed whole-heartedly.

               “It’s time for me to go,” Yaoyorozu shifted a little, “I’ll miss you guys.”

               Todoroki ruffled her hair, “One year’s not that long. And I can visit maybe.”

               She pouted, “I know.” She’s about to go into the secured area and she turned back to wave. He can’t keep track of where she was now as she slowly disappeared into the crowd of people. He grinned to himself.

               “I’ll be waiting.”

Authors end note: thanksssss for reading ^^ im actually thinking of doing a part three where todo brings her to meet his mom but we’ll see :D
965,705,481 - Jason Todd x Reader

Jason Todd x Reader: Imagine a soulmate AU in which your OTP gets a step-counter. For each step they take, the number on the counter goes down, marking the moment they meet their soulmate. Person A can be stepping up to Person B with a weapon in hand, when suddenly, the steps hit 0 (Prompt from @otp-imagination)

965,705,481. That’s what your number started off as when you were first born. That ticking number inked across your wrist like a bracelet counted down the number of steps that you would take before you met your soul mate. The one person who would make your entire life worthwhile.

You parents were worried when you were born that you had such a large number. There were only a few reasons why people would be born with high numbers. Typically it is narrowed down to either they lead an active lifestyle as a running athlete or they truly will only meet their soulmate later in life.

As a teenager, you quickly realized you fell into the “active lifestyle” category. You were a very rebellious teenager and you would often sneak out of your house to go exploring Gotham night with your friends. You were a very stupid kid.

One night while you were out with two of your friends you decided to cut through an alley to get to your destination quicker but you were ambushed by a gang of much stronger muggers. They wanted all the money that the three of you had but there wasn’t enough to appease them. They beat you demanding more payment and stabbed you when you couldn’t provide. One of your friends managed to slip from their grasp and tried to run but they stopped her with a bullet. You don’t remember much of what happened afterwards. You passed out from the loss of blood with the sounds of sirens echoing in the distance.

You woke up some days later in Gotham general, both of your parents hovering over your hospital bed. Your doctor said it was practically a miracle that you were alive. You sustained broken bones, heavy bruising, some internal bleeding, and a concussion on top of your stab wound. The friends you were with that night weren’t as lucky as you to have survived. You did your best to work with the police to capture your muggers, to bring them to justice for what they had done but they were long gone. There was nothing further that the police could do.

Once you were fully healed you decided to take matters into your own hands. You started conducting your own investigation. You got further than the police ever did and you narrowed the search down to a few crime organizations but eventually you hit a dead end in your search for justice. You continued to go out night after night in search for more leads.

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The image faded, and a girl’s voice whispered: “Percy.”

At first, Percy thought he was still asleep. When he’d lost his memory, he’d spent weeks dreaming about Annabeth, the only person he remembered from his past. As his eyes opened and his vision cleared, he realized she was really there.

She was standing by his berth, smiling down at him.

Her blond hair fell across her shoulders. Her storm-gray eyes were bright with amusement. He remembered his first day at Camp Half-Blood, five years ago, when he’d woken from a daze and found Annabeth standing over him. She had said, You drool when you sleep.
She was sentimental that way.

“Wh—what’s going on?” he asked. “Are we there?”

“No,” she said, her voice low. “It’s the middle of the night.”

“You mean…” Percy’s heart started to race. He realized he was in his pajamas, in bed. He probably had been drooling, or at least making weird noises as he dreamed. No doubt he had a severe case of pillow hair and his breath didn’t smell great. “You sneaked into my cabin?”

Annabeth rolled her eyes. “Percy, you’ll be seventeen in two months. You can’t seriously be worried about getting into trouble with Coach Hedge.”

“Uh, have you seen his baseball bat?”

“Besides, Seaweed Brain, I just thought we could take a walk. We haven’t had any time to be together alone. I want to show you something—my favorite place aboard the ship.”

Percy’s pulse was still in overdrive, but it wasn’t from fear of getting into trouble. “Can I, you know, brush my teeth first?”

“You’d better,” Annabeth said. “Because I’m not kissing you until you do. And brush your hair while you’re at it.”

For a trireme, the ship was huge, but it still felt cozy to Percy—like his dorm building back at Yancy Academy, or any of the other boarding schools he’d gotten kicked out of. Annabeth and he crept downstairs to the second deck, which Percy hadn’t explored except for sickbay.

She led him past the engine room, which looked like a very dangerous, mechanized jungle gym, with pipes and pistons and tubes jutting from a central bronze sphere. Cables resembling giant metal noodles snaked across the floor and ran up the walls.

“How does that thing even work?” Percy asked.

“No idea,” Annabeth said. “And I’m the only one besides Leo who can operate it.”

“That’s reassuring.”

“It should be fine. It’s only threatened to blow up once.”

“You’re kidding, I hope.”

She smiled. “Come on.”

They worked their way past the supply rooms and the armory. Toward the stern of the ship, they reached a set of wooden double doors that opened into a large stable. The room smelled of fresh hay and wool blankets. Lining the left wall were three empty horse stalls like the ones they used for pegasi back at camp. The right wall had two empty cages big enough for large zoo animals.

In the center of the floor was a twenty-foot-square see-through panel. Far below, the night landscape whisked by—miles of dark countryside crisscrossed with illuminated highways like the strands of a web.

“A glass-bottomed boat?” Percy asked.

Annabeth grabbed a blanket from the nearest stable gate and spread it across part of the glass floor. “Sit with me.”

They relaxed on the blanket as if they were having a picnic, and watched the world go by below.

“Leo built the stables so pegasi could come and go easily,” Annabeth said. “Only he didn’t realize that pegasi prefer to roam free, so the stables are always empty.”

Percy wondered where Blackjack was—roaming the skies somewhere, hopefully following their progress. Percy’s head still throbbed from getting whopped by Blackjack’s hoof, but he didn’t
hold that against the horse.

“What do you mean, come and go easily?” he asked. “Wouldn’t a pegasus have to make it down
two flights of stairs?”

Annabeth rapped her knuckles on the glass. “These are bay doors, like on a bomber.”

Percy gulped. “You mean we’re sitting on doors? What if they opened?”

“I suppose we’d fall to our deaths. But they won’t open. Most likely.”


Annabeth laughed. “You know why I like it here? It’s not just the view. What does this place remind you of?”

Percy looked around: the cages and stables, the Celestial bronze lamp hanging from the beam, the smell of hay, and of course Annabeth sitting close to him, her face ghostly and beautiful in the soft amber light.

“That zoo truck,” Percy decided. “The one we took to Las Vegas.”

Her smile told him he’d gotten the answer right.

“That was so long ago,” Percy said. “We were in bad shape, struggling to get across the country to find that stupid lightning bolt, trapped in a truck with a bunch of mistreated animals. How can you be nostalgic for that?”

“Because, Seaweed Brain, it’s the first time we really talked, you and me. I told you about my family, and…” She took out her camp necklace, strung with her dad’s college ring and a colorful clay bead for each year at Camp Half-Blood. Now there was something else on the leather cord: a red coral pendant Percy had given her when they had started dating. He’d brought it from his father’s palace at the bottom of the sea. “And,” Annabeth continued, “it reminds me how long we’ve known each other. We were twelve, Percy. Can you believe that?”

“No,” he admitted. “So…you knew you liked me from that moment?”

She smirked. “I hated you at first. You annoyed me. Then I tolerated you for a few years. Then—”

“Okay, fine.”

She leaned over and kissed him: a good, proper kiss without anyone watching—no Romans anywhere, no screaming satyr chaperones.

She pulled away. “I missed you, Percy.”

Percy wanted to tell her the same thing, but it seemed too small a comment. While he had been on the Roman side, he’d kept himself alive almost solely by thinking of Annabeth. I missed you didn’t really cover that.

He remembered earlier in the night, when Piper had forced the eidolon to leave his mind. Percy hadn’t been aware of its presence until she had used her charmspeak. After the eidolon was gone, he felt as if a hot spike had been removed from his forehead. He hadn’t realized how much pain he had been in until the spirit left. Then his thoughts became clearer. His soul settled comfortably back into his body.

Sitting here with Annabeth made him feel the same way. The past few months could have been one of his strange dreams. The events at Camp Jupiter seemed as fuzzy and unreal as that fight with Jason, when they had both been controlled by the eidolons.

Yet he didn’t regret the time he’d spent at Camp Jupiter. It had opened his eyes in a lot of ways.

“Annabeth,” he said hesitantly, “in New Rome, demigods can live their whole lives in peace.”

“Her expression turned guarded. “Reyna explained it to me. But, Percy, you belong at Camp Half-Blood. That other life—”

“I know,” Percy said. “But while I was there, I saw so many demigods living without fear: kids going to college, couples getting married and raising families. There’s nothing like that at Camp Half-Blood. I kept thinking about you and me…and maybe someday when this war with the giants is over…”

It was hard to tell in the golden light, but he thought Annabeth was blushing.

“Oh,” she said.

Percy was afraid he’d said too much. Maybe he’d scared her with his big dreams of the future. She was usually the one with the plans. Percy cursed himself silently.

As long as he’d known Annabeth, he still felt like he understood so little about her. Even after they’d been dating several months, their relationship had always felt new and delicate, like a glass sculpture. He was terrified of doing something wrong and breaking it.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I just…I had to think of that to keep going. To give me hope. Forget I mentioned—”

“No!” she said. “No, Percy. Gods, that’s so sweet. It’s just…we may have burned that bridge. If we can’t repair things with the Romans—well, the two sets of demigods have never gotten along. That’s why the gods kept us separate. I don’t know if we could ever belong there.”

Percy didn’t want to argue, but he couldn’t let go of the hope. It felt important—not just for Annabeth and him, but for all the other demigods. It had to be possible to belong in two different worlds at once. After all, that’s what being a demigod was all about—not quite belonging in the mortal world or on Mount Olympus, but trying to make peace with both sides of their nature.

Art: burdge

Excerpt from, “The Mark of Athena”

Dream-like Christmas time

Merry Christmas @percy-the-sorcerer ! It’s me! Your secret santa from the @pjosecretsanta2016 I hope you like your present Alex! My best wishes for you this beautiful day! I also totally recomend you to listen to TTS- Dear Santa korean version, the title of the fic is inspired by the song!

Inspired but the prompt: Character A’s little sibling/child wants to meet their favorite celebrity/writer/person for Christmas. Character B is said “Christmas present”. Huge shout out to @quietlykeen @lesbabeths @bananannabeth for helping me with my horrible grammar! They are the real heroes here.

Piper was still reading the letter, which made sense considering the fact that a six year old wrote it and it was hard to understand what it said. But she had been reading it for what it felt like forever to Percy, and he really needed her to talk to him.

“On the bright side, you do know her.” Piper finally said. “Or well, used to.”

Mia, Percy’s little sister, had asked Santa for Annabeth Chase, from the group Stardust, to have tea time with her on Christmas Eve. And it nearly gave Percy a heart attack. Stardust was the most popular girl group in the world, and Annabeth Chase wasn’t only the main vocalist of the group, but she was also his ex-best friend. The same ex-friend he hadn’t seen in almost 6 years, not since she stole his first kiss.

“She probably doesn’t care about me anymore.” Percy said. “And it’s not like I can call her and be like ‘Hey Annabeth! It’s me, Percy! I know we haven’t talked in years but I have a baby sister now and her dream is to met you! I know it’s Christmas Eve but I hope you can swing by. My mom lives in the same apartment, okay bye!’”

Piper shrugged. “You kind of can do that.”

He threw his pillow at her. “I don’t have her number anymore.”

“No, but your mom might have her old address saved in her address book.” Piper patted his shoulder. “You said she used to live in California, right? It would make sense for your mom to have her address, or well I guess by now it’s her dad’s address only, if you guys used to exchange letter.”

“It doesn’t matter, he probably moved out.”

“Or maybe he hasn’t. Perce you have the opportunity to make your sister’s dream come true. And not only that, you have the opportunity to reconnect with someone who means the world to you.”

Percy sighed and sat indian style on his bed.

Piper didn’t know much about his relationship with Annabeth— Percy didn’t want people knowing he used to be best friends with a celebrity —but during college Piper had become his best friend. She had found his pictures with Annabeth, the ones he used to have at his mom’s place, so he told her the basics: they met at a summer camp when they were seven years old, and were best friends by the end of the summer. They only saw each other during the summer but during the rest of the year they wrote letters to each other all the time. When they were ten years old,  her family moved to Boston and sometimes they got to visit each other for the weekend, but the letters didn’t stop until they were fifteen when her family moved to California. At that point, cellphones and emails started to become a thing, they didn’t feel they needed to exchange letters anymore. Annabeth went to camp for one more year before winning the most famous singing competition America had, and then he never saw her again.

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Sign here.

One of my friends is deaf and I just learned sign language to talk to her, so WOOHOO!

Also, I just couldn’t get deaf!Sirius out of my head and so I had to write a muggle AU (wolfstar obvs) otherwise I would be damned to eternal torment.

Note: to better understand the conversation between Sirius and Remus I kinda tweaked the sentence formation. In real asl, the sentence is structured as subject-verb-object, which makes it easier as opposed to object-subject-verb, but the latter is also acceptable. Subject-verb-object is easier, I speak from experience. I’ve written the sentences in regular linguistic format, and these parts are in italics.


Sirius was at the coffee shop one day. It had been nearly three years since he’d mastered sign language and the profanities that were included (obviously), and after studying and receiving a degree in arts, he taught at a college for the deaf and dumb. He was an art professor there, and he was pretty damn good at it.

He’d suffered from a painful bout of depression and had almost killed himself: the urge to do it was so overwhelming, seeing as he was no stranger to depression.

He was at the subway, earlier this morning. His red Chuck Taylors practically hung over the safety line and all he needed to do was shift his weight forward, and the train would come barreling in and rescue him.

But he just couldn’t do it.

So he did what any reasonable man would do in times of crisis.

He went to get coffee.

There was a paintbrush tucked into every pocket of his jeans; his long dark hair pulled back into a messy bun; black eyeliner framed his sleet grey eyes. And he was almost certain that there was paint streaking across his face, but he didn’t really mind. Or care.

It was his turn to order. A tall man, bundled in a grey sweater and ripped black jeans (much like Sirius’s own) with light brown curls hanging over his green eyes stood behind the counter. His weight rested lankly on one leg and a hand was poised over a rack of differently sized paper cups; the other reaching for the Sharpie marker nestled behind his ear. There was scars; faint, but there, running across his face: one over the bridge of his wonky nose; one lining his sharp jaw; one decorating his cheekbone.

Sirius gaped at him. He was, had to be, the most incredible man he had ever seen, and Sirius seen quite a few men before.

Sirius saw his cracked lips move soundlessly. He remembered that he was indeed deaf (the sheer attractiveness of the other man had made him forget who he was), and quickly signed Sorry. Deaf. to let him know as such.

The barista paused, cocked his head, and frowned. Oh dear. Thought Sirius. He was about to embarrass himself all over again: signing to a person who didn’t know what sign language was. This is why he should’ve come here with James or Lily or Peter. He shouldn’t pull shit like this. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid-

A small smile fluttered across the barista’s face. Oh. My bad. He signed. Can I get you something? He signed again. Sirius’s heart (and his jaw) dropped to his combat boots; possibly further than that, because this hot dude knew how to sign.

You know how to sign? He asked excitedly, voicing his thoughts. The barista nodded. Learned a while ago to talk to my mother. The man explained. She was deaf too? Again, the barista nodded.

I’m R-E-M-U-S. Signed the man, who was quickly becoming Sirius’s new favorite person.. I’m S-I-R-I-U-S. Nice to meet you. Sirius couldn’t help the grin on his face.

Would you consider joining me for a drink? Asked Remus, a shy expression on his face. I would love to. Sirius signed back, to which Remus lit up. Sirius grinned even wider.

He pointed to the menu after Remus asked whether he could get him anything again, indicating a medium black coffee. Remus scribbled his name onto a cup in a long, left-slanted handwriting, and his phone number at the bottom. Sirius frowned at it. I can’t call you. Deaf, remember? he signed. Remus’s cheeks reddened, then realization flooded into his face as he signed:Text me.

Sirius felt his shoulders deflate from their stiff position and the smile returned to his face. He gave Remus a thumbs-up.

Sirius was leaving the coffee shop with a spring in his step. He’d got himself a date, and a smokin’ one at that. He sipped his coffee and ran his fingers over the phone number (carefully, so it wouldn’t smudge) over and over, to remind himself it was real. That this was real. It was comforting, and gave him a fuzzy feeling.

He pulled out his phone in the middle of a class (his students were all busy with the assignment he’d set them: imagine a person and draw him or her. No porn.) and sent a text message, since he hadn’t given Remus his number, so the ball was technically in his court now.

Sirius: Free tomorrow?

And the reply was prompt. Light speed, even. As if Remus was waiting for him to send the aforementioned text.

Remus: I thought I was supposed to be asking you out?

Sirius: Yeah, well, I don’t particularly give a shit.

Remus: I never wanted you to. Keep your shit to yourself, please. Nobody wants to touch that.

Sirius smiled. He wanted to laugh. So he did.

His students didn’t see him. Or hear him. They didn’t look up once from their A3 notebooks. Hell, he couldn’t hear himself. But damn. It felt good.

Sirius: So do you plan on asking me out or should I hunt you down and ask you myself?

Remus: Does it help that I’m a little turned on by the “hunting me down” thing?

Sirius raised an eyebrow. This guy was forward.

Sirius: It might help a little, yes.

Remus: Okay then. I know a place a couple blocks uptown. Real fancy. I think you’d like it.

Sirius: How would you know what I like? We barely know each other.

Remus: I know sign language. That suggests a lot about me and my abilities, does it not?

Sirius: It can suggest whatever you want it to suggest.

Remus: So….I’ll pick you up tomorrow night for dinner?

Sirius: Sure. I’ll text you my address.

Remus: Don’t expect a limo or whatever.

Remus: Expect like an Uber that we’re going to share.

Remus: Or a regular cab.

Sirius: My knight in shining armor! Rescue me on thine yellow motor-driven steed!

Remus: You dork.

Sirius: I am but a beautiful damsel in distress, ever waiting for my knight to save me from my perils!

Remus: I will see you tomorrow.

Remus: ……

Remus: Rapunzel.

Sirius grinned. Oh man. Remus was….

He was amazing.

Sirius was pretty sure he’d fallen for Remus. Hard. And this conversation had driven the last nail into the coffin.


Perfect. thought Sirius, proudly looking around at over three hours of hard work and dusted his grimy palms off on his jeans.

There was a round table in the middle of the apartment he and his boyfriend-of-two-years-and-seventy-four-days-Remus had bought and moved in together. On the table two glasses, two chairs, and a bottle champagne, and a single light bulb dangling from the ceiling above the table created an almost-romantic ambiance.

The reason he hadn’t used traditional candles was because of how easy it would become for one of the plants to catch fire. And when he says “one”, he means “four billion”. 

The table was surrounded by a generously laden forest of huge pink and orange tiger lilies in watering cans, bright purple and white bougainvillea cascading like waterfalls from hanging pots, green ferns, potted trees, basins filled with green water and smooth round pebbles, water lilies decorating their still surfaces.

There was a hand on his shoulder. Sirius spun around, eyes wide. Remus had a look on his face mimicking Sirius’s, but it lasted longer. What is this? He signed.

I made dinner. Sirius answered simply, but on the contrary his insides were bursting with excitement. Remus looked incredulous as Sirius stood on his toes to peck his cheek, take off his coat, and lead him to a chair.

Remus touched every plant as he walked to the table. Sirius had done it not longer before. He sat on the chair after brushing a few stray petals off of it, Sirius went into the kitchen and returned with two plates of…

Oreos? For dinner? Signed Remus, frowning at the six oreos on his plate. Not just regular oreos. Oreos and peanut butter. House specialty. Sirius signed proudly. Remus laughed. Sirius knew he was laughing because he made a face every time he did, and that face made him go weak at the knees. This, combined with his nerves, made it hard to stand up, so he collapsed into his chair.

These are awesome. Remus signed, chewing slowly. Sirius grinned. You’re the best. Remus continued. Sirius made dreamy eyes at Remus, then fumbled for something in his jeans. Remus ate the last oreo, licked his lips, then looked up expectantly.

Why the fancy dinner? Asked Remus. I needed to be as clichéd as possible, because I know you like that. Signed Sirius. He handed Remus a sheet of paper with his messy, lazy, drawn-out scrawl of a handwriting on it. Read it. Signed Sirius.


If you’re reading this, it means I’ve finally grown a pair and decided to get on with it.

I never thought that I would find someone, let alone someone like you. I always assumed I’d die a wrinkled old man in a rocking who flashed the finger at everyone who walked across my lawn.

And then I met you.

You were my lighthouse. My life was a hurricane, and you saw me through it. You make me feel as if I can do more than what I’m made out to do. And I want to spend the rest of my life with you, attempting to make you feel the same way.

Remus had gone pale. His cheeks were sucked in.

I want to be a wrinkly old man in a rocking chair, flashing the finger at everyone who walks across my lawn, with you by my side, and for it to be our lawn. I want to grow old with you. I want to have kids with you. I want a lawn with you. I want a life with you, the rest of my life with you. I want you, Remus. I love you. Remus’s hands were shaking.

Remus looked up at Sirius as the dark haired man lowered himself onto one knee. Sirius pulled out a small black box from his pocket, opening it to show a gold band, plain, but at the same time beautiful. Remus’s eyes widened. His hand clapped over his mouth.

Will you marry me? Signed Sirius.

A month and a half later, Sirius felt the familiar rush of overwhelming joy and love and excitement and possibly the urge to vomit all over again as he watched Remus sign I do across the altar from him.


Maud girl, I love you, but you’ll hate me for this ramble😅

A - Ships that you currently like a lot. (They don’t have to be OTPs because not everyone has OTPs.) Friendships, pairings, threesomes, etc. are allowed.

Well, I’ll go with all of them. For OTP, my biggest are EdWin and Royai (from FMA), Karmanami from Assassination Classroom and NaLu from FT.
Friendships… I love GrayLu platonically and RoyxMaes is the best brotp😍 and of course I freaking loooove all friendships from Haikyuu and Akatsuki no Yona… And I love Zen and Mitsuhide’s relationship in Akagami no shirayuki-hime and Al and Ed are best bros and the freaking platinocial relationship between Handa and Naru gets me everytime and I should probably gp to the next ask before I ramble more than necessary.

B - A pairing–platonic, romantic or sexual–that you initially didn’t consider, but someone changed your mind.

Asano x Nakamura… I never even imagined them as a couple… Until I read a perfect fanfiction… And now I ship⛵️⛵️

C - A ship you have never liked and probably never will.

I’ll be hated…. But EdxRoy (just no, okay?! Mustang’s like a dad to Ed!!) and Shirayuki x Obi because Zen😍😍 (I love their friendship tho)

D - A pairing you wish you liked but just can’t.

Yamaguchi x Yachi because I wnat Yams to be happy… But HinaYachi is love, HinaYachi is life!!

E - Have you added anything cracky/hilarious to your fandom? If so, what?

Not yet, but I joined FMABigBang so I’ll add Ed being an overprotective drama queen (or rather, king) dad, so stay tuned!

F - What’s the longest you’ve ever been in a fandom?

Hmm… Almost a year in the FT fanfom!!! Happy birthday, I guess?

G - Have you ever had an OTP? If so, do you remember your first one? Who was in it?

I live for my OTPs! (Which just proved why I’m still single… I have my whole life aheeeaaaad~~) I think one of my first conscious OTPs (in that I knew what that was) was Harry x Hermione and it was shattered to pieces… Damn you, JK Rowling! (I still love you).

H - What is your favorite source text for fandom stuff (e.g., TV shows, movies, books, anime, Western animation, etc.)?

Hmm… Anime. Because it’s lively and you can actually picture the characters miving when reading a fanfic! I agree with manga too… And sometimes books. Movies feel just too real to be placed in cartoons, though.

I - Has Tumblr caused you to stop liking any fandoms, if so, which and why?

No, but the haters were closed to it. Tho I did stop liking the small Usagi Drop fandom because of the manga spoilers that ruined my experience… To those who want to watch it, take my friendly advice, PLEASE don’t read the manga. The anime is the fluffiest thing, so please just watch that.

J - Name a fandom you didn’t think about until you saw it all over Tumblr. (You don’t have to care about it or follow it; it just has to be something that Tumblr made you aware of.)

Bnha, which is why I started reading it. And Voltron…. I’ll watch that soon, too.

K - What character has your favorite development arc/the best development arc?

Uhm… Well that’s a hard one. I absolutely love the subtle and endearing development in Oreki (hyouka) and Haruhi in Ouran, but my favourite has to go to Tsukki for how well-built it was!! Furudate-sensei, I bow im front of you. Also, honrable mention to Karma in Assassination Clasroom.

L - Say something genuinely nice about a character who isn’t one of your faves. (Characters you’re neutral about are fair game, as are characters you merely dislike. Characters that you absolutely loathe with the fire of ten thousand suns are exempt, as there is no point in giving yourself an aneurysm over a character that you hate.)

I don’t especially love oikawa. I admire him a tone, and I have a lot of his quotes forever saved in my phone, and I think he’s the best setter of them all (I’m sorry, he has more experience and tehnique than Kags or Asaaahi, tho I agree that they’ll become better than him in one year’s time). So there: I aknowledge his amazingness altough he isn’t my fave.

M - Name a character that you’d like to have for a friend.

Edward. I want to spend a full day with him and learn how alchemy works (and we’d complain together about how short we are).
Also, Haruhi: I feel like she’d give the best advice when I’d need it.

N - Name three things you wish you saw more or in your main fandom (or a fandom of choice).

My faveourite fandom is FMA: everyone gets love and attention, and there’s little to no hate. What I’d like for it is to make it alive again! I mean, there are events and the such, but the manga finished almost 10 years ago, guys! I hope the new live action will bring us back alive.

O - Choose a song at random. Which ship or character does it remind you of?

Hmm… Well On my Own by Ashes Remain was the first one that popped into my head and it kind of reminds me pf Natsu. He’s that character that would always smile, but he’s always surpressing his feeling (‘I’ve been stuck in a cage with my doubt/I tried forever getting out on my own’)

P - Invent a random AU for any fandom (we always need more ideas).

Random AU…? Honestly, I’m not the biggest AU fan, but if I had to, I’d choose 'we’ve been stuck in a traffic jam for two hours and we’re bored, let’s play cards; hey wait Gray, you’re cheeting; no way I’m not!; mira, doing cutesy things won’t help you win… Laxus don’t give in!!; if Laxus is allied with Mira so is the thunder legion! Then I’m starting one on my own! Erza, I’ll join… Great, now we have Wendy on Erza’s side… All dragon slayers together! And exceeds! Wait lucy, starting a female club isn’t gonna help ya!
…guys? That’s not how you play pocker!’ AU. Okay, I may like this one in particular. Maybe I’ll write it:)

Q - A fandom you’ve abandoned and why.

I’ve abandoned the HP fandom. I still like the books, but I kinda grew out of it…? (And into anime😇)

R - Which friendship/platonic relationship is your favorite in fandom?

Uhm… In which one? If I’m going with FT, my favourite friendship is GrayLu. In FMA, it’s a tie… I love Roy/Hughes brotp and Al/Ed brotp. In Haikyuu… Damn they’re too many to choose! But I’d say the Karasuno third years: they have such a tight-knit bond!! And in AssClass it would be Karma/Okuda (it’s canon in my mind but friendship in the manga). I just love how easygoing they are. Also, I love Karma/Nagisa in the second half.

S - Show us an example of your personal headcanon (prompts optional but encouraged)

Hmm… There are many. My fetish is seeing people sleep: I think you can tell alot about their inner selfes from the position they use when sleeping and from their habits, because they can’t control or put up a façade when it comes to that.
So my headcanon is that despite being loud and obnoxious, Natsu actually occupies less space than Lucy when sleeping: he takes a baby-posture, while she lashes all over the bed, sometimes punching him im sleep unintentionately. Natsu learnt to deal with it: he actually likes holding Lucy close to make sure she’s safe while sleeping. She doesn’t mind, especially not during winter.
Oh and they also cuddle with a cup of hot coffee in their hands during the morning. Just an after-thought~~

T - Do you have any hard and fast headcanons that you will die defending?

I do! I don’t care if you agree or not, but Karma can be sweet, okay? Like he can actually be a good boyfriend (tho maybe a bit possessive). He’s the best at telling what’s on Okuda’s mind and he always buys her toffee when she’s feeling down.
Oh and also, Riza is a very good mother, always putting her family first. Just letting you know.

U - Three favorite characters from three different fandoms, and why they’re your favorites.

1)Karma-assassination classroom. He’s that one character that believes he’s the best, only to get proven that he can be wrong. What’s evenbegter is how he has room to develop and grow to be a better person… Plus, it seems I have a thing for evil goofballs.
2)This is a hard one, but Ed/Roy-Fullmetal Alchemist. I abso-freaking-lutely love all the characters in FMA, but these two attracted my attention. Ed because of how he thinks, how he wants to do good deeds in spite of his thorny exterior and how he miserably fails. I love the way he admits his failures and the way he deals with them can be childish (he’s 14, for God’s sake!) but he learns from them. Also, Roy because even though he went through Ishval, he still dreams of making the world a better place. I can respect a man who doesn’t step over the ethics just to achieve that dream and who always bends and avoides hurting others, while never giving up. Maybe it’s a dream, but I very much resonate with it.
3) Lucy from FT. She’s the one character in Fairy Tail that has enough of a backstory and is weak enough to evolve. Moreover, she’s not your typical girl: yes, she cares about how she looks, because she IS an woman, but she also cares about what’s on the inside. She cares about her friends more than anything and even without being the strongest mage, still puts herself in danger for them. I love her resolve and her cute side, too.

V - Which character do you relate to most?

Hmm… Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran Highschool Host Club. Haruhi is the type to do things on her own and she repells the help of others to do her thing, which I also tend to do. Also, she shoulders a lot of her worries by herself. Plus, she never judges people on appearance and doesn’t care about her own (being a girl, that’s rare and helps me relate all the more). I just love her😍 (and sometimes am compared to her by my friends).

W - A trope which you are virtually certain to hate in any fandom.

Whiny female protagonist. I’m not a feminist or anything, but I’ve had enough of that! Yes, we all want a prince charming, but we can carry ourselves, thank you very much.

X - A trope which you are almost certain to love in any fandom.

Someone pursuing their dreams. Also, I love genre deconstructions (browny points if it’s comedic).

Y - What are your secondhand fandoms (i.e., fandoms you aren’t in personally but are tangentially familiar with because your friends/people on your dash are in them)?

Voltron and Yuri on Ice (I feel like I’ve watched this shows even though I haven’t).

Z - Just ramble about something fan-related, go go go! (Prompts optional but encouraged.)

Don’t tempt me, I will! ( I kinda have this whole post tho)
Okay so I’ll rant about FMA because I feel it doesn’t get all he love it deserves!!! (And because I refrained from fangirling on it up to now) And since we’re talking FMA, let’s talk Roy Mustang (you knew this would come).
Roy is just one of those very strong people that are actually just goofballs on the interior and need love. Seriously, let’s take a look at what this guy went through, ok? He’s an orphan, but he never complains and learnt to love his cousins (sisters) and aunt (mom). He was taught by a pretty crazy (very talented, but Hawkeye did have a screw loose for inscripting a tatoo on Riza’s back and you can’t convince me otherwise) alchemist, and yet he managed to become the next flame alchemy. Despite being told not to, he joined the military with a childish dream and even after learning of the harsh reality in the Ishval war, he still went on believing that he can make the country a better place.
Yet he’s not perfect: he can lose his temper when it comes to those he loves (Mustang being killed) and he doesn’t want any more people to die. He cheerisbes his team and wants to keep them all safe. He can be a cheapskate and also a bit of an annoying guy with Ed, and he can be obnoxious, yet funny as hell (tiny miniskirts!!!)
Above all, Mustang feels HUMAN! Yes, he puts up a great act, but it’s an *act*. He has a more sensitive side and you better not mess with it, or he’ll burn you to ashes.
This concludes the short version of my Roy Mustang appeciation post. Also, I have some headcanons about him being best dad (and his child being a daddy’s girl/boy because of it) and of being a pretty intimidating Führer.

This concludes my post. @bookstvseriesandanimes and @paperrabbit13 know what I’m talking about😅
And I tag @bookstvseriesandanimes @paperrabbit13 @shoujoinsights @candyforever123 @funnyshoujomoments and whoever else feels up to it:)


a few of my favourite things ☆ (17/30) romantic reationships: jess and rory

i’m ready for this. you can count on me now. i know you couldn’t count on me before, but you can now. you can. look, you know we’re supposed to be together. i knew it the first time i saw you two years ago, and you know it too.

BillDip Week, Day 6: Pirates/Sirens AU

Ok this AU captured me and I love to get to obsession, but the truth … I had no idea for this day, well, yes, and it is this, but I think many are writing about this topic. … ARGH !!!! Ok, try this fluffy, it is a challenge to boost me myself … maybe I throw the Tyrolean, it is much easier … this was getting some smut on my mind …

I feel Bill something OC, but I have headcannon that when you are flirting to him (that headcannon seriously love) is speechless.

Note: There will be some Rev!BillDip (TyroneisRev!Dipper)

Well here we go, should be doing homework right now.


“Pine Tree!”

The blue mermaid turned her head to hear his nickname given by the most intrusive, and creepy creature with psychopathic tendencies.

“Bill, what hap-?” Dipper not finish his question because a pair of arms had caught and strength of the body of the other yellow siren had dragged him, causing both to fall into the nearest reef. Dipper under Bill who would not let go for nothing.

“It is true?”

Dipper note that Bill’s eyes had signs of anger, worry, fear and, jealousy?


“Don’t be silly, Pine Tree.”

Dipper raised an eyebrow.

Everyone is talking about it! Why I had to find out for dirty tongue of someone else?”

“I’m saying I have no idea.”

“Your harmonization with Will!”

Will Cipher, Bill’s younger twin, he was the exact opposite of his brother.

“Of course you were going to end up together, he is kind, gentle, tender, weak sack of algae, Who would not want to be with him?”


“It was obvious that everyone in the reef would be happy.”


“He found his partner, yeah, a great event.”


“But of all people, Why you had to be you?!”


Both sirens were silent, Dipper was trying not to laugh at the childish behavior of Bill, but when he looked so angry and talking incoherently about him and Will, he had to intervene, but was taking it a bit calmer, Bill Cipher was capable of fetching sharks or attack a pirate ship on his own, not that it has gone wrong, even still alive.

Bill Cipher, his world was falling, he loved his brother was his only family, excluding Tad, but when swimming could not help overhearing the conversation between two girls, after all he was always thirsty for knowledge. Knowledge is power.

‘Did you hear about Will Cipher?’

'Yes, everyone is talking about it, I can’t believe, now I had no chance with him.’

'Yes, it is a pity, but they look cute together.’

Together? Did Will had managed to find his mate? Well it’s about time, it is not that he never heard his brother sing, but Will was a crybaby when someone discovered singing.

'Even I can’t believe it.’

Maybe his mate had discovered and had loved so much his song-

'Will Cipher joined with the Pines boy.’

Everything turned gray.

What had said that stupid mermaid?

Will with his Pine Tree?

Bill had wanted to talk to those two silly but they were already gone when his head and mentality returned.

He was going to smash his brother!

But first he had to go talk to Pine Tree.

Bill had swum as far as possible, he knew where his Pine Tree when he wanted to be alone and he’d better be alone.

How long Bill had tried to make Dipper sing? Just to see if he was someone special. But the boy always refused to sing, saying that he had no case.

How the hell Will accomplished what had cost him 23 years of his life?!

For that reason when he saw he could not help jump him. Bill Cipher was known to be a little possessive, but if in fact this would be the last time that he would be alone with Pine Tree… Well they could suck a lemon! Neither dead would allow it!

“When was it? How? So special was? Did he come to this place?”

“Bill keep saying that nonsense and I will finish by the break you mouth to stop talking and listen to me for once in your life!”

Bill loosened his grip on the boy, but not so much that could go Dipper. He had never been that way with Bill before.

It seemed so intimate.

“First, I have nothing to do with Will, I have no idea where you have heard that but it is false. Will achieve harmonization with Tyrone.”

“With your cousin?”

“Bill how you can be so blind, it was obvious that these two had mutual feelings.”

Nope, Bill for the first time in its aquatic life, he did not understand how the baby cry was over linked to the most sadistic of the Pines?

“If Will had not taken the first step, Tyrone would have never known.”

Dipper felt the tension in Bill’s body had calmed down, well, that way he would not have to go that stupid Bay.

“Secondly, I was looking at you, I wanted to tell you.”

“So, you weren’t Will’s mate?”

“Bill, you know very well that not being alone sing, someone is always listening.”

“What a relief.” Bill’s head dropped into Pine Tree’s chest closing his eyes, listening to the Dipper,’s heartbeat smiled, remembering when they met long ago, he had given a heart of shark. And for the first time he saw someone take it.

“Why were you so worried about it?”

Never mind.”

“Of course! You looked like a psycho! I don’t say you are, but you looked crazier than usual, I demand an answer.”

“Come on Pine Tree! You can’t be so blind, why do you think I give all those gifts?”

“You mean all those shark teeth and human flesh?”

“What else could it be? You refused to sing and I do not know how to deal with all that.”

Bill felt a blow to his head, annoying stood up to yell at Dipper, but the boy’s hands took his cheeks.

“Here the fool are you, I don’t need to sing for know who is and will be my mate forever.”

A pair of lips surprised him.

Why 6x05 is probably one of the best episodes

Okay, so I just watched Teen Wolf 6x05 AND HOLY SHIT THAT WAS AWESOME!

My thoughts and speculations: 

- supernatural can go through parrallel universe barriers, that’s awesome


- The radio talk between Scott, Lydia and Stiles. And it was so amazing because he didn’t say much, but he wanted, needed Lydia to remember what he said. (REMEMBER I LOVE YOU OMGGGGG) They talked to Stiles, they had conctact with him. This is the most progress we’ve made since season 6 aired. 

- No pack 2.0, thank you very much. I would scream if they wasted time on “How to catch a ghost rider for Dummies” But they didn’t, so yes!

- The wall scene though… I wonder if she felt his presence in some way, like his room, but what she didn’t know is that he was really there, sort of. Thank you Teen Wolf for showing their connection. 

- Claudia is so fucking suspicious. BEHEAD HER. 

- It’s interesting to see how if you get taken, you just think you got there by cab or something. Not only you get forgotten, but you also don’t remember being taken by something supernatural. (unless you know about the Wild Hunt, or have someone to tell you, like Stiles and Peter) 

- I do wonder what Peter meant with “It’s you. It had to be you.” Like what does that mean? If Peter thought it was “just” a train station, then shouldn’t he just be like, oh, coincidence, let’s ignore the boy. 

- Peter and the keys… he does care :) 


- When Peter got back, and Malia said his name, Scott began remembering. Their last battle in s4, when Peter was the alpha in s1, and so on. So… when do they start remembering (actual memories) Stiles? They have a relic, the Jeep and, kinda, that baseball bat the sheriff stubbed his toe on. When 2.0 decoded the library card, they started remembering te boy. But our actual pack has a relic but it’s more vague. 

- I wonder how Lydia realised that the Jeep was important (more important than the human brain which was probably an innuendo to the Nazi Werewolf with his pea obsession)

- No Nazi Werewolf… for this episode it’s good but I am interested though. Not sure if he comes back in 6x06 since he wasn’t in the promo.  

- I also wonder why that boy in the train/waste station was the only one that cared enough to find a way out. That knew something was wrong. Did he also began researching because someone from him was about to be taken and found out about the Hunt but then also got erased? 

- I loved the scene when the boy just died and Peter confronted Stiles. That he isn’t “special” or “extraordinary” and that no one will remember nor find him. He’s stuck. Usually Teen Wolf doesn’t go that deep on an emotional level, but know they did and it’s probably the best scene between Stiles and Peter from the whole franshise. 

- Why did the ghost riders let Peter be free? They could’ve easily pushed him of. Or used their lasso. Maybe they don’t care and it’s just their job to take them, but not to… let’s say babysit. 

- I like the special effects. Everything’s better than s1. 

- Human keys can go through supernatural barriers without melting or whatever. So relics can also pass through universes. Interesting.

- Did the boy wanted to die? Like Gwen? 

- I was so into the biology lesson that I was almost sad when the scene ended (geeking out, sorry lol)

- But… what did 2.0 actually do this episode? Where they on the hunt or like “lol nevermind I’d rather play lacrosse, baiiii.” (I know that’s not gonna be it but IMAGINE please) 

- And, are they still walking in slow motion? (I’m sorry but that was the cringiest thing ever shown on Teen Wolf. Use slow motion for special scenes, like 5x16 because that looked amazing.) 

- Personal note: I almost watched this episode before my exam Biology but then I thought: “Good grades or… emotionally unstable and bad grade… yeah, I’ll watch it later.”

- Peter though… burned… again. Like he was just recovered! (Can you imagine their sophomore year was two years ago? Six seasons in three school years. No wonder everyone is traumatised.)  

- I found it quite interesting that Malia called Peter her father, because in 5x01 she defined herself as a Tate, not a Hale. Peter was Malia’s biological father, birthgiver, so to speak. But he was never her “father”, on an emotional level. Maybe I look to deep into this but I liked that. Perhaps this season we will focus more on Malia and her relationships, since her mother tried to kill her numerous times last season. 

- My pudding was gone by the first minute. 

- The people Lydia saw were also the people Stiles spoke to… perhaps those people have a connection to Claudia? Maybe that doctor was the one helping Claudia with the birth of Stiles and the old lady a family member of Claudia. You could say “BUT HOW DOES STILES NOT KNOW HER?” Maybe he doesn’t remember her since Claudia died when he was 9 so they probably didn’t see her family anymore + you can just sometimes never meet a part of someone’s family if it’s so big. I haven’t met everyone of mine, so… 

- The timeline in the train station differs from the one in the actual world. Supposedly, Stiles was there for only six hours, whilst the pack was already searching for him or a week or two, maybe longer. Either the man was wrong and Stiles had been sitting there for dead or the time is different. 

- There is a radio connected with both worlds… hmm… 

- Next episode they’ll meet a fellow banshee is a ghost town, where the Wild Hunt previously passed. That means everyone will be taken, so there are no particular people that get taken, you just have to be lucky not to be the first. 

- I think if there are no seats left in the train station, they will die(?) Because eventually it’s full. And what do you do when your garbage bin is full? You empty it. 

- Why are only Lydia, Malia and Scott hearing Peter howling? Or better, why are Scott and Malia the only one coming after it. There is more supernatural in Beacon Hills. 

- But then again, I’d rather not see 2.0. 

- No new information about Stiles’ real name, dammit. Peter threw his licence out of his wallet though, so maybe Stiles will pick it up and we’ll see the name?

That’s a wrap! Get excited for 6x06 people!

What makes Chanbaek so special to me...

(Woooooo~ dramatic title)

I remember the first time I ever got into Chanbaek, actually I’m somewhat of a new Exo-l, I just joined this fandom in like June of this year, and I started shipping Chanbaek after Baekyeon had broken up, thank you to the person that made that Chanbaek evidence video, and got me interested in this wonderful ship and led me to reading all of let’s-talk-baekyeol’s posts, and thus embarked my journey on being an over obsessive shipper. Thank you.

Alright enough of my background story, who needs to hear that? You’re right, absolutely no one. Ok ok before I get completely off topic, let’s just dive right in. 

As I said I had started shipping Chanbaek like only few months ago, and before that I had actually been a bit supportive of Baekyeon *gasp* I know I know how can a Chanbaek shipper say that? But that was when I was a total noob and when I heard that they were confirmed dating I was like “Ok ok nice nice.” and I would you know watch shipping videos of it to see if it would capture my interest, but the thing was, it never did. It always struck me as Taeyeon being a sweet older sister, and Baekhyun just having that you know celebrity crush and admiring her, so I just stayed neutral about it, I didn’t get too much into it (because I couldn’t…*cough*) 

And it was funny I almost had no idea about the ship Chanbaek because as I would watch variety shows with Exo in it I would occasionally- actually scratch that I didn’t see any because I was never focused on the two because I only knew Luhan because he was my bias, and I never payed any attention to the two because as the noob I was they were not my bias, and I was a shipper of hunhan because the two became my bias, so I saw shipping videos, but they only struck me as a hyung and dongsaeng relationship (I am so sorry Hunhan shippers I love that ship!) 

So when I heard that Baekyeon had broken up I was actually like “I knew this was going to happen *tsk*” and for some strange reason I was like “hey, isn’t there another ship Baekhyun is involved in? Hmm, let me go check it out!” (I didn’t know what was wrong with me)

And so I looked up videos. Then after that video I watched more, and more, and more, and I seriously could not get enough,it made me widen my eyes and go like “this is soooo cute!” because their interactions were so cute and I likes how they didn’t seem all that touchy feely but at the same time it made me squeal, and they seemed so consistent with it too. 

Then I read let’s-talk-baekyeol’s blogs and boom, I was in. While Hunhan was like only a few week phase, Chanbaek has been riding with me ever since, even stronger than before, as you can see with me writing all these rant/analysis/things.

And with every moment.

With every touch…

Every stare…

Back then, and even now…

The touches…

And the stares (now)…

(there is so much more but let’s end this thing here shall we?)

Even then and now all the stares and touches they all still give me such a sweet feeling in my heart, gives me that goofy smile on my face, and always makes me combust with flames on my feels. 

I was never really into the gay couples because I never involved myself with them but Chanbaek is practically my only exception because they just make me so happy every interaction makes me so happy, and now as a Chanbaek shipper I notice so many more things about them then I did before it’s not even funny, there is just something about Chanbaek. The subtleness but the sweetness in those stares and touches, just makes them so addictive. 

That’s what makes them so special (to me at least)

(PS I is sorry that this post is practically just my experience with Chanbaek, so that’s why I added lots of pics, to make up for it hehe~ it was fun for me too. Anyway thanks for reading, and ask anything about this ship that you are curious about ^^)

(would this be classified as a rant?)


[5/15] Relationships

↳ Jess Mariano & Rory Gilmore

You’re ready. And I’m ready. I’m ready for this. You can count on me now. I know you couldn’t count on me before, but you can now. You can. Look, you know we’re supposed to be together. I knew it the first time I saw you two years ago, and you know it, too. I know you do.”


100 Theme Drabble Challenge featuring HopeLight

previous themes

childhood; the au where Hope and Light are childhood friends, and there’s certainly no other feelings involved…especially during Christmas…

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Waking Up in a City That Never Sleeps

One night you were laying in bed with your two best friends, Kian Lawley and Sam Pottorff. You three were known as the Three Musketeers, the bestest friends. You would take a bullet for either of them. It was crazy that you only knew each other for a year and were already such good friends.

This night you were laying with in the middle of the bed with each boy on your side talking about life.

“I just want to wake up in a city that never sleeps. I want to live somewhere so amazing and wonderful and full of life.” You proclaim.

“So basically you want to live in a city just like you?” Kian jokes. Your relationship with Kian was getting complicated, it seemed that you were moving from being friends to being more than friends.

“That’s my cue to leave.” Sam says getting up. Neither you or Kian protest. “Not even going to protest I see. See you guys later. Be safe” Sam says as he leaves. As soon as Sam leaves, Kian turns to you.

“You’ll get all your dreams. I know it.” He says before placing his mouth on yours. You’d lose your virginity that night.

Fast forward three years. You woke up in New York City where you just moved. You were starring on a Broadway musical. Your dreams were coming true finally. A picture frame caught your eye, you hadn’t even remember looking at that picture in so long. It was of you and Kian from around the time of that night. In the picture you were laying on the grass next to each other laughing up at Sam who took the picture. You had a sudden feeling of missing the two of them. You pick up your phone and dial Sam’s number.

“Kimmy! Long time no talk!” Sam answers on the first ring.

“I know, I’m sorry. I’ve been busy. The show opens in a week.”

“Wow that quick. I’m so proud of you making your dreams come true. You know I’ll be there.”

“I know. Um do you know if Kian will?”  You hear Sam laugh after you mention Kian’s name.

“Kimmy, he got your invitation. I don’t know if he’ll come. You guys don’t even talk anymore.”

“I know. It just hurts too much to talk to him. He wouldn’t move to New York with me. I asked him to. He chose LA and YouTube and Andrea and I chose New York.” You start choking up remembering the last conversation you had with Kian when you told him you were leaving. You begged him to come with you, but he wouldn’t. You kept thinking he’d stop you at the airport, but he never did. You were both too stubborn to call the other, so you just continued on with your life. You saw his YouTube career explode and saw him start dating Andrea. You saw them breakup and you wondered if he ever thought of you. The thing with time is, as more time went on it became harder and harder to pick up the phone and call him. A few months ago you sent him a letter inviting him to your opening night, but he never responded.

“Look Sam, I’m late for rehearsal. I’m excited to see you. With or without Kian.” You continue and hang up the phone. Sam could tell in your voice that you were still in love with Kian.

A week later on opening night you give the performance of your lifetime, you were so nervous you couldn’t even recognize the audience. After the show, Sam came backstage and attacked you with a hug.

“Kimmy!” He yelled. When you finished hugging, you saw Kian out of your eye holding a bouquet of your favorite flowers.

“Kian?” You barely get the word out.

“Kimmy, you did amazing. Here” He says and awkwardly hands you the flowers. You stand in silence for awhile.

“I’m so sorry.” You say.

“Sorry for what?” Kian asks.

“Sorry for it all. For pressuring you to come move here and to chose between me and your dreams and I’m just so sorry.” You fumble over the words.

“You shouldn’t be sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for not coming with you. My dream could have happened anymore. I’m not sorry that I let you get on that plane, but I’m sorry that I didn’t follow you.” Kian gives you a hug and you are caught up with emotions.

“I still love you.” You whisper.

“I never stopped loving you.” Kan whispers. Later that night you would be snuggling up to Kian in bed looking at instagram and see a photo Sam posted of you and Kian hugging each other closely with the caption “My OTP.”

I Don’t Believe You

This is an answer to @red–jenny‘s request:

Hope you like!

Few notes: this goes deep into angst territory, which is a bit of a specialty of mine, so be prepared to feel some feels ;) Still no major game spoilers. Set after my other works. 

Also in case anyone’s wondering, I don’t intend to have these two lovebirds admit their feelings to each other until after I finish playing the game ;) Gotta keep things interesting… 


It was nearly dawn. Sanctuary Hills was dead quiet as its residents slept. Nick patrolled the residential section, revolver out, cigarette between his teeth. Whenever he was at Sanctuary he usually had night guard duty. Sometimes he’d be at the guard post by the bridge, but that night the settler who had the patrol asked to switch with him. He didn’t mind. He preferred it anyway; standing around for eight hours guarding the settlement made him feel like a sentry robot.

A twig snapping made him pause. He cocked his gun, eyes scanning beyond the picket fence border. Cherry was trying to get enough materials to build a real wall around their home, but it was taking time. They had plenty of turrets and guard posts, but they were still vulnerable. They couldn’t take any chances.

He crept forward slowly, listening to the rustling of leaves. His eyes were good, and he quickly spotted the source of the disturbance: a cat. It looked up at him and meowed angrily before creeping away.

“Oh, my apologies,” he said, tipping his hat to the feline.

Suddenly there was an explosion of noise and light from the other end of Sanctuary. Raiders. “Aw, hell!” He bolted towards the disturbance, but stopped in his tracks when another group burst out from the darkness, right at him. One had a club, which he dodged easily as he raised his weapon and fired. The bullet ripped through his target’s chest, killing him instantly. Before Nick could adjust his aim, a body slammed into him. He got knocked down, but before his opponent could finish the job, Codsworth attacked, and the raider howled in pain.

“How dare you, you scoundrel! I spent two hundred years maintaining this flowerbed!” the robot exclaimed, taking the other raiders out.

“Glad to see your priorities are in order.” Nick quipped, dusting himself off as he got to his feet. “Sir, look!” Codsworth drew Nick’s attention where the raiders had infiltrated deep into Sanctuary. They had gas lanterns, which they were throwing at every turret and building they could see. Water pumps were busted, crops were destroyed, the power pylons were toppled.

They were even setting the old houses on fire, including Cherry’s former home. “No,” Nick gasped as he watched the flames rise. The raiders were destroying everything.


Cherry stretched as she got up off her makeshift bed. She was at Red Rocket, returning from a supply run. She could have kept going through the night, she was only a two hour walk away, but the old gas station was safer than the open road in the dark.

She heard barking, and looked over at her current companion. Dogmeat was agitated, staring up the road. The road home.

“What’s wrong boy?” she asked, and he growled. It was still dark, but the first hints of light were peeking out from the horizon. Her night vision was average at best, and she trusted Dogmeat’s instincts more than her own. He sensed danger, so she drew her 10mm from its holster. Wait… he was whining now, sprinting up to her and pawing at her urgently. Cherry rubbed his ears, starting to worry. “Okay, let’s get going,” she murmured soothingly.

As the sun rose, she kept trying to make out Sanctuary up ahead. She was keeping a brisk pace, still too slow for Dogmeat, who would run on ahead and then bark at her until she caught up.

It wasn’t until they crested the top of the hill that she finally saw what had Dogmeat worked up. There was smoke billowing in the distance, and she knew exactly where it was coming from.

Cherry ran.


“Get some water on that fire! Now!” Piper was shouting, grabbing whoever wasn’t shooting at raiders to put out the fire that was quickly spreading. Maccready and Preston were in the thick of the fight, pinned down in a shootout with the majority of the raider bastards, while Codsworth and Hancock were securing the bridge against another wave. Cait was on the western flank of the settlement, while Nick was east. The fighting had died down where he was, so he was running around to wherever he was needed.

It had taken time, too much time, but the inhabitants of Sanctuary had been able to regroup and drive the invaders off. When the fighting was finally over and the fires put out, it was past sunrise. Nick felt worn out, and there were definitely a few screws loose in his shoulder. But there was work to be done. Diagnostics would have to wait.

Preston, their resident minuteman approached, his demeanor grim. “The general is here,” he whispered to Nick, who cringed. “Shit…” he sighed as he put his revolver away. “I’ll handle this.”

“Good idea,” Preston replied.

Nick waited on the bridge. Dogmeat was first to arrive, and he circled the detective, sniffing and making sure he was okay. Nick chuckled at the dog’s concern. Cherry sprinted the last few feet separating them. “You’re a sight for sore eyes,” he said. Maybe a flippant comment was not the best greeting, but he couldn’t help it.

“What happened?” Cherry’s eyes were wide as she took in the scene. Everything was trashed or burnt. “Is everyone okay?”

“Lots of injuries, but nothing fatal. We got lucky.” Nick shrugged. “Stuff can be replaced, people can’t.” He shifted his weight, and Cherry knew that wasn’t a good sign. “What aren’t you telling me?” she asked, apprehensive.

“The raiders… burnt a few houses. We put out the fires, some of the damage wasn’t too bad. Your old house…” he trailed off. “We did what we could but-”

“No.” Cherry shook her head. “No.” She brushed past the detective, marching into the neighbourhood. The others had gathered, all looking at her with a mix of sadness and pity. Her stomach churned. 


Cherry surveyed the ruins of what was once her home. She’d only been in it once, when she first arrived after leaving the vault. It was too painful for her to stay there, so she took up residence across the street, never stepping foot in it again. Too many memories.

It was gone. All that had remained of her life from two hundred years ago was gone.

She crossed through into the burnt structure, careful not to shift anything. There was some creaking, but the beams held. Not much had been preserved throughout the years, but what little was left had turned to ash. Including Shaun’s crib, she saw as she entered the nursery. She stopped, staring at the empty room. A room that once held happiness and love, now had nothing but bitter anger and disappointment.

Meanwhile Nick stood at the entrance, keeping a respectful distance. He didn’t want to intrude, he wanted Cherry to have a moment to herself, to grieve privately. After a few minutes though, he threw caution to the wind and followed her inside. He felt a duty, a need to support her. Not just because he loved her, but because it was what he did best. In Diamond City he built a life on helping people.

Her back was to him. He approached her slowly, stepping heavily so she’d hear him. He reached out and softly gripped her arms. “I’m so sorry sweetheart,” he murmured into her ear. His hands rubbed her shoulders, somewhat awkwardly. He didn’t think massages were the best method of comfort for this kind of situation, but he hoped it would soothe her.  

Cherry, however, did not want comfort. She did not want someone telling her things would be okay. If her life was going to hell, she might as well go all in.

“How could you let this happen?” Her voice was low, and dangerously hostile. She spun around to face him, not letting the surprised and hurt look on his face sway her. “Why didn’t you stop this?”

“I..” Nick was at a loss. Cherry had never, ever talked to him with such venom before. He’d seen her angry, heard her snap at others, but not once had her rage been directed at him. Suddenly it was, and he didn’t like it one bit. “I… I’m sorry,” he stammered. “I did everything I could to-”

“I don’t believe you!” She shouted, and Nick winced as if she’d struck him. Guilt was beginning to rise inside her but she pushed it down. Nick stayed quiet, his hands now curled into fists, and she took that as a sign to continue. “Were you jealous? Were you happy for this house to go up in flames, so that you wouldn’t be reminded of my old life anymore? Do you even care about whether or not we find Shaun? I’ve spent my time helping you instead of finding him, and then you do this to me!” Tears were prickling her eyes. She knew everything she was saying wasn’t true, but she had to say it. The raiders were all dead or scattered, there was no one else for her to take her anger out on. It had to be Nick.

Silence filled the charred room, until Nick nodded slowly. “You’re right,” he admitted, and it was Cherry’s turn to be surprised. “I’ve let you down. I’m no good to you if I can’t protect the people I… the people who trust me to watch their backs.” He raised his head and looked into her eyes, the grief obvious on his synthetic face. “I should go.”

Cherry gasped. He was being noble, taking the high road, as she should have known he would. He would rather hurt himself than hurt her. How had she not seen it before? When he stepped away from her she reached out and grabbed his coat. “Wait.” He hesitated, and she sighed. “Please don’t. I didn’t mean… I’m sorry. Of course I know you tried your best, you always do. I’m just so tired of this world taking things from me.” Her gaze softened. “I can’t let it take you from me too.” She slid her arms down his body to his hips, making him inhale sharply as she wrapped her arms around his waist.  He didn’t hesitate to hug her back, tucking her head under his chin. She sighed again. “I didn’t mean-”

“You were trying to regain control,” Nick interrupted. “Stop apologizing honey.” He squeezed her gently. “No harm done.” He wasn’t lying; he’d had his share of angry clients blame him when their cases had unsatisfactory conclusions. It was unnerving when she was the one lashing out at him, but knowing it was just a reflexive reaction was a relief. If she had meant what she’d said… he refused to continue that train of thought. He would have kept his word and left, which he knew he’d regret for as long as he functioned. The idea of Cherry hating him… his mechanical heart would have broken into tiny pieces.

They stood like that for some time. Cherry felt ashamed. It would take time for their relationship to get back to what it was. She’d screwed things up, again. Why was it so hard for her to resolve her feelings for Nick…

“Cherry.” Nick’s voice rumbled in his chest, and she looked up . “I know you’re afraid of what this world can do to you. But you need to know… I will do anything to help you. And anything to protect you.”

“Thank you Nick.” She bit her lip, thinking for a moment, before leaning forward to kiss his cheek. “Right back at ya. You are a damsel in distress, after all.”

Nick smirked, feeling like he’d blush if he was capable of it. “Aw hell,” he mumbled shyly. “Stop trying to one-up me in the cheesy department.”

“Come on.” She grabbed his hand. “I can’t be here anymore. We need to help the others.” She led him out of the burnt ruins of the house, and as she stepped over the threshold, she felt a weight lift from her shoulders. Her friends were scavenging the debris from the attack, setting up new shelters, and saving what food and water they could. They were taking care of each other. Cherry smiled softly. They were going to be okay. She’d be okay.


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Love Live: School Weeaboo Project

For the last few cons I’ve been to, the main character I’ve cosplayed has been Umi Sonoda from Love Live. Most of the LL fans I’ve met through cons and kept in touch with are all pretty fun and chill, but since it’s an anime about nine cute schoolgirls who form an idol group, I guess it was inevitable that I would attract a few weebs at cons.

My first weeb experience was my first time cosplaying Umi, so I was just in her normal school uniform. I had just finished checking in and was walking to the artist alley when a girl who was a couple of years younger than me spotted me and waved me over. I figured she just wanted a picture, and I was excited to see she was cosplaying Maki’s Wonderful Rush outfit, so I struck up a conversation with her. She got a little clingy when we took pictures, but I remembered how excited I had been at my first few cons and didn’t mention it. However, I kept seeing her around the con for the rest of the day, and it was obvious she was tailing me. Whenever I turned around and saw her, her eyes would get really wide and she would try to hide herself, all while acting like a stereotypical moe character. Once it got to the point where I couldn’t even shop in the vendor alley without seeing her badly trying to hide behind other congoers, I approached her and politely asked her to stop following me. I didn’t want to be too hard on her since she was probably 14 at most, but I explained to her that’s not how you want to act at cons. Fortunately, she seemed to understand, and left me alone after that.

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More Messy Moments

stranger things appreciation week; day three: favorite otp » Joyce x Hopper

A continuation of sorts of This Mess of Moments
here on Ao3

So the idea is that these are little snippets, forwards, backwards, all over their history. This first one is like an “oops we moved in together!” 

After a scare, Karen points out something Joyce or Hopper hadn’t noticed. Hopper is living at Joyce’s house. But Thanksgiving is fast approaching and the boys will be home for the holidays so they’re going to find out and that’s a little nerve wracking. 


“It’s already two, I can pop in for a few minutes but I’ve got to get home by three.”

“That’s when Holly gets off the bus?” Joyce asked Karen, absently, scrunching the top of the paper bag.

“Yeah, what do you even need me to come in for? We’ve been out for almost three hours, is there a surprise party in your living room or something? Forty three is not traditionally a surprise party year,” Karen joked, or Joyce thought she was joking, sometimes it was hard to tell with her.

“It’s Thursday afternoon. Your birthday is in two weeks, this is not a surprise party setup,” Joyce said, unlocking her front door and walking through it with a flourish to prove it.

Joyce and Karen had been off again, on again friends over the years. They’d gone to school together, they’d had kids at the same time. But for so long Joyce didn’t have time to socialize with friends, it was in the last few years that Joyce had time again. Plus after Will’s disappearance, Karen had stepped up. She’d helped Joyce, knowing that Will had to be looked after a little more. Since then especially, they’d become close again.

“What’s so important that you have to have me in your living room after we’ve already had lunch in Jonesboro?” Karen asked, annoyed.

Joyce looked at her. She pressed her lips together tightly and dumped out the bag from the drugstore on the coffee table.

“Holy shit,” Karen said, seeing the pregnancy tests she’d bought while Karen was looking in the antique shop.

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