otp: i knew it the first time i saw you

Girl can SING (Part 3)

Can you do one where brendon and the reader just started dating and this is her first red carpet and she’s nervous about the interviews cause they may not like her but beebo calms her down and the interviews kinda focus on her more surprisingly and bren’s like I told you they would love you (can it be the 3rd part of girl can sing maybe????)

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A/N: this ended up working pretty well with the plotline! Hope you enjoy :)

Before you even made it back to the bus that night, fans had plastered pictures of your kiss on every social media outlet. The captions were adorable for the most part.

“OMG yes Brendon!”

“This was so cute I almost DIED”

“I CALLED IT! I knew it the very first time I saw her on his Snapchat!”

“OTP material right there”

“OH MY GOD You should hear her sing!”

Some of the comments were not so nice.

“I see Brendon is lowering his standards”

“Ugh please get rid of her”

“I don’t know why Brendon is spending his time on this ugly shit”

You try to remember the positive comments. You try to remind yourself that the people posting hate were probably jealous 14 year old girls. You try, but for each nice thing said, it felt like there were a thousand negative ones.

Regardless, Brendon still makes you as high as a kite. Sometimes you’d go out to amazing restaurants, and others you would just stay in to watch Netflix and movies, snuggling all day. He had this ability to make you smile for no reason in particular. You were practically inseparable and felt like you were getting closer to him with every second.

Panic released a single the next week, one that you had recorded on. The fans were saying the nicest things about it, talking about how much they loved it, how your voice sounded amazing with Brendon’s, and how well written the song was. Despite all of the praise, you found yourself stuck on the negative comments.

“Why is Brendon letting his fling ruin the band?”

“This bitch’s voice could not get any worse.”

“Please take me back to before Panic turned to shit with this girl”

“I didn’t know Brendon was into butter faces”

Some of the confidence Brendon had instilled in you was fading. You think it might be getting noticeable because Brendon keeps asking you what you’re thinking about. You always come up with a lie or a casual “nothing”.

The Grammy’s are today. You could not believe you would be walking the red carpet, with Brendon Urie, no less. He was in the shower, and you were sitting on the bed, scrolling through your phone. You look at a picture of you and Brendon on instagram. You can’t help but smile.

Your eyes then fall upon a comment that makes your smile drop.

“I don’t understand why y/n had to come and ruin the band.”

It’s not the first time you’ve read a comment like that, and it certainly won’t be the last. But it hits you in just the wrong way. You think about how tonight everyone would be looking at you, judging you, asking you questions… Suddenly you feel yourself regressing into the shy, insecure girl you were before you met Brendon. Tears fell from your eyes and you nibbled your lip.

You felt sick to your stomach. Was it true? Were you ruining the band? What if interviewers start asking you that? What if a disgruntled fan tried to hurt you? You continued to cry.

You hear the bathroom door push open and you quickly roll onto your side so Brendon can’t see your face. You hold your breath, hoping he didn’t see.

“Y/n?” his voice was thick with concern. You’re caught.

Well, no point in hiding it now. Your body shook a little as you let out another sob. You feel the bed sink down behind you and a hand is placed on your shoulder, encouraging you to roll towards it. You obey and Brendon sets eyes on your red face that’s wet with tears and your eyelashes soaked.

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[5/15] Relationships

↳ Jess Mariano & Rory Gilmore

You’re ready. And I’m ready. I’m ready for this. You can count on me now. I know you couldn’t count on me before, but you can now. You can. Look, you know we’re supposed to be together. I knew it the first time I saw you two years ago, and you know it, too. I know you do.”

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What do you think was going through Zero's mind when Jude caught the bouquet?

Oohhh my god. Okay, okay. So Jude literally looked almost horrified when he caught the bouquet and I think Zero was surprised at first but then looked at Jude and I honestly think he realized right then and there that he wants to marry Jude someday. What do you mean that wasn’t an engagement right there in front of our eyes. 

Like this guy who supposedly ‘doesn’t do relationships’ fell so madly in love with Jude, he bought him a house and he didn’t even hesitate to try and cover & lie for Jude when he for a second thought Jude might be the shooter. He knew that Jude needed something more from him, and even though he wasn’t fully ready to give it yet, he did anyway when he kissed him on the court in front of millions of people, proving to Jude (& to himself) that he wants to be with him. He opened himself up & gave himself to Jude more than he has ever done with anyone else ever. And when Jude said ‘You’re the single greatest thing that has ever happened to me’, Zero realized that Jude is the single greatest thing that’s ever happened to him too, and so once he saw that Jude had caught that bouquet, he knew that this is the guy I want to spend the rest of my life with. 

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“You know we’re supposed to be together. I knew it the first time I saw you [15 years] ago, and you know it, too. I know you do.”


Favorite OTPs [15/?]: Cress and Thorne (The Lunar Chronicles)

“Cress…She looked like you. The girl in the hallway, the one that kissed me. She looked like you. She must have seen us walking together. Maybe she saw how I looked at you or something, I don’t know, but she knew … she made her glamour look like you. I thought I was kissing you.”

Aizen: My favorite pairings

As requested by anon. :)

“As I am the most intelligent and perceptive Bleach character, I assume that all of you fans wish to know who I ship, so that you can follow in the footsteps of a god. Wonder no longer, mortals. I will tell you my top 10 favorite pairings.”

#10: Shinji / Hiyori

“Why did I attack and hollowfy Hiyori? Because I knew that doing so would draw out Shinji so that I could attack and hollowfy him. I was simply trying to give them some things in common.”

Shinji: This is about your desire to see me get beat up, isn’t it?

Aizen: You deserve to be beaten for refusing my love, yes.

Shinji: What

Aizen: What

#9: Hitsugaya / Hinamori

“I tried to manipulate them into killing each other. How is it not obvious that I ship them?”

Gin: The denial is strong in this one.

Aizen: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

#8: Urahara / His hat

“Because that irritating fool deserves to be forever alone with only a voiceless hat as company.”

Urahara: Aw, my hat and I are pretty shippy! Good one, Aizen!


#7: Szayel / Gin

“I like the way that Szayel makes Gin uncomfortable.”

Szayel: Omg, SzaGin has a fan!

Gin: …did you make up a ship name for us?

#6: Kenpachi / Unohana

“Because from the moment Kenpachi Zaraki entered the Seireitei, I deduced that he had a long and tumultuous history with Unohana. So basically I knew. Before all of you did. I knew.”

Urahara: I knew before Kenpachi came to the Seireitei!


#5: Rukia / Renji

“Ever since I watched Renji try to hold onto Rukia, even though before me he was like an ant trying to hold back a tsunami, I have shipped them. Shipped them hard.”

Renji: That awkward moment when only Aizen supports you.

Aizen: What other support do you need?

#4: Ulquiorra / Orihime / Ichigo

“I *told* Ulquiorra to kill Ichigo and then do whatever he wanted with Orihime. Obviously I did not expect Ulqiorra to actually kill Ichigo because Ichigo. But I did hope that once the three of them were alone together, they would realize that they were meant to be. But no. That stupid Quincy ruined my OT3 forever.”

Ishida: ………..what

Aizen: I said that you ruined true love.


#3: Me x the hogyku

“I always wanted it inside me.”

Aizen: You people cannot hear it, but it is saying that it loves me too.

#2: Me x tea

“Tea was always my first love. And it has been inside me more times than the hogyoku. Plus I just - I miss it. So much.”

Yhwach: I would give you tea.

Aizen: I don’t miss it that much.

#1: Isshin / Masaki

“The moment I saw them together, I knew I had to plot as hard as possible to make sure that they ended up together and had a child so that I could manipulate that child into being the centerpiece of my plans. They are my OTP forever.”

Isshin: This feels awkward. Doesn’t it feel awkward?

Masaki: It feels a little awkward.


Minami’s letter to Yuko 14.03.21

Dear Yuuchan

I was very happy that I was able to be with you today, before Yuuchan’s graduation. When I reflect back upon the 8 years of AKB, I think the time we spent together may have been very short. The amount of times we ate together in private was once-when Atsuko announced her graduation.

We both like AKB and we concentrate on our passions. I think that Yuko and I are similar. The thing that is different is that may be because I am the General Manager but I say my opinions out loud but Yuko is the type that doesn’t  need to say it and people that understand, understands- you are the type that speaks with their back. Because what we think are the same I think that even if we’re not together all the time it is okay just being together when we really need to.

We’re not best friends;

we’re comrades.

When I said these words at an interview the staff said to me “Yuko-chan said the same thing”- I was like Ahh… we really felt the same way with each other and I remember it made me really happy. A lot of members have graduated and when we realised there were so little members from the same generation and we understood the feelings of being left behind so much that when Yuko told me that you were thinking of graduating you said to me “Sorry”.

It’s okay.

I know how much Yuko has put in so much effort into AKB. So please, bare your chest up and say “I’m going”. The hole that Yuko leaves behind will be really big, I won’t be able to fill it in by myself so I want to with the members… with the members who have looked at Yuuchan’s back- I want to protect AKB. It will be really sad but I will put my whole heart to send you off. The time left for you as AKB, I hope Oshima Yuko stays as Oshima Yuko.

Congratulations on your graduation.

Takahashi Minami


Minami’s narration

The first date with Yuuchan went by so quick…

Yuuchan, you’re really going aren’t you…

I knew that one day a day like this would come but, but you know… like I thought its really sad… I wanted to be with you much more…

Yuuchan, the scenary we saw- I wonder what future it connects to…

struck by lightning - a general ladynoir/love square fanmix with lots of fluff and minimal angst

(15 tracks, 54 mins)

odds are - barenaked ladies // 1000 ships - rachel platten // when can i see you again? - owl city // hey soul sister - train // falling for the first time - barenaked ladies // drops of jupiter - train // the middle - jimmy eat world // tongue tied - faber drive // love at first sight - the brobecks // hate to see you heart break - paramore ft. joy williams // she is - the fray // it was always you - maroon 5 // i choose you - sara bareilles // smile - uncle kracker // love they say - tegan and sara

(a brief elaboration of my song choices under the cut)

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Day One: The Moment You First Shipped Them

1x14- Girl Meets Friendship

This is such an important and special moment for me, it was the very first scene I ever saw of Girl Meets World while I was going through all the channels one night. I got hooked to their story inmediatly. The way his eyes shinned with adoration, and the way her eyes had this huge hope in them. The lines delivered here where from a fairytale, but at the same time, I could see a strong and important connection between the two of them, I knew I needed to watch the show and see how did they got here.