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Hello!! I just wanted to say, I love your art so much!! (о´∀`о) its refreshing to look at and a lot of the fanart you draw resonates with me because I share the same otps *o* (I recently got into kacchako too!! Their dynamic sorta reminds me of RanmaxAkane heh) thank you for posting, I can't wait to see more! ❤️💕❤️💕

Ohmygosh, thank you so much!! It makes me happy to hear that we share our OTPs!! I drew you a little crossover bc I agree to what you said *v*

Being the Daughter of Wendy and Peter Pan and Dating Harry Hook Headcanons

Requested: By @rwbyisthemostawesometeaminbeacon : Hello! So, first off, I just want to say I love you and your writing so much! Keep up the good work. So, may I request a Dating Harry Hook and being the daughter of Peter Pan and Wendy Darling Headcannons? (Pandy is one of my first OTPs since the live action movie XD) If so, then thank you so much and have a great day!

Warnings: none

Notes: I’ll be honest, I’ve been waiting for this request. If I hadn’t gotten one I probably would have just written it without a request cause I wanted to do it. 💙💜💙💜

(Not my gif)

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Ben convinces you to show Harry around and help him adjust to Auradon.
Harry flirts with you the entire time, and neither of you seem to be too bothered by your parents past.

You teach Harry how to count properly. Seems Hook’s fear of clocks bled a little into counting, and Harry never properly learned.

It gets brought up a lot when you two start dating.
You remember your mother and father’s stories about Captain Hook, but Harry wasn’t him.
Plus the entire point of the VKs coming to Auradon is to try and put everyone’s parents past to the side.

Your cousins, the sons of your Uncles John and Michael, really don’t like Harry. They don’t trust him and think he’s just a no good pirate.
You threaten to tell their mothers of how unaccepting they’re being though and they shut up pretty fast.

Harry refers to you as his little lost girl or his darling. You’ll jokingly call him captain.
Not around Uma though.
In all honesty, Harry isn’t surprised that you can fly. He actually expected it.
You used pixie dust to make him fly, which turns into one of the most amusing things you’ve ever seen.
You’re his happy thought.

He only chuckles whenever you fly past him and kiss his cheek or something similar, he found it cute.

He flirts with you constantly, enjoying how red you’ll get if you’re a bit shy.
Or he’ll smirk when you flirt back with him.

Harry either has to keep a training tip on his hook, or it gets shrunken down and he wears it as a necklace.
Either way you’re fascinated by it. You’re the only one besides Uma he lets touch or hold it.

You tell him stories about Neverland while he trains for tourney or practices sword fighting.
Harry and you have made one another promises to visit Neverland and sail the seas for a time after school.

Your mother was fairly welcoming of Harry, she felt he deserved a chance, he wasn’t his father.
Your father wasn’t as welcoming, but the second Harry made a snarky joke, the two hit off and the whole night was filled with laughter.

Harry teaches you how to steer a pirate ship, the two of you running off down to where Uma’s ship had been docked.
You spent the entire day out on the water, the air filled with laughter.
He watched on proudly with his arms wrapped around you when you successfully docked the ship.

You’re his happy thought and he’s yours, and that’s how it’ll stay.

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Hello Sian, Do you have any predictions/wishes for 7×12 ? :)

Hey, there!

@gizasousa got me thinking about it with this post and I think she was on the right path. 7x12 would be the perfect time for Richonne proclamations of love. We’re already going to be blessed with a Richonne love scene, so I can’t really wish for more than that. However, to hear our OTP say “I love you” for the first time would be amazing.

So, just for fun, I want to see:

- Richonne smiling and laughing

- Richonne holding hands

- Michonne initiating the sex

- Rick undressing Michonne (that shirt of hers is loose for a reason)

- Rick kissing Michonne’s neck

- Michonne giggling

- Michonne undoing Rick’s belt

- Rick kissing Michonne’s tummy

- Richonne hugs

- Nudity

- Full body contact

Any of these things would be wonderful. I won’t survive, but it would still be great.

Thank you! :)

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heyo just wanted to say hello, and that i love your blog! also i need a new username, and i can't thing of anything. could you help? Something bnha, haikyuu!!, or voltron related?

Hey there and thanks so much! :D as for your username hmmm well that’s a hard one since I think a lot of good urls for those fandoms are taken right hahah also depends on who your favorite characters/otps are too ! Any of my followers wanna help me out on this lol?😭


i only saw half of my dreams.

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Hello! I just want to say that i've seen A LOT of your post before in my otp tags but i just now follow you and scroll through your tumblr, and omg i can't stop reblogging it! Lol. They're just sooo relatable and i find myself relate and just can't stop laughing about it. Lmao. Anyway, i'll just continue scrolling through your blog, have a nice day! :D

Ohhhh, sweetheart, you made me so happy right now!!

I am so SO happy to know you had a good time looking through my blog, I hope so much I can keep making you laugh! That’s what I want the most here, truly. Sometimes I talk about serious topics and personal stuff, but most of all, I just want to bring some lightness and fun to people’s lives, even if just for a little moment. So you have no idea how important your message was to me!! Thank you for using your time to send me something so sweet.

You too, darling, I hope you have a lovely day! Fangirls must stay united in happiness and suffering, am I right?? (More suffering than happiness, but, well……)

Can you make one where YN is an actress ,Andys gf and everyones OTP,so they decide to make a vlog? I just think that'd be SO CUTE!


“Is it on? Okay, we’re good” Andy nodded, taking a seat next to you in front of the camera.

“Good job, Andy” you giggled, not knowing what to say.

“Thanks. So anyway, hello whoever is watching this. I’m Andy Biersack, here with my girlfriend, Y/N. And we were forced to make a vlog by several people so, here it is” Andy shrugged.

“You have to tell them why” you rolled your eyes.

“Because apparently, we are everyone’s OTP” Andy explained “what’s that mean anyway?”

“One true pair” you said, looking at Andy.

“Oh, I like that” Andy smirked.

“Stop” you laughed, playfully punching Andy’s arm.

“Ow” he pouted, moving away from you.

“Andrew, it did not hurt” you scoffed.

“Yes it did” he argued “it hurt my heart…don’t call me Andrew”

You looked at the camera, shaking you head at your boyfriends actions.

“As I was saying!” Andy said loudly, moving closer to you, almost pushing you out of frame.

“Move” you laughed, pushing him back “and you weren’t saying shit”

“Hey! Language!” Andy pointed at you.

“Oh please” you huffed, rolling your eyes again.

“Anyway” Andy said again, clearing his throat “so yeah you guys know we’re together. I honestly don’t know what you were expecting. Neither of us really have experience with this”

“Except like…directed stuff” you shrugged.

“Go check out her new movie, she’s great” Andy said, roughly pulling you close to him.

“Yeah” you smiled, putting both thumbs up.

“What, so you’re not gonna tell them to but my music?” Andy asked, letting you go.

“No” you said with a straight face.

“I thought we were a team, Y/N” Andy said, faking a sad face.

“Fine, go illegally download their music” you laughed, Andy did the same, clapping his hands as well.

You two spent about ten more minutes discussing certain topics, before getting bored and ending the video.

“I think that went well” Andy nodded.

“Sure it did”

“Yes” Andy growled, tackling you playfully.

“Guess what?” Andy asked, on top of you still.


“I love you” he said sweetly, kissing your lips.

“I love you too, Andrew”


‘David Tennant!’

‘Matt Smith!’



You and Stiles have been arguing over who was the better doctor, clearly David Tennant was the victor. Only Stiles clearly had been hit too hard on the head recently and actually thought Matt Smith was better.

‘What are you two fighting about?’ Scott asked as he and the rest of your friends sat down at the lunch table you and Stiles were sitting at.

‘He thinks Matt Smith was a better doctor than David Tennant.’ you accused pointing at the offender.

‘He is, he is the most quoted, had the most romantic interest on screen and was way more fun.’ Stiles said.

‘That is false, “Wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey stuff.” is the best quote from the entire fifty ears. Plus the tenth doctor got the best break through slash iconic episodes.’ you argued.

‘What about number nine? I liked him.’ Lydia said surprising everyone else because who knew Lydia was into sci-fi?

‘He was good but out in the long run he only had one season not a lot to go on in this argument. Anyway, (Y/N) what do you mean he got the break through episodes, so did eleven.’ Stiles said.

‘Ten got the episode with Sarah Jane, got the one with the doctor’s daughter who was played by his wife and the real daughter of a previous doctor. Got the episode where Jack Harkness came back, The Master was his enemy more than once, and his companions were goals!’ you stated.

‘All true, but eleven got one of the best introductions ever! Crashing the TARDIS in a girls yard and then showing up twelve years later when he said five minutes and he got the best aliens. His aliens looked liked aliens, not painted models. He had some great ass episodes too, Demons Run hello! And Amy and Rory were the real OTP! Plus how many great quotes did he have?’ Stiles argued.

‘Oh if you want to go toe to toe with quotes I will.’ you challenged.

‘Bring it on.’ Stiles accepted.

‘I never would.’

‘Amy Pond, the girl who waited.’

‘Am I ginger?’

‘Bow ties are cool.’

‘Are you my mummy?’

‘Get a girlfriend Jeff.’

‘They are just going to keep saying things that don’t make sense to us aren’t they?’ Allison asked with a smile.

‘Yeah, when they argue over shoes like this it goes on for days.’ Scott informed.

‘I actually find this very amusing.’ Lydia grinned at the still arguing duo.

‘Of course you do.’ Jackson groaned.

‘Something old, something new,something borrowed, something blue!’ Stiles yelled triumphantly.

‘Doesn’t kill, doesn’t wound, doesn’t maim, but I’ll tell you what it does do. It is Very good at opening doors! Bring it on Stilinski I got quotes for Days my friend! Quotes for days!’ 

‘Good, cause you’re gonna need them.’

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Hello! I'm back for a moment. And I wanted to ask, how do you deal with people trying to sink your OTP? On various social media accounts, I keep getting messages on saying how I'm disgusting for "supporting" statutory rape and pedophilia for just shipping RivaMika.

I’m afraid people like that turn up everywhere. So the best thing you can do is delete the messages, block the people and try not to let it get to you. I know that especially the hate for Rivamika has been a bit harsh especially after the last chapter. I hope it’ll all calm down again. But anyway I want you to know that none of those accusations are relevant, because I’m very sure you know the problematic aspects of the ship and acknowledge them properly. The haters aren’t worth your time and you have a lot of lovely people to back you up! ❤

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Hi can you please write me an sq prompt? Imagine person A of your OTP relentlessly flirting with B in public, just to see B blush. Thank you so much ❤️

Thanks for the prompt :)

Emma grins as she sidles up to Regina before sitting on the barstool next to her. “Hey.” 

“Hello Emma,” Regina replies as she chews her pancakes, “What do you want for breakfast?” 

“You with syrup?” Emma asks playfully and Regina coughs in surprise nearly choking on her pancakes. Emma chuckles before patting Regina’s back. “Okay,” she says, “I’ll save that for later.” 

Regina looks at her, shocked, “Emma we’re in public!” she hisses. 

Emma nods, “I know.” 

“You’re flirting with me.” 

“I know,” Emma repeats, “It’s because you’re the cutest, most beautiful and delicious thing in this entire Diner.” 

“Don’t let Granny hear that,” Regina replies.

Emma grins before leaning over to whisper in Regina’s ear, “Well I’d rather eat you than Granny’s lasgana any day.” 

Her comment has the desired result and a flame red blush covers Regina’s cheeks. Emma smiles before kissing Regina’s cheek as she admits, “You’re adorable when you blush.” 

Regina rolls her eyes at her, “Is that why you’re being so inappropriate with me?” 

Emma grins playfully at her, “You like me when I’m being inappropriate.” 

Regina shakes her head, “No,” she says pausing deliberately before adding, “I love you when you’re being inappropriate.” 

Supernatural Season 10 Episode 7 Leaked Script
  • Sam: lol dean you have a dating profile and it says youre only interested in girls
  • Sam: you sad closeted queer
  • Dean: sammy shut up
  • Sam: destiel 5eva you cant stop my otp
  • *5 hrs later*
  • Dean: *gross sobbing* i just want him to love me back, you know?
  • Sam: o.O what did i just get myself into
  • Sam: this is my one true calling
  • *cut to Hannah and Cas*
  • Hannah: bc this
  • Hannah: *kisses Cas*
  • Cas: ew get away from me you heterosexual freak i already rejected you
  • Hannah: but the writers can't make this show too gay and we must uphold the stereotype of macho manly heterosexuals so you have to have sex with me to maintain your status as a male lead
  • Cas:
  • Cas:
  • Cas: get ur boobs away from me
  • Hannah:
  • Hannah:
  • Dean: *stabs hannah*
  • Dean: *stares deep into the depths of cas's eyes*
  • Dean: i love you bby be mine 4eva
  • Dean: *kisses cas*
  • Dean: *has sex with cas*
  • Dean: but that doesn't mean i'm gay bc lol im totally straight haha
  • Sam: *frustrated moose noises* just fukcing admit it dean ur so bi
  • Dean: wtf no im so straight dont you see how straight i am im going to have sex with a girl rn to prove it
  • Cas: why does this always happen to me
Scandal Review:   You Can't Take Command, Episode 4x22

I promised I’d write a Scandal finale review so here I am.

It’s funny how going into an episode of a show with your expectations at Ground Zero can often allow you to enjoy said show. This was my experience with Scandal last night.  Not that there weren’t issues and huge plot holes, because by God they were there, but everything else was sufficiently ok enough for me to not care as much about them as I would have had some major things not gone down with this episode.

Anyway, let’s go.

What I Hated

1.  Jake. Always Jake. 

That will never change.

I’d love to think that he’s gone from the show, but we all know that Shonda loves him too much to write him out . I just hope that next season they pair him up with somebody else and keep him out of OPA business so I can continue to fast-forward all his scenes.  Here’s an idea, why not pair him up with Mellie? Listen, this is Scandal, it doesn’t have to make sense.

2.  The fact that the majority of the stuff that happened on the episode wouldn’t bear up to close scrutiny.

3.  Somehow Huck on his own can kill sixteen people on a bus, but he couldn’t find Command and just fucking slit his throat?

4.  Rowan: “You’ll go down, your husband will go down. It will be a bloodbath.

Mellie not telling Fitz the moment Rowan threatened her with blackmail was the worst decision ever.  I thought they were a partnership? A team? Fitz confided in her when Olivia was taken, why couldn’t she be honest and have enough common sense to do the same with Fitz?

5.  Fitz’s reason for finally throwing Mellie out.

I need to understand better what was going on here. Was he mad because he thought that Mellie had changed only to have evidence that she was just as conniving and as self-serving as she ever was?

Was he mad because those 16 jurors died because of Mellie?  If so, Dude you sent your country to war for one woman. The families of those soldiers will still be grieving.

If I’m honest, the only explanation that even comes close to being organic would be the discovery that this partnership that he thought he was building with Mellie was merely a figment of his imagination brought on by guilt. I’d like to believe that had Mellie actually gone to him and talked to him about Rowan’s blackmail, he’d have been fine. I’d like to think that he sent Mellie packing because she simply couldn’t be trusted to not undermine him at every turn. That I would buy. What I got, left me scratching my head, while I was happy that Mellie was finally being given her marching orders, the disjointed-ness was what I struggled with.

6.  The show seemingly forgetting that Big Jerry told Mellie about Remington about night he raped her, so her ignorance when it was mentioned was a tad ridiculous.

7.  Maya Pope being released

Initially I was really happy that Maya was back, I assumed that she’d be the one to save her child,  but that conversation with Olivia happened, and I discovered that the mother-daughter bonding that I was hoping for was a pointless dream. Shonda wasn’t going to give Olivia at least one parent who wasn’t a total assbag.

8.  The Human Vibrator casually mentioning that B613 was responsible for a school shooting to distract the public from what the administration were doing.

Say what?

9.  The fact that Lizzie  is now Chief of Staff. 

In what world would that ever happen? Doesn’t Fitz know that she was schtupping Andrew? That she was trying to bring him down?  That she pretty much has no loyalty to him?

10. The fact that Rowan went specifically to Mellie to ask for those list of Grand Juror names:

Especially when they were all on the same bus anyway so their names were irrelevant? Command sees all, and is all powerful yet somehow he needed little ole Mellie to get those names for him? What the fuck? And without David? Really?

11.  Jake offering to run away with Olivia again.

What a douche. Running solves nothing you idiot.

What I Liked

1.  Rowan taking Mellie’s hand and Mellie looking like she’d just been slimed.


2.  Rowan: “Ask me what I need

Rowan showing pictures of Mellie and Andrew getting it on was the best. The look on her face when she discovered that Rowan had some righteous dirt on her?

Remember this boob grab that totally missed the mark?

3.  Damascus Bainbridge?

Rowan really has a God complex.

4.  Rowan:  "Does it interest you?
Mellie:  ”It does.

This made me laugh out loud.

5.  Fitz being supportive of Mellie

Still love that he’s no longer being a douchebag to her, even if she deserves it.

6.  Mellie: ”I am the First Lady of the United States..
Rowan: “That’s not going to work on me so don’t  bother, ask me what I need.


7.  David:  “State your name for the record.”
THV:  “Jake Ballard”
David:  ”Is that your given name?“
THV:  ”No

Did anybody else peep that Jake isn’t his real name? Just me then? Oh well…

8.  Fitz:  ”Do you think I’ll make a good president?
Olivia:  ”I think you’ll make a great president.

Loved the Olitz flashbacks. Olitz when they weren’t a toxic mess was everything.

9.  Olivia:  ”We have one goal, to bring down B613 and to bring down my father. To do what is right. So you tell the truth. The whole truth. No matter what happens, no matter who gets hurt.“

10.  "Fitz. "If it weren’t for you, Susan would never have made it to the Oval Office. I blame you for Susan by the way.”
Olivia: “Susan is a national treasure”
Fitz:  "Susan’s a muppet.“
Olivia: *Laughs*   "She’s amazing”
Fitz: “No seriously, you picked a good one. You always do.”

I love whenever Fitz recognizes how brilliant Olivia is.

11.  Fitz:  “What’s wrong?”
Olivia:  "I just wanted to say hello. And good luck with Mellie’s election. And  congratulations on the Brandon Bill. That’s….That is the man I voted for. I’m proud of you.“
Fitz: "Liv, I’m grateful. Thank you.”
Olivia: “Goodbye Fitz.”

I’m not gonna lie when I heard this conversation, I became way more optimistic about how the show was going to end. I’ve watched Shonda’s shows enough to know that if an OTP is miserable in the first few moments of the show, they’re going to be in a better place by the end of it, and vice versa.

12.  Huck;  "Liv, something happened.

I know I wasn’t the only person who was dreading who was dead. When Liv was shaking at the crime scene, I thought  it might have been Quinn, then David came out and puked, and I was pretty happy to realize that the slaughtered people were the jurors, and not anybody significant. It was obviously not going to be THV, so I was happy that Shonda didn’t kill anybody else off.

13.  Lizzie:  ”That list of names, it was those jurors, they’re all dead.“.
Mellie:  "STOP TALKING!”

That right there was justification for Lizzie selling Mellie out to Fitz later. let Mellie be Mellie, she can’t do anything right.

14.  David.  "While I live for justice, I don’t want to die for it.


15.  Mellie rushing around like a headless chicken in a blind panic.

Yep, she’ll make a great senator. Always so much grace under fire.

16.  Mellie:  ”Cyrus. I killed those grand jurors.

Oh Mellie, you are such a dumbass.

17.  Olivia: ”I’m so angry that I’m vibrating. I can feel it in my bones.“
Jake:  "Ok…”
Olivia: “Don’t hug me! I’m sick of being comforted. I’m sick of fighting and losing. I’m sick of him being in my way. I am not his victim. I am not his child. And right now? Right now I don’t want to gladiate for everyone else. I want this. I want this. This is mine, Jake. I want what’s mine. I’m owed! And watch me take it! And then, for once in his life, he’s the scared kid and I’m command and he’s got nothing, no one. He’s trapped because you can’t take Command, right?”
Jake: “Right.”

I love how passionate Liv was here. She was so over it.

18.  Maya:  "I’m living out the rest of my days in this cell, you call that winning?


19.  Olivia;”It’s always about you isn’t it?… Did your father and I never tell you that you were special enough when you were little? Did we not give you enough hugs?“

Mama Pope stays being almost as bad as her husband. Girl, the two of you abandoned your child when she was twelve years old, you don’t get to remonstrate her for being flawed now.

At least Maya gave her some interesting information at the end of that conversation.

20.  Cyrus not giving two fucks about Mellie’s predicament.

He’s still salty as hell about her running for senator.

21.  Mellie:  ”He knows what we did to Sally’s husband.

Oh yeah, hey Mellie, you already had blood on your hands seeing as your scheming with Cyrus got that poor man kilt.

22.  Cyrus: "Shhhh…don’t tell Fitz.”

This is where Mellie went wrong. Listening to Cyrus is usually always a mistake.

22.  Olivia going to the CIA with the B613 files.


23.  Olivia:  "School shooting in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.“
The Human Vibrator:  distraction for the media when B613 blew up the presidential palace in Kenya.”

Really though?

24.  Lizzie:  “If there’s anything that I can do for you, I mean it anything, I’ll do it…you need to tell me everything.”

Mellie stays being the dumbest rock in the box. I can’t believe she told the woman who she shared a dick with her deepest darkest secrets before going to her husband.

25.  Cyrus:  "Honey, I’m gonna call you honey because I can’t remember your first name and I don’t care. Honey, you want to be reasonable about this.“

Cyrus is literally the worst.

26.  Olivia being arrested.

What the fuck?

27.  The human vibrator being arrested.

Happy dancing!

28.  Fitz’s great speech about Mellie.

I appreciate the effort this man is putting into trying to be a better man, but none of that shit he said about Mellie was even remotely true.

29.  Cyrus threatening to harm Abby.

Please die. Not really, but I really hate you.

30.  Cyrus: ”When you know someone’s pressure point, you can make them do just about anything.

Cyrus, you never had to try that hard with David sweetie, he has a yellow streak running all the way down his back.

31. David trying to get Olivia and the Human Vibrator to retract their statements even though he was the one who started this freaking court case in the first place.

32.  Cyrus:  ”I can’t have a soul, because if I had one, if never accomplish a thing.“


33.  Rowan calling Olivia to brag about beating her again.

I’m wondering why Rowan didn’t have Maya killed?

34.  Rowan: ”Rowan is dead, but Eli Pope, well now I’m just an old, innocent, doddering paleontologist, who works for the Smithsonian. No one is looking at me, no one is searching for me. No one would even think to wonder what I’m up to. I am free, and for that baby, Daddy thanks you.“

God I hate this character.

I wish he’d been killed.

35.  Announcer:  ”Your new junior senator, Mellie Grant"

This is still one of the most absurd story lines on the show this season.

36.  Lizzie telling Fitz what Mellie did.

She’s a wicked, wicked woman, but it serves Mellie right for being so fucking stupid.

37.  Lizzie’s smirk.

I’m not even mad.

38.  Police officer:  “Elijah Pope?”
Rowan: “Yes.”
Police officer: “You’re under arrest.”
Rowan: “Let me tell you about the terrible mistake you about to make–”
Officer:  "You know what Chief, I hear this story about five times a day, go ahead and cuff him"

39.  Olivia: “Rowan did that, Command, did that, he had power, but you? How did you describe yourself? an old, innocent, doddering paleontologist, who works for the Smithsonian. You were right. We couldn’t take Command, but we can take Eli Pope.”

Yessssss!  Rowan screaming in the jail was everything. Everything.

40.  Quinn:  “Why are you working with Rowan?”
Huck: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
Quinn:  "Yes you do. Those bodies in the morgue, I know your work, I’d know it anywhere, that was you.“

41.  Quinn:  “I will shoot you, I will shoot you like the animal you are. You wanna test me?”

A bit harsh Quinn but point taken.

By the way, I loved this entire scene between Huckleberry Quinn. Such great acting between the two of them.

42.  Fitz:  "You think I’d let you be president after what you did?“
Mellie: "What I did? Fitz…”
Fitz:  "I know about the jurors.“


43.  Fitz: ”We’re not a team. You don’t even know what you did wrong. You don’t even know why it was wrong.
Mellie:  "I was wrong to take care of us.“
Fitz:  "Get out. Pack your bags and get out of my house.

Lol. Man this reeks of all kinds of hypocrisy, but guess what, I don’t have two fucks to give about Mellie, because she should have been marched out of the White House in season two. She’s done her share of shit, but people stay forgiving her for all her bad deeds, because she was raped.

44.  Cyrus: “What’s going on. She knew about the jurors?

Cyrus stays trying to look out for number one.

45.  Fitz:  "Cyrus. Mellie came to you, I know that. You went to the CIA I know that too. You arrested Olivia, you released Maya, you worked with the man who killed my son. I know everything, so don’t lie to me.
Cyrus:  "Sir..“
Fitz:  "Do not lie to me. And do not tell me that you were trying to protect me.”
Cyrus: “Sir, please”
Fitz: “You’re fired.”

Say what? Oh my God, first Rowan ends up in jail for embezzling, now Fitz has finally fired that monster, Cyrus? At this point, I was pretty much in seventh heaven.
I love that Fitz finally gathered his presidential balls, and was strong. About time too.

46.  “The Human Vibrator:  This is where the ride ends.
Olivia: “What?”
THV:  "My mission is complete.“
Olivia:  "Your mission?”
THV:  "B613 is gone. Command is in jail. I have delivered you home safe and sound. My mission is complete. And it has been my pleasure. Take care, Liv.“

Yes go, go! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

47.  THV: They asked me to look out for you, both of them. Your father the bad guy, and the president, the good guy. They both asked me to keep you safe, they both made you my mission, and I went over the line on both accounts.
I’m in love with you. And if I’m telling the whole truth, no matter who gets hurt, it goes like this, I am in love with you, but you are in live with him.
Olivia:  *Radio silence*
TVH:  "You are owed Olivia. You want what’s yours? Go and take it.

Man, I was internally screaming at this point because I knew that there’d be an Olake blood bath come the end of the episode. And I was here for it.

48.  Mellie finally being ushered out of the White House wearing her green for jealousy fifties ensemble.

If I had any fucks to give about Mellie,I’m may have felt sorry for her, but I don’t so I was all:

49.  Cyrus handing in his access badges.

I live!

50.  Fitz going to Liv’s house and finding that she wasn’t there.

For a moment I wondered if she’d decided to abscond to parts unknown again, then I was reminded now well that worked out for her last time and knew that the writers were terrible, but they wouldn’t repeat that mess again.

51.  Fitz walking along the corridors of power all alone.

I didn’t feel emotional. I didn’t dammit.

When he went out into the balcony, I’m not gonna lie, I was expecting for him to get shot. What can I say, I have trust issues when it comes to Shondaland.

52.  Olivia: “Nice view

Woah.  Firstly, how the fuck did she get so far into the president’s private residence, then I remembered that I was watching Scandal so discarded that question.  I was just way too dumbstruck to actually give a fuck how she got there. Hell I wasn’t even distracted by the worst green screen ever.

53.  Olivia:  "Hi.“
Fitz:  "Hi”

I’m not gonna get sucked in, I’m not gonna get sucked in, I’m not gonna… Oh who gives a fuck, I’ve been totally sucked in and it hurts so good at this point.

54.  Fitz:  "You’re here.“
Liv:  "I’m here. Charlotte is very helpful and informative.”

God bless Charlotte and her unprofessional ass.

55.  Fitz:  "What happens now?“
Olivia:  "Whatever we want.”

And just like that, my crusty, nearly dead,  Olitz shipper heart bounced back to life.

Now Olakers will have the entire summer to be mad, and I can’t lie, I’m here for it. Olitzers have had to deal with Shonda’s fuckery for four years. Let them feel the delights of her screwing them over for once.

Random Observations

1.  Just like with Scott Foley, I thought the decision to make Portia a series regular was head scratching. Like, what has she brought to the show? She’s been pretty ornamental all season, so Shonda decides to make her a regular? This is literally Scott Foley being promoted all over again. Oh well, we’ll see how useful her character is next year. Thank God Fitz at least has Susan on his side.

2.  Where has Cyrus’ husband Michael been?

3.  I said at the beginning of season four that Shonda has a habit of writing the opposite of whatever she does in the premiere, in the finale, and that trend continued with this finale.  We started the season with Olivia looking rather bohemian on an island being fingered by Jake. We end with her in Fitz’s arms. The season started with Mellie and Fitz in misery on the balcony, we end with an ecstatic Liv and Fitz on the balcony.

4.  At the beginning of the season, Olitz were barely speaking to each other, we ended with them looking forward to a future together. Some great parallels there.

5.  Here Comes The Sun was such a wonderful song to end on, the irony wasn’t lost on me, however the sun was always about Olitz (see episode 3x13), never the crackship.


My only prediction is that Shonda loves to build things only to tear them apart, so I’m fully expecting that Olivia and Fitz will be back to being a mess within the first three episodes of season 5.

Here’s what I want for season five

Fitz and Olivia actually working shit out together. Please God, no more back and forth.

B613 needs to be dead and buried.

A bitter presidential divorce. Come on Shonda, there’s lots of drama to be had out of this story line. We’ve all waited long enough.

Mellie finally becoming the vengeful bitch she should have always been.

Quinn shoots Huck and puts him out of our misery.

Cyrus and Mellie working together against the White House.

Jake dies in a horrible car accident.

I think that’s about all I want for season 5, I guess we’ll see in the fall what Shonda decides to do.

So yes, I will be back for more Shonda fuckery next season, but I have a feeling I’ll be way less patient.

Let’s hope that Olivia nor Fitz will be looking back in season five.

Here are some lovely GIFs of Olitz in the season four finale.


are you focking kidding me. this is ten times better than any presents i got this christmas. i want to see a gif set of all the times jordan has pushed james around. i would do it myself but i have not the internet to do it.
also, i love how jordan seems to pay it no mind, like james does this all the time. and then james waves and says hello so jordan turns around to the camera and just smiles. like the moment was so natural.

anonymous asked:

Oh look, its you. Ya know, I don't know why, but i hate you and your blog, you are weird and disgusting, and you ship a kid? with a demon? really? Why in fucks sake would you do that? I hate that, and i hate this ship, and this fandom, and i hope it and you burn.

Ah…hello, I won’t bother answering the other ask you sent me sooo….*clicks the block button*

And no im not going to make a long assed speech about my OTP nor do i want to right now, But i will say one thing.
I fucking love it.

I know to alot of people its wrong okay? I do, and i don’t honestly care, people have alot of ships they do and don’t like and i understand mine is a popular “non-ship” or whatever.
But its still my ship.
And just because of my ship you hate me? Thats…really childish? I suppose that is the ‘correct’ word for it.

Also wishing for the fandom to ‘burn with you’? Well to thats abit extreme…
So, this is all i got for you, this little gif right here…

Oh wait..i have another gif.