otp: i just want to make crazy science with you

How i identify my OTP

Clexa: The one with the fics when everyone insist they’re soulmates so hard and where Raven and Octavia are probably running a secret clexa shipper club (that could have been written,who knows)/ Clarke the husband / funny pickup lines / “not everyone, not you” 

Hollstein: useless lesbian vampire and tiny ball of rage / “the angst is killing me!” / ✨communication✨ (lacks and lack of it, lets put that on a sentence shall we: Hollstein have a lack of vitamin c, “c” of communication)/ fics as much angst as the series as much angst as the book (i mean…. what!, i mean… angst everywhere)/ “you and me in love”

Pricefield:  Bae>Bay…(well done player 👍)

Bubbline:  the shirt people, the shiiirrrt/ musician and scientist / can be easily related with Hollstein (but without the angst and a little less gay)/ and when she die, she will be the one putting her in the ground/ everything stays/ “haha what a coincidence, now that you’re a vampire again i guess we get to hang out forever     ‾\_(“3)_/‾” 

Karmy: everyone is dying for reasons like: Amy can’t stop making the sad face and Karma can’t stop being so straight (seriously, i bet this is the only girl in the whole world who can’t “no think straight”)/  “whoa” “i know”

Amedot: Both smoll, both gems

Korrasami: they had the same boyfriend and both agreed to kicked him out of the party. They also kicked other’s asses

Vauseman: the hot one and the blonde one/ prison wives/ reconciliation sex/ angry sex/ “because of me you’re in prison bitch!”

Cophine: *cries over the next things* Eskimo pies/”i just want to make crazy science with you”/ science girlfriends/ “you’re the puppy”/ getting high with helium/ they could have it all/ *still crying* … *cries even harder*

Naomily: why she thinks i’m gay when “you” kissed “me?/yeah but “You” liked it/ yeah but “you” are gay/ “intellectual stoner & badass velvet hair”/”i like girls. No, i like a girl. No, I love a girl… i love her”/ be brave and want me back/ *the beginning of my gay otps and the ugly truth about it*