otp: i just needed my brother

Okay so I just had an emo moment about Harvey in the finale (as always). When he says to Mike, “So you’re just gonna sit there tomorrow, and let her take everything away from you?” about Gibbs. He’s not talking about Mike.

He’s talking about himself. 

He’s talking about how he’s going to have to sit there and watch Gibbs take Mike away from him again, when he’s just got him back. When he’s so close to having Mike back where he belongs (with him) again, and he’s going to have to go through it all again, and he can’t do that.

He can’t just sit there and be powerless again. He can’t just watch Mike give up his life again. He can’t just stand by and let Mike sacrifice his happiness again for him.

And then, when Mike’s level-headed and replies, reminding Harvey that she’s keeping things the same, Harvey almost sounds jealous when he says: “You mean working for that clinic?” 

That tone of his voice is so key, so important, he sounds almost disgusted at the very idea of it. That clinic.

Because if Gibbs gets her way, and if Mike can’t become a lawyer again, that clinic gets to keep Mike. People in that clinic get to see Mike every day, get to work with Mike, talk to Mike, smile with Mike, share their busy days with Mike, day in, day out, and Harvey envies it. He’s jealous that these people get so much of Mike and he gets so little. 

I mean, that’s what a lot of us took from the finale anyway, right? That Harvey was doing this to help Mike, but also to bring him home? He gave Mike everything he wanted–to become a lawyer, but couldn’t stop until he had Mike working with him again, which wasn’t for Mike’s benefit. We know this.

As much as I know Mike loves the firm, and loves Harvey, he would’ve been fine at the clinic. He was fine at the clinic, in fact, he was adamant that he didn’t want to really come back until the last minute.

So it was for Harvey’s benefit, mostly. Or at least, in my opinion. And damn, it’s just another example of how much Harvey loves him, and it’s only just hit me. Why he looks so angry and broken in that scene. Why he looks so desperate. 

Because if Gibbs takes this away from Mike, she takes everything away from Harvey.


My crack OTP from Fire Emblem Fates. The Prince and his Butler!

I like their contrast. Both live in the shadow of their fathers. They both want to be better, but in opposite ways. Siegbert strives to become like his father even if said father tells him he need not be. While Dwyer doesn’t want to end up like his father, much to his father’s chagrin.

It just really sort of happened. All the other kids had their best friends or siblings partnered with them in battle. Siegbert does well on his own without his younger brother, Kana, but needs a healer. And so I played the rest of this game with these two teamed up despite the lack of support. Either way, the two are among my best units and can handle one side of the battle field just the two of them.♥

I will go down with my rare ship! *panickly dumping water out the ship*

Day 13: A moment you love

Uggggh this is so HARD…. I wish there were multiple categories for this…


Fine I’ll pick something! Drum roll please!  

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I think my favorite moment has to be this one. This was the first moment that had me practically screaming, because “DIGIMON IS BACK Y’ALL”. And regardless of whether or not you ship them romantically, Taichi and Yamato have one of the most quintessential bonds in the entire series, and this is the first time it really shines.

When I think about Digimon Adventure, it’s hard not to think about Taichi and Yamato; so much of the plot is dedicated to them and their developing relationship. And I was so pleased to see that relationship in 02 remain strong. So I had high expectations for tri – and this is the scene that proved to me that their relationship was going to be just as important in their high school years.

Like this whole scene just DOES it for me: Yamato supporting Taichi, the beautiful flashback to showcase how far they’ve come, Taichi steeling his expression because as long as they’re together they can conquer ANYTHING, Taichi then briefly supporting Yamato, Yamato’s perfect smirk. UGGGGGH and then when they link their arms against the wind!!! These two are brothers-in-arms, two sides of the same coin, the sun and moon, soul mates (there are platonic soul mates too), just…everything. Their bond was forged in battle and sworn by blood and I can see every bit of it in this scene.

And although they are disagreeing in every other way at this point in the show, they still stand side by side to take on the muthafuckin world and, and – and I need to stop, I’m getting emotional (there’s a reason these assholes are my OTP).

But honorable mentions!! (These are some of my favorite moments rather than moments I consider “the best”)

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That hug killed me! Just look at Jou!! You know he needed a hug, and I bet his beautiful, squishy partner gives THE BEST hugs <3

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I will never get over this moment. I want Gabumon’s face laser-cut into my tombstone. 

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Because I’m a sucker for awkward moments, and this is perhaps one of the most awkward things I’ve ever witnessed. The amount of second-hand embarrassment I felt was worse than Spiderman 3. Honestly, just kiss already.

Jolex shippers need not read:

There is a war brewing in the shipping fandom, and it’s been stirring the waters since May, 2015. 


Now, people are getting up in arms about fans reading into the Alex and Meredith friendship since Derek’s death, and it’s really grating on some of the hardcore Jolex shippers. Why? Where does this come from after 11 years of Merder, Alex and Meredith as brother/sister, countless person moments and generally being ‘just friends’? Why does this threaten Jolex and unsettle their fan-base? 

                                  Because Merlex is a plausibility. 

I’ve watched this show for ten years, I was a huge, huge Merder fan and they were my OTP. The thought of Merlex never crossed my mind, not even once, because Meredith was exactly where she needed to be, and Alex still had a lot of growing to do. There was no reason for them to be together during 1-11. But that is no longer the case. I’m not talking about actuality, and what the show is or is not inferring to, I’m talking about possibility. Because, in the face of adversity, Merlex is completely possible. 

Meredith / Alex are OG

The show is beginning to push a widow-no-more Meredith agenda and it seems like she’s going to start finding out “who she is” again. The thing is, we know who Meredith is, we’ve seen that for 12 years - with and without Derek. Alex and Meredith have shared the screen for the longest time and they are the longest running friendship next to Bailey and Richard. Twelve years of developing one another, sharing misfortunes, propping one another up and generally being the loyalest of friends. How in the world does the Merder bereaved fandom accept Dr Random or the recycled vet Dr Riggs possibility? We’ve seen her tragedy unfold and we don’t want that retelling, especially to Dr Random-who-no-one-is-invested-in.  Alex understands that dark and twisty side to her, he has the time invested to really make something more of their friendship, just as much as she does. They have a history that binds, and hell, even Jo is threatened by that…which again, brings the word ‘possibility’ to the forefront; it’s not as though these fears are borne from absolute ludicrousness.  

He was initially attracted to her

The attraction was there from the beginning. Alex made several comments about being attracted to Meredith in the pilot and wasn’t ashamed to hide it from anyone he talked to, including Meredith. But like I said, Meredith was already where she needed to be and “kind of seeing someone”. So, truth-be-told, it’s not a lie to say that there is a general attraction, at least from Alex’s camp. Does that fade over time? Or do you just bury that? Can you rekindle that same attraction? Maybe is a real possibility. You can’t rule that out because it’s set there in stone as of 1x01. 

They’re already invested in loving and protecting one another

He watches her knit and she helps him with his boards, fast-forward a decade or so and he’s the guy telling her to rub snot from her face and being the tequila fairy, and she’s hiding rings and delivering him on a platter. It’s not hard for these two to readily be there for the other. They love one another pure and simple, and they’ve both said that to friends and lovers. Like Alex said “she’s the only one I can count on.” Isn’t that a beautifully solid base to potentially start something more on? Wouldn’t Derek rather her have that solid foundation for her to build on than Dr. Random? 

Jo can see the potential

How age-old is that whole jealousy plot-line wherein a character a involved with character b is jealous of character c because of some long and sordid history? Jo has every right to be jealous because Alex and Meredith are (at times) inappropriate. Granted, every moment of S12 between Meredith and Alex has been from a friendship outlook, but they’re each others’ MAGIC Person Legend. He sleeps in her room after the attack, she climbs into the middle of his bed with Jo in it, he gets drunk with her in her bedroom, he ignores his girlfriend’s problems to see to hers, she dislikes his girlfriend (for some unfathomable reason) etc. Jo has become constantly aware and fearful of the Merlex friendship, because she can see a potential there between them unless she can finally get Alex to commit. 

They’re growing in the same direction

They work in the same environment and that’s a huge benefit. Usually the doctors are at odds with non-medical partners because they can’t commit to separating work from home. Every doctor on the show is dating medical personnel. Grey’s does not work for characters outside of the hospital and it’d be weird to have to cut to Meredith’s significant other outside of GSM, or have him live inside the hospital which is completely implausible. Alex and Meredith are both growing in the same direction with the same goals, unlike Derek and Meredith, or Jo and Alex who have canyon-sized gaps in their goals for their careers. They know that they have to push one another to have to get to where they want to go and both understand the fact that they have careers to advance. They’re on a level playing field and that’s a lot more stable than an intern/attending relationship.


It’s been shown time and time again that Jo is falling prey to her age. Jo has yet to experience anything akin to marriage, divorce and death. Merlex have been there and done that, why back-pedal? They are comfortable in their ways. They understand each other. Isn’t it high-time for the doctors to start dating people their own age? 

These are just a few of the hundred or so reasons why a Merlex partnership is possible. Like I said, it may never happen, but it’s not impossible. So, to the naysayers, calm down and let the Merlex fans enjoy the possibility, because it’s damn-well out there. If nothing comes of it, sit back and sip some tequila for Alex and Meredith who never crossed the line and enjoy whatever Shonda has written for them. But for now, be fearful of the potential, because no one has said no yet, and until Merlex sings, anything is game.

Like Meredith said after claiming she doesn’t feel for Alex:

“I don’t know who I am or what I want.”

okay so i just’ve finished one of my commission and then


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have i tell u guys that i ship UK x Esp so much ;;;;;;;

they need more love yeah

and idk why he turns spain into nyo!spain ahahah

bleh just enjoy it 8″D


i hope u guys enjoy this happy family picture 8″D

astatheloner  asked:

Ship that you have as an OTP: 🌹. Ship that you're indifferent to: 😑. Ship that makes you sad: 💔. Ship that you find disgusting: 💩. Ship that you find cute but don't ship: ✌. Ship that you secretly like: 💚. Ship that you used to have as an OTP: 💙. Ship that you find most sexy: 👅

ASK ME ABOUT SHIPS | @astatheloner

[ most of these will be in regards to marg but there are some ships i just really need to talk about okay ]

  • 🌹 – Sansaery
    • the purest and the best; sansa is marg’s first real love, in canon and modern verses. this ship gives me life tbh 
  • 😑 – Margaery/Tommen
    • at best, i see it more as a cute friendship/little brother-older sister relationship. i generally don’t incorporate d&d’s portrayal of their ‘marriage’ into my writing/hcs so i’m not even gonna touch that. 
  • 💔 – Jon/Ygritte
    • everything about this relationship is lovely but heartbreaking. (also, every time i listen to hozier’s ‘jackie and wilson’ i think of them <3) 
  • 💩 Sansa/Littlefinger
    • look, i’m all for shipping what you want but this one really disgusts me. there is nothing remotely healthy or even attractive about a gross, manipulative old man creeping on the daughter of the woman he was in love with. plus, he is basically the root of all her troubles. i know it’s a popular ship with sansa but i care about her as a character too much to be okay with her in a relationship with littlefinger. she deserves so much better.
  • Margaery/Brienne
    • i think the idea is cute but i like the idea of their friendship more than anything.
  • 💚 Margaery/Jaime
    • i can thank @aureatehand for that one bc it def has the potential to be interesting (and kind of hot, when you think about it )
  • 💙 Robbaery
    • i think this was my first ship on marg when i first started writing as her but sansaery came along quickly after to take the crown
  • 👅 Sansaery or Robbaery
    • in terms of pure sex appeal, it is a tie between the two. basically, lets just say that marg really likes the starks.

[ i based this purely off of canon got/asoiaf characters and didn’t include relationships with ocs bc i feel like some of these questions just wouldn’t apply. my favorite ocs that marg loves on are ambrosia ( @bardolctry ), marcus ( @epistocracy ) , shennen ( @liittlehound ) , and steffon ( @stagblooded ) . just thought i needed to give those ships a shout-out bc i love them ] 

My Top (5) OTPs

I was tagged by @vlad-der-dritte THANK YOU SO MUCH <3

My OTPs are pairings, which are supportive, cares for each other and at some points Relationship/Friendship Goals. Some are Friends since their childhood,  act like their already knew each other many years like an old Couple (you will know who I mean). I only chose 5 cause lets be real for a sec :v I HAVE WAY TOOOOO MANY SHIPS. 

1) Sasunaru/Narusasu (You know who) - “Naruto”

you gotta be blind or just plain idiot if you don´t see their love

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2) Kuroken (kuroo x kenma) - “Haikyuu!”

lol so many couples, couples everywhere but these two are just perfect.

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3) Haru x Ren (they are like what haren?!? AND NO THEY ARE NOT REAL BROTHERS -_-) - Super Lovers

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4) Otayuri (Otabek x Yurio) - perfection <3 (like I need to name the anime :V)

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5) Horimiya ( Hori kyouko x Miyamura Izumi). Please read the manga!! 

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Alright my friends now your turn *evil smile*. I tag:

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@asksasunaru @otabek-yuri 

You don´t have to if you don´t wanna :*

My brother's homo love is so strong
  • My brother: So no homo love
  • Me: Nope
  • My brother: Sasunaru is not canon
  • Me: Nope nope nope. Sasusaku and Naruhina are fucking perfect, I am happy, you should stop wondering too. You don't even like yaoi.
  • My brother: Yeah, but I thought Naruto was a revolutionary manga, we needed the homo love.
  • Me: No, not really.
  • My brother: No ShikaCho?
  • Me: OH GOD NO, PLEASE STOP! Sasusaku, Naruhina, Shikatema, Saiino and ChoKaru, got it?
  • My brother: What a boring ending, it was sooooooo obvious...
  • Me: My OTP sank, nothing's obvious.
  • My brother: Yeah, but there's still hope!
  • Me: ...
  • My brother: We still have Kiba and Shino.

remedial-potions  asked:

character: Sirius Black (because these are way too fun)

Aaaah!! Sirius!!

1: sexuality headcanon: Straight. I know a lot of people ship Wolfstar, and that seems to be the thing, but I feel like Sirius was straight as an arrow and was a ladies man. That’s just the vibe he gives to me.

2: otp: No one. Bachelor for life.

3: brotp: Of course James. Just like brothers. Remus would be a close second.

4: notp: Snape and Sirius. Saw that as a pairing, and I was like why? So they cod kill each other??

5: first headcanon that pops into my head:
Sirius meeting that one girl who doesn’t swoon over him when he pursues her, thus making him think that maybe there is something wrong with him that he needs to analyze and fix. Then he’s like “Nah, I’m Sirius Black, bitch!!” (Rick James reference lol)

6: one way in which I relate to this character: Im fun loving and can be a bit immature. I also am fiercely loyal to my friends.

7: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: Though I don’t like Snape, I didn’t like that he did what he did yo him and almost got him killed. That wasn’t cool.

8: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? Neither. That’s my rebel ❤

Let’s talk about Doraelin...

So, I understand that a lot of people like Rowan and I don’t mean to offend you if Rowaelin is your OTP (these are just my opinions), but I just don’t see it. To me, it seems like Rowan is an older brother figure to Aelin with the way they acted towards the end of Heir of Fire. I don’t want them to be anything but friends, and I think Aelin really needs a platonic relationship with a male. Rowan is a great choice for a friend because they’re so similar, because they’ve gone through the same depression and chaos. But I cannot imagine them in a relationship together. Everything about their relationship was intense and extreme, and Aelin already has enough chaos in her life. She needs someone she can calm with in terms of a mate. And Aelin mentioned being attracted to Rowan, even considered taking him to bed, but decided against it because they’re just friends.

Everyone keeps going on about how Rowan has always been accepting of Aelin while no one else has… but that isn’t true. Rowan was really harsh on her in the beginning because she was an assassin and it took him some time to accept her. DORIAN, on the other hand, accepted her from the very beginning of Throne of Glass. Despite the fact that he was raised by the actual devil and should have all sorts of prejudices, he doesn’t. Dorian never cared that she was an assassin in the first book and when they were talking, he actually pressed her to tell him more about herself, knowing that “assassin” wasn’t all that she was. He saw her for what she was and he loved her for it. And when he found out that she was the lost queen of Terrassen, he was only upset because he had been lied to by his best friends. But even though she is supposed to be his enemy, he still doesn’t hate her. 

I believe Rowan’s main magic is wind. Ice is like his second, like Aelin’s minimal water ability. Dorian is the true ice mage. And there was even foreshadowing within Manon’s story, where they talked about how opposites attract in magic. Fire and ice. Imagine the freaking power couple Doraelin would be. And they balance each other out in more ways than just powers. Remember that scene where they talked about judgments of the heart and mind? Aelin uses her head to make decisions. Dorian uses his heart. 

And Dorian grew up with the responsibility of a throne. Remember that scene where Nehemia was talking to Dorian as they watched Chaol and Aelin dance, when she commented about how they could never understand what it was like to have the weight of a kingdom on their shoulders? Well, I think that was more foreshadowing for Dorian and Aelin. Despite the fact that Rowan is a prince, he has no real claim to a throne. Dorian, meanwhile, is the heir to Adarlan. HIM AND AELIN ARE EQUALS. Dorian is the only person I could really see rising up to rule beside her, and think about them united the two kingdoms after all that has happened? Chaol couldn’t even handle the responsibility of being a Lord of Anielle and Rowan is a warrior, not a king. And Dorian is going to be a fantastic king. Even in the first book, he gave a big speech about how he didn’t want to be like his father. And then, in HoF, Chaol mentioned how Dorian had become a king. Like the very next chapter, Rowan mentions how Aelin has become a queen. Coincidence?

Dorian and Aelin’s fates have been intertwined for a long time. They met when they were little. And then again, as strangers at a party who flirted with one another. There was a scene towards the end of The Assassin’s blade when Aelin was staring up at the castle and she noted a tower (I believe she was looking at Dorian’s tower). And then there was the scene between Nehemia and Elena about getting things set into motion. Dorian and Aelin are basically destined to be together. 

Both Dorian and Aelin know the pain of loss. Yes, Rowan lost his mate, but Dorian and Aelin’s lovers were both indirectly killed by the evil men who raised them. The king of Adarlan ordered for Sorscha to be killed. Arobynn ordered for Sam to be killed. And think about all the other things Dorian is going through. He’s on the same journey that Aelin is on. Seriously, the parallels are endless. They were both raised by terrible people. Both had a crown constantly hovering over their heads. Both lost a lover. Both had to deal with terrifying, uncontrollable powers. And now, Dorian is going to be facing a lot of dark stuff. This is going to change him forever and he’s probably going to think himself a monster. Just like Aelin did. 

Then, something I think is crazy important is the way Dorian always goes to HER first. After the battle with Cain in ToG, Dorian immediately rushed to her aide, despite the fact that his father was right there. Chaol didn’t go to her; Dorian did. Then, we have the scene where Aelin finds Nehemia dead in Crown of Midnight. Everyone is just standing around but Dorian immediately goes to Aelin. And, with tears in his precious little eyes, he stands in front of her and tries to block her view of the scene even though she’s scene a lot worse in her line of work. 

And I think most of Rowan and Aelin’s deep connection can be attributed to the fact that they are carranam. They don’t have to be mates to care about one another, to understand each other, and to have all the other connections that they have. Sarah J. Maas talked in an interview about how emotional Heir of Fire was to write because of how she had to put herself in Aelin’s situation when it came to losing your best friend, and about how powerful friendship can be when it comes to healing. Rowan’s not a love interest. He was the friend that Aelin needed, and he doesn’t have to be anything more than that to matter just as much as any love interest.

But I think Dorian and Aelin will be good for each other. They build each other up (Dorian said she made him feel like a king). Their relationship is incredibly healthy and balanced and equal and adorable and passionate and empowering.

So there are some of the many reasons why I ship Doraelin. 


I need tumblr friends…
If we’re friends I will

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•and lastly LUHHH YEW

So if anyone wants to be my tumblr bestie just tell me…


endless list of danny and riley 
3x21 you can’t go home again

d: georgie’s moving to paris and i’ve decided to go with her.
r: paris? for how long?
d: i don’t know, i guess i’m just going to kind of see what happens.
r: but what about me?
d: you? you’ve got ben now. he’s your future. i need to see if georgie’s mine.



 When Dean became a demon the thirst for demon blood within Sam grew. He couldn’t bring himself to kill his brother but now he was stuck cleaning up after his messes. Dean still hunted with him, Sam was never sure why. Now he thinks it was all because of this moment. He finally gave in. He craved the intimacy he once had with Dean and now he had it back as well as the itch for his blood finally being scratched. Apparently if all you consume is your demon brother’s blood, you become one yourself. Now, along with his thirst for blood and cravings of sex, he needed someone else’s blood on his hands. Sam needed violence and there was nothing human holding him back. Dean couldn’t be more pleased with his baby brother.

Nah I prefer there are 3 Bills x3
but feel free to have your own ideas~ 

Yes I think I would! Just need time to come up with their costumes.
and thank you~

But…But they are all bottoms

I think they all have the big dipper birthmark~ it’s something mysterious xD
and I’m sorry, Fight!Bill(Kill) isn’t Fight!Dip’s mate here,
Because Zero!Bill x Fight!Dip is my OTP now lol

also I don’t know how to name these twins separately,
but I think your May, Belle are brilliant ideas! read them together becomes Mabel! that’s a clever one

I feel the same way!!! Big brothers be protective of their little brother,
that’s just too adorable hnnnnnnnnnng <33333

tee hee I would love to read some fic too x3


AUTHORS NOTE: Requested by Anonymous. Set in season two. Sorry if it’s too long, if I have made any mistakes tell me.

SUMMARY: Being new and finding Stiles really cute and one day he asks you out really awkwardly and there’s just Lydia squealing in the back ground mouthing OTP OTP, but her brother Derek is against the idea if Stiles and his little sister dating.



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flowershop AU thing again! (based around this particular shop, put it on street view and look behind you)

They were neighbors who lived in the apartment complex just above Hinata’s flower shop, he manages the camera store with his brother in place of their late parents. sometimes their break time would coincide in the park around the block; she with a strawberry swirl ice cream, he with a cigarette and chilled vegetable juice.

i’ve been meaning to do this since my costume arrived but never had the time to – finally found the chance tonight so i’m throwing it here I FINALLY BECAME ONE WITH AZUSA TOO i’m a happy camper i just need to marry a natsume now to complete my otp

Maybe it's just me but uhhh

Buying a Christmas tree doesn’t have a damn thing to do with Sway!!! This was strictly personal nothing to do with business, not doing it for promotion, these two just felt the need to go Christmas shopping together. 

Now where I’m from…. I don’t go Christmas tree shopping with my brother, he does that with his girlfriend so uhhhhh yeah take that how you will lol. 

And I know those ships are sitting over there probably trying to come up with something to say (about how Val took his little sister shopping for tree…. lol foh!!!) but while ya’ll do that I’m going to be over here like this 

And watch my otp as they happily make their relationship known to the world.


External image


Dont you dare say that they arent in love with each other. You just need to look at the way they look at each other. How happy they are when he’s carrying her in the bridal position.
Daryl doesn’t cry unless he is loves that person i.e. His brother and Beth
“I never dreamed that i’d love somebody like you, and i never dream that i’d lose somebody like you” - Chris Isaak, Wicked game