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Lorelai Gilmore Appreciation Week 2017
Day 2 | Favorite Relationship ➡ Lorelai and Luke

Well, all I can say is, you’re lucky I’m back in your life, because clearly you were lost without me. I mean, it’s a miracle you’re even still alive. Right? You bet.


Plance draws ;///u///;;;
FFXV AU and Goblin AU

Me motivational talking to myself: “You’ve survived watching the opening scene of the season 3 premiere of Gilmore Girls when you were just 12. You can do anything. You’ve got this, girl!”

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Me: “I’m fine.”

Also me: *Suddenly remembers that the only time we heard Lorelai say I love you to Luke was when she screamed it at him before giving him an ultimatum.

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There’s a Luke and Lorelai video to the song Say You Won’t Let Go and whenever I hear it I think of them. The lyric “I’ll take the kids to school.” kills me because they should have had a kid of their own…

…So I have this doodling problem