otp: i invited her


► Emma & Regina || a desperate kind of love [Swan Queen]

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►  Show: OUAT || SwanQueen
►  Song: Wait bt Nf
►  Coloring: not mine

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Why I ship Swan Queen: a summary
  • otp: how to get this savior to taste my forbidden fruit?
  • otp: you have no idea what I'm capable of
  • otp: sheriff swan
  • otp: madam mayor
  • otp: you’ll punish me?
  • otp: she's not dying
  • otp: it's complicated
  • otp: I invited her
  • otp: thank you for inviting me
  • otp: emma I'm sorry
  • otp: I know her
  • otp: I believe her
  • otp: you may not be strong enough but maybe we are
  • otp: we did it
  • otp: yes we did
  • otp: hey
  • otp: where’s regina?
  • otp: our magic
  • otp: our son
  • otp: she's important isn't she?
  • otp: my gift to you is good memories
  • otp: you would do that?
  • otp: I knew you were telling the truth
  • otp: I always know when you're lying
  • otp: trust me
  • otp: I'll call regina
  • otp: just be careful
  • otp: it's inside you emma
  • otp: look at all this potential inside of you