otp: i have fallen


Because I’m overcome in this war of hearts.

sugar sweet.

1595 w || g

Ushijima is just about to put Kentarou down when Oikawa comes bounding up to him, trolley in tow, and tells him, “Put him here, Ushiwaka-chan.”

Tobio is already sitting down in the slot for toddlers provided in the trolley, and there’s another one next to him vacant and apparently reserved for the tot in Ushijima’s arms. He didn’t even know there were trolleys that came with slots for two children. He looks down at the downturned line Kentarou’s tiny mouth has turned into. Coincidentally enough, Tobio is mirroring the frown on his brother’s face. Ushijima imagines the trolley can’t be his kids’ favourite thing in the world.

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so we moved under the spotlight 
and never thought about the price we’d pay
when all the world around us slipped away (x)

(for hopelesstmrblogger)