otp: i have a bug tattoo!

1) I am SWEN

My name is Amanda. I am a lesbian, 28 years old, living in Minnesota. I teach art classes and soon I will teach driver’s ed as well. I love all things sci-fi, especially post apocalyptic. I’m also obsessed with peacocks, classic pin up girls, ancient ruins and civilizations, and every form of fairytales be it the classics or Disney. I have eight tattoos and I need more. I don’t know exactly what I’m doing with my life, but I’m thinking its time to take a chance and go back to my original dream of writing for television.

2) I love Swan Queen

I was so not looking for a new otp when I started OUaT! I was in a happy Xena bubble and there I wished to stay. But as I rewatched the first 17 existing episodes, I caught the Swan Queen bug bad. Their tension and chemistry was perfect and delicious, and the mere idea of these two mothers coming together despite the odds and unexpectedly becoming just what the other was looking for all along was too delicious. I didn’t expect much at first, but as time went on the story and the potential became so undeniable that it physically pained me to think a romances was not where these two women are headed. It would truly be the ultimate modern fairytale.

3) I love SWEN

I love so many things about SWEN. I might not agree with everything all time, but there is no denying the immense skill and passion in this group of people. I have never read such novel quality fics in so much abundance, nor seen so much beautiful art. I love that I can help bring people up when they are down, and that they do the same for me when I’m feeling hopeless. Even when not show related, I have experienced so much love and support, even from people I never spoke to before, which is incredible, and the friends I have made are one in a billion. Our perseverance to be seen, heard, and respected is inspiring and I’m proud to be a part of it.