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How We Met AU's

You found me wandering lost around an Ikea. We’re both lost and I’m getting really scared so you built us a fort and now the employees are trying to get us out of it.

I’ve lost my dog and I’ve been searching for them all day now. You found me crying on the curb and offered to help. I have no idea who you are but thank you so much for helping.

Our group had a lip sync battle and you got up there and lip synced to Sexy Back and didn’t break eye contact with me. I’m both turned on and embarrassed.

You pepper sprayed me in the face because you thought I was your creepy ex. I’m mad but then I actually looked at you and said a cheesy pick up line so now we’re just staring at each other awkwardly, but my eyes still burn please help.



Domestic Feysand part whatever
  • Rhys: Look, Feyre! I got you a puppy!
  • Feyre: Oh my god! Rhys!
  • Feyre: *talking to puppy* oh my gosh you're so cute!!
  • Rhys: *mumbling* well,
  • Feyre: *to puppy* Who's the most handsome boy? You are! Yes, you are!
  • Rhys: *louder* Feyre darling, I'M your mate-
  • Feyre: *not noticing Rhys* YOU ARE MY FAVOURITE LITTLE BOY IN THE
  • Rhys: *snatching the puppy away* Yes, I think I better take him back now.
Magic student AU

Person A is a student of magic (Potion brewing, Herbs, spells whatever). And is trying to get the hang of magic but things keep going terribly wrong.

-Person A practicing spells/potion making and accidently shrinking themself or other people.

-A accidently burning their eye brows off.

-A accidently summoning B, a demon.

-Accidently turning themselves into a pigeon and trying to tell their room mate.

- “I enchanted your paint brush to make things that you draw come to life. What do you mean there is now a dragon in our backyard???” -Person A is the magnificently unlucky.

-”I shall now make this object float- whoops I just uprooted your house and it is now hovering in the air.”

- Person A wanting their plants to grow quicker and quickly realising that was a mistake as they have just recreated the beanstalk from jack and the beanstalk.

-Working as a vet is hard, so I enchanted your pet so it could talk now it wont stop screaming profantities at me as I am a vet, it’s worse enemy.

-”My endless coffee mug got knocked over as I left the house and I came back to find my house drenched in coffee- can I please stay with you?”

theangelscrow  asked:

Shiro finding Sam and Matt: "oh thank god, you're here and alive and real, Pidge and I can be happy again". Shiro remembering all the shenanigans he got up to in the garrison that Matt could tell his baby paladins and use to corrupt the children or keep as blackmail: "oh no"

i’m caught up on “his baby paladins” ashfsakdjfg

shiro: matthew if you make me look bad in front of my children i will never forgive you

matt: your what

shiro: listen those kids are wild and if i lose their respect it’s all over

matt: no, shiro, back up to where you called them your children

shiro: it’s been a long few months ok. i’m apparently a father now. that’s just how life is and i’ve got to roll with it.

OK but can we talk about something??

Remember the scene: Napoleon eats a sandwich listening to some Italian song and then saves Illya from under the water. Remember that song.

Peppino Gagliardi - Che Vuole Questa Musica Stasera

I don’t know Italian but my sister’s friend translated this song for me
Here it is:

“I need this music tonight
It brings back something from the past
The Moon was our companion
I felt that you are mine
Only mine
Only mine.

I would like you to be here with me
Now, when there’s nothing between us anymore.
I would like to hear your words
The words that I will never hear again.

The whole world doesn’t exist anymore
Because of the happiness you gave me.
What should I do now
When you are gone?

I need this music tonight
It brings back something from the past
It brings back a bit of your love
It reminds me of you”

So this whole song is literally about love and about missing this love.
Got it?


List of First Meeting AU’s I need

  • “Whoops I just fell face first into your crotch and this is really awkward" AU 
  • We were both hanging out at the bar I was eyeing you, but someone else came along and hit on you and now I'm pretending to be your bf/gf because you are obviously disgusted" AU
  • “Didn’t notice you until our dogs started randomly making love in the street” AU
  • “I went into a Taxi but someone else was there” AU
  • “I saw you getting robbed so I tried to help but you thought I was the thief and you punched me.” AU
  • “I was shopping for condoms for my sibling but I was rushing and I ran into you, therefore it began raining condoms” AU
  • “My friend dragged me to the nude beach, but Im fully dressed and you’re not.” AU
  • “I was actually screaming and moaning over a fictional death, but you thought it was sexual screaming and you came over to tell me to shut up.” AU
  • “Your headphones aren’t plugged in at the library and you’re listening to a hardcore smut thing.” AU
  • “Me and my friends were having a sleepover and tried Prank calling someone to tell them I love them, wrong number but thought it was you because you coincidentally have the same name” AU
  • “Basic blind date” AU
  • “We’re both on a cruise ship and I slipped and spilled my cocktail all over you” AU
  • “I was pulled over because you thought I was drunk, but I’m not, Im just really frustrated.” AU
  • “I was at the waterpark but my top/bottom fell off in the wave pool and you found it for me” AU
  • “I don’t know you but they just paired us up for the haunted house and im not good with scary stuff” AU
  • “We’re both single parents and our kids hate each other” AU
  • “I called you hot and randomly made out with you on the street for a youtube video, but you made out with me back so I don’t know what to do now” AU
  • “I was taking photos for my college class but your ass got in one of the shots and you knew it” AU
  • “Kiss Cam at a baseball game” AU
Trapped - Two

“Love in an elevator, livin it up when I’m going down.”

Your eyes snapped up from the case file you were reading. You glared at the singer, watching Penelope strut across the room to her office with a smile on her lips. As she passed the desks where you and Reid sat she turned, grinning at you both. 

“Stupid, stupid cameras,” you muttered to yourself. You reached for your coffee mug finding it empty and stood up. “Spencer do you want a drink?”

You hadn’t really spoken to him since the ‘Elevator Incident’ as the team had been given a few days off. When he’d come into work this morning, he’d barely said two words to anybody, choosing to sit in silence at his desk immersing himself in a cross word puzzle whilst he drank his morning coffee. He didn’t answer. 

“SPENCER,” louder this time. The genius jumped in his seat staring at you like a deer caught in the headlights.

“Huh….Sorry.. …what?“ 

You motioned towards his coffee cup. “Do you want another drink?”

He shook his head mumbling, “No thanks” and went back to his puzzle. 

’Weird’ you thought seeing he’d only completed one answer in the ten minutes he’d been sat there. 

You decided to take your coffee in Penelope’s room and as you opened her door you saw her hurriedly clicking to close down a window on her computer. Your eyes were too quick though and you recognised the imagine of you and Spencer making out in the lift. 

“Pen! Why the hell are you watching that? You promised you’d delete it.” You’d been texting her all over the weekend making her promise to rid the archives of that footage so no one would ever see. 

“I can’t, I just can’t. It’s like watching Harry Potter when Ron and Hermione finally kiss. Or Chuck and Blair, or Seth and Summer. Or those few episodes in Buffy where Xander and Willow were sneaking around behind everyone’s back and making out.” She was starting to get a dreamy look in her eyes. 

“PENELOPE!” You grabbed the mouse trying to find the delete file option but accidentally pressing play instead. 




When you got over the fact that it was you and Spencer on the screen, it did look incredibly….. Hot. You felt a warm flush spreading across your cheeks as you saw on screen you press your lips to Reid’s and saw his looked stunned before closing his eyes and devouring your mouth hungrily. 

“See!” Garcia was almost squealing. “You two are my new OTP.”

You pulled up a chair next to her, pressing the replay button before you realised what you were doing.

“Oh you don’t need to hit replay sweetness. I’ve got it on a loop. I could watch this for hours on end.”

You stared at her.


“I worry about you sometimes, Pen.” You shook your head at her. “What if someone else walks in. Like Hotch…. Or Derek.” Oh you could already imagine the teasing if Derek Morgan saw this. 

She giggled back, “They won’t. Now tell me what it was like.” She scooted her chair closer to yours so that her knees were touching yours. 

You shook your head. “This isn’t a schoolgirl sleepover Garcia. This is our colleague.”

“Oh but imagine the fun if it were a school girl sleepover. We could prank call him and then I could get my friend to find out if he liked you back. We could even send him a letter. Tick A if you like Y/N back or Tick B if you’re blind, stupid and clearly in denial." 

You hated how much she was enjoying your discomfort. 

"Tell me….. And I’ll delete it.”

Your eyed her suspiciously. “Promise.”

She nodded earnestly. “Scouts honour.”

“Fine,” you relented. “It was nice.”

“That was a lot more than nice Agent Y/L/N so don’t even think about palming me off with that.” She narrowed her eyes at you.

You rolled your eyes at her, remembering the feel of Spencer’s tongue running across your bottom lip. You cleared your throat. “Okay it was more than nice. It was……” you struggled to find the right words. 

“Amazing, sexy, by far the best kiss you’ve ever had?” Penelope supplied, her eyebrows raised. 

You nodded, “All of the above. I really wasn’t expecting him to kiss like that.”

Penelope squealed, the sound hurting your ears. “I knew it!” she clapped. 

Her door sounded and Agent Morgan poked his head in. “Ladies as much as I hate to interrupt, Hotch wants us all in his office.”

You stood to leave shooting a Penelope a look. “Yes yes…. I’ll delete it I promise.”

“Delete what?” you heard Morgan asking her as you exited the room together.

“It’s nothing I promise my dark, sexy knight.”

Seeing that video of you and Spencer kissing had made you revert back to a 13 year old girl with a crush. A bad crush. One where if you weren’t careful, you were scared you were going to start doodling love hearts around your initials. 

For the rest of the day you’d found yourself sneaking glances at him when he wasn’t looking, averting your gaze quickly if he happened to look your way. 

You’d been having a discussion with Morgan about the latest case and he’d had to call your name three times to get your attention at one point. Reid had been eating a lollypop you were mesmerised by watching his soft pink lips working their way over the cherry flavoured candy. When you’d caught a glimpse of his tongue sliding out from between his lips to taste it, you’d felt yourself shudder slightly and had been sure you’d let out an audible moan. Morgan had followed your stare across the room and you’d seen a shit eating grin cross his face when he realised what you’d been distracted by. He’d almost galloped off to Garcia’s office after that. 

The next day you’d been in an hurry to get out of your door having not slept particularly well the night before. In your hurry you’d managed to spill a full mug of coffee all over your pants, having to substitute for the only other clean item you had left.

You’d heard Morgan wolf whistle as you’d strolled across in the office in a tight black pencil skirt which had a small slit up the side. It definitely wasn’t indecent atire for work, but after your behaviour yesterday you were sure Derek thought you had an agenda for wearing it. It would be a million times worse if he’d seen what you’d had on under the skirt. Having torn your last pair of panty hose you’d had to be settle for sheer black stockings.

“Nice legs Agent Y/N,” he’d called. You’d seen Spencer quickly glance up at you too and then back down to his case file. 

You headed to the break out room to eat your lunch waving a hello to Spencer and Rossi who were already sat at a table, deep in discussion. As you bent over, rummaging in the fridge for your lunch you heard David Rossi trying to get his attention. 


“Hey Reid!”


You turned around just in time to catch Spencer staring at you, eyes slightly glazed. He was biting his bottom lip. He looked away quickly, a pink hue forming on his cheeks. 

Rossi started laughing to himself realising what the doctor had been looking at. “Seems your skirt is causing quite a distraction today Agent Y/L/N. If I was ten years younger myself, I might allow myself to get distracted too.”

The door banged open and Morgan wandered through with Penelope trailing behind him. 

“Love in an elevator, lovin it up til I hit the ground, he sang loudly, grinning at you and Reid. 

Your eyes snapped to Reid and both of you turned to Penelope.

“Garcia!” Almost in unison with each other.

“You promised you wouldn’t show anyone,” again this was said as a chorus. 

Wait….what? Reid knew about the tape too? He looked almost as confused as you. 

“I’m sorry guys…. I just wanted to find out what you thought of each other. And it turns out, quite a lot! And you know there’s no way I can keep anything from my sweet baby, Derek.”

“Am I missing something here?” Agent Rossi piped up from his spot at the table. 

You glared at Morgan pleading with him not to. He shook his head smirking at you. “Seems Agent Y/L/N here and our boy genius had quite a make out session when they were trapped in the lift together the other night.” He fanned himself mockingly “Boy oh boy that tape was something else.”

“This is on tape?” Rossi sounded amused. 


“Which I may have accidentally on purpose made them both watch yesterday,” Penelope, the sneaky, conniving……. 

“Well I guess that explains why they haven’t been able to stop staring at each other when they think we’re not looking,“ Rossi continued.

Your face was so red right then you were sure you were going to burst into flames. 

“It wasn’t like that!” you protested quickly “Spencer was panicking…..” you trailed off as Reid joined in. “It’s a known fact that to stop someone panicking you need to distract them.”

“And the easiest way to do that was to launch yourself at him?” Derek chuckled.

“It was either that or slap him!” you lost your patience with them and walked out of the room hearing Spencer mumbling behind you as he followed you.  

"And I for one am glad it was the first option.“

You stalked down the corridor hearing them all erupting into laughter. 

"I can’t believe those two!“ you ranted angrily. "She promised she wouldn’t show anyone. And we haven’t been staring at each other at all. It’s bull shit!" 

You felt a sharp tug on your arm then and felt yourself being pulled into one of the supply closets that adorned the corridor. Spencer kicked the door shut and turned to face you in the dim lighting of the small room. 

"We kinda have though. Or at least I have. Especially today Y/N.”

He was standing so close to you right then and you backed up slightly in shock at his words, your legs hitting one of the spare tables that was stored in there.

He licked his lips staring down at you. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that kiss.”

Oh my fuck…..“Me neither,” you’d barely whispered out before his lips crashed onto yours, his hands going straight to your ass, groping it firmly. So he had been looking at you in the kitchen you thought as you kissed him back hungrily. 

You shoved a hand into his gloriously thick hair, running the other up and down his back, your teeth clashing somewhat awkwardly as you both tried to get closer to each other. 

This time it was him that went for your neck, licking and sucking at a spot just below your ear as his hands pulled at your skirt, hitching it all the way up. He groaned when he realised you were wearing stockings and pulled away to glance at the bare skin at the top of your thighs. 

You reached up, tugging at his tie, pulling him in for another mouth watering kiss, his lips alternating between soft and gentle, then hard and furious against yours. His hands cupped your ass, lifting you with arms that were surprisingly strong so that you were perched on the edge of the table. He used his leg to push your knees apart, moving to stand between your legs. 

Your wrapped your legs around him tightly, feeling him hard against your center. Your hands reached for his belt buckle at the same time as he started tugging at your shirt, pulling open the buttons one by one. 

The door to the supply closest opened suddenly, bathing you two in the bright light from the corridor. 

“Dr Reid, Agent Y/L/N! What the hell do you think you’re doing!” Aaron Hotchner stood at the door, a stern look on his face. 

You both stilled…. Shit. 

“You are Federal Agents, not horny college students.”

Neither of you could speak, both frozen in horror. 

His voice was less stern when he spoke again. “Technically you are both on your lunch break, so I cannot reprimand you for wasting the BAU’s time, but for God’s sake get a hotel room next time.”

“Yes sir!” Reid squeaked out.

“Sorry sir,” you croaked. 

“Now straighten yourselves up. Your damn lucky there’s not a camera in this room as well.” You swear you saw your boss grin as he turned and walked off whistling a very familiar Aerosmith tune as he went. 

You and Spencer both looked at each other and burst out laughing realising what the tune was. 

“My place later?” You asked him. He nodded. “Definitely….Keep the stockings on okay.”



tale as old as time | rumbelle

I need a heart transplant after finishing this video.


I bet no one expected this, but if you’ve seen me around on here or on twitter lately then you know that these two mean the world to me even though I haven’t watched an episode of OUAT since season four. I did, however, watch 7x04 (and ended up crying).

These two opened an entire world to me on tumblr and got me back into writing and vidding and got me invested in gif making and graphics. I’m sad that their story is over, but I’ll always cherish the friends I made and the love I’ve harbored for them since Skin Deep.


Nathan stood in front of the door as Wes got ready to leave. 

“Wish you could stay..” he said as he met Wes’ eye.

“Yeah, same but I don’t wanna stay here and have to explain to your dad that I just had sex with his son and now I’d like to stay and cuddle.” Wes laughed

“True, he’d probably lose his mind. Well, okay then guess I’ll see you later.” 

Nathan moved forward to kiss him, Wes deepened the kiss unable to hold back, Pulling away he said: “You can’t kiss me like that when I’m about to leave, otherwise I’ll never leave.” 

“Maybe that’s the plan,” Nathan said grinning playfully.

[mock gasp] “Nathan StClaire, when did you get so mischievous? Vi was right I am a bad influence on you.”

Both boys laughed as Nathan took Wes to the front door.

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Title: First Date

Pairing: Peter Maximoff (XMCU) x Reader

Warnings: Peter being a goof, excess fluff, lots of cuteness

For @candycountries, the sweetest little maple leaf. Thank you for believing in my writing, even when I don’t 💚

Based off the song First Date by Blink-182 & the endless Peter discussions I have with @candycountries

It was Date Night & Peter was nervous as Hell. You & Peter had began dating a few weeks ago, but this was your first official date. He wanted to make sure it was perfect, but his nerves were getting the best of him. He was parked outside your living area on campus, waiting anxiously for you. You were both professors at Xavier’s, although you were a new professor. Peter had been teaching Physics at Xavier’s for about 3 years now & you had began teaching earlier this year, just a few months ago.

You were a shy & quiet person, not really socializing with many professors, aside from Charles & Hank. You only really talked to your students & the rest of the time, you just graded & kept to yourself.

Peter, on the other hand, although shy as well, was very sociable & loved talking to others. He was a favorite among the students & the professors & it didn’t take long for the good word about the cute (& single 👀) Physics professor to come your way. Even so, you didn’t dare try talking to him for free of making a bad first impression. Thus, you kept your distance.

This drove Peter absolutely mad because he definitely noticed you & he was eager to chat up the gorgeous new professor. He tried his best to get to know you, but you instinctively shut him out & conversations with him were minimal. This all changed; however, during Xavier’s annual Halloween Bash.

You & Peter had been assigned chaperones to the dance, which means you both had to watch all the kids, dress up for the evening, & talk to each other so you could work as a team & not be bored out of your minds while the students had fun & you supervised them.

You came out of your shell a bit more that night, just because Halloween was your favorite holiday & it always made you feel secure because you could be whoever you wanted to be, even your true self, without fear of being judged.

Peter noticed how more at ease you were & he took full advantage of it. He chatted you up all night, cracking jokes & shamelessly flirting with you. He relished every laugh & blush you gave him in return. By the end of the night, you were much more comfortable around him & you’d developed a stronger friendship than you had previously.

Unfortunately, the night was coming to an end: the younger kids were heading to bed, the older ones were going with Charles & Hank into the woods nearby for a spooky campfire, & you & Peter were left to help clean up the dance room. It was an absolute mess, but with Peter’s speed, it was getting cleaned up in no time. Or, at least, it would have, if Peter hadn’t stopped to impress you with a crude & joking strip tease to Thriller, which had you nearly dying of laughter.

Later that night, when you & Peter went to supervise the campfire, Peter romanced you under the stars & asked you out officially, to which you agreed to.

Fast forward back to the current day, where Peter was still waiting anxiously in his car for you. He checked his watch for the nth time that afternoon, keeping his eyes glued to your door afterwards.

Finally, after what seemed like ages, you finally emerged. Peter couldn’t help but stare at you because you looked so different, so at ease, so comfortable. You were dressed more casually instead of the usual professional garb you wore when you taught class. He was dressed similarly in his favorite casual wear, instead of the more clean-cut outfits he wears for lecture.

He smiled widely at you as you got into the passenger seat, his cheeks flushing a little as he did so, “Hi.”

You returned his smile as you put on your seatbelt, leaning closer to press a soft kiss to his cheek, “Hi, thank you for taking me out today.”

His cheeks flushed darker & he lost all power of speech, simply from that little kiss.

He was already done for, & the date had barely begun.

Aside from the initial awkwardness & shell shock from your kiss, the rest of the car ride went smoothly. You both made idle conversation & you attempted to press Peter as to where he was taking you, but he was intent on keeping it a secret. In all honesty, he didn’t want to tell you because he was worried you’d laugh at him & find the date idea childish & stupid. So, he figured he’d take you there & if you hated it, he’d pretend he was joking about that being the date location & resort to Plan B, which was a movie.

As he neared the date location, his anxiety steadily increased to the point where when he finally reached the date designation, his heart was practically going to burst from how fast it was beating.

You looked out the window before looking back at him with an amused expression, “You brought me to the arcade for our first date?”

He swallowed nervously, “Um…yes?”

You grinned, “How did you know I can play a mean game of Galaga & DDR?”

“You do? I mean pfft yeah I soooo knew that duh!”

“Then you also know that I’m going to kick your ass & win more tickets, right?”

“Ooooh honey, if you think you can beat me, then you’ve got another thing coming.”

“Bring it on, Maxipad.”

He held a hand to his heart in mock hurt, “Be careful what you dish out, babe, because I’m dishing it right back.”

Peter knew right then & there you were the one because no one had ever outsassed him like that before.

He did; however, prove to be the better gamer & kicked your ass at nearly every game, aside from skee-ball, which he had purposely let you win. You of course, knew this, & challenged him to a rematch, but he just let you win again anyway. By the end of the day, the two of you (mostly him) had acquired enough tickets to win the grand prize, which you were very eager to obtain. It was the latest Atari game system, which you were dying to have, but you weren’t about to spend the thousands of tickets Peter earned on a prize for yourself.

“You should pick something,” you told him as the flustered guy at the ticket counter counted all your tickets, “you won most of these tickets, it’s only fair that you pick the prize.”

He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion & surprise, “What? No, I want you to pick the prize, as my gift to you for giving me a chance & coming on this date with me.”

“Peter,” you sighed, a bit taken aback by the sweet gesture, “that’s really sweet, but they’re your tickets. You should pick the prize.”

He playfully glared at you, “Listen, this is less tickets than I usually win. I can come back any time & win double this in a few hours. Seriously, I insist: pick something.”

You sighed, biting your lip as you continued to feel guilty, “Okay, how about this, we both pick something?” that way it’s fair.“

He pursed his lips, weighing the option before nodding in agreement, “You’ve got a deal.”

You smiled, “Great, you pick first.”

He pretended to weigh his options before he made his decision, “I’ll have that sickass looking gecko,” he pointed to the prize & you glared at him when you realized how much it cost: one ticket.

The ticket counter gave Peter the little toy gecko & he grinned before placing it on the side rim of his glasses, “Alright babe, your pick!”

You sighed & gave in, picking the Atari game system, which cost the remainder of the game tickets. Peter hoped he would never forget that glorious smile that made its way onto your face when the ticket counter gave you your prize.

As you both excitedly made your way back to his car, you were quick to gently set the game system on your seat & grab Peter’s hand before he could race to the other side to open his door. Before he could react, you grabbed his shirt collar & pulled his lips down onto yours in an adoring kiss.

He squeaked in surprise, completely shocked by your sudden display of affection, but was quick to reciprocate. He let his hands rest gently on your waist, squeezing your hips a little as you deepend the kiss. When you pulled away, he had the biggest, dopiest smile on his face & he pushed his glasses up his nose, which were fogged up. You laughed at how cute he was, adjusting the gecko, which was barely clinging onto his glasses, “I really hope you were also included with the Atari system because you are definitely a grand prize,” with that, you gave him another quick & final kiss before you got into the car.

He tried to recompose himself as he closed your door for you, letting out a breath he didn’t know he was holding before mouthing a quiet “Wow” to himself as his cheeks reddened at your unexpected compliment.

The cute Physics Professor at Xavier’s was now the cute, completely taken Physics Professor & he was more than happy to spread the news when you both got back from your successful first date.

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You turned your phone tracker off. You knew about the LoJack so you got the car towed. That’s smart. And now you’re being very stupid, Teresa. Look, I know you got the maid. So bring her back to me and we can forget this ever happened.
I’m not gonna be responsible for what you want me to do.


Here’s a list of prompts you can use if you want, I’ll be making a new list for you guys so you can request some stuff! If you decide to use any of these prompts, I’d appreciate if it you tagged me in them so I can read your stories!

1. “You’re fucking insane, you know that right?”
2. “Stop laughing at me!”
3. “Just give us some space, alright?!”
4. “You’re so goddamn beautiful.”
5. “Leave, or I won’t hesitate to put a bullet in your skull.”
6. “C'mere, it’s cold.”
7. “And you’re wearing that because…?”
8. “Please tell me this is a joke.”
9. “Out of all the people in the world I could be stuck in a room with, it just had to be you didn’t it?”
10. “Focus on me, hey!”
11. “Tell me where s/he is!”
12. “This is ridiculous.”
13. “Why am I dressed like this again?”
14. “Is that my shirt?”
15. “Looks good on you, but it would look even better on the floor.”
16. “Stay a little longer, please?”
17. “S/he just tripped and now s/he won’t stop laughing!”
18. “I can’t believe you spammed my phone with selfies…”
19. “Hey, hey! Stop that!”
20. “Another nightmare?”
21. “You’re such an idiot, but you’re my idiot.”
22. “You’re shaking, what happened?”
23. “Put that down before you hurt yourself.”
24. “Just look at it. It’s like it’s staring into my soul.”
25. “This is creepy, why did I agree to this again?”
26. “Be careful with that!”
27. “No! We shouldn’t split up! That’s how one of us gets murdered!”
28. “Talk to me.”
29. “Stop hiding away, it’s not healthy.”
30. “If you hurt her/him, if there is a hair on her/his body harmed, I won’t hesitate to kill you in the worst possible way.”
31. “Come and make me.”
32. “Are you really that stubborn?”
33. “You stole the last cookie! Which was mine, by the way!”
34. “Please don’t cry, I hate seeing you cry.”
35. “Stand back, I’m coming in.”
36. “Do you not realise how much I care for you?”
37. “You’re cute when you’re angry, but at the same time, I’m kind of terrified right now.”
38. “Oh god! My eyes!”
39. “You’re being over dramatic.”
40. “I love you so much, if something happened to you, I don’t know what I’d do.”
41. “I told you not to do it and look what happened! I’m always right!”
42. “If you die, I’ll bring you back and then kill you myself!”
43. “Nice dancing there, now how about you dance your way to my bed?”
44. “Open your eyes! Please!”
45. “Is there a reason why your brother/sister is stalking me?”
46. “Wow you really are innocent.”
47. “You couldn’t wait until you got to the bedroom? Fucking animals I swear…”
48. “None of this is your fault, I promise you that.”
49. “Can you stay?”
50. “Remind me why I married you again?”

I have no idea how late this is because Tumblr doesnt really date posts but …
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY @captainjellyroll!!!! I saw everyone making you gifts so I whipped up my own for you :D !

You’re a HUGE inspiration to me who got me back into the Hetalia fandom and I can’t thank you enough!! You also got me into USUSK :^)….I thought it was a really weird ship before I found you and your art but then I slowly started to get it and now it’s one of my OTPS

So have the boys wishing you a happy birthday!
Hope you like it :>

autistic otp aus
  • we found out we share a bunch of echolalia and we’ve been quoting the same phrases back and forth for half an hour while laughing
  • this place is sensory hell and i need to get out but i’m stuck in overload paralysis and you helped me get out and calm down
  • you asked me to talk about my special interest and the longer i talked the more excited you got and now it’s your special interest too. yessssss
  • you overheard me fighting with some neurotypical fucker and came in to back me up. they left but the conversation actually got really interesting, hey do you wanna sit down and get something to drink
  • i noticed you were really sound-sensitive and offered you my headphones, but i forgot and left the building and now i need to figure out who you are so i can get my headphones back
  • stim party
  • our daily routines intersect and we’ve never really talked but we always see each other and i never really thought about it but today you weren’t there and I’m actually really stressed out and nervous are you okay
  • we’re in the same assignment-heavy class, wanna help each other not fuck up executive function
  • i don’t know you but you offered me your comfort object while i was having a meltdown and i accidentally told you all my problems while crying and you helped me calm down and work things out and i think you might be a literal angel
  • mutual special interest hell pit

And one of the coolest things [about Kevin’s Universal Title win] is…so many people told him no. So many people told him he would never amount to anything. And he kept fighting. He kept grinding. The audience kept supporting him. And now he’s the top wrestler in the world. -Adam Cole

I saw an otp prompt which was all about one half of your otp helping the other overcome a hardcore addiction and i had the awful thought of “What if Jon got Edward addicted to fear toxin?”

Imagine that at some point in their relationship Jon and Ed go through a rough patch which results in Jon gassing Edward a bit more frequently than usual and even after things have settled back down Jon keeps noticing that small amounts of his toxin is going missing at regular intervals. Eventually he realises that he has overexposed Edward to the toxin during their rough patch and he is now addicted to one or two of the chemicals in the compound and has been secretly injecting himself with the toxin ever since (just enough to keep himself in a constant state of extreme anxiety which takes the hard edge off the craving but not enough to create hallucinations or make it obvious that he’s under its influence.)

Initially Jonathan is totally fascinated with the results and keeps a close eye on Edward to see how prolonged exposure affects his mental/physical state. So he allows Edward to keep injecting himself with the toxin (while taking great care to ensure that he does not overdose) and keeps a record of the changes which he witnesses. But his enthusiasm turns to bitter regret as Edward very quickly deteriorates until he is a complete shadow of his former self, becoming a total introvert with no interest in life at all as he abandons his work, his puzzles and everything else which usually snatched his attention.

Eventually, Jon notices that Edward is beginning to showing serious suicidal tendencies and calls the experiment to a halt as he reconciles himself to the fact that he cares for Edward too much to allow him to die. So he starts the painful process of weaning Edward from his toxin which takes a considerable amount of time and effort and requires pretty much every single ounce of his psychological brilliance.

I may write this in the future but atm i am too busy with uni projects :/