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i don´t know if this has been done already but parentsAU or adoptionAU?

omg just IMAGINE

  • they adopt a baby girl named lucy and the minute they set eyes on her they are just GONE. absolutely HOPELESS. they love this tiny little child so much and they both cry a lot when they hold her for the first time!!
  • achilles is very very scared about everything. she’s so small and helpless and fragile and he’s so worried that she’ll get hurt and he won’t be able to protect her. after they take her home, patroclus often wakes up in the middle of the night and achilles isn’t in bed, so he goes into lucy’s room and sees achilles sitting next to her crib and she’s holding one of his fingers in her little hand :’)
  • patroclus trying to reassure achilles that they’ll be okay, like “i’m a doctor so if she gets sick or hurt i’ll be able to help, and we literally read about fifty different parenting books, we can do this”
  • but also!! patroclus sometimes doubting how good of a dad he’ll be because his own dad emotionally abused him and he’s worried that he’ll turn out the same way. cue achilles telling patroclus that he’s the best man he’s ever known and there’s no one who would make a better father and no one with whom achilles would rather raise a child :’))
  • achilles is daddy and patroclus is papa!! they have a competition for whose name lucy will say first, but actually they both lose to aunt briseis. lucy calls her “bee!” it’s the cutest thing ever
  • speaking of briseis, she comes by a lot to help them out! it’s about 30% wanting to help and 70% wanting to play with lucy but achilles and patroclus don’t mind as long as once in a while a diaper gets changed by someone who isn’t them
  • achilles and patroclus trying to go on a date night!!! but they can’t go ten minutes without calling briseis to check in!!!
  • lucy starts growing up and going to school and before they know it she’s in her teens and “oh my god, when did we get so old, we have a teenager, next thing you know we’ll be eating prunes in the nursing home” “stop being dramatic, achilles, you don’t even have grey hair yet”
  • achilles is the dad lucy goes to when she wants something, because he acts all tough but he’s a complete pushover. patroclus is the dad she goes to most often when she’s upset and needs to talk, because he’s really good at calming her down and helping her think things through rationally. and aunt briseis is only a phone call or a few minutes’ drive away for girl talk
  • when she’s in her first year of high school, a boy makes fun of her for having two dads, and lucy breaks his nose. the school calls achilles and patroclus in for a disciplinary meeting, during which they raise hell and threaten to sue the school for discrimination until lucy’s record is cleared. then they all go for ice cream and achilles keeps bragging about how she inherited her fighting skills from him
  • of course, they’re also crushed that lucy’s being teased because of them, but when they tell her that she tells them that she loves them and she’s lucky to have them and anyone who doesn’t think they’re a real family is an idiot :)))
  • “plus, it’s been more than two weeks and chad’s nose is still really messed up. it looks awful. i got him so good. nobody’s going to talk shit any time soon”