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Also the chapter where Natsu thought that Lucy died and he flipped out and goes on a rampage. I swear that if I heard Natsu gave a whimper and a raspy growl and breathing will gonna made me run...

When that episode comes out I will die and go to otp heaven. I cannot wait to hear Natsu’s saiyu do that scene! The tone he uses in the trailer reminds me of when he tells Lucy to get away from future rogue, and when he says “you took away someone precious to me, right before my eyes, so I don’t trust the way you do things”  This scene makes me squeal with happiness every time…I rewatch it way too many times *cough* knew the quote from memory *cough* 

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I’ve transcribed the portion of the DVD commentary for Mac and Dennis Break Up where the writers discuss Mac and Dennis being closeted and talk about plans for their relationship going forward. This is more for my own personal reference than anything else, but I’m putting it in the tags in case other people want to bookmark it. Under the cut, starting from about the three-minute mark.

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you know this whole website talks about el dorado and how great of a movie it is and how much tulio and miguel are totally a thing well has anyone mentioned the scene where miguel is talking to the chief and he says “i have to go with tulio, we’re partners” and the chief just gives him this LOOK this knowing look and goes “ah, big plans up there?” and miguel looks at him and goes “yeah, big plans”

like let’s be honest the chief OBVIOUSLY took the term “partners” a different way than miguel meant it but miguel just went with it

this movie is so gay i love it

Wherefore art thou Gnomeo?

Drabble Challenge - Prompt 51 - “Where am I going? Crazy. Wanna come?” Filled for @cowandcalf   

Thank you for the prompt, I don’t gnome if you’ll like this… hehe.  Hope you enjoy it. :) 

“What the hell?”  Harvey exclaimed from the doorway of Mike’s new office.

His old coffee table was covered with approximately twenty garden gnomes, with pink and blue coloured hats.  Mike looked up from the gnome he’s painting Tara and Louis’ names on, and rolls his eyes.

“Say hello to my little friends,” he quips tiredly, putting down the paintbrush and stretching.  

When he’d said yes to helping Louis out with the wedding preparations, he hadn’t envisioned he would be hand painting garden gnomes as bonbonnieres, not to mention all the other obnoxious requests Louis had made.

“I warned you not to say yes, Louis had all the trademarks of a Groomzilla,”

“Thank you, that’s very helpful,“ He replied sarcastically.

Harvey leant against Mike’s desk, folded his arms and smirked, “I thought you came back here to help the needy, well that, and take your boyfriend on long lunches?”

Mike returned the smirk, “Louis qualifies as needy, doesn’t he?”

Harvey chuckled.

“As for taking my boyfriend on long lunches, I believe you were more than satisfied with your ‘Lunch’, yesterday.“

Harvey hummed, “It was delicious,” he agreed, walking behind the couch and pressing a few delicate kisses to Mike’s neck, followed by a peck on the forehead, before taking a firm grip on his shoulders, trying to massage a bit of tension out of them.  Mike closed his eyes and relaxed into the touch.

“Where is the Captain of the USS Insanity, anyway?”  Harvey enquired.

“Groomzilla has a final tasting tonight; he chose to drag Rachel along thankfully.”

As if Louis were gifted with psychic abilities, Mike’s phone started ringing.

“Shit,” Mike grumbled, checking the caller ID, “Speak of the Devil.”

‘Mike, I need a fourth opinion on these hors d'oeuvres, get down here now, these women are ganging up on me.’

‘Louis, I-’

‘Please, Mike.  Corner of 9th and Broadway.’ 

He hung up in Mike’s ear.

Mike sighed wearily, grumbling under his breath about shoving a garden gnome somewhere as he grabbed his coat from the back of the couch.  Harvey watched his boyfriend with amusement.

“Where are you going?  I thought I was getting dinner and a show tonight,” Harvey teased.

Mike smiled, despite himself, “Where am I going?  Crazy.  Wanna come?”

Harvey shrugged and followed Mike out the door. “I’ll follow you anywhere, Mr Gump.”

“We are definitely getting a wedding planner, I’m not doing any of this stuff for my own wedding,” Mike babbled as he hurried toward the lift, turning his head back to see that Harvey had stopped dead in his tracks.

“We?” Harvey asked, eyebrows reaching the heights of his forehead.

“Oh … I um, I meant-“ Mike stammered as Harvey caught up with him.

Crowding into Mike space, Harvey asked, “You mean to tell me that after only two months of dating me, you know I’m ‘the one’?”

Mike met his stare and grinned. “I’ve known since the day you started teasing me about my skinny ties,” he replied cockily.

Harvey grinned, and his eyes dropped to Mike’s lips.  “My only love sprung from my only hate,” he murmured, gently biting Mike’s bottom lip and grabbing him possessively by the ass, and pulling him against him.

“How dare you use Romeo and Juliet to insult my skinny ties!” He moaned into Harvey’s mouth, rutting against him.

“Mike, stop, you know how much I like it when you-”

“When I what?” Mike asked innocently, biting Harvey softly on the sensitive skin of his neck, and continuing to roll his hips slowly against him.

Harvey spun them, pressing Mike against the glass of Louis’ office.

“I love you, there will never be anybody else,” he avowed, “and I’ve always liked fall weddings, but…”

“But?” Mike asked, feeling a tickle of worry.

“But,” Harvey said with a wolfish grin, “First things first.  You know what happens when you bite my neck and grind against me?”

Mike’s breath caught, and a sly smile spread across his face.  “You fuck my brains out.” He confirmed.

“Good Boy,” Harvey praised, pulling Mike toward the library.

Louis could wait.

Authors Note:  Thanks for reading.  This is drabble number 5/8.  You can find the rest here - Millie’s Mini Marvey Musing’s

give me a fic where namjoon hates the idea of blind dates and goes to the same cafe for each date and his waiter is always the same; soft eyes blonde hair and a cheeky smile and even though the dates don’t go well he finds himself comin back for the waiter

‘I Need This.’

by Loyalty2WayStreet

Summary:  They both need each other, but how exactly, and can they admit it? (Rated T)


“Where is he, Donna?”

Mike had tried calling his cell and had stopped by the condo.  He wanted to apologise for yelling, being a dick, pretty much the last six years of tangled endangerment he posed and, of course, now Harvey had disappeared.

“Mike, he went to visit Lily.  He’s back tonight; plane lands at 10 pm.”

Thanks, Donna,” he all but whispered.  He stopped pacing the room and dropped his phone onto the bed.  Shit.

He flopped face first onto the bed feeling heavy with guilt.  Harvey needed him, and he’d said no, and that had sent him to see Lily?  Mike should have been there; he should be on that plane, with Harvey, helping him make sense of it all.  Forget that; he was supposed to stand beside Harvey and tell his family about the wonderful man he is and how proud he is of him.

Instead, he was here in New York trying to make a new start away from the man who had given him everything.  Well, if he was honest, everything except what he truly wanted.  He yelled his frustration into the pillow, jumped up off the bed, straightened his skinny tie and headed to the office to wait for Harvey.

It was almost midnight by the time Harvey arrived at Pearson Specter Litt.  

His first choice would have been to go to see Mike but it was so late, and he didn’t want to have to explain the why to Rachel in case she was there.  He understood why Mike was angry.  If Mike knew how he felt about him, he would never have questioned his motives, and so he blamed himself.  

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I wish you would write a Bleach/KHR crossover where... Ichigo and Urahara are together (UraIchi is my Bleach OTP) and somehow come to the Mafia's (lit: Tsuna and co.) attention, and they simply don't know what to make of this strange duo. (I think both Ichigo and Urahara would absolutely *refuse* to be drawn into the Mafia world.)

Okay, this turned into a thing.

After Ichigo loses his powers and is pretty much cut off from Shinigami business and therefore his friends, etc, he decides to leave after graduating high school. And instead of going alone, Urahara goes with him. He’s the only one who still talks to Ichigo like he isn’t broken or defective or something, and since the Visored are all back in Seireitei, the kids have Tessai, and Yoruichi is usually with Sui-feng more often than not, Urahara’s pretty much free to do what he wants now that Aizen’s been taken down. Besides, he enjoys his former student’s company, he always has but without invasions and manipulations and wars and death hanging over their heads, and things can slow down enough to actually talk about something other than Shinigami business, Ichigo is surprisingly insightful about certain topics, and he’s attentive when Urahara rambles on about one of his latest inventions, something nobody ever is, and they both end up spending the majority of their time together watching movies, drinking tea, Ichigo working on homework or reading while Urahara tinkers with his experiments or works on his research/science journals, and is it any surprise that he ends up kissing the young man the moment his graduation ceremony is over?

Even better, Ichigo beams at him when he pulls away, uncharacteristically flustered with an excuse and apology already on his tongue, only for Ichigo to reel him in again to reciprocate.

It doesn’t even take him a second to make the decision to pack his bags and leave with Ichigo. Ichigo’s always said he wanted to see the world anyway.

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“Shinya, let go of Guren. The exorcism is about to start,” Kureto said, pulling at Shinya’s arms.

“No! Let me save my friend!” Shinya pulled away from his brother’s grasp, his eyes flashing.

Around him a number of high level Hiiragi spell-casters stood poised with stakes inscribed with binding spells, aiming to pin Guren down while they attempted to remove the demon possessing his friend. But Shinya refused to let Guren out of his embrace.

“If you don’t let him go, the stakes will go right through you. You could die!” Kureto warned.

But Shinya knew these people didn’t care about Guren. They only saw him as demon-possessed Ichinose. He bet they were just as likely to pierce his friend’s heart and kill him, as they were to perform the actual exorcism.

Shinya wasn’t going to give them the opportunity. If they tried to drive a stake through Guren’s heart, it would have to go through his as well.

“I’m not letting him go!”

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Blow On Me.

Drabble Challenge - Prompt 85 - “I’m not going to be sympathetic until you go to a doctor” Filled for @zimdan19  

Thank you for the prompt, I tried to do caring Harvey for you, but it went a little more toward the dark side.  I hope you like it. :) 

“Mike, where the hell are you?  It’s 8 am,” Harvey lectured, not even bothering with greetings.

“Mm sick,” Mike drawled into the phone, sounding pitiful.

‘Well, I’m not going to be sympathetic until you go to a doctor’, Harvey hears Rachel scold before she says her goodbyes.

“You better not be faking!” Harvey grumbled, starting to think of the enormous stack of work he left on Mike’s desk last night.

“Mm not, I had a fever last night, and my body was all achy, and now there are these weird spots on my chest,” Mike explained, yawning and snuggling back down under the duvet.

“Spots?” Harvey sputtered alarmed, “Mike have you ever had the chicken pox before?”

“Nope, why?”

“Put Rachel on the phone right now!” Harvey demanded.

There was some shuffling, and a muffled yell: “RACH, you still here?” More rustling and a moment later Rachel’s terse voice in his ears.

“Harvey, I don’t have time for this, I have a test this morning, and I’m already running 5 minutes late,” she ranted.

If Harvey’s wasn’t so worried about Mike, he might have pulled her up on her attitude and given her the watch yourself speech, but time was of the essence.

“You need to drive him to the Doctor, adult chicken pox can be deadly in some people,” Harvey insisted, now on his feet pacing his office, uncharacteristically unsettled.

“I can’t,” she spat, “I have to take this test today!”

Harvey hung up on her, grabbed his coat and told Donna he would be gone all day.


Harvey lectured Mike the whole car ride to the doctor about how chicken pox can cause pneumonia, encephalitis, and even infertility in some cases.  Mike tried to take his mother hen act seriously, but even Ray was rolling his eyes from the driver’s seat.


“Good thing you came in as soon as you did,” Doctor Lackett confirmed, “Because of that we can give you an anti-viral drug that should limit the severity and length of your illness.”

Harvey was smirking at Mike, so Mike did the biggest and most impressive eye roll he could muster.

“Antiviral meds three times a day, you can take an antihistamine tablet at night and Panadol if you need it,” he advised, turning to address Harvey,” Keep him hydrated, and you might want to dab some calamine lotion on his spots to stop the scratching.”  The doctor apparently concluding that he is Mike’s significant other.

Even in his misery, Mike didn’t hesitate to confirm that, “Yes honey, that would be amazing.”  Then sat back and watched as Harvey’s cheeks turn a dark shade of pink.

Harvey pushed to his feet, “Come on then, pumpkin, let’s get you home.”

Mike grinned at him and held out his hand.  That little asshole, Harvey thought affectionately as he grabbed the outstretched hand and pulled Mike out the door.

Harvey liked the feel of Mike’s hand in his, and for Mike’s part, he didn’t hold on loosely, his grip was firm and self-assured.   Mike’s hand remained in his until they entered the car, Ray flicking Harvey a knowing look.  Harvey directed Ray to drop them back at his condo, silencing Mike’s obvious half-hearted objections.


Mike looked at home in Harvey’s condo, he grabbed a glass of water and took his medication.  Moving to the living room he selected a Steven Segal movie from Harvey’s DVD collection, and flopped down on the floor, propped up against the sofa.  

Harvey changed into his sweats and joined him, instead choosing to stretch out along the sofa, his hand resting comfortingly on Mike’s shoulder and now and then pressing against Mike’s forehead to check his temperature.

As the credits rolled, Harvey noticed Mike was rubbing his back against the sofa.

“Getting itchy?” Harvey remarked.

“Yeah, I know I’m not supposed to scratch, but it’s so goddamn itchy!”  Mike grizzled, upping the ante and rubbing harder, letting out a sigh of pleasure at the relief it was bringing him.

Harvey couldn’t listen to Mike groaning like that for a minute longer.  “I’ve got some calamine lotion in the bathroom,” he recalled, dismissing himself.

In the time it took Harvey to grab to lotion and calm the hell down, Mike had taken off his tee-shirt and was looking expectantly up at him as he arrived back in the lounge area.  There were angry looking, red blotches covering his back and chest now.

“I’m not going to give this to you am I?” Mike asked, concerned.

“No, once you’ve had them you’re immune, and I had chicken pox when I was six,” Harvey reassured as he sat down behind Mike on the couch.  “Lean forward, and I’ll do your back.”

Mike bent forward and Harvey slid a hand gently from his shoulder blade, down his flank, there was no reason for the action, Harvey needed both hands to apply the lotion.  Mike sighed and leant into it, silently admitting to himself that it felt amazing and for those brief seconds that Harvey was touching him, he felt nothing else.

Using a cotton ball, Harvey pressed the lotion onto each spot in thick blobs that wouldn’t dry right away; he was quick and methodical, all the while Mike was sighing and arching like a cat underneath his hands.

Harvey filled his lungs to the brink and then started blowing air over the wet lotion, know the cooling sensation would feel magical.

“Ohhhhh, Oh God that’s good,” Mike moaned unabashedly. He sounded like the star in every porn, ever made.  “Do it again, Harvey,” he begged, head flopping back between Harvey’s legs, staring up at him with pleading eyes.  “Please blow on me?” He asked innocently and then grinned when he realised exactly how that sounded.

Harvey looked down and met his gaze with a smirk.  Mike was urging him to blow on him, not blow him but his thoughts had already deviated to the idea of having Mike in his mouth and even though it was a long shot, he was hoping Mike had missed him harden in his briefs, right next to Mike’s head, at the thought.

“Mike,” Harvey muttered breathlessly.

He watched Mike’s bright blue eyes morph into dark pools of lust, his tongue darting out to lick his lips as he started back up at him.

“Harvey,” Mike whispered.

Authors Note:  The end is ambiguous on purpose, I’d like to think that Harvey would put the brakes on because Mike isn’t single, but I also like the idea of bow chicka wow wow.  Also, I’m pretty sure there are a few unlucky people that do get chicken pox more than once.  This is drabble number 4/8, you can find the rest here - Millie’s Mini Marvey Musing’s.  Thanks for reading and supporting me.

okay so …Finn obviously knows what the First Order can do, and is afraid of FO because of what he’s seen and in that scene where Finn confessed to Rey about him being ex-stormtrooper he says “I’m never going back.” And like ….5 minutes later when he sees Rey being kidnapped he is running TOWARD Kylo Ren and towards the ships and stormtroopers screaming and throwing his weapon to the side, leaving him nearly defenceless just so he can try to get back to her and finally he actually goes ON Starkiller base just to get Rey. Anyway this was messy but I just think about this a lot.

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can u rec me some good halbarry fics i never seem to find any good ones and i need some so b a d help me

there are so few out there, but these are some of my favourites:

  1. a flashlight to see in the dark - the best halbarry fic i’ve read tbh and the longest. it’s about barry and hal trying to raise wally after iris’s death and falling for each other. it’s kind of an au young justice prologue.
  2. it’s complicated - this is my favourite of all of deanwrites short halbarry fanfics. it’s also dirty, so that’s a bonus.
  3. i don’t care what the whispers say (I could never really hear them anyway) - hal goes home to coast city and a sister-in-law accidentally lets it slip he’s dating barry. his brother is a dick about it.
  4. resonances - hal watches footage of bruce and clark getting it on, barry is pissed at him for it.
  5. what the heart wants - short but sweet.
  6. why didn’t you save me? - this fic man. this fucking fic. it made me a nervous wreck and it’s pretty long and ongoing so that’s something. read with caution, it will give you emotional extremes. also set in the CW flashverse.
  7. falling home - this is a short one but it made me so emotional i almost cried. seriously, read it.
  8. as it should be - another short one, but oh my lord. barry comes back after flashpoint and needs to check he’s in his own reality. so of course he goes straight to hal.
  9. pillow - so freakin’ cute. hal is on leave from oa and cuddling ensues.
  10. oh, and that’s uncool space dad - this is one i read recently but it is literally the funniest halbarry fic you will ever read. it’s got superbat in there too, btw.
  11. don’t be late - my wedding fic! i know it’s bad to self-advertise but i worked really hard, okay? i stayed up until 4 in the morning. cut me some slack.

Let me start off by saying that this was hands down the most well thought out touring k-pop concert I have ever been to and please trust me when I say I’ve been to and performed at enough concerts to confirm this.

Everything was beautiful, the lights, the staging, the choreography and the setlist, everything was so on point. BigHit really spared no expenses for this concert and I am so insanely proud of Bangtan. 

They were precise, sounded amazing live and had magnetic stage presence. Even their dancers were great, this was really a very well rounded concert for a k-pop group.

Being right in the front definitely enhanced my concert experience because the music was literally booming and I could feel the bass in my soul (seriously lol), nothing was obstructing my view and I’d say we were really close to the stage. 

Unfortunately, photography was not allowed (boooo) so I’m sorry if this is all words and no pictures ;; (the stage was really bright too, so any photos I managed to get with my lousy phone is overexposed)  


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So, they humiliate Roman in the build-up to Battleground and then make Seth/Dean have Ro eat shit the entire match. Alright. Fair enough. Roman fucked up and this was punishment. 

And the match was alright. Roman, Seth, AND Dean have had way better matches. The close calls are what got me. I thought Roman may have had it for a split second after that spear, but ya know.

I honest to god, hope this is where it (his punishment) ends. Since Seth and Roman are on the same roster, it means top quality matches. 

Ro didn’t attack anyone afterwards like I had hoped he would. But brand splitting, managers, blah blah blah, this was all for red and blue. Who cares.

I’ll take tonight. I won’t complain about WWE and Vince and blah blah blah. 

All that matters is that Roman’s back and ready to go.