otp: i felt hope


“He was trying to be everywhere at once,“ the redhead told the human. "Trying to make sure Alice had nothing to do, actually.” He shook his head as he looked at the tiny blackhaired girl. “Alice doesn‘t need anyone‘s help.” The vampire named Alice shot a glare at Jasper. “Overprotective fool,” she said in her clear soprano voice. Jasper met her stare with a half smile, seeming to forget for a second that I existed.  -  [original poem]


“Hymn for Cain,” by o.g.k @nathanielorion


Jasper was the first one I saw—he didn’t seem to see me at all. His eyes were only for Alice. She went quickly to his side; they didn’t embrace like other couples meeting there. They only stared into each other’s faces, yet, somehow, the moment was so private that I still felt the need to look away.

baby steps”
AU nemily endgame

Maybe I’ll do an otp challenge. If so, this is day 1, holding hands.

will I ever draw non-blushing Jearmins, I doubt it.

HOLY SHIT what happened to all the white fluffy stuff? ?? AUGH! fuck that

└ Cos this episode is such a WIN for all Arashians.

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 14.01.2017

Reds, pinks and hues of oranges were found in Keiji’s line of vision lately. He felt more energized like the vibrant red color. He was far happier than he could remember like what the color orange signified. Not to mention the hopelessness was almost gone as he found more pink in his life. 

Loving Koutarou was the best thing that ever happened to him. The small touches would make his skin tingle. There was a spark, a light in their relationship and Keiji never wanted it to fade away. 

There were times when there was a storm among them. When Koutarou would be in his moods-big or small- or when Keiji doubted himself and felt terrible. However, much to Keiji’s relief, they were able to pull it off. They were able to help each other, be the support which lacked before their meeting. 

For now they sat together in the university park, laughing at Koutarou’s funny story of morning’s practice. Keiji’s hand rested on Koutarou’s and they both giggled some more. Koutarou wiped what seemed like tears and beamed at Keiji. 

“Who knew someone like Oikawa Tooru would get stuck in the ball trolley.” 

“Indeed.” Keiji agreed. 

They had stopped laughing and Keiji found himself gazing into those brilliant gold eyes. He felt calloused fingers stroke his jaw before Koutarou cupped his face properly and leaned in close. Keiji closed his eyes as he felt the other’s lips brush against his. Keiji’s fingers brushed against Koutarou’s hand which was cupping his face and deepened their kiss. He tasted a bit of cinnamon on his partner’s lips resulting from their cinnamon roll picnic earlier. Koutarou sighed in between and they pulled away slowly. During the first few times they had kissed Keiji remembered he would avert his eyes in embarrassment. But now he enjoyed looking at the sight before him. 

Koutarou’s red lips in a playful smile, rosy blush dusted on his cheeks and ears and his eyes still having a spark; Keiji treasured it all. 

Times spent with Koutarou were enough. 

Bokuto Koutarou. Male. A year older than Keiji. Bisexual. Terrible flirt. Economics Major. Volleyball player. Has moods which vary in intensity. Gives advice. Forgives easily. Jumps to conclusions easily. Very loving. 

As Koutarou pulled him in for another kiss, Keiji could say, with utmost certainty that Koutarou was his…and his alone.