otp: i feel that way about you



Listen, what you two went through and what you carry is real. And you know that if you ever need my help carrying it, you just have to ask me.


#so this is one of those moments that i just keep coming back to #this entire ep is important for them #and this scene is so so meaty #but it’s cat’s reaction here that i can’t let go #and i think it’s because of that long pause and the slow yes #and how /this/ is the piece of evidence that shifts her from flippancy #this is when she shifts from pacing near kara #to walking toward her #from looking around and barely making eye contact #to holding her gaze without blinking #cat lists her reasons in overhearing dirk and kara’s broken arm #and they support her discovery of course but they aren’t exactly damning #she starts off slow with those oddities and they lead up to this as the shifting point #to livewire #because that was an Important moment #a moment that cat hasn’t been able to shake #a moment that has never made sense to her #and you hear it in the way she says ‘fled’ #there’s an implicit disappointment in both the word and her emphasis #because for more than a year kara has been strong and loyal and steadfast as her assistant #and i think for weeks kara’s behavior that night had driven cat crazy #because it didn’t FIT #because kara is not the type to ~flee to safety when things get tough #and so when cat shrugs and tilts her head she agrees but she doesn’t /agree/ #her yes is slow and hesitant because kara’s words are accurate but they’re not true #because while on paper it makes sense #on paper it’s a perfectly acceptable reason for kara leaving her #in actuality it’s irrelevent #because cat asking kara - a girl who does literally everything she asks - to leave her behind? #wouldn’t work #because cat knows kara is the type of person to choose loyalty over obedience #and so when cat starts to put this all together #it finally clicks #that the only reason kara would abandon someone #(would abandon HER) #the only reason she wouldn’t fight beside someone #is so she can fight FOR them


“I thought he was getting overconfident, but it looks like that’s not the case.

request meme: Miyuki Kazuya & Sawamura Eijun for @mitemitai, based on this


character and relationship (and wardrobe?) growth


I want to be the mirror that reminds you to love yourself. 
I want to be the air in your lungs that reminds you to breathe.
When the walls come down, when the thunder rumbles, when nobody else is home, hold my hand, and I promise I won’t let go. x

In Between Dreams

For the lovely racheltuckerrr who prompted me for a little Kabby oneshot set in the not too distant future where these two are keeping their relationship a secret from the rest of the camp and begin missing each other after a few hectic days.

Title: In Between Dreams

Summary: Marcus and Abby discover the struggles of keeping their relationship hidden in a busy camp where one of them is always needed to attend to some problem or other and find themselves longing for a bit of quality time together…

Teaser: “Did anyone see you leave?” She manages to murmur after she
takes a moment to do nothing but settle and indulge in the kisses he lets
flutter across her neck. She can feel him smile against her neck, his fingers pulsing against her stomach in the second before he answers, his voice silky and playful, “Do you care?”

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Okay but the way Dan looks at Phil makes me happy, I can’t even imagine how Phil feels like. They truly look at each other with that one look that shows how truly infatuated they are with one another and it makes me heart ache because I desperately want something like that for myself one day.

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