otp: i feel that way about you


I’ve been giving it a lot of thought and I have realized that you are my Kryptonite. Me? Oh, uh… No, I mean, my feelings for you. I’ve never felt like this about anyone in my life… I didn’t know that there were this many feelings to even be had.

Difficult Love Confessions

Anonymous asked: “Do you have any confession prompts where the person confessing is really bad with words or is known to regularly insult the other?”

1. “There’s-I should-I should say something. I know I’m… Me… But I like you. A lot.”

2. “Look, I like being around you. i like when you’re happy. I… I like your face.”

3. “This isn’t easy for me. I’ve never… Not like this. But. You matter you me. A lot.”

4. “If you got hurt… It’d hurt me. And not just ‘cause I’d jump in front of whatever was gonna hurt you.”

5. “I know, I don’t always act like it, but you’re… Special. In a good way.”

6. “If I tell you I… You know… Care about you… Would you laugh at me?”

7. “Your face is nice, but you’re more nice. I want to be around you a lot. And your face.” 

8. “I didn’t mean it like that. I was trying to… Tease you. That’s what you do, right? When you have… Feelings?”

~Some of these ended up sounding a little like Daily Odd Compliments. Oh Well. I hope they help!~

I’m forever thankful for ALL Jennifer Morrison has done for Once and the fandom. She’s been such a strong voice for her character and never failed to show how much Emma Swan meant to her.

For me personally, I’ll be forever grateful and thankful to the support she showed Captain Swan specifically. In all the time I’ve been shipping, I’ve never had the actors be respectful of the ships in the way both Jen and Colin have been towards Captain Swan. To see the actors who portray the characters on your OTP talk openly and POSITIVELY about said OTP?! That very rarely happens. Even if the ship is canon and endgame. But Jen and Colin have always held a sort of respect for Captain Swan and it’s made the experience of shipping the characters that much richer because you knew the people at the helm were treating it as importantly as you feel it is/was.

So yeah, thank you so much Jen. I’ll always cherish how you showed such reverence to something I love so much and will forever be grateful to you for it.

One of the things I love about their relationship is, Usagi, despite his age, can really have this ‘childish’ (which I regard as ‘cute’) side to him xD

He will literally buy out the whole store’s candy leaving 1 left of each kind xD. But, I just like how Misaki stopped him from doing so when he said he’ll just get these marbles:

Because in the end, when Misaki (without Usagi knowing it) went and bought him 1 candy (assortment) of each kind, it just makes it all the more adorable.

And can we take a moment to appreciate Usagi’s chibi face, he felt so happy just receiving this gift from Misaki because just look at him!

I really do feel happy for them, like their relationship have grown so much since the beginning <3 I hope that one day my other otp in Sekaiichi Hatsukoi (Takano x Ritsu) will have their moment of happiness like this (as well) <3 Just like the scene where Ritsu indirectly gave Takano a ‘Valentine present’ by putting Chocolate inside the curry that he made for Takano. It’s really sweet; even when Ritsu have to go about an indirect way of doing it:

Like honestly, Ritsu, you need to be honest with Takano because you’ll be a much happier person if you do. But still because Takano understood the message, when he kissed him as a way of him showing his affection:

It’s nice to see these moments where, even when Ritsu wanted to give Takano a Valentines Chocolate, but have to go about an indirect way of doing so, Takano, in the end, found out that Ritsu put those Chocolate into the curry, and when Ritsu tries to covered up, he failed so badly:

It just shows that no matter how hard he tries to hide it, Takano will always (in the end) find out because it all comes down to, Ritsu can’t hide this from Takano xD.

Takano sure is very patient with Ritsu’s confession and that’s one of the things I love about him on my end. It is hard, because I’m someone who actually needs reassurances from time to time, so I know how hard it is for Takano not hearing the confession from Ritsu, yet, he still loves him this much. Honestly, I hope that, both Ritsu and Takano can be happy, together in the end, when Ritsu finally decides to confess his love to him, when that time is right, when the author finally allows Takano to hear that confession from him because I want to see them both happy on my end, and I hope we get to see some moments after their confession where they can be happy with each other like Romantica, because that will make me so happy.

And back to the Romantica pairing, I also loved that the wishes they made on the marbles. I mean, aside from their first wish where Usagi wish Misaki will enjoy his birthday, and Misaki wishing his brother/his family is happy and safe; their other 2 wishes is exactly the same. What’s most important is their last wish (i.e. the most important:

Usagi wish:

And ofcourse Misaki is embarrassed to tell Usagi what his third wish is, because they wish for the same thing!

I love these two OTP so much! It’s nice to see the growth/progression throughout these years in their relationship! <3


|| Just a Bro™ threatening to frame someone to protect his other Bro™

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Allura pilots the Black Lion and gets annoyed when she finds out Black is hiding something from her. It's even worse when she finds out about Shiro. After some arguing with her, the Lion lets her see it. It's over an hour later when the others come looking for her. She's red faced and flustered. Black was hiding treasured memories of Shiro gushing about 'this most beautiful princess' to her.

i’m not crying i just have an OTP in my eye. please, for your consideration, think of shiro confiding to Black:

  • i just don’t know why she’d sacrifice herself for me. i mean, i’m just… and she’s-!
  • do you think she knows how i feel?
  • she has so much strength, but… it’s nice to know she feels she can be vulnerable about me. because she can, y’know? i want to help her in any way that i can.
  • god, black, i’m really screwed, aren’t i?
  • i mean, i fell in love with a princess who is strictly off limits for so many reasons and…
If Cat was here.

Cat: Why is someone sending all these flowers? They’re getting in the way. 

Kara: Sorry miss grant, they’re from Lena.

Cat: Is there something I should know about?

Kara: What do you mean? Lena? She’s just a friend.

Cat: Kiera, wake up and smell the roses. She is in love with you.



Kara: *I love her too*

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Could you make a platonic otp au?

  • “Shhhhh. I just need somebody to hold me right now. Just wrap your arms around me and tell me that everything is going to be okay.” AU
  • After being separated for weeks, Characters A and B are finally reunited for the first time and the two of them are so overjoyed to see each other that they barely know what to do with themselves as they clutch each other and dance around. Their romantic partners, Character C and Character D, roll their eyes as they watch.
  • Characters A and B have never felt romantically attracted to the other, but they’ve always been there to support each other. When Character A breaks up with their romantic partner, Character B is right there to provide Character A with their favorite comfort food and a shoulder to cry on. 
  • “Oh snap! This flyer says that couples get a free appetizer or desert with any dinner purchase!! We’ve totally got to pretend like we’re dating now pleeeeease.” AU
  • Character A is definitely attracted to Character B, but because of Character B’s conflicting sexual/romantic orientation, the two of them have decided that they’re destined to just be platonic partners. This leads to the two of them having the inside joke of “no romo”. (“Here, I got your favorite coffee.” “Awwww, thanks. That’s so sweet. No romo though.” “Ew, yeah totally no romo.”)
  • Meeting through an online dating website, Character A and Character B get paired up for a date, but when meeting up for the first time, the two of them begin to feel like they wouldn’t work out well as romantic partners, but they would make one heck of a dynamic, platonic duo.
  • “How can you be so thick headed? I care about you, stupid! You’re one of my favorite people in my life! I love you! Just not in a romantic way! Like I want to come over to your house and cuddle you and make you food when you’re sad, just like, in a completely platonic way.” AU

First, I had no idea that the back of Seth’s Kingslayer shirt says “burn it down” but like woah is that a perfect tag line for Seth vs Triple H. it has such a connotation of just reckless destruction at any cost…

and now for some screaming about seth and dean…



(aka: ‘oh god are you here to fight me?’)


(what a nervous trying-to-be-Good-but-not-sure-how-to-actually-do-that thing for him to do. aw sethhh)

And as soon as Seth is starting to feel like he maybe understands what’s going on and is trying to get ready for the situation, Dean zags on him and starts to have a friendly side convo about his Journalistic Ambitions.

(CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE ANXIOUS/*FOCUSED* WAY SETH LOOKS AT DEAN???????? and then he hears the actual words dean is saying and his reaction is just that “hmmmmmm” answer you give people when you don’t want to disagree with them but you also don’t want to lie?)

AND THIS. Seth’s UTTER WILLINGNESS TO GET DRAGGED ALONG WHEREVER DEAN’S BRAIN WANTS TO TAKE THIS CONVERSATION??? Seth is confused but still completely willing to dive into this discussion. Idk how to explain it. One of my favorite things about one of my best friends is the way i can come at her with a question out of nowhere with no explanation or backstory and instead of being like ‘where did that come from that’s not what we were talking about’ or anything like that she’ll just jump in. I think it shows how long Seth and Dean have been friends, and how used to Dean Seth really is.

For a moment they kind of fall back into their old pattern of Seth being the informed voice of reason (the wyatts wear SHEEP MASKS not camel or llama masks what are you talking about??)

Like with all Dean Ambrose things I can’t tell if this diversion from his main goal of interviewing Seth was him feeling friendly and at ease with Seth, or him making sure Seth feels off-balance

Dean referring to himself in the third person is silly but also seems like a deliberate choice to separate himself from a situation that he’s got to have a lot of feelings about. Seth is the only one Dean really interviews this episode. Because Seth is the only one Dean has real questions for. Framing it inside of this device makes it easier for him.

I think this question might also have a double meaning. Not just “do you think you can beat me” but “now that you’re a Reformed Man, will you still give me your all? will you fight me as hard as you can?”

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The whole 'the way your hand touchs her hand when you walking down the street' is like, i hate rick for stalking Maggie and Alex, but i feel so good when i think about Maggie and Alex walking down the street, holding hends,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


they storm rick’s apartment and seize all of his possessions, right? like all of the evidence and stuff he had after stalking alex for A YEAR. and among those things are surveillance photos he’s taken of alex w all the various ppl in her life. and she’s horrified and like, it’s so so shitty


among the photos, she sees one in particular. it’s from one of the times they went to yoga together. they walk, not holding hands (bc neither of them particularly like pda) but they walk close enough that their hands are always touching. and in this particular photo, the clouds have parted just right, and the sun shines down on them both. alex’s head is thrown back, laughing at something her girlfriend has said, and maggie,,,,, maggie looks at alex like her laugh is the greatest thing she’s ever heard, like alex hung the sky itself, like alex is everything she will ever need for the rest of her existence. 

they may have only just said ‘i love you’, but alex can see in this photo, maggie’s felt it for a lot longer than either would care to admit. 

so alex takes this one photo, and she keeps it and when they buy their first place together, she gets it blown up and framed bc ‘this was destined to be, from the very beginning’.

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I just had the saddest realisation. If Rick hasn't been sleeping since Glenn and Abe, then every night in early S7 he went to bed knowing Michonne was close but thinking she didn't want him to touch her. Then he had to pretend he didn't feel her sneak out and leave...leave him behind. Never feeling brave enough to ask. Probably thinking he'd see what he used to see in Lori's eyes after the farm. Imagine the emotion if we got a sex since during that time? I need this. Why would I write this?

Why would you write this? Do you just like suffering? I mean, all of this is essentially why he went for the cheek-kiss in 7x05. He was used to Lori’s perfected cold shoulder. He was used to being abandoned by his partner. And instead, even in the haze of all her anger and disappointment, Michonne still found a way to say, “I’m still with you.” And this is precisely why he’s so happy with her. He didn’t even realize the extent of her love and loyalty when he took that leap into this relationship. But seeing how she treated him when he was down, it’s the reason he’s able to let his guard down now and be happy and free and vulnerable enough to even admit that he hasn’t been sleeping. And now I’m all the way in my feelings about this and I need to go watch 7x12 and 7x05 and 6x10 and 4x16 again and cry. Why would you write this?!

You guys will feel better about the separation in a few days. I was sad at first, too, but I’m super excited about all of the possibilities now. Season 5: The Notebook. I mean, HOW MANY OF US CAN SAY THAT WE’VE HAD AN OTP THAT HAS BEEN SEPARATED BY A NUCLEAR APOCALYPSE AND THE ATMOSPHERE AND *STILL* FOUND THEIR WAY BACK TO EACH OTHER? That’s some soulmate material there. That’s an epic romance. Bellarke is seriously one of the best TV romances of all time.


Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
“I just wanted to say goodbye. Goodbye? We’re partners. You don’t need a partner, Lois. You never did. Well, maybe not. But I was starting to like having one. This isn’t about a job. Did you really think I hadn’t figured out what it was about you and Superman? What do you mean? You idolise the man, Clark. And now he’s in trouble and you share his pain. Look, we all feel bad about Superman, but the only way to make it right is to fight like crazy. Don’t give up on him, because he wouldn’t give up on us.

Prompt #119

Submitted by: JammyDoodler

“I think I might be in love.”

“Do you hate that person beyond all measure?”


“Do you want to scream at every word that comes out of their mouth?”

“Pretty much.”

“Have you known them for over a week?”

“I’m not an idiot.”

“Do you want to scream how you feel about them at their face every time they talk to you?”


“Well you either have a new enemy or a love interest. Either way you’ll suffer.”

30-Day OTP Challenge!

Behold, a 30-day OTP challenge! There may or may not be more of these challenges in the future, but for now, have fun with this one.

Your challenge is to create pieces inspired by 30 prompts in this challenge, one every day if you can. Create drawings, write short stories, or do any other form of creation. The prompts/inspirations are below the cut. If you’re thinking about doing this, be sure to reblog and share it!

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I hate the way you talk to me,

and the way you cut your hair.

I hate the way you drive my car.

I hate it when you stare.

I hate your big dumb combat boots,

and the way you read my mind.

I hate you so much it makes me sick;

it even makes me rhyme.

I hate it, I hate the way you’re always right.

I hate it when you lie.

I hate it when you make me laugh,

even worse when you make me cry.

I hate it when you’re not around,

and the fact that you didn’t call.

But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you.

Not even close,

not even a little bit,

not even at all.

-10 things I hate about you-

@ ff writers who use common tropes in their stories: keep doing you ♡♡♡ I want to read my otp falling in love, accidentally kissing, getting fake married, pining, and etc a million times over. No one will tell the story in your voice, so it’s actually new every time. Don’t ever feel bad about exploring something in your own way.


I hope you’re all still recovering from last night. Thank the world that Eurovision is on tonight to take my mind off all the drraaaaammaaa (quote P-Chris).

I know that 200 followers isn’t THAT many compared to some of the other main blogs, but I’m still a smol bean, and I’m proud of my 200 since I’ve only had this blog for exactly 5 weeks. If you’re sat/stood/dancing around thinking ‘Hvem er hun?’ or ‘Hæ, who dis blog?’ then I dunno, good question: T’was I that made this gif and posted this video last night :o)

Now onto the good stuff:

🌟@du-er-ikkealene You, my good friend Elise, are just !!! I love fangirling with you about SKAM and Tokio Hotel and Kensington! I also love making gifs for you, even though they’re still crap :P  Best thing about you: Always knowing there’s a lovely comment from you waiting in my inbox <33

🌟@sweetevak Emotional Overload is my second favourite OTP (after Evak ofc) That conversation we had yesterday was just LIT and thank you for helping me ‘push my way through the pain’ 😂😂 Say hi to Peggy aswell. Best thing about you: The fact that we’re able to communicate our pain to each other through the constant use of caps-lock 😂

🌟@beanievaltersen I’mma write this in Danish, because I feel that it’s important to be able to communicate in our personal/own/native languages on the internet: Håber at du har haft/har en sygt fedt tur i London!! :D Kan stadig ikke komme over hvor tætte vi er lige nu. Jeg er så glad for du kom med din “Heeeeej!👋🏼 *dis me trying to become pals and talk skam theories*“ Og vores theorier er bare de bedste, no ifs no buts no coconuts 😂 Det bedste ved dig: At du skriver på Svensk! Nogen gang krøller det min hjerne! Men det er også rigtig dejligt for mig at lærer rigtig meget om Sverige og forskellen på vores kulturer. (Og så er du også en rigtig rar person at snakke med!)

🌟@br1skeby Jeg er glad for vi kom sammen fordi af en dum anon. SERIØST mange takker for i går aftes!! Det var sinssyg pænt af dig at sende de snaps <33 Og jeg kommer aldrig over din kommentar om sidste Fredags klip😂😂😂 Det bedste ved dig: LEVI!!! 😍😍😍 Og din makeup😍😍😍 Og dine kommentar nogengang altså😂😂

Infinitely big shoutout to @siwrenate @emmanette @ineverthoughtiwouldneedasideblog You guys are friggin awesome 🌟

The Bolds are those I LITERALLY couldn’t live without.

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So many more bolds than expected. Let’s root for Eurovision and World Happiness. (I’m still not buying the “This season is the last season” thing, I just can’t let it go). GOODNIGHT and SLEEP TIGHT // SOV GODT