otp: i don't know if i can live without you

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well i think its not so crazy and disapointed to think that way when clarke kidnaped him cause she can't live without him and also the whole promo is about bell running and tried to go outside to get octavia in and bells words if you wanna stop me you gonna have to kill me,it make sense if people think it's about sher knowing if he open the door they are lost he might die and she loose him it makes sense,either way or another in clarke's mind is the fear of losing him with the other stuff.

I mean yeah but why would you shoot someone you’re trying to protect?

I could see her maybe shooting his leg or something but I don’t think her hand would be shaking that much if it wasn’t something a little more … permanent? I don’t know, there’s no way in hell Clarke would actually be capable of killing Bellamy but I felt like that possibility was being implied in the promo (of course, she won’t actually do it and I’m pretty sure we’re going to see her breakdown).

But I think maybe in that moment, Steve wanted to die.

He’d completed his mission. His team was safe. He was ready.

Because there’s nothing left for him in the future. His friends are dead, the woman he loves is fading away, and he just blew up their legacy.

He doesn’t belong here; he was supposed to die in 1945.

Finish it, he says, really finish it this time, no ice, no miracles, no mistakes. Finish it. Let this be the last mission. Let it be over. Let it end.

I’m with you to the end of the line, he says, because oh, they were both supposed to reach the end of the line so long ago. They were both robbed of their deaths, and it’s a sick joke, twisted, that they both ended up here, confused and alone in a future that can’t understand them, focused only on each other as the sky burns.

Finish it, he says, if you can, if there’s nothing left of you that remembers, then finish it, because if you’re not still in there, there’s nothing left for me here.

Finish it, he says, because I’m with you to the end of the line, because even if you don’t know me, even if you’re not him anymore, I’d still rather die with you than keep trying to live without you.