otp: i didn't want to lose you

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Lady... I am so unhappy with Teen Wolf that may I humbly request a small, tiny, ficlet? Something to make me feel like I am not investing in a losing relationship. My otp is painful enough (DESTIEL 4LIFE) I didn't think Teen Wolf aka sterek would lead me down such a troublesome path. Why can't they just all be happy and in love? (with babies of course)

I’ve watched 0% of Teen Wolf season 5. So. Uh. Here’s Sterek anyway. (And…if you want it, you might get a sequel/more.)

Before Derek disappears, he pays Stiles a visit. It isn’t the first time, but it is, too.

It’s the first time things go from talking, from just being in the same room, breathing the same air, to something wordless–but not soundless, no. The muffled sound of skin on skin, of breath catching, the slick back and forth slide of–

But then Derek is gone.

Stiles showers, scrubs his skin red and raw. He washes his sheets over and over again and hopes that none of the others will know.

He doesn’t tell them about the nightmares, but his dad knows. And that’s enough to keep them from asking too many questions about why he’s so meticulously clean, why he won’t let anyone touch him.

Stiles tries not to be obvious.

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