otp: i didn't want to lose you

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Lady... I am so unhappy with Teen Wolf that may I humbly request a small, tiny, ficlet? Something to make me feel like I am not investing in a losing relationship. My otp is painful enough (DESTIEL 4LIFE) I didn't think Teen Wolf aka sterek would lead me down such a troublesome path. Why can't they just all be happy and in love? (with babies of course)

I’ve watched 0% of Teen Wolf season 5. So. Uh. Here’s Sterek anyway. (And…if you want it, you might get a sequel/more.)

Before Derek disappears, he pays Stiles a visit. It isn’t the first time, but it is, too.

It’s the first time things go from talking, from just being in the same room, breathing the same air, to something wordless–but not soundless, no. The muffled sound of skin on skin, of breath catching, the slick back and forth slide of–

But then Derek is gone.

Stiles showers, scrubs his skin red and raw. He washes his sheets over and over again and hopes that none of the others will know.

He doesn’t tell them about the nightmares, but his dad knows. And that’s enough to keep them from asking too many questions about why he’s so meticulously clean, why he won’t let anyone touch him.

Stiles tries not to be obvious.

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hi there! i was curious to know if you know of any specific daddy kink hannibal fics out there? ive seen a few here and there and went through your recs page but wasnt sure if maybe you had a specific few that you favored. on that note i would like to request an au of hannibal being friends with will's father and then taking will's virginity a handful of years after falling out of contact with will's dad. if not its cool, i just love your writing and thought you'd write it interestingly!

I haven’t read that many daddy kink fics, honestly until Hannigram came along it wasn’t something I was all that into, but this pairing man… they have helped me discover so many new kinks it’s unreal. If you haven’t read Home and Dry by @moku-youbi you’re really missing out, it’s daddy kink + sexting/phone sex and it pushes literally all of my buttons.

Also the series I’m currently working on, nights of silver (days of gold), does involve a canon-age Hannibal taking nineteen-year-old Will’s virginity, and it’s sort of dancing around the edges of daddy kink atm, but I don’t think it’s ever going to get beyond being implied in this universe. So here’s something a bit more explicit for you my dear nonny…

in from the cold [read on ao3] 1.5k of pure filth.

Will shivered, soaking wet from the storm raging just outside. He knocked twice on Hannibal’s office door, hugging himself tight while he waited for it to open.

Hannibal was undoubtedly concerned when he saw Will standing there. “Will, is everything alright?” Hannibal took Will by the arm and ushered him inside. “You shouldn’t be out in this weather. You’re freezing.”

“I’m sorry, Dr. Lecter,” Will said, following Hannibal into the office, a puddle forming on the floor where he stopped. “I had to come.”

“I don’t have a towel I’m afraid, but I’ll fetch you a blanket. Take off your coat and shoes, I won’t be a moment.”

Hannibal returned with the blanket and sat Will down on the chaise. He wrapped it around his shoulders and stared at him in concern. “Why are you here, Will?”

“Are you expecting anymore patients today?”

“I’ve just seen my last one for the day. Is this about your father?”

“No, I…” Will shuddered beneath the blanket, more from nerves now than the cold. “I can’t stop thinking about you.”

Hannibal cocked his head, listening with intent, although he did not speak.

“I know I haven’t seen you in weeks. Dad’s doing worse now than before. He doesn’t leave his room for days at a time.”

“Your father was very adamant that I not have any contact with either of you after his last appointment.”

“He’s sick,” Will said, recalling the way his father had come home seething after his last visit with Dr. Lecter. “And he can’t stop you from seeing me. I’m eighteen now.”

“You’ve had a birthday, then.”

“Yes.” Will moved closer to Hannibal on the chaise, pressing himself right up against the hard muscle of Hannibal’s shoulder. “I saw the way you looked at me that last time you came for dinner.”

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OTP Song Meme

Jumping on this “three songs for an OTP” bandwagon because I have a bunch of OTP playlists that are not long or developed enough to be proper mixes. Not gonna tag anyone but highly encourage doing it if you want!


  1. Cake–Hem of Your Garment
  2. Birdy–Skinny Love
  3. Taylor Swift–Out of the Woods

These are, respectively, my mental soundtrack for pre-Quinncident buildup angst, immediately-post-Quinncident everything-is-terrible angst, and post-Baras reconciliation/catharsis. I feel I should note that I don’t really see Quinn as the person being described in Hem of Your Garment, but see that song as basically his internal monologue during the buildup–half genuine self-loathing, half trying to strengthen his resolve by telling himself that he is this person and there’s no going back now. 


  1. Anya Marina–Speakeasy
  2. Katy Perry–Waking Up In Vegas
  3. Walk The Moon–Shut Up And Dance

Important note: While I may eventually give in and play through the stuff that’s currently happening with Theron, my Alliance headcanon is ignoring everything from War on Iokath on so Kenna and Theron are FINE.

Also, when I am feeling even more self-indulgent than usual I like to imagine the presence in the GFFA of an infectious pop song titled “Waking Up On Rishi”.


and, at the end, when you’re in love, no matter what happens, you forgive each other (insp.)


i’m a fan of every part of you

                                   (a one time thing)

25 Days of Peter/Olivia by elialys

day 21: most emotional moment {5x08 - the human kind}

“Etta’s not gone, Peter. Windmark didn’t take her.”
“Yes he did.”
“No he didn’t. She’s still here with us.”
“She is dead.”
“She saved my life today. With the bullet she brought to us. She’s alive inside us. And there’s nothing Windmark can do about it, because the love that we can share with her now is invulnerable to space, and time, even to them. And I know that our hearts are broken and that it hurts, but that’s what makes us human.
"Emotion is our weakness.”
“No, Peter. It’s our strength. Because it’s the one thing that they don’t have. We need to hold onto our connection with Etta, feeling what we felt for her, or she dies all over again. And we cannot let her be erased. Peter. Peter, I’m not asking you to abandon her. I’m asking you to hold onto her. You’re not one of them. You’re one of us. I want you to listen to me. I’m not going to lose you again. Peter, look at me. I love you. I love you.”