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it isn’t a question of
   how much you love him or
        how much he loves you or
             how much you need each other.

it isn’t a question of
   how strong your fingers are or
         how bright his smiles are or
             how crumbled both your bones are. […]

it’s not a question of love; it’s just a question of gods and fate and stars ( j.p. )

Case Of The Ex: Part One of Three

I saw this post from @katie-cakesgecko about seeing more Vanessa and Los Tres Geckos encounters and I got super inspired. So I started working on this little thing. I hope you like it

This was a cakewalk job and Richie was relaxing at the bar, while keeping his eyes on Seth and Kate, who were dancing together - selling the con. One of Eddie’s old friends had retired to the Dominican Republic and worked part time at this resort, where they were currently holding a jewelry convention. The safe was on the newer side and John, hadn’t trusted himself to crack it. But he’d been happy to work with “Eddie’s not-dead nephews” for a cut of this multi-million dollar take. They needed to look at the safe, because Richie had to know what he was trying to crack and that’s where the con had come into play. Kate had come up with the idea of a rich couple planning a destination wedding and she’d had the manager eating out of her hand since the first phone call. He gave her and Seth and all-access tour of the entire resort, vault room and all. Kate really was a natural.

Seth had to play the groom-to-be because all of the wedding locations were outdoors and Richie couldn’t handle direct sunlight for that long. His brother had been very agreeable about the whole con, Kate running around in bikinis and barely there sundresses probably helped. Seth had been insistent about stealing Kate an engagement ring before they left the States, so the two of them hit a jewelry store about four hours before they got on the plane. Seth had surprised Kate with the glittering diamond ring on the plane and even though it was part of the con, Richie hadn’t missed Kate’s breathless ‘it’s so beautiful.’

He was impressed with how everything seemed to be falling into…

“Thank you, baby.” Her rich, velvet voice cut through his thoughts and he glared down the bar at the burette accepting the tropical drink.

He moved to her before he even realized that he was on his feet and grabbed the woman’s arm. “I thought you were doing ten at Hilltop.” He kept his voice low, but he pulled no punches with her.

Vanessa’s dark eyes narrowed and he allowed her to pull her arm away from his grip. “And I thought you got the both of you killed. Richie, what the hell are you doing here? Is Seth with you?”

“Pretty sure you giving us up to a Texas Ranger nullifies your right to ask about my brother.” He made sure that he kept himself between Vanessa’s eye-line and the dancefloor; he did not need this kind of drama the night before job. “As far as what I’m doing here, that’s none of your business. What are you doing here?”

“Richie, you don’t get to play this game with me.” Vanessa pulled herself up to her full height, setting her feet, ready for a fight. “I don’t know what your crazy ass is up to, but if Seth’s here I need to see him. I was his wife for god’s sake.”

“Oh how could I forget the oh-so romantic ceremony with the fat Elvis officiant, you coked out, and Seth so drunk, he messed up your name? Or the fact that the two of you had it annulled as soon as you came down off you high…” Richie might have continued his rant, but Vanessa slapped him across the face.

“You asshole.” Her eyes were shimmering, unshed tears threatening to fall. “You have no right, none, to talk about what happened between me and Seth.”

The bartender was eyeing the pairing nervously and Richie grabbed her arm again. “We need to get out of here before we cause more of a scene.”

Vanessa took one step with him and her eyes widened. Richie knew without looking that she’d at least seen Seth.

“Vanessa?” Seth questioned immediately to Richie’s right. Fuck, he hated being right sometimes.  

He dared to glance over and saw Seth’s expression of confusion mixed with fuck-me, and Kate’s expression of is-this-that-Vanessa? He gave Kate a slight nod and released Vanessa’s arm.

“I thought you were dead.” Vanessa admitted softly as she stepped towards him, but Seth held perfectly still.

“Nope still breathing. Thought you were Hilltop.” Seth’s voice was strained.

“Got out. Good Behavior. First time for everything, huh?” She smiled slyly and reached for him, as Kate cleared her throat.

“I’m Kate.” She held out her hand to Vanessa. Richie was impressed at the fact that Kate drew first blood by offering her the hand with the engagement ring, making damn sure the older woman saw it.

Vanessa looked down at Kate’s hand, then at Seth, then scoffed. “Really? How old are you, sweetie?”

“Don’t call me that and I’m old enough to kick your ass, that’s how old I am.” Kate growled.

Seth put his hand on Kate’s shoulder, “Hey, we need to keep our heads; we’re attracting a lot of attention.”

“You are on the job.” Vanessa folded her arms over her chest and addressed Seth, “You and me are gonna talk one on one, or I blow your cover.”

“N…” Kate started, but Seth cut her off.

“Sure.” Seth agreed and kissed Kate’s cheek, “Go back up to the room with Richie. I’ll be up in an hour or so.”

Kate’s body language was tense, but she nodded and threaded her arm through Richie’s. They made it to the elevator before Kate finally spoke, her eyes focused on Seth and Vanessa at the bar. “You couldn’t have just eaten her?”

“Standards.” Richie scoffed before chuckling despite everything, “Plus, I do not need all the memories that she has with Seth in my head.” The doors closed and he wrapped his arm around Kate’s shoulder. “Don’t worry about Vanessa, she’s part of his past.” He lifted her hand and kissed the back of it, “You’re clearly his future.”

Kate hugged herself to him, “Los Tres Geckos.”

“Amen, Sis.”

Not sure I liked Vanessa’s dialogue. :\

The part is gonna be Seth’s POV and the third part will be Kate’s. I really hope you like it.

Love to my Loves - Keep doing what inspires you.

Wincestmas Day 4

How about some Wee!Chesters Christmas? (Inspired by and containing lyrics from the 1964 Beach Boys song Santa’s Beard).  Enjoy.

Sammy Winchester and the (not really) Santa Incident

“I want to meet Santa Claus. I want to meet Santa Claus. I want to see Santa Claus (the real, real Santa).

That’s pretty much all Sammy has been talking about since he heard from the other kids in his kindergarten class a few days ago that Santa was going to be at what passes for a department store down the road.

Sammy wants to meet Santa Claus. What else could Dean do but take advantage of Dad and Pastor Jim being gone for the morning to bring him to the store? 

So here they are, in line, waiting their turn. Sammy has a tight hold of Dean’s hand and he’s been shaking like a leaf since he caught his first glimpse of the red suited figure that’s waiting at the end of the line. The kid’s just five and half years old so Dean can’t really blame him.

He keeps asking Dean “Is that really Santa Claus?” And Dean may be just shy of ten years old himself but he knows the truth about Santa thanks to a couple of his classmates from last year. Still he can’t bring himself to tell Sammy the truth about this just yet so he nods his head and says “Sure looks like it to me” all the while hoping that nothing happens to prove him wrong.

It’s finally their (Sam’s) turn and Dean releases his hold on Sam to the ‘Elf’ who picks Sam up and puts him on Santa’s lap.

He must set Sam into Santa’s lap awkwardly because the next thing Dean sees is Sam’s eyes widen as he slips sideways into ‘Santa’s’ round belly and said belly moves several inches down from where it originally started. In the effort to stop himself from falling Sammy’s little hand grabs onto Santa’s beard and it pulls away from his chin before snapping back into place when Sam quickly lets go.

Dean’s close enough to hear the whispered “You’re not really Santa Claus” and to see the tears brimming in his hurt hazel eyes.

Dean pushes his way past the female elf to get to Sammy before the tears start falling. He doesn’t care if any of the other kids still in line saw or heard what just happen. Sure it will suck for them or the parent who has to deal with it but Dean can’t let himself worry about anything but getting Sam away from fake Santa and trying to come up with some explanation that will make everything okay for his baby brother again.

They walk all the way back through the store and out the entrance they came in at before Dean stops. He tilts Sammy’s chin up, thumbs at the ready to wipe tears away, and softly says I’m sorry Kiddo. To his surprise there are no tears trailing down Sammy cheeks. It’s okay. Not your fault De”.

Dean knows Sammy is really smart and he can tell by the look in Sam’s eyes that he’s thinking. Dean knows he’s putting one and two together and getting to some conclusion that makes sense.

They continue their walk back toward Pastor Jim’s place in silence but it doesn’t feel quite as tragic as it did before. At the end of the block there is Gas ‘n Sip and Dean suggests they go in and buy some ice cream. Sammy’s eyes light up considerably at the offer and by the time they are back to their temporary home Dean thinks maybe Sam’s forgotten the whole thing.

He hasn’t though. He brings it up again when they are in bed in the room they share when they are at Jim’s. De? Why was that man pretending to be Santa? It’s not nice of him to trick everyone.”

Dean has a brief moment when he considers telling Sammy the truth, a very brief moment. He just can’t bring himself to do it though. They don’t have a lot of things and what can it hurt to let Sam have this for one more year?

“Well, Squirt everybody knows that Santa’s too busy to leave the North Pole right now. He’s got way too much to do. So he hires guys to come to malls and stores and places like that. He gives them some kind of magic way to send all the wishes to him up at the North Pole. But kids won’t tell just anyone their wishes so these guys have to dress up like Santa.”

"So he was just helpin’ Santa Claus? The real Santa? Sam voice is filled with hope and Dean knows he made the right call. Yep. Or at least that’s what I’ve heard anyways.”

“I didn’t get to tell him what I wanted” Dean doesn’t have to see the tears this time to know that they are there. “It’s okay Sammy. You still have time to write him a letter. I’ll help you in the morning. Okay? Now go to sleep.”

“Thanks De. You’re the best-est big brother ever.”

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omg imagine a pack vacation, what would it be like? or even them separating in couples and sterek being left by themselves while each couple goes to do what they choose and what would sterek be as tourists? would they like museums, sights, hiking? bookstores, cafés? shopping? they would like to do the same thing or they would fight? their room would be messy or clean? omg chaRLIE STEREK AS TOURISTS

“You can’t be serious.”

“I’m dead serious, Stiles.”

Stiles groaned loudly and grabbed his hair- well, raised his hands to dig his fingers into the cap he was wearing backwards, the cap he had thrown on to hide the mess of brown hair on the top of his head, and he clawed at it in frustration.

“Lydia, you can’t seriously want to spend the whole vacation sunbathing by the pool. You’re in Paris, the city of love!” he exclaimed, throwing his arms up. “Explore it!”

“I’m well aware that I’m in the city of love,” Lydia started, still not turning her head to look at him through the big sunglasses she was wearing, “which is why I’m spending every second here with my girlfriend and enjoying it.”

Allison smiled from where she was laying next to Lydia and squeezed her girlfriend’s hand, their fingers laced together. It was kind of gross and Stiles was only a little bit jealous. Not because he was still into Lydia, no he was over that. He was jealous because he didn’t have what they had.

“You can spend time with your girlfriend exploring the city with me. Come on, Lydiaaa,” he whined, his shoulders slumping and his brows furrowing. If he were Scott, he would absolutely be making puppy eyes.

“Scott and Kira are off doing couple-y things with Erica and Boyd, Danny and Jackson are off doing whatever, and Isaac is off flirting with that girl he met. You two are all I’ve got and I can’t go exploring the city by myself!”

“I can go with you,” came a voice from the opened door to their hotel room, a voice belonging to Derek.

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Grace isn’t gay. Even if she is, she knows I’m not.


Olicity 💘 in every Christmas (Holiday!) episodes 🎄 (first compliment, first hug, first “I love you”, proposal)

Me: I will not ship Hardy and Miller. I will NOT ship Hardy and Miller. I WILL NOT ship  -

Chris Chibnall:  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Chris Chibnall:  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)つ──☆

Me: *flatlines*

requested by colepaldi-in-the-tardis (but i was going to to something like that anyway). A massive gigantic thank you for your beautiful fic Collide (you have read it, rIGHT?)

…say hello to Randall and Clara in Paris!


“and also because you hoped
      his hands were trained enough
              in taking away the numbness ”  
                         (credit to queergladers​ for poem)

okay but can we just appreciate something very important about episode 11 of the 100, bc i mean how much time have we bellarke fandom have been waiting to see them team up in leadership again??? How much time have we been waiting, getting upset, or frustrated at the bad interactions (or lack thereof) between bellamy and clarke and the rest of the delinquents, or the deviation or loss of the characters’ development?

and now here we have bellamy and clarke back again, understanding each other, worrying about each other, helping each other, silently comunicating through nods and stares, giving each other comforting words, teaming up with their delinquents squad, working together in agreement and just surviving together, as it should have been since the end of season 2. and let’s just not forget how this seems to be what they needed to be themselves again

i know one episode doesn’t fix all our frustration and bitterness through this whole season, but it sure makes up for a lot of things and this is just so important


books read in 2015 | beautiful redemption by kami garcia & margaret stohl

I guess that’s the thing about a hero’s journey. You might not start out a hero, and you might not even come back that way. But you change, which is the same as everything changing. The journey changes you, whether or not you know it, and whether or not you want it to. I had changed.