otp: i could be everything you want


That makes me think about those times I wanted to grab you and kiss you. But you didn’t know, so I would just pretend everything was cool. But really it was killing me. And I remember all those mornings before you even put on your makeup, when I would think to myself, “My God, she is beautiful.” And it hurt so much because I knew I could never tell you. But it was worth it just to be there looking at you.

Sometimes I think about Hollstein and how they didn’t want to fall in love but they did.

I love that when the story started, Laura had a crush on Danny because Danny was everything she should look for in a match. But, the more she learnt about Danny and the closer they got, the more Laura’s feelings for Danny changed and she realised Danny wasn’t right for her romantically. It wasn’t really the relationship she wanted.

Meanwhile, she met Carmilla and instantly disliked her. Carmilla was what she didn’t want. But, as she learnt more about her suddenly her attraction grew and she began to really fall for her. As she says in s2, she was falling for her even when she was plotting ways to kidnap her. She was falling for Carmilla even when she still wanted to be falling for Danny. Carmilla ended up being the only person Laura wanted to be with. She became the thing that made Laura see that it’s important to let gray into your world. Carmilla became the one thing Laura couldn’t bear to lose.

On the flip side you have Carmilla who after what happened with Elle, did not want to fall for the girl trying to take on her mother. The girl who had all the power to make her life so much harder than it had been in decades. But, even as Laura showed stubbornness in her pursual of the truth that could ruin Carmilla, Carmilla fell for Laura. And in falling for Laura, Carmilla found a reason to fight her mother and she found something worth saving.

I just think it’s so true to life, that often the thing you think you least want can end up being exactly what you’ll end up needing. And it’s so beautiful to see these two fall for each other inspite of everything in them saying they shouldn’t. And to see that love make them do remarkable things. I just feel a lot about Hollstein late at night

I had this beautiful, perfect, wonderful piece of art commissioned from @tenhimi!!! Thank you so much! Go check out their art please, you won’t be disappointed!

Hi Anon! I know you were feeling super down lately and you wanted a quick Starco thing. I had my friend @elladoodles pick the prompt, which was “Marco braiding and playing with Star’s hair” and “Marco sneaking in to her room in Mewni for wholesome movie time.”


Star peers at him from behind her bedroom door she’s opened only partially to stick her head out of. It’s late and she’s tired between wand practice with her mother and fighting with him. She’s still pretty annoyed – their argument in the back of her head practically all day, thereby making training difficult. She really just wants to sulk in bed for the rest of the night, but he’s standing at her doorway and she really can’t bring herself to tell him to leave.

He smiles down at her, sheepish and nervous, the laptop he’s brought along with him tucked under his arm and a movie in the other. She raises an eyebrow, waiting for an explanation.

“I…uh,” Marco brings the movie he holds up as a sort of peace offering, looking around at the castle hall to avoid her gaze. “I was thinking, um, maybe if you weren’t busy that – uh,” Star’s head tilts a bit, confused, because he’s not usually so uneasy around her, even after a fight (Though, my crush on him may have changed that a bit, she thinks sadly). He hesitates, taking a deep breath, finally meeting her eyes. “Would you wanna watch a movie with me? It is Friendship Thursday, so maybe you and I could…” He trails off, hopeful, as Star pulls the door open further.  

She takes the DVD from his outstretched hand. “What’s it about?”

“It’s about a dumb guy that screws up and wants to make it up to his best friend.”

Star stares at the cover. “That’s what happens in Captain America?”

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On your tags for the "I'm curious to whether either of us can survive separation" gif you just reblogged: OMFG i think the same thing everytime I watch that scene. I always image a Jane the Virgin style narrator being like "To the surprise of none, the could not in fact survive separation"

These ruinous idiots THEY ARE RUINED AND I AM RUINED AND EVERYTHING IS RUINED WITH THEIR LOVE!!! I mean have you ever seen two people more achingly, devastatingly in love than these two are in this scene?

Watching them fool themselves into believing that surviving on their own without the other is possible will forever make me ache and scream and cry and laugh because sorry guys… not happening. Carving out your own hearts and feeding them to one another would have a higher rate of survival.

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Damn son, I feel like what did we do to deserve this??? Fall of 2015 we were almost dying and here were are just living. And it is good! Lord, it is good. Praise!!!!

Omg, seriously. It was so bad a little over a year ago. Had us hating half of our OTP for several episodes. Now everything with our ship is perfect and nothing hurts, and I wanna, like, send Gimple an edible arrangement and maybe apologize for all the horrible things I said when I was angry. (It was the pain talking.) I never even realized that canon could be this good. But it is so, so good. 

Rosvolio Prompt: Why? - Part 2

I know it’s been a while, but I have returned with a continuation of Rosvolio: Why? I do have an idea for a continuation to this continuation, so if you want a Part 3, let me know.

I hope you enjoy it!


When Rosaline awakened the next morning, she felt terrible. Everything around her was spinning so quickly. Despite all that, she could tell that she wasn’t in her room. Where was she?

Suddenly, a shock of severe pain traveled throughout Rosaline’s head. She opened her mouth to cry out in agony, but instead of sound, the contents of her stomach came out.


Bile hit the floor and started to travel in all directions. She tried to stand up, only to feel her body starting to sag downwards. She leaned her body against a wall and used that to support herself. When she got to her feet, she walked until she reached the door. Her hand was inches away from the doorknob when the door was opened from the other side.

Her eyes grew as wide as saucers when she saw Benvolio Montague standing in front of her with a cup of water.

Confusion swiftly was replaced with fury. She was in his house?! Why was she in the house of of a Montague?!

Screams of fury would have left Rosalind’s lips if she wasn’t hit with a strong wave of nausea and dizziness first.

She vomited yet again, but the dizziness was worse. The room started to spin once more, causing the Capulet heiress to lose her footing. Rosaline would have plummeted straight into the pool of bile she created if a pair of arms didn’t catch her and scoop her up into the air.

“This is quite the mess you have made in my room, my beloved.”, she heard him say teasingly.

The amusement that she detected in his voice made her flush with embarrassment and irritation. She snapped,

“Ugh! Put me down! I can walk by myself!”

“I will do as you wish, but do you really want to risk falling again?”

Rosaline was fuming, but kept her mouth closed.

A smirk formed on Benvolio’s face. “I didn’t think so.”

Rosaline was placed in another bedroom while Benvolio stated, “Rest for now. I’ll take care of the mess. I’ll be right back.”

When her initial anger subsided, Rosaline pondered on Benvolio’s behavior during her solitude. Why he was being so nice to her? If she did this at home, Lady Capulet would waste no time striking, berating, and then ordering her to clean up her mess up. So, why wasn’t Benvolio at least a little mad at her?

There was also the bigger question that needed answering: What was she doing here in the first place?

The sound of footsteps made her sit up. Benvolio returned with a small cup of water. He handed the cup of water to her, declaring,

“Drink this. It’ll help you feel better.”

Rosaline retrieved the water and began to sip the liquid slowly. She tensed up when Benvolio sat on the other side of the bed.

After a minute of uncomfortable, tension-filled silence, she decided to ask Benvolio her question.

“Why am I here?”

Benvolio’s expression turned serious, which bewildered Rosaline. His question caught her off guard.

“What do you remember from last night?”

“I asked you a question first, Montague.”

“I’m well aware of that, Capulet. I will answer your question after you answer mine.”

“I remember going to a pub and having a drink. Does that answer satisfy you?”

“Do you remember our conversation?”

Rosaline huffed in annoyance. “Montague, you said-”

“I know what I said. Just…please answer the question.”

The distress in his voice made any words she might have had unable to escape her lips. What was so important about their conversation that was making him so upset? She thought for a minute before it dawned on her. Rosaline didn’t remember talking to Benvolio at all.

“No. I don’t remember. I don’t even remember seeing you at all.”

Benvolio took a deep breath, which made Rosaline anxious. He informed the Capulet heiress, “When I found you at the pub, you have had too many drinks. When I spoke to you, you acted normal at first. Then, you changed completely. You started screaming. You told me what His Grace said to you, what he threatened to do, how he hurt you…..and asked why I haven’t done the same.

Shock and horror filled Rosalind’s entire being. She stuttered, “I….I…I told you everything?”

Benvolio nodded solemnly, which made Rosaline bury her face in her hands. She couldn’t believe this. It was bad enough that he caught Rosaline and Escalus kissing, but this….this was a thousand times worse.

Her feeling of dread intensified when Benvolio added, “His Grace wanted to see you last night….ordered me to take him to you, but I wouldn’t allow it.”

She exclaimed with a tone that didn’t conceal her disbelief and surprise,

“You defied an order for His Grace?! He’s our sovereign!”

“I know. I just didn’t care.”

“Why would you do something like that?!”

“I did it for you.”

Rosaline’s mind froze after heearing that. She struggled to get out only one word.


Benvolio repeated without any difficulty, “I did it for you.”

Her stunned silence made him continue, “ I don’t know the entire relationship between you and His Grace, but I do know he keeps hurting you. I wasn’t going to let him hurt you twice in one night.”

Rosaline had no idea what to say next. No one had ever done something like this on her behalf before. Despite the bewilderment that was racing through her, she felt a sense of gratitude towards the Montague heir.

She opened her mouth to thank him, but was interrupted by someone screaming at the top of their lungs,


Rosaline and Benvolio jumped up and turned their faces to the door to see a furious Lord Montague glaring directly at his nephew. However, when he laid eyes on Rosaline, he sucked in a breath and stated while trying to contain his boiling rage,

“Nephew, I think it’s time for your betrothed to go home. I’m sure her family is worried about her and we have things to discuss.”


Benvolio was definitely going to suffer the wrath of his uncle when Rosaline was gone, but she did need to return to her family.

He stood up and replied, “You’re right, Uncle.”

Rosaline stood up too, saying, “Thank you for allowing me to stay here, Lord Montague.”

Benvolio watched as his uncle forced a fake smile on his face and said, “Don’t thank me, Lady Rosaline. It’s the least I could do since we will be family soon enough.”

Benvolio waited a bit for Rosaline to say something in response to that, but she didn’t. Rosaline just smiled as the two left the Montague house.

They made it to the Capulet manor in no time at all. When they were standing outside the house, Benvolio turned to Rosaline and said,

“Well, my beloved, I must take my leave now. It has been fun taking care of you, but let us not do that again anytime soon.”

“You may not get your wish, Montague. If we are married, you’ll might have to take care of me for the rest of your days.”

“Then, I hope we will never be wed.”

Rosaline laughed, which grew infectious and caused Benvolio to laugh as well. When his laughter ceased, he turned to leave but stopped when Rosaline’s hand grabbed his.

He looked at her with wide eyes and watched her eyes dart from left to right. Was she…nervous? Then, she looked at Benvolio and said,

“Thank you for everything you did for me, Benvolio.”

The sound of his name coming from her lips made Benvolio’s heart skip a beat. He was unable to form words for a moment before finally getting out the words he was looking for.

“Y-You’re welcome…..Rosaline.”

A small smile graced her lips which made Benvolio’s heart malfunction yet again. He stood there, frozen, as she walked into her home. He returned to his own household in a daze, which didn’t break even when his uncle was shouting at him.

Even, hours later, as he laid in his bed, his mind was plagued by Rosaline. She grabbed his hand. She called him by his name. She thanked him. There was no anger or sarcasm in her voice like the last time.There was nothing but pure, sincere, gratitude.

It made him feel….happy….extremely happy.

Yet, it was this happiness that confused the poor boy. Why did three little words affect him so much?

The last time he felt this happy…he was surrounded by the love of his brothers.

Was it possible that he was following in Romeo’s footsteps and falling in love with a Capulet?

Was he….falling in love with Rosaline?

“No. That’s impossible.”, he thought to himself. “She may be…intriguing, but I’m not falling in love with her. Absolutely not.”

He told himself that over and over again until sleep finally came to him.

Wednesday: Favorite Kiss

Every Richonne kiss is amazing in it’s own way but the canon kiss to me, is the bees knees. The smiles and the moans, the revelation that everything they’ve wanted and needed has been right there in front of them the whole time, is so well portrayed in this kiss. I mean, we got a giggle from Michonne, her fingers in his hair (doing the lords work I tell you) and seeing Rick get her on her back in .2 seconds and pulling her hips into his still kills me. I couldn’t have asked for a better first kiss.

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I don’t think it gets any better than this, do you?

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guess who's back, back again??? you fav pain in the ass is here tell a friend!!! so... PROMPT: raphael is drunk and magnus calls simon because "he's babbling about you, shawn. i can't handle him anymore, come pick him up!"

It’s 2am when Simon gets a call from Raphael, or Raphael’s phone at least since it was Magnus Bane that spoke.

“he’s babbling about you, shawn. i can’t handle him anymore, come pick him up!" 

"That’s n-not his name” Raphael grumbled and after several scrambling noises finally came on the phone “Simon" 

"Where are you?” Simon asked already half dressed to go find Raphael. 

“Pandemonium” “wait there, I’m coming” Simon was already out the door of the boat house. 

 He knew that tone. It was the same his mother would use after she’d have too many glasses of wine at the dinner table, it was the same she used when she came to tuck him into bed but the scent of vodka would keep him awake for the rest of the night.

He got to pandemonium within five minutes. It was much easier to get in the club this time around “I’m here for Magnus Bane” was all it took for the bouncer to remove the velvet ropes. 

The crowd of club goers had thinned out tremendously so pinpointing Raphael and Magnus sitting at the bar was easy.  

“Simon” Raphael yelled over the music and threw his arms around Simon’s neck “take me home"  

"Go, it’ll take you straight to his room at the DuMort” Magnus said and snapped his fingers to create a portal. 

Raphael was unsteady on his feet so Simon placed a hand on his waist to hold him up. 

“Come lets go home” Raphael slurred.  

“Yeah home” Simon said and directed Raphael into the portal.

 Raphael’s room at the hotel took up an entire floor, it had anything and everything you can

 It took several seconds for Simon to find his balance once they stepped out of the portal, it was much more difficult when he had to hold up himself and Raphael. 

Once they were standing straight again Raphael pushed away from Simon hold and stumbled over to his bed and laid down, his feet dangling off the bed and arms stretched out. A meritless laugh escaped his lips before it broke into sobs.

 Simon stood frozen in the middle of the room, unsure of what to do and watched. Raphael raised his hands and gestured for him to come over. Raphael turned on his side and patted the spot infront of him.

 Simon kicked off his shoe and laid on the bed and stared at Raphael. Raphael reached out and stroked Simon’s cheek.

“What did I do wrong? Why didn’t you stay?” Raphael asked and Simon thought that it was because he was drunk, he didn’t know what he was saying. But he remembered when he was nine and hiding behind Luke.

“Why does she cry about dad when she’s drunk?” he asked.

“Because that’s when she has the courage to let go” Luke had told him.

“I did everything I could” Raphael sobbed “all I wanted was to make up for my mistakes”

 “You did nothing wrong Rapha, it’s ju-“

 “Then stay? Come back home and stay with me?”

 “Can I really come back?” Simon asked though he felt at home already, here with Raphael. With Raphael.

 Raphael shifted closer and buried his face in Simon’s chest “yes baby, come back”

You know what sucks…. being blocked just because your otps/notps don’t align with others. Like, you could be friends with that person and agree about everything else and even have other ships in common, but because they love this one ship or hate your ship…. you just block them? It’s sad.

I want all my followers to know, I don’t care what you ship or what bad things you say about a ship, as long as there aren’t personal insults being thrown at my friends & sister, I don’t care what your ship/notp/politics are. 

You should know
that I know your favorite lipstick is cherry,
the exact minutes and seconds of your
favorite scene in your favorite movie.

the lyrics of the song that reminds you of me,
the entire mental video I did of you
witht he song that reminds me of us.

your feet are always cold
and you get red when I kiss them.
we don’t fit on my bed
but we do in each other’s arms.

I’m sorry, doll,
my answers aren’t enough,
and you deserve the thruth.

Turns out, you are my hopes,
all my dreams,
my home,
and my future.

I know the times you cried because of her,
because of me, and because of him.
Also, I learned all the ways to make you laugh,
I know the 143 strawberry marks in your body
(you have one between your legs, 
where you can’t see it. 
I also know that you giggle when I kiss it,
that’s my favorite secret).

You ask me for things 
I should had let you known 
with my arms and mouth,
and every time I don’t have an answer
a part of me dies,
wishing I could stop everything and say:
I do, I do, I do.

—  you are all i want. // jackie on my mind. nc.
to my fellow CSers:

enjoy our OTP being reunited, happy, engaged, true love. there’s so much to be excited about. but if you wanna be petty and throw it in $Qers faces like “neener neener look at what we get and you don’t” that’s p shitty tbh. our OTP is canon, what else could you possibly want? you won. congratulations. if the prospect of other sects of the fandom feeling sad or heartbroken or angry about the direction of the show is what you’re finding pleasure in after everything you could be focusing on in that gift of an episode?? i just… i don’t get it. can we not do that? can we be, like, civil at least? you don’t gotta be bffs or anything, but lemme tell ya, as someone who has been there, who has shipped a non-canon couple and felt the canon couple was entirely wrong for each other, i think getting snide remarks from the canon shippers would piss me off too. at least tag it, if you’re gonna post or reblog stuff. please.


hi hello !! bellow the read more you’re able to find #190+ OTP TAGS / VERSE NAMES based off lyrics by THOMSTON !! legiT i kid you not when i say his way with words is beautiful on a whole new level n tbh he’s v/ underrated ?? as the lyrics switch from angst to fluffiness you’ll most likely will be able to get inspired in some way ! and, of course, please like or reblog if you found this useful, fam !! (pls lmk if there are any spelling errors/things that don’t make sense as i had to rush this)

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- totally just because he wants to destroy everything tony loves, yes, that’s it, no feels at all there

I’m not done yet. I want to thank you for giving me everything I always wanted. A love that consumed me. And passion. Adventure. There’s nothing more I could ever want other than for it to last forever. But it can’t.
—  Elena Gilbert, The Vampire Diaries

so recently i reached my follower goal of 1,200 followers on this account, whoa !! first off, thank you to everyone who decided to hit that small little ‘follow’ button, i really appreciate every one of you guys and i would take a bullet for a mutual lbr. but, in celebration of my goal, i decided to write up 100 VERSE NAMES for your ships !! they’ll all probably be adapted from song lyrics because i just find that’s easiest and also, song lyrics are very common for otp tags/names/verse (whichever you wish to call them), so here’s a bunch of otp names for a range of different connections:

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